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Warning: This is a product of boredom and may have character bashing. I'm not sure yet, I'm making this up as I type along. We'll just have to see.

Vanessa, Catty, Jimena, Tianna, and Serena stood in a line with linked arms, ready to battle the line of Followers before them. Stanton hide the shadows unsure which side to take. Zahi (who has been magically turned back into a Follower), Tymmie, Karyl (whose reappeared after dropping off the face of the Earth of this series), Cassandra (who has also magically become a Follower once more), Morgan, Kelly, Murray, Adamantis, Justin, Mason, and Lambert stood with evil smiles on their faces as they prepared to finally rid the world of these irksome Goddesses of the Moon. (Or so they thought)

Just as they prepared to have an all out mythological battle there was an ominous crack and a flash of silver light. They all looked up to see a star glowing brighter and brighter, until they realized that the star was flying toward the silver light that was above their heads. Stanton leapt from the shadows to snatch his beloved from this evil, destructive light. The star hit the silver light and a blonde girl with gray-blue eyes landed on her buttless bum. "Ow!"

"Ow! Stanton!" Jimena screeched. Stanton paled when he realized he had tackled her to the ground. She began calling him names in Spanish that made him glad that he didn't understand a word of that language.

"Oh my gosh." They all looked at the blonde girl who was dressed in shorts (shorts, not jean underwear, but actually shorts that covered her pale thighs) and a black shirt with a faint white letters saying 'Dream the Day Away.' She stood up, her thick, wavy, untamable dark dirty-gold blonde hair curling around her round face. "It worked! Woo-hoo!"

They all gave her 'that chick is insane' look. Could she not see they had just been about to destroy one another in a mega mythological battle? Perhaps blondes were stupid, even if this chick was wearing glass to suggest that she was smart.

"Wait." Morgan said. "If you're blonde, but you wear glasses, does that mean you're smart or dumb or normal?"

Everyone scratched their heads.

"That," Adamantis said. "is a very good question." He looked at the girl who had just fallen from the sky. "Are you smart?"

The blonde girl thought about it. "Uh, I mean go to this one school that is for smart teenagers, but the school is called the Indiana Academy, I.A., which also could stand for insane asylum and they're just saying Indiana Academy to make us feel better. They do call us special."

Stanton got up and tried to edge into the girl's mind. (That is if she had one.) Serena began to look into the strange girl's head too.

Stanton suddenly pouted. He stabbed an accusing finger at the girl who immediately froze in awe that the Stanton from the wonderous Daughters of the Moon series was mad at her!

"I can't read your mind."

"Maybe she doesn't have one." Zahi said in his dreamy, Frenchy voice. The Goddesses sighed dreamily. Stanton glared at Serena.

"No." The blonde girl said. "I expect that you can't read my mind because I come from a different galaxy from you. My brain is probably on a different frequency."

They all stared in wonder at the now named Alien Girl.

"Star!" An annoyed voice came.

'Star' turned and waved at three teenagers who were submerged in sand. One had jet-black hair and green eyes with black-rimmed glasses and a lightening bolt scar. The other was a girl with bushy brown hair and buckteeth. The last one was a red headed, freckled boy with a big nose.

Star sighed. "You guys were suppose to stay in your book series galaxy, not follow me to the Daughters of the Moon/Sons of the Dark series galaxy." She huffed.

"Oh my Atrox!" Tymmie said. He hung onto Karyl's arm and began jumping up and down. Karyl felt like his arm was going to get pulled out of his arm, but he didn't care. He knew who those three teens were. "It's them! It's Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley!"

The three teens stared at the teen with a shaved head and Atrox tattooed on his scalp and his multiple facial pierces. They then looked at the strange lizard like boy that the scary one was hanging on to.

"Come any closer and we'll Stupefy you!" Ron threatened.

"Oh, oh!" Catty raised her hand and jumped up and down. "Stupefy me! Please, pretty please."

Hermione gave the brunette goddess a weird look. "Did you have a memory charm backfire or something?

