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FULL SUMMARY: Many years have passed since the time when Naruto and his friends were young, genin and chuunin. 16-17 years, to be exact. Naruto is now the leader of a young genin team whilst some of his friends are as well with their own teams. The Akatsuki, Orochimaru, and Kabuto were thought to allbe taken out long ago, but are they really? Evil seems to be stiring in the shadows again, and threatening the shinobi world's newfound peace. What exactly is going to happen? Join our character Sora as we travel along with her on her ninja jorney to become strong, make friends, battle the unexpected, and find out who she really is.


Sora Risaikury, had become a ninja. After endless hours, days, even months of training, practice and perseverance, she made it, she had passed the exam. Her pink lips curved into a smile as she re-counted what had happened, and the teen wouldn't ever even think to forget the the Hokage's face as she nodded her head in agreement with the other jounin, all in agreement to let her pass. Sora still couldn't believe it to this day, the day when they were told to go back to the academy and get their teams, actually.

Sora snapped back from her thoughts, full reality setting in.

Today really was the day.

The smile fading from the kunoichi's lips, she shook her thin, straight, light brown hair away from her eyes, also standing up from the sitting position she was in on the mattress known as her bed. Of all things the girl didn't want to be late, not on today.

Silently, she made her way to the full body mirror merely a few feet away and stood before it, looking at the reflection before her. Was she satisfied? Sure. Did it matter? Not really. Unlike many kunoichi Sora's age, the girl wasn't interested in how she looked or what she wore, or if the boy that lived next door thought she was a "hot mama" What mattered was that she was a shinobi now, and deserved it to. Last year the exam didn't go so well for her, but a new leaf was turned, none of it mattered now.

She sighed, still looking at the reflection. Although not caring about looks, it wouldn't have hurt to get a hair cut. She shifted her stance, the light brown hair moved slightly tickling Sora's lower back. It was long, touching the girl's rear end if she just so happened to tip her head back. Studying the clothes in the mirror, the 13-year-old decided it was time for a change. No more t-shirts and such clothes, It was time to put on the ninja gear and outfit she was saving, saving until this very day.

Walking to the corner of the small apartment room, Sora picked up a stack of neatly folded clothing, a grin plastered across her face. Changing quickly, she pulled the soft pink top over her torso and the short, black spats up her slender legs until they rested comfortably over her butt, and also grabbing the black clothe forehead protector the girl had just got only days before. It still looked brand new. Sora tied it around her waist, as a matter of fact it hugged her hips nicely. Walking back to the mirror she studied myself. "Very nice." The young kunoichi thought confidently, admiring the headband. Her pink top was comfortable as well, yellow buttons dotted the middle of the shirt until it ended showing the black spats. (shorts) And the ninja shoes made her legs look longer, Sora rolled my eyes at that, still being 4'9 and 13 years old.

But still, it didn't very much matter.

Blinking the sleep out of her eyes she took a remaining look a the reflection and turned away, grabbing and putting one last thing on herself. A ninja pouch, it carried all the tools a shinobi needed and used. She tied a white bandage around the black bag hastily, realizing I was taking longer then anticipated. "Ahh, hurry up!" The long-haired kunoichi mentally yelled at myself as she finished tyeing a sturdy knot. As Sora tried to shake away the bangs that got in her line of vision from bending down, she wasn't thinking much of it and not watching where so was going and WHAM!

Right into the closed door.

She took a few steps back, rubbing her forehead ferociously.

"Stupid door! Why was it closed?" The girl grouched underneath her breathe, forgetting that she, in fact, was the one who originally shut it. Eventually the teen stopped rubbing, as it only seemed to make the pain worse, and now, waiting no more then a few seconds, took the door handle this time and turned. Off she flew down the road.


"So this'll be my last day, huh?" Sora thought giddily as she walked up to the academy door, she was in the school, but had yet to enter the room. And she had made it there, and with time to spare. Standing silent for a moment, her expression looking thoughtful as she almost glared at the floor. The young girl now moved her head up, her face softened at the sight of the door as her giddiness seemed to vanish. She looked at the wood rectangle longingly, as if she didn't want to leave the academy anymore. "I gotta admit it though, I'm gonna miss this place." She admitted under her breathe, as if saying it any louder would be painful.

