Diary of an accident
Part 2
by Christian "Sid" Lang

If we both make it out of this alive, I'll most probably rip out these pages.
Ruki doesn't like me expressing... feelings.
I'm just her Digimon.

She covers her eyes with her hand while holding her diary with the other one.
Oh Renamon. What did you do? she asks herself.
She has seen that the diary entry continues, but she needs a break.
The door opens.
"Ruki, I just wanted to-" she hears Dr. Naur say.
He doesn't continue. Most likely he has seen her crying behind her hand.
"I- I'll come back later. If you need something, just use the bell."
The door closes again.
"If you need something, just use the bell."
The words seemed to mock her.
I need Renamon. But...
Renamon hadn't answered her last call.
But she had been angry. Very angry. Maybe Renamon didn't want to come then.
Ruki wipes away her tears and starts to rummage.
She smiles since she has remembered the best way to tell Renamon's whereabouts.
Come on. Come on. It's got to be in here! she thinks while searching in her backpack.
After a minute she starts to look through her other stuff.
Finally there is nothing left to search.
"Where's my D-Arc?" she whispers frantically.
She gulps, suddenly feeling naked, vulnerable.
The last time she has felt this way was in the cave, when she had to admit that she lost her cards.
But this is worse. Cards could be replaced. But her D-Arc was special.
Perhaps it's still in the cave. she tries to calm herself.
Still, she is unable to tell for sure if Renamon is still alive.
Of course she's alive! she instantly scolds herself.
Finally she opens her diary again.

I believe the sun has set by now.
There's no way to tell, it has been dark in here the whole time.
Fortunately my night vision allows me to see in here.
Hm. Yes, the sun has definately set.
It's getting even colder in here now.
If we're lucky, somebody has noticed that Ruki is missing.
Unfortunately Ruki hasn't many close friends who'd notice her absence.
The only ones who care about Ruki are Lee and Takato.
At least I hope they do. We're dead if they start to party right now.
Hey, maybe somebody noticed the little avalanche she... we... caused.
On the other hand, Ruki has left the normal track. Hooray.
So it's up to Takato and Lee. Fortunately Takato never goes anywhere without Guilmon.
Guilmon is a reptile Digimon. Loyal, happy, dumb as toast.
Oddly enough, he loves snow. Imagine that. A snow-loving reptile.
Maybe Takato has the brains to let Guilmon look for us.
He could sniff us out. If they even know we're missing.
Ruki isn't really the sociable type of girl.
Maybe Takato and Lee are happy that they can spend a peaceful evening without her.
It would even make sense. Ruki has simply retreated to her room.
Oh boy, we're as good as dead.

Ruki turns the page, shaking her head in disbelief.
She has notices that Renamon's handwriting isn't as graceful as it has started.

It's getting even colder in here. Ruki is shivering.
Not good. I hold her closer to me, but it's useless.
I can't feel my feet anymore. And my paw is numb, too.
But I won't let go of Ruki to warm myself. It'd be selfish somehow.
Why am I even doing this?
She wanted to go skiing. I told her that skiing sucks.
She wandered off alone. Off the normal track.

The cave has partially collapsed.
I didn't mean to yell at Ruki. I really didn't mean it.
Oh God, I'm loosing it. I'm feeling so helpless and it drives me insane.
It's not her fault. It has been an accident. Just an accident.
It happens. Yeah. Oh God.
She has to survive. Ruki doesn't deserve dying in here.
Even if it has been her idea. Her idea alone.
She wouldn't listen to me. Stupid girl. Hate snow. Her fault.
I'm sweating. Fever? Maybe.
Gotta stay awake. My duty. To protect her.
We won't die. I just need some time to recover.
And Ruki just needs a hospital. Warmth. Yeah. A warm place.
Not here snow cold fault

Ruki frowns. The 't' in 'fault' ends with a long line towards the end of the page.
She must've fallen asleep.

Oh boy. Drifted away.
Ruki's head almost hit the floor.
She's right. I am a weakling. A good partner wouldn't have fallen asleep.
I can't even feel my paw anymore.
My vision is blurred. The next time I fall aspleep might be the last time.
Maybe it's time. Ruki wouldn't approve with my plan.
But I'd do it for her. Maybe Ruki will understand it one day.

Looks like

Ruki blinks.
The writing ends there.
"No..." she whispers, touching the page.
She turns the page, but it's blank.
Renamon didn't manage to finish her thought.

"Uh, are you sure?" Takato asks.
"Yes, Takato. Do it."
"What if she sends me out?"
"Ignore whatever she says and give her the package."
Takato stares at the small box in his hand.
"What if she asks who gave it to me?" he asks.
"Answer truthfully. Then you're free to go."
"Oh all right. But why don't you do it yourself?" Takato asks, pointing at Ruki's door.
"No. It wouldn't be fitting. You have to do it."
Finally Takato nods and knocks at the door.