"Edward, I don't think we're in Forks anymore." The group turned and saw a golden eyed, bronzed hair…god standing next to an ordinary brunette with brown eyes.

"OMG!" Hermione screamed. She blasted herself free from the sand trap. She threw herself at the god's feet. "You're Edward Cullen. Oh my god!"

Jimena threw herself at his feet too. She had always loved sparkling, vegetarian vampires. Collin, who was surfing while he waited for his Goddess girlfriend and little sister to finish with their saving the world business, stabbed his board into the sand and looked around.

"Jimena!" He shouted.

She looked at him with her witching black eyes. "It's okay Collin, he's just a fictional character. I'm not really cheating on you. If you think about, thousands girls would be cheating on their boyfriends, so it automatically doesn't count." She realized she hadn't said one word of Spanish. "Si!" [The author apologizes for this low bow to the future Magna Mater]

Bella Swan looked at her. "Fictional character?"

"Oh no." Star whispered, but no one was paying attention to her. She had a bad gut feeling. You know, the ones that make you feel like you're going to vomit, but you don't.

Lambert took Bella's hand. "My dear, you are much more lovely than the actor who plays you in the movie."

She stared at the white haired Follower. Edward snarled and in movement that was too fast for any to see (not really) he had his reason for existing behind his back.

"Star of Galaxies!" Ron Weasley spat.

"How do you know my full name?" Star of Galaxies asked.

"It's on your bio on Fanfic Dot Net." Harry Potter said pulling himself and his best mate out.

"It is?" She didn't remember putting that on there.

"It's your account name!"

"Oh, right. Duh!"

Edward Cullen spotted her. "You!"

"What?" She wasn't in to the whole sparkling skin charm thing. She preferred her boyfriend to be non-sparkly.

"You brought us here!"

"Nuh-uh." She said. "You followed me here after I visited your Twilight series galaxy."

"Wait!" Vanessa said. "You mean you went into this book?" She held up a black book with two, long pale arms holding an apple.

"And these?" Justin and Mason held up the complete Harry Potter series in their hands. How this fanfic author isn't quite sure.

"And now we're in this series?" Bella and Edward held up the Daughters of the Moon series.

"And this one." The author held up the Sons of Dark series.


"By using my incredible fanfic author powers. Duh."

Four boys behind her (the Sons of the Dark themselves!) snatched the books out of her hands.

"Hey!" She said. "That's not nice!"

"Hey, I got Kyle's book." Berto said. "Whoa! Look what happens!" He shoved the book into the other renegade servi's faces.

The author stared in horror. The Daughters and Followers were now flipping through their books while Edward and Bella were reading their books and Harry, Ron, and Hermione were looking through their's. This could only end very badly.

"Chris dies!" Tianna said.

"What?" Chris suddenly appeared out of nowhere and took the book from her. There, in this book, was his demise. He glared at Catty. "You killed me!"

"You asked me to!" She snapped.

Chris gives her a sad puppy dog look before he walked away to go curl in a hole to mope.

"Catty orders the deaths of the Sons!" Vanessa said.

"What?" Samuel grabbed the Final Eclipse.

"Catty." Kyle looked at her. "I thought you loved me."

"She supposedly loved Chris too." Murray said. "And then after his death, she leapt into Kyle's arms."

"And here we were thinking we were friends, or at least allies." Obie said.

The Sons flipped their hair and went to go join Chris.

"Hey Hector!" Cassandra said. "You die too!"

The evil moon demon raced over and snatched the book from Cassandra. He glared at Vanessa. She gulped.

"Now, now Hector." She said. He stepped towards her menacingly and demon like. "Wait, you wanted to marry me!"

"That was after I found out you were going to kill me!" He took off the beautiful blonde and she screamed shrilly. She ran off a cliff followed by the demon. The night was filled with Vanessa's shrill scream.

Star realized that she just caused the death of a Daughter of the Moon/Pandora.

"OMG!" Ron screamed. "Snape's good!"

"What?" Snape appeared out of nowhere and snatched the last Harry Potter book from the boy. "This can't be true!"

