Gohan laid down on Videl's roof after he dropped her off on her balcony. He rubbed his hands together for warmth, the cold November air was stinging his cheeks and fingertips. It didn't help that it was night either, and on top of that he was now on the top 10 most wanted on the planet list. Oh, and when his mother discovered that... Well let's just say when she finds out it will be a thousand times worse then anything the Justice System could possibly do to him. He couldn't go home though, they would track him back there by his school records. But the interestingly enough, he didn't care, at all, not even a little. In fact he had a goofy grin from ear to ear, he was the happiest he had ever been!

Besides he had a plan to get off the wanted list and be allowed to see Videl. He was going to execute said plan tomorrow, but for now he would just rest and bask in the greatness that was his day.

Videl meanwhile, was sprawled out on her bed, she hadn't bothered to change into pajamas. She was still in a daze from the events that happened only moments ago. Gohan confessed his feelings for her, and she to him. It was the first time she had felt this way about anyone, and it took her a while to realize and acknowledge it.

She had already replayed the kiss and the confessions over and over again in her mind a million times, but she did it once again:

She was blushing. He was holding her tightly in his arms, and she had an idea of what he was gonna say,

Gohan hesitated at first, he looked down at the city, they were hovering over all the skyscrapers. The city was beginning to illuminate because the sun was nearly set, the sky was a dazzling mixture of red, yellow, orange, and violet. The moment was perfect, he had to say it, he couldn't hold it back anymore, he looked into her eyes and said it,

"Videl, I love you,"

Her heart skipped a beat when he said it, and she felt butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. She felt her blush deepen, she smiled widely and confessed how she felt too.

"I love you too Gohan,"

And they shared their most passionate (and heated) kiss yet. One of Videl's hands entangled itself in his hair and the other slid under his shirt. Videl groaned in protest when Gohan broke the kiss, but then let out a soft moan when he clamped his lips on her neck. Time flew by quickly, by the time they broke off it was nearing midnight.

"I better take you home," He said after glancing at his watch, "It's almost midnight and your shivering,"

Videl wanted to protest but she was freezing, and the longer she was with him, the bigger predicament he would have with her father. So she reluctantly agreed, and he flew her back to her home.

After that Gohan said it would be safer if he slept on the roof; in case someone were to enter her room while they were asleep. She objected, saying it would be too cold, but he was to stubborn to listen.

Now she could hear him sneezing up a storm. She sighed, pushed the covers off of her and got up, What a stubborn idiot!

She opened her window and stepped on the sill, then she reached up and grabbed the edge of the roof. Then she proceeded in hoisting her self up,

"Videl is s-something w-wrong?" He shivered,

"Yeah there is! You!" She crossed her arms, "Stop being so stubborn and come inside!"


"No buts! Your shivering out here and I have a lock on my door Gohan! No one will just walk in!"

In one quick motion he scooped her up bridal style, "A-All r-right you w-win," It didn't take much convincing when you are as frigid as he was.

He descended back down through her window and into her plain white room. He deposited her gently on her bed before he closed the window. "I g-guess I'll j-just sleep on t-the floor,"

Videl sprang up from the bed and grabbed a handful of his shirt "Oh no! Your still shivering, and I have a queen sized bed so there is a enough room for the both of us,"

"N-No its all r-right I-I'll be f-fine-"

"Gohan do you want to catch a cold?" She was getting very tired of his irksome stubborn behavior,

"W-Why are y-you being so f-forceful a-about it?"

"Why are you being a stubborn idiot?"

She pushed him forcibly on the bed, "I m-may be b-being a s-stubborn idiot, but I g-guess I am your stubborn idiot..." he complied with her and laid down,

"Damn right you are," She smiled, she crawled over him to the other side of the bed and pulled the covers over them,

"You mind if I-" Videl started, a hint of pink on her face,

"What?" Then he saw her hand beneath her pillow, "Oh no that's fine,"

She tugged her Hello Kitty doll out from under the pillow and cuddled it close to her chest,

"You better not tell anyone about this..." Her face was a bright pink, no one knew about her interest in Hello Kitty, not even Erasa. She made sure to hide the doll well, especially when she knew when there would be company. But because of the whole "three-step plan" fiasco, she had forgotten completely about hiding it.