"Why would you miss this place? It's just a boring, old building. Nothing special." It turns out that saying it even as a mumble was painful enough. A boy showed himself as he walked down the hall, obviously the owner of the voice, heading towards Sora. "Hmph. Ryouga, pleasure to see you to." The girl replied with a heavy sarcastic tone. The boy's faced showed no emotion as he continued walking, a steady "pat-pat" noise being made in the empty hall due to his shoes. Sora took the opportunity to check out the boys new clothing. He wore a tight, sleeveless green shirt with white lining at the ends, and black shinobi pants, as often many ninja wore. He had several white bandages around his right thigh and a black leg-holster rested atop them, the boy was around 5'2, and his forehead protector was tied across his forehead, as expected, plus his shoes matched Sora's exactly. The boy's light green eyes matched his own shirt appropriately.

"Surprising." Sora thought aloud, a smirk spreading through her lips as she turned away, eyes closed.

"Don't go acting cool, girl, I'm the one surprised." He retorted, his emotionless expression didn't waver, but his brownish-red hair seemed to move a little as he walked now, it was unusually choppy, and ended just after his ears. It might have even looked cute if he wasn't such a jerk.

"Oh yeah, and why's that!" The young, 13 year old kunoichi was already getting worked up. Man, this guy really grinned her gears.

"Because it seems they actually let you pass this year." He paused as he reached where Sora stood, giving a little sigh.

"Now move." His gruff voice pierced the air around the kunoichi.

"And what If I don't?" The girl turned to face the boy her age, anger was easily read all across her face. Her fingers twitched in annoyance.

"That's not an option, Sora. I'm superior. I'll simply just make you." The boy was the one smirking now, clearly getting his satisfactory in making the girl so angered.

"YOUR GONNA D-" The young girl was cut off by a hand covering her mouth, it wasn't her own or anyone else's though, surprisingly, it was Ryouga's. Her eyes searched around in a panic, but seconds later the teen realized that she could still breathe, and relaxed somewhat. Ryouga shook his head disapprovingly at the sight, but released his grip anyways.

"Don't make such a scene." He scolded as he turned to face the door now. The boy opened it, turning the golden handle and began to walk into the room with other genin.

"Bye, failure." Came one last comment, a little quieter, as the teen disappeared, the door shutting behind him. Sora's fist trembled at her side slightly, anger was still quite obvious in the girl.

"Dammit! He still treats me like I'm some kind of worthless brat!" The kunoichi thought, her head tilted down as she stared at the wooden floor. "If only my clan's kekkei genkai would awaken! Ugh, I know that I have it! Then I would show Ryouga and all the other genin that i'm actually worth something, and something they should acknowledge!" Sora's fist slowly started to stop shaking, her head shooting up in the process.

"Ryouga Hatake, i'm going become stronger, and catch up to you!" She exclaimed into the air with a grin, her look of determination was fierce as she burst the wooden door open, entering the classroom and all it's students.

Iruka-sensei was standing at the front of the room, surprised at the entrance. He looked much older, his skin forming wrinkles and his brown hair was worn down now, out of the ponytail.

"Oh, Sora-chan, you made it just in time! I was just about to start the speech!" Iruka announced, a warm smile on his lips.

"Heh heh, great Iruka-sensei!" Sora responded with an ear to ear grin, showing she was excited.

"Just take a seat next to Daiki!"

Without complaint Sora looked around the room for the boy, a moment later she found the blond-haired genin sitting in the middle, an empty seat on his left. Without any more delay, the kunoichi walked to the designated spot as all eyes seemed to switch from her entrance back to Iruka.

"Hey Daiki! What's going on? " The girl whispered to the Yamanaka clan member, bending down close to his ear, her light brown hair touching his cheek but also getting in her own face.

The normally loud, obnoxious, conceited boy seemed to melt in Sora's hands. "H-hey Sora. Nothing, Iruka-sensei hasn't even spoken yet, he's about to right now. " A blush crept across his cheeks.

"Mm? Alright.." Replied the 13 year old girl as she moved back into a comfortable position in her chair. "Whatta wierdo. He acts so different around me then anyone else...do I smell bad or something?" Sora thought, almost ready to smell herself, but decided against it.

"Alright class-erm, I mean, genin!" Iruka corrected himself, sweat-dropping in the process. "Today is your final day at the academy. As you all know, you will be getting assigned three-man cells and of course, a jonin instructor. I'm going to read off the teams right now, so listen carefully for your name!" The teacher explained as he held up a piece of paper to his face.