"And then you die!" Ron said happily. Snape cuffed him across the head.

"How is this for good?" He whipped out his wand. "Avada Kedavra!"

"No!" Dumbledore appears in front of Ron and takes the full blow of the killing curse.

"He was going to die anyway." Harry said shrugging. He stuck his nose back into the book. "And Snape even killed him too!"

"No one important or loved dies in our series." Bella said.

"Cool. Let's go find Isle Esme." Edward said, tossing the books to the ground. Bella smiled and the two disappeared.

"Maggie dies!" Jimena said. "And I become the Magna Mater? WTF?"

Tianna suddenly burst into tears. "I die too! I can't die, I'm too beautiful and prefect to die!"

"Quit crying Barbie wanna be." Catty snapped. "I die too!"

"Does everyone in this series die?" Cassandra asks.

"If everyone died then there wouldn't be fanfics about daughters of the Daughters taking their mother's places." Tymmie said. "Or what happens after the living daughters are done being daughters." They all looked at him. "What? Plotting evil's domination has a lot of free time and I had to find something to do. I have my own account and everything."

Star wondered what his account name was. Did he ever review or read her fics? She doubted it. She's only written one so far and only one person reviewed it. She really wished the site would tell you how many times it's been read so people would know if people were reading and just not reviewing. Maybe even put in a like button like Facebook.

Lambert smacked him across the back of the head. "We will discuss your lack of commitment to the Infidus later."

"I don't think that's going to happen." Cassandra passed him The Sacrifice. His cold eyes widened at the typed words there.

"But-but-but I can't die!" He said.

"You come back, sort of." Karyl said as he held Possession in his hand. "But Stanton and Serena kick your butt, again."

"Stanton!" An ominous voice said. It made everyone tremble in fear.

"Oh no, the Atrox." Serena whispered.

Star took out a disposal camera so she could get a picture of the ultimate evil.

A dark shadow with a blood red cast swirled in front of them like a giant thunderstorm. Star snapped a picture without it noticing and slipped it into her back pocket.

"How dare you betray me!" It sounded like it was…whining. Star frowned. This was this supposed to be the most ancient and most evil thing to ever defy creation. It was whining? The fans would never believe this. "After all I gave you!"

Wait, was the ultimate evil…crying?

"This is your guys' evil villain?" Harry asked.

"This thing makes Dobby look like a house-elf Voldemort." Ron said.

The air became really thick and the mass of evil loomed over in a menacingly cloud from over the teenage wizards. They backed up with their wands pointed at it.

"YOU WILL NOT COMPARE ME TO THAT SNIVELING, SERVANT!" The Atrox then opened the gateway to hell under they feet and laughed as they were sucked into molten rock. And just for kicks it kicked Dobby the House Elf in there too.

Star stood in absolute shock. "I just killed Harry Potter."

The Atrox stared at her. "Nuh uh. I did!"

"But I typed it!" She pulled out her white MacBook that her school gave her and showed the mass of superior evil. "See!"

"Hmm, I guess you did."

"Excuse my fine fellows of fearsome frequencies."

Everyone turned to see a pale man with red eyes and a mask like face.

"Voldemort!" Star squeaked. She whipped out her camera and took a quick picture before he noticed.

"Voldy!" Snape said. "What's up, homey V?"

He glared at him. "You betrayed me. For that, I revoke your Death Eater membership."

"I would never betray you!" Snape pleaded.

Voldemort held up The Deathly Hollows. "Not according to this."

"How can you believe that bull shit of a story?" Snape asked. "After all, your most evil lordship is destroyed, which is completely impossible."

"I don't." Voldemort said. "I just don't want to take any chances." He flicked his wand and the Death Eater tattoo disappeared off Snape's forearm. "Accio Membership Card!"

Snape tried to grab the laminated card that slipped through his fingers. He burst into tears and flung himself into pit of lava.

"Meep." Star said. "I just killed Snape."

"He was going to die anyway." Tymmie said.

