A Reluctant Encounter

Rule Number One

The Terachnoids worked vigorously in order to activate the Great Clock's back-up generators from the sudden power failure, but they are nowhere near or close enough to even break through the central mainframe that leads to the generators.

N. Tropy paced back and forth in frustration while being informed from the starship Magnus, which so far the Terachnoid hackers made little to no progress of turning the generators on.

Pollyx knew that N. Tropy was in a foul mood and he kept his distance, he was also very wary of the Cragmites that occupied Magnus from the treaty and followed rule number one, if you are an easy victim to Cragmite cruelty keep your distance and avoid any chance of eye contact. Rule number two is if you ever encounter any Cragmites consult with rule number one.A person who was easy prey and disregarded this important rule would be considered having enough sense as an old schizophrenic war-bot from planet Metalis, a planet made for recycled useless and old junk that attracted countless vullards that pillaged through the unwanted junk.

"Aragh, I was this close to being able to control time itself," N. Tropy said with a hit of anger in his voice. He had been waiting for at least one good piece of news and so far nothing, he received reports from the invasion on Lumos was a complete and utter failure.

What was worse is that the twins Victor and Moritz reported that the bandicoots where the ones responsible for the invasion failure and along with Cortex. But he couldn't believe it and didn't trust the two parrots at all.

They could have just said all that just to get back at Cortex, but he also though it strange because he hadn't seen or heard from Cortex ever since he left for the Great Clock and how would it be possible for the bandicoots to locate them after Cortex's space station exploded, unless that witch doctor Aku-aku had something to do with it.

N. Tropy had too much stuck in his mind about how he was going to wield and harness the power of time and he couldn't care less about ruling the galaxy, which was what Cortex wanted. He just needed to pretend long enough just so no one will get suspicious and realize he isn't this other Dr. Nefarious.

"Sir, your evilness there is an incoming transmission from Dingodile and his squad of elite soldiers," Pollyx had interrupted N. Tropy train of thought.

"Yes, send it through," he replied recovering from his state of remembering all he and the N team's countless failures against those wrenched bandicoots that seem to ruin every plan no matter how far away they moved from each other.

Dingodile appeared on the large screen, he was still wearing his brown pants but he now wore armor plating covering his torso and metal gauntlets. His flamethrower was replaced with the Incinerator which is the same as a flamethrower but less bulky.

"This is Dingodile here, I've heard youse gots a little rat problem but don't worry mate they won't get past Dingodile!" he smiled with his sharp teeth glinting with dangerous anticipation.

"Yes let's hope so but focus on the main task, but still keep a look for unwanted pest," N. tropy said not noticing he used a pun. "But before you leave what is your status?"

"Me and my mates here are now orbiting a planet named Jasindu, and readying our chance to strike," Dingodile shifted his body in a way Nefarious could tell that the mutant was now leaning against his Incinerator, "these troopers know more about this military stuff than I do, they call this reconnaissance work!"

So N. Tropy was getting the hang of controlling an invading army of kller robots because Pollyx showed him most of the things he had to do, but he was still slightly confused. He nodded towards Dingodile, "Ok you are dismissed for now, end transmission."

Dingodile gave him a hand salute before leaving. Some of the troopers began talking amongst themselves, "I'LL GIVE YOU MY SISTERS NUMBER IF THE INVASION FAILS," an Arc striker said to a Cyclobomber.

"IT IS A DEAL, IF YOU ADD YOUR BLARGS GONE WILD HOLO-VID!" the Cyclobomber said its red eye turning a bright blue color.

"AND IF THEY DO SUCCED YOU OWE ME 20 BOLTS," the Ace Striker replied pointed its claw at the Cyclobomber.

While the troopers conversated Pollyx walked cautiously avoiding any Cragmites he saw, but so far he hadn't seen any in the control room and gave a sigh of relief. With the Cragmites walking around freely his plan to make the Terachnoids a superior race will prove more difficult than anticipated.

Pollyx only suggested the treaty just so they wouldn't have a powerful race of Cragmites start a war with the troopers they needed and fighting against them would prove futile. He had a feeling that the Cragmites were hanging out around deck 5 the living quarters of Starship Magnus and who knows what they are doing in there.

One of the Terachnoids working the controls using a holo-gram became alert, "incoming ship approaching at 3:00, serial number 306-Alpha, scanners indicate that the ship is docile and intelligently stupid."