"Why would I tell anyone?" Gohan shrugged, "Come to think of it... I kinda wish I had Professor Cuddlypoofs with me..."

She choked back a laugh, "Professor what?"

"Hey this'll be the first time I slept without him since my trip to Namek!"

"Trip to where?"

"To Namek its...its kinda a long story, but the point is, not counting the year I was in the hyperbolic chamber-"

"The hyper what?"

"Look, the point is that it has been many years since I didn't have the professor to hold onto at night,"

There was short silence between them, then on impulse a blushing Videl said, "Well you could...ahem...hold onto me...if...you know...you want to..."

Gohan felt his face heat up, he wondered how long it would take before they would get over the embarrassment that intimacy brought about. Close proximity with her never failed to make him as red as a tomato. Shouldn't that stop now that they were dating? He didn't know, but as of the moment he didn't really care.

"Uh... Sure,"

She slid closer to him, still keeping her doll snugged safely under her arm. He took the initiative and slipped his arm around her shoulders and secured her to his chest. That same intoxicating cinnamon smell from her hair drifted into his nostrils. He let out a content sigh, he loved being this close to her, regardless of the embarrassment it brought about.

"Feel better?" She asked,

"I feel great! But it'll be difficult to sleep with my heart beating this fast!" He laughed,

They stayed in silence for a while, until Videl broke it "Hey Gohan?"


"Do you think that... Maybe you could teach me to fly?" She spoke in that same soft voice that made his resolve so weak that he spilled his guts about being Saiyaman.

"Uh... Yeah sure... I guess I could,"

"So it is possible for humans to do it then?"

"Yeah it is, it will probably be a lot easier for you then any normal human, considering you have been doing Martial Arts most of your life,"

"That's good," She yawned, "So you promise me you'll teach me?"

"I promise,"

No more words were uttered as they slowly drifted off into a tranquil slumber.

Gohan observed his watch, the small digits showed 5:30 am. dawn was barely breaking the distant sky. He sat up and removed his arm as slowly and carefully as possible from under Videl. He sighed in relief, he had successfully recovered his arm without rousing her. He then tiptoed to the door and unlocked it, he glanced back, she was still asleep. He took one last look at the doll cuddling Videl, he smiled at the adorable and almost surreal sight before he tiptoed out of the door.

Now to find where Hercule is... It wasn't hard, he had an elegant oak double door that (if Gohan wasn't mistaken) was diamond studded. And on top of that he could hear his gruff voice screaming as soon as he was clear of Videl's door. Gohan entered with no attempt to hide his presence, as it turned out it was someone on the phone he was screaming at. Gohan observed his room while waiting patiently for Hercule to notice him. Everything was either gold-plated, diamond studded, or both.

"DAMN IT I DON'T CARE WHAT IT TAKES!" He screamed into the phone, Gohan felt bad for whoever was on the other end, "JUST FIND HER BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY!"

He almost scoffed, he didn't think to check her room? Though if he did "kidnap" her, the last place he'd want to conceal her was in her own house, let alone her room.

"YOU'D BETTER FIND HER! I'LL CALL AGAIN IN TWENTY MINUTES! I EXPECT RESULTS!" He slammed the phone down on it's hook and began pacing back and forth.

Gohan thought he'd better speak up, considering how distraught he was it might take him some time to notice him.




More pacing.


He whipped around, "WHO THE-!" he paused when he noticed who it was, "YOU!"

"Yes, we need to talk-"

"DAMN RIGHT WE DO YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" He cut him off and started yelling his head off,

Gohan flinched and covered his ears. Did this guy ever stop yelling? He was giving him a headache, but Gohan knew a simple solution to silence him. He took a deep breath and turned Super Saiyan.