"I thank you dark evil one." Voldemort said. "What can I do…"

The giant shadow pointed at the Daughters. "Kill them."

"Fine by me." Voldemort shrugged. He looked at them with a bored expression as he pointed his wand at them.

"No Serena!" Stanton leapt in front of her and took the killing curse meant for her.

"No Stanton!" She cradled his head in her lap and sobbed over his limp form.

"Bloody Hell." Voldemort said. "Now I can't kill her."

"I'll do it then." A blonde vampire with maroon irises walked up.

"No. James out." Star said pointing to the bluffs.

"She smells so good though." He whined.

"Out!" She screamed.

He narrowed his eyes at her. "You're not the boss of me."

"Yes. I. Am." She held up the white laptop. "I'm the one writing this fanfic. I now decree that 'Then James was suddenly sucked into a blackhole that pulled him back into his galaxy of Twilight."

"Noooooo!" He screamed as the blackhole, that smelled like honeysuckle because the author likes honeysuckle, sucked him back to Forks.

Star smiled smugly.

"Hey Serena," Zahi said. "Now that Stanton's gone, you want to go out?"

Serena looked at the limp blonde and then at the hot brunette. "Okay." She took his arm and they skipped off into the sunset-that suddenly appeared.

Stanton's eyes snapped open and he glared at the author. "I'm going to steal your hope and your soul and then I'm going to kill you."

"It's not my fault." Star protested.

"You're writing the fanfic." Tymmie said, leaning up against a large rock and smoking a cigarette.

"Cigarettes cause cancer and death." She said. "It's also an expensive way to die."

He frowned at her. "Expensive?"

"Very." She said. "It can cost you hundreds a month."


"Tymmie." Karyl said. "You're a follower of ancient evil. The job doesn't pay. You steal."

"Oh yeah." Tymmie said.

Star felt an arm go around her shoulders. Adamantis peered over her shoulder and reached for the keys of her laptop.

She slapped his hand. "No touchie!"

He glared at her as she slipped from his arm. He stepped toward her with shadows whipping around him.

"Back off. I have…" She pulled a bottle out of the back of her pocket. "Holy Water." She threw the water onto him.

"Ahhhh!" He clutched his face and writhed in agony.

"Let me see that." Stanton came over and took it. He took off the sticker that said Holy Water. "This is Wal-Mart water."

"It still burns!" Adamantis screamed.

Star shook her head. Did being in a fanfic affect the characters personalities or something?

Mason grabbed her arm. "You control this fanfic."

"Uh, I thought that's been established." Star said.

"So, you control our fates." Voldemort said.

Star was definitely not liking the looks she was getting from the evil people. "Yeah, kinda of."

"You also control the fates of everyone you put in your fanfic." Lambert said.

"Meep!" She squeaked when she notice how they were all crowding around her. She grabbed her computer and held it in front of her. "Back off! I have a Mac!"

They froze. She opened the book so they could stare at the black cat with a red shoelace around his head like a ninja band that was her background. The cat looked terrifying with cute orange eyes and fuzzy kitty face.

The Macbook suddenly sparked and the little apple began flashing. It made a spitting noise and the ninja kitty vanished. Star stared opened mouth at her laptop.

The computer expert from the Academy walked up and took the computer. "Nice job. I thought I sent a e-mail out to not put your computer in your bag with your large textbooks." Grady said.

"I'm not going to carry two bags just for three classes." Star complained.

He sighed. "This'll take a while. You'll get it back in a few days."

The Followers and Voldemort were giving her creepy, hungry looks.

"Please tell me I can get a loner soon." She pleaded.

"Soon," He said. He saw the persons of evil staring intently at Star. "I'll go see if I can't find one for you." He vanished.

"Grady!" Star screamed. The evil group of Followers plus Voldemort stepped towards her. "Meep!"

James suddenly appeared with them.

"How did you come back?"

"Your blackhole had a hole in it that allowed me to come back." James said.

"How does that even make sense?"

He shrugged. "It's your fanfic." He said.

"And you will write what we say now." The Atrox said.


