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To the Gallant People of Gallowmere,

I write to you on the eve of our great campaign against the tyranny of the evil Necromancer and Dark Magician Zarok. I, Sir Daniel Fortesque, am your commanding General and Champion. I will lead us to victory and I will ensure that every noble citizen will be safe from the clutches of evil. Under my command, I have the finest archers, cannoneers and soldiers that a leader could want. I am sure of success as well as your future safety and well-being.

Before battle is to consume us all, I would like to explain something of myself to you. You see, I am not what I seem. Tis true I am a warrior and prestigious adventurer. Yet all the tales of gallantry I have spun to you and our dear King are not entirely truthful. It is my hope that if this is my last moment on this great Earth, that truth shall be known to the people and the country I cherish.

I pray to God that my lack of skills and bravado will not hinder me in anyway come morning. I pray that my true inexperience will not send your sons to their early graves. Please forgive me and if I shall fall, know that I did so fighting with every last breath for your freedom from oppression. But if I shall live, have faith! For even though I have deceived you, a soldier I still am! And a soldier in your service I will forever be.

Be strong good people of Gallowmere. For I am your Champion after all. I will lead you to victory against Zarok and his dark forces. Forgive me and my hollow boasting, I am nothing more than a humble soldier now…at your final command.

Sir Daniel Fortesque

Commanding Champion of Gallowmere and King Peregrine I