Diary of an accident
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

"Doctor, I think she's waking up!" somebody says in English.
"Does that mean everything will be all right?"
"I hope so, boys. I really hope so."
She opens her eyes slowly, allowing her eyes to gradually get used to the brightness.
What has happened? Where am I?
She blinks. Then she sees a face enter her field of view. Male. Adult. Unknown.
"Hello, my name is Doctor Naur." the man introduces himself in English.
She stares at him. Why was he talking to her in English?
"Can you understand me?" the doctor asks, slower this time.
The man is frowning, there is fear in his eyes.
"Hai... Err... Yes." she says.
She nods while she says that, which causes the world around her to spin.
She holds her head, groaning.
"Careful. You've had a rough time." the doctor whispers, placing her head on the pillow again.
Pillow... Pillow... She now realizes that she is lying in a bed.
She feels the doctor's hand at her shoulder now.
"Please. I simply have to know one more thing." he whispers.
"A-hm?" she mutters, waiting for the world to stop spinning.
"I need to know your name." the doctor asks her.
"Makino. Ruki Makino." she says, making the doctor sigh.
"Good. Very good. Then I'll leave you alone with your friends."
When she hears those words, Ruki's eyes spring open.
My... friends?
She carefully tilts her head and sees who the doctor meant.
"Gogglehead and the blue-haired peacemaker." she mutters, making both boys smile.
"I guess that's the final proof that hear memory is all right." Lee tells the doctor.
"Was there any doubt?" Ruki asks in her usual arrogant way.
"Well, your head is hurt." Takato tells her and shrugs.
Well that would explain the headache and stuff.
Slowly, her mind starts recalling what has happened.
"OK guys, gimme a little help here. We are... We are... Where are we?"
"Switzerland. Skiing." Lee briefly explains.
"Right... That explains the doc talking English. And I... I had an accident..."
Both boys nod.
"You went off alone. We started looking for you when the sun set." Takato says.
"Right... I fell... And then... Then..."
Her eyes widen when she recalls what has happened before she passed out.
"That little weakling! It's all her fault! She will-"
Ruki stops ranting when she relaizes that the boys are sitting next to her.
"Out! Out now!" she barks, startling the boys.
"We'll be around..." Lee tells her as they hurry out of her room.
Ruki guesses that it's a hospital room, but that doesn't matter now. She is alone, that's all that counts.
"Renamon!" she barks, clenching her fists.
The room fills with silence. Ruki waits.
The room stays silent.
Ruki curses under her breath. Then she decides to do what she always does when things go wrong.
It doesn't take her long to find her backpack. And hidden inside it, she finds her small book.
The book has a small padlock, but Ruki finds the key to it in another hidden space of the backpack.
A few hate-filled entries into her diary would lighten her mood. Oh yeah.
Renamon would pay later. It was all her fault, after all.
She opens the book and takes the pen that has been with the book.
Still fuming, she quickly browses the book, seeking her last entry.
Just like every time, she reads the last entry to get into the right mood.

January 11th
Renamon is still bickering. She hates snow.
Begged to stay inside. So I left her inside.
Begged that I stay inside, too. Yeah. Right.

Ruki snickers.
Then she flips the page to start a new entry.
"What the-" she mutters, rubbing her eyes.
On the next page, somebody else has written an entry. A long entry.
Frowning, she starts to read.

January 12th
We're trapped. Me and Ruki.

"That's Renamon's writing." Ruki whispers, blinking.
She stares at the pages, marvelling how even her handwriting reflects Renamon's grace.
Then she shakes her head. The Digimon has dared to write into her diary.
Her diary!
First she got me into this mess and now-
Ruki stops herself and sighs. Read first, kick tail later.

January 12th
We're trapped. Me and Ruki.
My name is Renamon, and I'm a Digimon. Ruki's partner.
According to Ruki, this makes me 'her Digimon'. I rather avoid this formulation.
However, we are trapped. Long story. But I'll write it down.
I'll explain my reasons later. If there is a 'later'...

This has started as a skiing vacation. We travelled from Tokyo to Switzerland.
I hate this place. Too cold, too much snow. But Ruki wanted to go skiing.
Takato and Lee have joined the trip, too. They're... well... that's another story.
Fact is that they have partners, too. But they like to call each other... friends.
Ruki doesn't like them. Neither the boys nor the Digimon.
So she went off alone. I stayed inside the house. I didn't want to freeze my tail off.
The ultimate irony is that... No, I'll come to that part later.
So Ruki went skiing. Alone. Of course, something went wrong.

Ruki's eyes become narrow slits.
Is she implying that I'm bad at skiing?

She called me some hours ago. It had been about two in the afternoon.
I didn't actually expect her to do that. After all, she left me in the house.
Of course I instantly went to see why she had been calling.
The whole trip takes less than a second: I fade out here and fade in there.
Nifty trick. Especially since I'm currently the only one around who knows how to do it.
However, when I got to her, I saw why she has been calling.
Ruki obviously has left the normal track. God knows why.
Now she has been hanging at a cliff. I guessed that she has been there for some minutes already.
Ruki would not call for help if there was any other choice.
Obviously there weren't any choices: Thegirl was already slipping.
Of course, I caught her. No surprise there. Ruki hadn't even been really worried.
She knows me. My abilities. My timing. So she had called me in the last second.
As I see it now, this has been the reason why we're trapped now.