James grabbed her shoulder and his face strained like he was trying to lift her, but couldn't.

"You can't lift a hundred pound girl?" Star asked.

Cassandra and Morgan skewered the girl with their eyes.

"You're only a hundred pounds?" Morgan asked jealously

"Actually, I don't know." Star admitted. "I haven't checked my weight in a year."

"Why the hell not?" Cassandra shrieked.

"I don't care as long as I'm healthy." Star said. "I live in the Boondocks anyway, there's no one to impress."

"Um, hello." Morgan said. "Cute farmer boys."

"But then I went up to a collage in Muncie."

"Oh, college boys." Cassandra said.

Inspiration suddenly struck Star. "Actually, I was far too busy doing this kind of stuff." A dry erase board suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Star went up to it and scribbled a Trigonometry problem on the board.

The evil people's mouth dropped at the sight of the problem.

"What the hell?" Mason said.

"This is a Trigonometry analysis problem." She explained. "I did a whole chapter on this. You have to prove this side equal the other side." She began scribbling a lot of trigonometry phrases and formulas down.

She turned back and they were all writhing on the ground, clutching their heads.

"It hurts!"


"I could never come up with something so tortuous!"

Only Justin, the only other person wearing glasses, was not suffering from a major math headache.

"I get it!" He grabbed her arm. "You're mine, Star!" His eyes glowed yellow.

She did the only thing she could think of. She kissed his cheek.

"Ah!" Justin began jumping up and down. He grabbed a rock and began rubbing it on his cheek. "Girl germs! Girl germs!"

"Tee hee." Star chuckled like a little child. The Followers instantly snapped out of their math headache. Justin was still…the author doesn't really want to describe it. Shudders.

"If it's one thing we hate more than smart/dumb blondes, it's smart/dumb blondes giggle like stupid little girls." Tymmie said.

"What about Trig?" Star gestured to the board. "Don't you hate this?"

Adamantis pointed at the board and it shattered into a million pieces.

"I wish you could have that while we were learning that crap." Star muttered.

"Imperio!" Voldemort shouted.

Star just stood dumbly and stared at him. "Um, was that supposed to do anything?"

Voldemort looked at his wand. He banged it against his hand. It shot out of his hand and shot out to sea. A giant fish sprang out of the water and swallowed it. It dived back into the water after turning into a bunch of rainbow colored bubbles.

"Nice job slick." Star covered her mouth after the comment.

"You really want to die, don't you?" Karyl asked.

Star thought about it. "Well…" It wasn't like she was suicidal or anything, but after reading a lot of books about characters with immortality…

"Shut up and get me that Star!"

"Meep!" Star squeaked as she dived when a mass of dark power zipped over her pretty empty blonde head.

"Star of Galaxies." A weird, not sure if it's male or female, voice breezed around her. "Use your incredible fanfic author powers!"

She stood up and James jumped up in front of her.

"Back up!" She shouted. "Bubble space is personal thank you." Something hard appeared in her hand and she chucked it at him.

"Ah! Garlic!" He shrieked. He tried to get rid of it, but he just kept passing it from one hand to the next. Maybe it's not just girls who are dumb blondes.

"Dude!" Collin said.

Star looked at the surf. He was still here? She didn't remember dying. Hmm.

"Garlic doesn't bother you." He said.

James looked at it. "Oh, right." He tossed it behind him.

Voldemort gave a kinda of girlie squeal when the garlic rolled by him. He held up his robes like a scared woman and hopped onto a rock. "Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!" He shrieked.

"O-kay." Star said. She took out her camera and took a picture. Harry Potter fans were never going to believe her.

James grabbed her wrist.

"Cross!" She shrieked shoving into his face.

He grabbed it tossed it away.

"Wooden stake." She put it in front of him.


"Holy Water!"

He snatched the water bottle. "This is the Wal-Mart water." He tossed the water and Adamantis shrieked diving away from it.

"Light?" She held up an orb of pure white light.

"Nein." He tossed it and the Atrox ran away. It was scared of the evil light. "Hollywood lied to you."