Sora eagerly awaited her name to be called as her legs fidgeted uncomfortably underneath the table. God, when would she be called?

Iruka had already finnished off the first time as he began the next one. "Team two..." He began, eyes focused on the paper. "Will be Kiku Saikyou, Daiki Yamanaka, and Isamu Hitoshireno." Sora looked around the room, finding the members of the team easily, but didn't bother to give it a second thought.

"I'm not on Sora's team. Hmph." Thought Daiki, crossing his arms as Iruka kept calling out teams. Soon the teacher made it to the 6th team, and the young, 13 year olds name was still not called.

"Team six will be... Haruko Yuhi, Nobuyuki Futeki, and Jurou Kionircu."

Blah blah blah. Yes, Sora knew the genin as fellow classmates. But it didn't matter now, what did, was who were her team members? Iruka kept going on, getting to the 8th team still without the kunoichi's name being said. Her mind was spinning, the anticipation almost becoming to much.

"HEY! Iruka-sensei, i'm still not on a team yet, what's the deal?" Sora shot up from her chair, glaring angrily and pointing a finger at the man. All eyes were on her as her brown hair flew into her face. As usual.

"If you would have simply waited, Sora, you would have found out that you're on this next team." Iruka responded calmly, but it was obvious he was not pleased with the outburst.

The girl sweat-dropped largly, trying to fake off a smile. "Heh, just kidding!" She took her arm down and started fixing her shorts, although nothing was wrong with them. She sat again while shaking the hair away from her face, waiting for the teacher to continue.

"Team nine. Sora Risaikury..." Iruka began, the young girl balled her hands into fists, waiting for the next name to be called. "Whoever it is, I hope it's not Ryouga!" she thought sighing a little bit. "...Koichi Eisei..." The next name was called. "So far, so good!" Sora thought again, turning around and giving a glance at the white-haired genin sitting a few seats back. "...And Ryouga Hatake!" Iruka finnished. The short, long-haired kunoichi thought she heard wrong.

"Um, say that last name again?" She scratched her head confusingly.

"Ryouga Hatake." Iruka stated simply, and then added on. "Is that a problem?"

Sora waited a moment to think before responding.

"HELL YEAH IT IS!" She shot up from her chair for the second time that day, the old, brown chair skidded backwards and fell over at the power. "We DO NOT get along, Ryouga is annoying! He's always so jealous of me, sensei, switch the teams!" She shot Iruka a deadly glare.

"My god, I haven't seen a glare that fierce since Naruto was a genin." The teacher thought, sweat-dropping tremendously with a smile and closed eyes.

"This isn't fair!" Sora shot again not waiting for a reply from the teacher, her hair was moving wildly in all directions as her head moved in anger.

"Life's not fair." A new voice broke into the conversation, startling both the girl and the teacher. Not to mention the entire class was watching the scene with interest. The kunoichi looked over to the left where the voice came from, and her eyes squinted with anger once she found the source.


"You want a pi-" Sora was cut off by Iruka. "Unless you both want to spend another year at the academy, I suggest you both quiet down right now!" The man was obviously annoyed now, as his voice had escalated into a yell. He was shaking a fist at the two.

"Psh. How intimidating." Sora thought sarcastically as she cooled herself off, picking up the fallen chair and taking her seat in it. Ryouga simply just looked away, as if he had better things to do. Iruka regained his composure, while starting to speak again.

"You may all take a quick lunch break and then meet back here, get directions on where to meet your new jonin instructor's, and immediately leave with your squad to that designated place. Is there any questions?" The man waited for any former-student to raise a hand, he looked at Sora especially long. But, the class simply just nodded their heads, including the loud-mouthed girl.

"Then I'll be seeing you all." Iruka nodded his head to the genin as they began to disperse for lunch.

"Yes!"Sora thought with determination, turning her head down. "That much closer to finding out who I really am." And with that last thought, she exited through the academy door.

"Get ready world, 'cuz here I come."


Naruto stood silently, looking intently at a few pieces of white paper in the academy room. Sakura and Shikamaru stood right next to the Kyuubi boy, doing the same thing. Iruka stood patiently, waiting for each other the jonin's responses. They were looking at their new teams profiles, and Shikamaru was the first to finnish.