"What?" Ruki asks angrily.
That hadn't been the reason! She messed it up!

Well, I caught her. She didn't thank me. Again, no surprise there.
I know Ruki more than she knows me.
The only surprising facter has been Mother Nature.
Ruki had been slipping because the snow on the cliff has been quite loose.
I believe this is how avalanches start.
Did I mention that I hate snow?
So the ground beneath us started to move. Towards the edge of the cliff.
I have already told you about my nifty trick. Now I'll tell you about its drawbacks.
Rule Number One: I can't take passengers with me.
Knowing this, I grabbed Ruki and jumped.
I didn't calculate the weight of her skiing equipment, though.
We were lucky, though. Instead of ending up in the developing avalanche, we found a cave.
This cave. I did mention that we are trapped, right?
When we recovered from our landing, we quickly saw the problem:
Though the cave is quite big, it only has one exit.
Or rather: It had one exit. Now there is only a really thick layer of snow.
"We're trapped." Ruki observed.
No. Really? Oh well, I tried to fix that.
I know another nifty trick. It's called Fox Leaf Arrowhead.
Turns a Digimon into handy pieces in no-time.
So I started casting the attack at the wall of snow. Big mistake.
Before I even finished the short sequence, I had almost caused a collapse of the cave.
Well, no big problem. Ruki still has her Cards.
They give me new abilities. Like an Agumon's flame attacks.
After some seconds, Ruki blushed. She lost the Cards during her accident.
I would have liked to scold her. But it hasn't really been her fault.
Then Ruki told me to transport back to the house to get help.

"Which has been a really great idea. But nooooo..."

Which brings me to Rule Number Two:
I can transport anywhere I could go physically.
Thus I can't fade to places I can't actually go to.
As Ruki pointedly observed: "So you're trapped, too."
Thanks to her. But I didn't tell her that.
Instead, Ruki started to rant. She waved her arms wildly and started shouting.
She told me that I'm a weakling. Good-for-nothing.
That it has been my fault that she is here now. Sure. Whatever.
Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to reply.
Like I said above: Shouting and stuff isn't a good idea in this cave.
My eyes were fixed on Ruki alone. I didn't even see the stone coming.
When I finally saw it, it had been too late. A piece of rock hit Ruki.
Ruki collapsed, the back of her head bleeding.
I cared for her wound as I would care for my own wounds.

"Yuck." Ruki mutters, knowing how foxes took care of their bruises.
Good thing I have been unconsious. I would have freaked about the idea of Renamon licking my wounds.

Fortunately, the wound isn't severe. She won't die of it. Not directly.
However, we're still trapped inside a cave.
A cold cave. Really cold. I'm freezing. I hate snow.
It didn't take me long to figure that we most probably last this night.
It's just too cold. I examined Ruki's backpack.
Nothing edible. Nothing drinkable. Her emergency cellphone doesn't work inside the cave.
Human technology. 'nuff said.
During my examination, I found this book.
I didn't know Ruki has a diary. Of course I didn't read it.
These are Ruki's most personal thoughts and I do respect her privacy.

Ruki sighs.
She has already feared what might have happened if Renamon had read some of her entries.
Of course, she never wrote anything bad about Renamon.
But still, some the things in here might be... disturbing.

There are two reasons why I have opened this book.
First of all, I'm writing to keep me going. We're doomed if both of us are unconscious.
Talking would have done the same, but I don't know how much air is inside this cave.
And I really don't want to suffoctae in here.
Which brings me to the second reason:
I'm writing this in case I... I...

The writing is blurred a bit.
Ruki gulps when she realizes what the Digimon has obviously cried while writing this.

I'm writing this in case I can't tell Ruki of it.
I don't want her to die. She has to survive. I have vowed to protect her.
And I would do anything to save her life.
Even if it means sacrificing myself.

Ruki closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

Right now I'm holding Ruki close to me, adding my own warmth to hers.
She mustn't freeze. Humans are so... fragile.
If this isn't enough, I do know other measures to keep her warm.
Messy, really messy. But I would be willing to do it. For her.
I'm willing to do it even though I know she wouldn't understand _why_ I did it.
If we both make it out of this alive, I'll most probably rip out these pages.
Ruki doesn't like me expressing... feelings.
I'm just her Digimon.

Last notes:
No, this one's not finished.
Even though that would be quite a good ending (in my opinion).
I'm facing the same problem I faced with 'Desire for Strength'.
Well, I'll at least add a second part really soon.

Please write what you think of this one.
It's based on a bad dream I once had. OK, so that dream wasn't about Digimon.
But it perfectly fit Renamon and Ruki. Especially Renamon (Ruki's just lying around *grins*).