Her eyes widened. "No." She looked really shocked.

"Yes." Tymmie said, enjoying her misery.

She shrugged. "I always knew it was brain washing us. Grady, can I have my loaner now?"

"Here ya go." Grady walked over with a laptop.

"No!" Something winged with talons and beak and some human parts tackled him to the ground.

"Oh no." Star said. "Is every single series I visited coming to this one?"

"Of course silly bitch." Neferet said. Her red hair whipped around her and her green eyes shone. Her Nyx Mark was displayed proudly on her forehead. Beside her was an angel with black wings and golden eyes and skin. "You destroyed our chances of destroying our world with your silly little fanfics."

She grinned awkwardly. "Well, it was fun."

"Now you will use your incredible fanfic author powers to create the world we want." Kalona, the angel, said.

"Hey!" Tymmie said. "We have dibs on her."

Star snorted. "I'm not a rock or jewel. You can't have dibs on me." Star was a little touchy on the claiming issue like she was a rock or jewel, which even if she is a Star, she's not. She had a heartbeat and a decently working mind.

Kalona put an icy hand on her shoulder.

"Double meep!" She squeaked.

"Use your fanfic author powers." The man or female voice whispered again.

"Uh…" She suddenly wondered how everyone would react if they were suddenly forced to river dance.

They glared murderously at her as their feet began flying across the sand uncontrollably. The author thinks the Atrox was river dancing, she couldn't tell.

"I'll kill you!" Neferet screamed.

"People have been threatening to kill me since I was a preteen and I'm still here!" Star said.

They all put their arms on each other's shoulders and started doing high kicks like the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Kelly had a smile on her face. She used to love doing this kind of thing. That was before she surrendered her soul and hope to an evil darkness of a nothingness.

Star wished she had a video camera. Pictures were great, but a video camera would be even better.

A video on a stand appeared beside her.

"You're dead you evil Star!" Murray said.

"Especially if that gets onto the internet!" Voldemort said.

"We all die some time." She shrugged. "And how do you know about the internet?"

"Only the lucky ones." Stanton muttered.

Suddenly everyone heard a demonic computer voice say, "Hey bite me. Muhahaha!"

"What the hell was that?" Cassandra said.

Star pulled a maroon colored ENV2. "My text ring tone." She opened the screen and saw a text from her younger sister: "Watcha doin?"

"Even in another realm she can still bother me." Star complained. "Trying not to get killed." She typed.

"That ring tone is awesome!" Tymmie said a little breathless. "You need to send it to my phone."

Star began humming When You're Evil by Voltarie. "I wonder what it would be like if I went into Nefandus and the people there sung This is Halloween."

"No way!"

The Followers, Voldemort, Neferet, Atrox, and Kalona broke free of her evil will sucking powers.

"Oh fishsticks." Star said. "Meep!" She ran as dark power shot at her. She ran to the end of the cliff and skidded to a halt. The height was nuts. Star is from Indiana and it's flat. There's no cliffs like these there. Star didn't think there were any cliffs. It was flat. Flatty, flat-flat! With cornfields! Well, were she lived there were more melon fields than cornfields.

"Hahaha! We have you know Star!" The Atrox cackled.

"Muahahahaha-hacking cough-muahahhahaha-an even more disgusting cough-" Lambert laughed/coughed. Voldemort slapped him on the back.

"Easy their mate! Remember salvia goes own the esophagus not the larynx." Voldemort said.

"I'm okay." Lambert said. "Thanks Voldy."

"No problem Lamp." Voldemort said. "Shall we emotional and spiritual destroy Star?"

"I think we can all agree on that." Cassandra said.


"Enough meep-ing!" Stanton screamed. "That's so damn annoying."

"Damn is a wordy dird." Star said.

"You're mine bitch." Neferet leapt at her with her nasty claws extended.

Star wished a wall of earth would spring out of the cliff. The amazing fanfic gods heard her and a wall of chunk of the cliff appeared between her and Neferet. Neferet slammed into the wall hard enough that her head came out on the other side.