Ruki is cyring into her hands. Her diary is on the table next to her bed.
Why? Oh God WHY? she asks herself.
Renamon had been right. It has been her fault.
And now Renamon is most likely dead because of her.
It would explain why her D-Arc is gone.
She would have survived longer, but she wanted to warm me. she realizes.
There is a polite knock on the door.
"NO!" she cries bitterly.
The door opens slowly.
Ruki wipes away some of her tears to get a look at the intruder.
Her face reddens when she sees Takato with a small box in his hands.
"DID YOU COME TO GLOAT!?" she yells at him.
Takato gulps, but starts to move towards her.
"OUT! PLEASE!" Ruki cries, not wanting to be seen in her pityful state.
Takato ignores her and is finally standing be her side.
"I... I'm just here to give you this." he whispers and presents her the small box.
Ruki wipes away the rest of her tears and stares at the package.
"What's that?" she finally asks, marvelling how calm her voice sounds.
"I don't know. I'm just delivering it." Takato answers, trying to avoid looking at her directly.
Ruki frowns, but takes the package. Takato obviously waits for her to open it.
Sighing, Ruki removes the lid from the box and takes a look inside.
She gasps when she sees the content of the package.
"Wh... Who gave you the package?" she whispers, her eyes fixed on the content of the box.
"Uh, Renamon did." Takato answers with a shrug.
"What?" Ruki asks sharply, grabbing Takato's shirt.
"Renamon gave me the package!" Takato shouts in terror.
"When? ANSWER ME!" Ruki yells, drawing Takato closer.
"Jus-Just a minute ago! Honest! Please! I'm just here to deliver it!" Takato begs.
Ruki now realizes what she has done and instantly releases Takato.
"I... I'm sorry, Takato. Really." she stammers.
She hears Takato mumble something, but her mind is already elsewhere.
When Takato realizes that he isn't needed anymore, he leaves the room.

Slowly, ritually, Ruki takes one of the two items out of the box.
Her fingers trace the outline of the blue/grey D-Arc.
She has to wipe away some tears before she can pick up the second object.
Her black card holder looks as if it has had a rough time.
But Ruki doesn't even have to open it. She knows what is inside it.
Her complete deck. Sorted. Only her Renamon card would be the top one.
Holding both items close to her chest, Ruki closes her eyes.
"Renamon." she whispers softly.
She can hear the familiar sound Renamon does when fading in somewhere.
Ruki opens her eyes and sees Renamon kneeling next to her bed.
She gasps when she sees how bruised her Digimon looks.
Ruki instantly hugs Renamon and notices for the first time how warm it feels.
"Oh Renamon!" she cries, not caring about her tears anymore.
"Ruki." Renamon answers weakly.
Ruki ends the embrace and looks at her Digimon closely.
"How are you?" she asks.
"Still fighting the fever, but I'll manage." Renamon answers with a smile.
"Why didn't you answer my calls?" Ruki asks, stroking Renamon's head.
"You've been angry. I wanted you to read what has happened first." "So I have. But you-"
"Let me tell you what happened then. I have been writing for hours.
The only things not frozen were my guts.
I had planned to... well... warm you with that.
I couldn't think of any other way to warm you. And you were freezing.
The unfinished sentence would have been my last. But we have been quite lucky.
Takato and Lee had noticed... our absence..." Renamon says hesitantly.
Ruki shivers at the thought of Renamon sacrificing herself.
Then hse notices the way Renamon has said the last part.
"Whose absence did they notice?" she asks, causing Renamon to look away.
"Guilmon has been looking for someone to play with and noticed that I wasn't there.
He told Takato of it. Then Takato noticed... well, that you were gone, too."
"You mean they didn't even notice that I had not returned?" she asks with wide eyes.
"See? You should be more sociable." Renamon tells her and is rewared with a light slap on the nose.
The Digimon laughs and just hugs her Tamer.
"Well, whatever. So Takato and Guilmon alerted Lee. Then they started looking.
They had found you just in time. Guilmon had to tunnel through the snow wall.
I quickly hid the diary in your backpack so they wouldn't find it.
When Guilmon finished the tunnel, I transported into your room with my last strength."
"And my D-Arc?"
"I took it with me. I didn't want the docs to see it. Just in case." the Digimon answers.
Having heard enough for the moment, Ruki resumes her hugging of Renamon.
"Renamon?" she whispers after a while.
"Uh-hm?" Renamon mutters.
"Thank you. For everything."
"You don't have to. I'm just your Digimon."
"No, Renamon, you've always been much more than that. Always."

The End.

Last Notes:
So this is it.
I have been tempted to let this story have a sad ending, but I didn't have the heart.
Maybe it's better this way. Besides, I love a happy end.