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Chapter 3: Let's try to forget


I stopped kissing Bella and ran upstairs with Jasper, we just sat on the bed and looked at one another. Jasper sighed and asked "Did you know this was going to happen?" I started to laugh, "No, I had no idea, not until you started thinking about what they did in the car. But you were projecting so much lust, that I couldn't control myself...plus poor Bella has been wanting to sleep with Edward for so long."

I moved closer into him and kissed his forehead, "I am so proud of your control, you didn't go for her blood at all" Jasper smirked, "Well it's not what I was thinking about, the lust was stronger than the blood lust." He smirked, "Alice you've got me all horny again."

I straddled my husband and continued were we left off downstairs.


I was not expecting that, but it was amazing. I am so glad Edward finally got what he needed but was denying for so long. I sure got what I needed out of my system for a while. Carlisle is so experimental after these gatherings, I wonder what he is up to?

I opened the door to his study, and found him leaning against his desk, I rub his arm and lean into him. He smiles at me, I hope he is okay. I know that he loves his family and see himself as the patriarch, but he is still a man with needs and desires. After decades and centuries with our spouses, we all need a change. He kisses my forehead, smiles, "So, let's get back to ordering more food for Bella". I smile back at him, "Absolutely, I'll stop by the store first thing tomorrow morning."


Bella has been wanting to be with Edward for some time and most definitely wants to be like us. So she got what she wanted, I just hope she is okay. Though knowing Bella, I am sure she is fine and looking forward to the next family gathering in a few years, or less. I hear Esme come in, she always is tormented, she is the matriarch of the family and would never want to do those things with us, but she is still a woman with needs. When she lets herself go, she is a tigress. She stands next to me, even with our family gatherings, I still love my Esme, she is the only woman I would want to spend eternity with.


As I hold Bella in my arms, I still cannot believe what happened. I know that my emotions were controlled and so were Bella's. She seems to be okay with it and will probably wake up tomorrow as if nothing happened. I guess that is Bella for you. I know my family has done this a few times before, but I have never joined in. I would love to pretend it never happened, but how can I when I hear all their thoughts? I want to be mad at Alice and Jasper, they didn't plan it but did help to keep it going.

We are going to have to set some ground rules from now on if Bella is going to be part of this family, this should not happen again anytime soon. I would like to spend some time getting to know Bella and her body before my family tries anything like this again. I just don't know how Jasper and Emmett can stand to see anyone else with their wives, or how Carlisle can let Esme be with his sons? I may have to talk to them about this.


Rosalie was lying on our bed, relaxing, I was too happy to sit, I kept walking back and forth. "Waht are you doing?" Rosalie huffed. I couldn't keep from giggling, "Man, I am just so happy Edward finally got laid! About time he broke his cherry" Rosalie rolled her eyes, "Yeah, now that we all know Bella is a freak in the bed, maybe he keep getting lucky. I am so tired of him and his self loathing."

I jumped up off the bed, and clapped my hands..."Come on lets go hunting and have then post-hunting sex." My wife grabbed my hands and we flew out the window.

WILL WORK ON EDWARD talking to Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle about how they handle their wives getting in bed with others...