"Bitch is a wordy dird too." Star said childishly. The wall of earth fell forward so Neferet's face was plowed into the rock. Her dress slid down to neck revealing a little too much. The other evils jumped onto the rock wall.

"Meep!" Star wished the cliff under them would fall apart.

The earth shook and the cliff crumbled under their feet. Star stood on a solid piece of cliff and looked down at the mass of rocks that they were lying on. She cackled childishly evil. She looked up and then saw the Atrox and Kalona didn't fall.

"I don't have feet or legs." The Atrox explained.

"I have wings." Kalona said, smiling.

"I wish you didn't." She waited for the wish to be granted. It didn't happen.

"You can't change them to the point that they won't be recognized. Taking away his wings would make him unrecognizable." The fanfic god voice person said.

"What kind of crap is that?" Star said.

"It's the rules." The voice said.

"The rules suck." Star muttered. She jumped back when Kalona landed in front of her. Why did he have to be so tall? Behind him the mass of dark evil was behind him, waiting for it's chance.

"Wind, come to me!"

Kalona was pushed back by a sudden burst of wind. Star turned and saw Zoey, Damian, Jack, Aphrodite, Stevie Rae, Erin, and Shaunee from the House of Night series. Is this fanfic going to get anymore screwed up.

"Hey, Star!" Aphrodite said. "You owe us a wish!"

Not this again. "I'm not a genie."

"But we made a wish on a falling star and that falling star turned out to be." Erin started.

"A one hundred and forty pound, blonde white girl with gray-blue eyes, whose a seventeen year old junior who is currently writing the dumbest fanfic we have ever been in." Shaunee said.

"I'm bored." Star complained.

"Oh boo hoo." Aphrodite said. "Go get a boyfriend."

"The only boys I attract are dead." Star said.

"Huh?" Jack asked.

"I have a friend who says I have this guy ghost who stalks me because he likes me." Star said. "She always teases me that he's my ghost boyfriend."

"And I thought I had boyfriend problems." Zoey muttered.

Damian gave her an odd look. "A living person and someone who is dead. Never heard of that before."

Aphrodite grinned. "Well, I'm sure you have a lot of fun. No one will probably ever found out either."

Star's jaw dropped. "I am not having a sexual relationship with a ghost! That sounds wrong on so many levels!"

She grinned like a cat who ate a canary. "I think the Star protests too much." Her eyes widened and then narrowed as she looked at something behind Star. "Hey!"

Star turned and saw Edward and Bella walking down the beach.

"It's those Twilight vampires!" Shanuee spat.

"Get 'em!" Erin said.

"Charge y'all!" Stevie Rae said. The nerd herd jumped from the cliff and landed on the beach.

"Yeah, you guys give true vampyres bad names!" Jack pouted. "You guys have an 'i' instead of a 'y'."

"We're going to beat your sparkly ass!" Aphrodite said. "No matter how fine it is."

"For once." Erin said.

"We agree hag!" Shanuee said.

"Get 'em." Zoey shouted.

Edward looked away from Bella's sexy chocolate eyes. When he saw the group of vampyres running toward him, he took off running.

Bella, who had been absolutely dazzled by Edward to the point where she forgot to breath, suddenly became very unbalanced and fell face first into the sand and then was immediately plowed into the ground by the nerd herd.

She lifted her head and spat out sand. "Hey! You're supposed to protect me!"

"Can't talk, getting chased by blood sucking freaks!" Edward shouted before squealing like a little girl when the nerd herd sent an elemental attack at him.

The Atrox stood beside Star and watched as vampyres chased a vampire. "You really are bored, aren't you?"

Star sighed. "Yep."

"That doesn't mean you take your boredom out on us!" Tymmie shouted.

"There are no rules about what I can and cannot do when I'm bored." Star shouted back.

"Star!" Bella shouted. "End this damn fanfic now!"

"Why in the world would I do that?" Star said.