"Haruka Yuhi, huh?" Shikamaru said as he folded the white papers in half, sticking them into the green jacket, the one that he got many years ago for first becoming a jounin. His appearance hadn't changed much at all, besides the fact he now wore green pants instead of black, to match his jacket. "Asuma and Kurenai's daughter finally became a genin." The tactician continued speaking, a small, barely noticeable smile on his face. Naruto and Sakura looked up from their reading to listen. "I helped that girl grow up, I was like her father. But now, now i'm her sensei!" He couldn't help but smile bigger, he was happy with the team that Lady Tsunade gave him. "And it also looks I have a boy of the Futeki clan, very interesting. Plus a fire style user." Shikamaru paused. "This crop of genin seem extra strong this year."

Sakura nodded her head in agreement, her pink hair had grown like a weed in the past 16-17 years, it now reached her lower back, but still had that choppiness to it's ends. She wore her red forehead protector like a headband, like she always did. She now wore a dark pink sleeveless top that stopped just after her chest, showing her stomach wrapped in fishnet, and A pink skirt with two overlapping white circles in the left corner. She wore longer, and now black gloves then when she was a chuunin, the gloves now ending just above her elbow. Her boots were also longer and black, ending just below her knee. "It looks here that i've got a girl with an IQ of over 200 on my team, a tactician, Shikamaru." Sakura glanced over to the man with a smile. "It would seem that she has massive potential. And i've got a member of the Yamanaka clan, Ino and Sai's son, to be exact." The cheerful girl grimaced, thinking of his father. "I wonder if he's like Sai." The jounin chuckled under her breathe, but it was obvious she was enthusiastic about having him on her team. "And my last member is a boy of the Hitoshireno clan. This boy reminds me a little of Kiba, from what i've read." Sakura finnished with a bit of a sigh. "I might be in for some trouble with him."

Naruto spoke up now. "Your telling me." He also folded his paper like Shikamaru and stuck it into a pocket of his orange pants. He now wore a long, white and orange hoodless cloak over a white tshirt, his orange pants staying very similar to how they were a long while ago. His blond, spiky hair grew out more, resembling Minato's more then ever. And of course his forehead protector stayed on his forehead. "I have our old sensei's son, Sakura. Ryouga Hatake. Seems here that he graduated as a top student, but with a bad attitude. Doesn't seem like he inherited Kakashi's personality." Naruto paused to grin at this two friends. "I also have a boy of the Eisei clan, weak in actual combat. Hmm, and it seems I've gotten the dead last kunoichi as well. Sora Risaikury of the Risaikury clan." Naruto scanned all three faces of the shinobi, waiting for any details or comments they could offer. No one spoke up so he continued. "It seems her entire clan was wiped out mysteriously 8 years ago, and she was the only one found by ANBU, barely breathing and half dead. That clan of hers was very secretive, so i'm guessing that no one really had gotten any clues as to how or why her clan was destroyed?" Naruto scanned the faces again as Iruka spoke up now.

"Your guess is corect, Naruto-kun. She lives without a family, or hardly any friends, just like you did... But Sora is also a handful Naruto-kun, you'll have trouble with her. She is just like you...when you were her age..." Iruka sweat-dropped, scratching the back of his head casually. Naruto nodded in return.

"Iruka, your forgetting, i'm the best ninja ever, I can handle anything!" Naruto joked around, causing Sakura and Shikamaru to laugh a little. Naruto had never really seemed to mature all the way.

"But serriously, I can't wait to meet them. Especially Sora." Naruto exclaimed.

"Same here with my students, Naruto-kun! But remember, don't go easy on them!" Sakura looked at the blonde, her expression warm.

"I know, Sakura-chan. But try telling that to lazy-ass over there!" The jounin joked as Shikamaru's eye twitched, ready to hit the blond upside the head.

"You guys haven't changed at all, have you?" Iruka joined the conversation, shaking his head back and forth but smiling at the same time. All three jounin returned the smile, the answer obvious. "Anyways, the students should be getting back soon from lunch, so you all should go to the spot you were assigned to meet your subordinates. That okay?"

All three nodded in unison, and Naruto adding in a loud "Let's go, guys!" as they dispersed in black flashes to the meeting places.

Iruka took a deep breathe as the first students began walking through the doorway. "They left just in time." The man said with a smirk, his classroom quickly filling up.


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