Pollyx groaned, "Yet another imbecile, let the worthless idiot pass this person is nothing but a minor threat and we have more important matters at hand."

"Affirmative, shutting down all online weaponry targeting stupid ships," another Terachnoid said.

N. Tropy walked over with a blank expression, "what are you doing?"

"Your evilness we only deactivated the less important equipment just to improvise and save enough power for the ship's power cells, just to allow more fire power in case of any unexpected ambushes from the resistance that might occur," Pollxy protested defensively.

N. Tropy had heard about the resistance, they have been constantly attacking his cargo ships lately. They were a bunch of galactic rangers that were being deployed from the planet Marcadia in the Solana galaxy and being commanded from a starship called the Phoenix.

The galactic rangers were easily killed and useless and his forces could easily cripple the resistance's ground troops, but the air attacks from their ships were a continued nuisance.

As Nefarious thought about this menace he watched the so called "stupid" ship fly past them. It was green, bulky and had a weird atom vinyl attached to the side that vaguely resembled a Q.

"Well, then I must agree with that," N. Tropy scratched his chin thoughtfully, "Isn't there a way of tracking there movements."

"Yes I believe so, but it would have to be done by professionals and we don't have anyone capable enough to keep cover," Pollyx shrugged his shoulders, "unless we hire experts."

"Well then bring in the experts," Nefarious ordered.

"Yes, Dr. Nefarious I will get to it right away!" Pollyx said, he ordered one Terachnoid that wasn't a holo-gram to go and contact any perfessionals fit enough to do the job.

"Yes sir!" the Terachnoid walked out of the control room and was confronted by a Cragmite that looked him in the eyes not the other way around, the Cragmited grinned evilly and snatched the Terachnoid that was now screaming into a elevator leading to deck 5. No one heard the Terachnoid's cry for help!

The Cragmite happened to be Grak that was sent to inform N. Tropy about the lombaxes and ask for some Microdrones that are able to fit through small spaces to search for the lombaxes and recapture them. Microdrones are small robots that used electricity to attack and if three of them merged they became a larger trooper.

Mean while at the great Clock...

Sigmund had successfully shut down the computer and was hiding mostly in broom closets. He had snuck out when he thought the coast was clear and he slipped pasted any patrolling guards into anything he could find. He had managed to squeeze though a ventilation shaft that he constantly got stuck in causing him to break several important functions just so he would be able to fit in better places to hide.

"This is horrible, how could this all happen," he said miserably to himself. He entered a small clearing in the shaft and saw three injured zoni hiding in the opening.

He pushed himself towards the opening and fell down on the ground then he floated slightly back up, "Hey, you three are you alright?" he asked a little worried, Sigmund knew zoni were hive-minded and can't function properly with out other zoni to accompany them and that meant more than three but they would be alright since they still had one another.

"We need to leave the clock! Escape!" they all said in unison, but they still sat there like they couldn't move.

Sigmund then noticed the middle zoni was missing one of its antennas and all three of their blue eyes glowed dimly, their black metallic bodies were shaking uncontrollably. There was once 117,000 zoni maintaining the Clock but they were reduced to 145 after Nefarious's first attack (Ratchet found 40 that were scattered) and now they must be almost to extinction after the second time around.

Sigmund would had cried if he could and he blamed himself but he had a chance, he needed to save the zoni and help them escape to safety but he himself had to stay behind. He has to protect the Clock, his life depended on it and he had to save the Clock even if it mean for him to die trying.

Now he has to be the bigger robot and become a hero even if it was scary but he endured an entire year the last time Nefarious invaded the Clock and he could do it again and maybe he could try learning kung-fu.

"We must flee! Hurt too much to move!" once again they all talked at the same time.

"Ok, what do I do, ahhhh zoni need to be in groups to heal properly how am I going to help," Sigmund panicked floating back in forth desperately, "Ok Sigmund get a hold of yourself all I have to do is be patient."

Sigmund turned around to face the zoni, "I'll wait until you guys are fully healed, then we'll head out," he said pointing to the direction to the exit through the ventilation shaft.

"Yes! We must heal," they said, huddling up and resting together.

"How much I really want to watch some cartoons," Sigmund groaned, knowing this is going to be a long and the most boring wait ever.

You could find a drawing I made of Crash wearing the armor at Deviant art under my user name RoboticMasterMind, Crash a Reluctant Encounter or the link /d2xbjch