"Because you have a ten page research paper due tomorrow that you haven't even begun to start or even think about." A blonde haired guy with ice blue eyes said. He wore a tight black shirt and really nice, yummy arms. He had loose black pants on. He looked really sexy and handsome.

"Who are you?" Star asked.

"Your ghost boyfriend." He said, smiling.

"How did you get here?"

"The fanfic gods, well goddesses actually, are sick and tried of you screwing with their creations, a.k.a. their characters. So, they sent me to get you." He grabbed her and swung her over his shoulder.

"Hey! You're ghost you can't be solid!" She shouted as he began walking toward a portal with a small white painted concrete blocked room with a loft with pink and purple poka dot comforter. "No! Not that prison!"

"Power of the authors, baby." He said. "They override the powers of a fanfic author."

The characters Star had been torturing began cheering and whistling.

The ghost turned and bowed, sorta of. "Respect the dead. Thank you and good night. I've got a living girl who needs spanking."

The whistling increased as well as catcalls that made Star's face red.

"I'm seriously thinking about farting." Star said. Because her butt was right by his ear, she hoped it would sound really disgusting too because of the Taco Bell she's been forced to consume because every other food establishment on campus was closed because the college kids went home.

He shrugged. "Whatever gassy."

"This isn't fair! I control this fanfic!" Star shouted.

"No longer." A voice that now sounded like many females said. "We take away your fanfic powers…"

"My heroes!" Stanton said.

"Until your paper is done."

Everyone's faces fell, even Star's. "But I don't want to right a stupid ten page paper about comics and how they reflected issues during the tie period it was written."

"Not our problem."

"You think you're going to spend the entire night writing that paper?" The ghost said with a perverted grin.


"You're going to do a hell of a lot more meeping tonight little Star." The ghost carried the girl through the portal and into her dorm room. It shut with a snap.

The cheers continued for a while until…

"How in the hell are we supposed to get back to our worlds?" Zoey asked.


Star and the ghost guy were in her room with the lights off. They were on top of the pink and purple polka dotted comforter that covered the mattress in Star's loft.

"Yes. Yes, Yes!" Star said, making the bed bounce.

The ghost moaned.

Star threw down her royal flush and smiled at the ghost guy, who was no longer solid, but at least he was seeable. The ghost guy stared at his straight and sulking threw the cards to the ground. They fluttered down and the shining clear plastic reflected

"I don't want to play this game no mores." He pouted.

"It's any more." Star said.

"I'm dead. I don't have to use proper grammar." He snapped.

"Come on, let me have it." Star said greedily.

The ghost guy sighed and pulled out a white MacBook from…somewhere.

Star took her white laptop and logged into fanfic Dot net. The ghost guy leaned over her shoulder as she filled out the information to upload her fanfic.

"Why upload it? No one is going to read it." He said.

"Wanna bet?" Star asked.

"Fine. If you win, I'll do whatever you want. If I win, then we do what I want to do." He said.

"Deal." She took his airy hand and they shook hands. Star added something to the end of the fic:

Please review. I don't want to be raped by a dead guy who stalks me.

The dead stalker guy took the laptop and added his little note:

After reading this fic you readers must agree that she needs to be punished. I'll be doing a public favor, it's not like I'll enjoy it. Well, I will…but I'll try not to.

He posted the fanfic and handed her back her computer. "Now you need to write that research paper."

She groaned. "Fine, mother."


Tymmie logged on and read Randomness of a Fanfic author by StarOfGalaxies. He grinned at the little notes left by her and the ghost guy who rescued them from her tyranny. That guy deserved some kind of reward and Star would be punished at the same time.

He went online and watched the video Star had made with her pictures and the video. He had to admit that they did look good while they river danced.

He smiled. He logged off and he opened Word and began working on his new fanfic about what happens when stars fall from the sky.


Um, yeah. I was bored. Sorry if this is so pathetic, but I had nothing better to do. Well, except that ten-paged paper, but who wants to write those?

Anyway, thanks for reading, if you got a laugh out of it or at least a smile then I guess this fic's job has been accomplished.