Summary: Bella Swan is just a normal teen girl with one secret. She and her mother are being abused by Charlie. What happens when she moves to Forks and makes the best friends and possibly a boyfriend? What about when they find out her past she's been trying to forget? All human. Canon pairings.

New Life, Moved on

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan," I said to the secretary of Forks High. Miss Cope according to her nameplate.

"Ah, yes, of course. Welcome to Forks High, Isabella. Here is your schedule and form that you will need to have all of your teachers to sign and brought back at the end of the day," she directed with a somewhat sincere smile.

"Thanks," I muttered while turning back to the door. As I turned, I hit my head on something. Great going Bella, first three minutes in school and your already running into people.

"Oh I'm so sorry," I said trying to get up without hurting myself or the person again. Because being as clumsy as I am it wouldn't be the hardest thing in life for me to do.

Trust me.

As I looked up I saw a girl with honey and gold blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and beauty practically written across her face. She was so beautiful that I felt like if looked any longer, I would drop dead. "Jeeze Bella, stop staring," I thought.

It wasn't fair. This girl could make any European model crumble into dirt. She was a freakin' Goddess! I thought of myself as just a plain Jane with dull mahogany hair and common brown eyes to match.

"Don't worry about it at all," she replied warmly. "Hey, aren't you the new girl? Isabella Swan, right?" Wow. She might actually be a nice, decent girl.

"Yes, but I prefer Bella though."

"Well, welcome to Forks High Bella. I'm Rosalie Hale by the way," she said while shaking my hand and flashing me a pearly white million dollar smile.

"Thank you Rosalie."

"No prob. So what class do you have next?"

"Umm, lemme see."

First hour: Literature

Second hour: History

Third hour: Trigonometry

Fourth hour: Biology

Lunch Break

Fifth hour: Physical Education

Sixth hour: Free hour

"You are so lucky! You have the best free hour and it's with Alice!" Rosalie exclaimed.

"Who is Alice?"

"Only the best friend in the world," Rosalie made it sound like it was obvious.


"Trust me you will know her when you see her. Oh and by the way I think I should advise you to stay away from a certain Mike Newton."

Before I could ask why the, bell rang causing me to jump.

"Ok, well, I guess I'll see you around then Bella," Rose said.


And with that I braced myself for who or what laid ahead for my fabulous first day.


While walking down the school hallway to my first hour Lit class I finally feel a spark of happiness and hope.

You might be wondering what I'm talking about. Well, let me tell you. It all started when I was about four years old. My first two to three years were complete bliss. I had wonderful and loving parents, a caring family, and I lived in a small, but nice house in Phoenix, Arizona.

What changed?

My father, Charlie. He and my mom Renee married fresh out of high school and had me a year later. When I was three, my mom got pregnant again, and was going to have another girl.

Her name was supposed to be Charlotte. Charlotte Anne Swan.

When Renee was 6 months along she lost the baby and I had just turned four.

That's when Charlie got abusive.

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