Hercule turned white as ghost and stumbled back and fell on his couch.

"Good, now you'll listen," Gohan grumbled, rubbing his temples, "First off: I did not kidnap your daughter, she was with me consensually. Second off: I will need you to clear my name. And third off: I would like to ask you if it is all right if I date your daughter,"

Hercule who's jaw was ajar the entire time he talked, used his last bit of confidence to say, "You got a lot of nerve to come in here and tell me what do after what you did! And then act like it was nothing and ask for my permission to date my sweet pea!"

"I did nothing wrong-" Gohan stopped, reasoning wasn't gonna work, this guy was to absorbed by pride, it was time for a lot less tactful tactic: blackmail, "If you don't do as I ask, I will be forced to tell the world who really beat Cell,"

His face turned white again, "You mean that-that your-"

"Yup, I was the boy who beat Cell," He powered down, and let his threat sink in,

He swallowed hard, and picked up the phone, "What do I say?"

"I'm sure you'll think of something, you are pretty good at lying after all," He smirked in triumph,

He grunted, and dialed some numbers, "I don't approve of you dating my daughter... But as long as she is consensual... Hi, yes it's Hercule, call off the search there has been a misunderstanding..."

"Don't worry," He assured him, stilling wearing his smirk, "She is,"

He walked out, leaving the disgruntled "World Champ" to set the record straight.

"I still can't believe that you actually blackmailed the "World Champ"," Videl laughed, they had just been emancipated from school and were strolling down the sidewalk with no general destination in mind.

"I wasn't actually gonna tell anyone, I was just counting on him believing I was," He murmured, something was still bothering him though. He couldn't help but wonder how the bodyguards kept finding them, and if it was something to do with that familiar energy he sensed twice. He stopped mid stride, that same energy was approaching them from the rear.

"Gohan? What's wrong?" Videl asked, wondering why he just stopped abruptly,

Oh no why did have to be her...

"Hiya Gohan," a feminine but chilling voice called from behind them,


"Videl..." She acknowledged as though she was talking to toilet paper,

"So it was you...you were the one calling the bodyguards..." He felt stupid, how could he overlook something like that? Feeling the same energy twice both times just before the bodyguards came charging.

"SHE was the reason why we were found continuously?" Videl asked venomously, "God, your are such a crazy ass stalker bitch! Don't you get that you lost? That Gohan never did, nor ever will he like you? He's my property so back off already!"

"Hey-" He started, property? He's been hearing that a lot, he wasn't sure exactly how he felt about it,

"Shut up Gohan!" She silenced him, he figured he better leave her be, she may discredit being related to Hercule, but she certainly does have his temper...

"I don't see your name on him," she strolled past them and down the street, "Besides...things can change,"

"No name on him huh?" She smiled deviously, "Why don't we just change that,"

"W-What do you mean Videl?" Gohan managed, her smile was alarming him,

A half hour, and one bribed Tattoo Artist later, Gohan had his very own tat. It was just above his heart, written in fancy but somewhat jagged lettering: Videl

"Now my name is on you, permanently" She joked,

"That's not funny Videl!" He whined, "When my Mom finds out-"

"Oh relax Gohan," She chuckled and she kissed him softly, "Come on I'll treat you to some Strong Stuff,"

On the way to Steamer's Gohan reflected on the last couple weeks of his life. They were by far the greatest, most stressful and nerve-racking, but also most eventful weeks of his life. And besides the deep feeling of angst of how his Mom would chastise him when she get's wind of him being on the Top 10 Most Wanted on the Planet list, not to mention getting a tattoo... He had calming sense of serenity, because the massive roller-coaster that was his life recently, had finally thundered back into it's station.





Wow did not expect it to take this long, or for it to be this long...huh. Well regardless of that I hope you enjoyed reading my story, time escaped me over the summer and now I don't have an exact date for the sequel but at the latest I'd say the beginning of December.

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