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"THIS, Naruto-sensei, is COMPLETELY boring and pointless!" Sora, in all her whiny and lazy glory, complained irritably as she laid on her back while Koichi and Ryouga continued the mission dutifully.

If it was even considered such a thing.

"I'm with lazy-ass over there on this one." Ryouga commented as he tossed a dull-tipped kunai to the ground and took a step back from the tree. Sora glared at the Hatake boy but refrained from saying anything. She was to tired to get into an argument right now.

Koichi, being the only one still working, finally gave in and threw his own dulled kunai to the ground and sighed. "We couldn't have gotten a better mission then being assigned to cut down an old tree? I'm sure Ryouga could easily take it down with one of his techniques. Plus, this mission is more like a chore anyways."

"Guys, your missing the whole point here!" Naruto finally spoke up as he rose from the tree branch he was sitting on in one of konoha's forests. "The objective is to learn work-ethic. Y'know, responsibility, hardwork, all that fun stuff." He grinned down at the three as he slurped ramen from a portable cup.

"Easy for you to say when your sitting comfortably and enjoying a meal while you watch us break our backs doing this… this chore!" Sora protested as she shot up from the laying position she was in. "This whole thing doesn't even deserve the right of being called a mission!" And with that Ryouga and Koichi vigorously nodded in agreement.

Naruto grunted in response as he jumped down from his perch on the tree. "So what your saying is you guys want somethin' a little more… adventurous?"

"YEEEEEESSS!" Sora cried as she latched onto her sensei's leg and refused to let go. Ryouga sighed while Koichi laughed softly.

The orange jounin smiled gently, Sora constantly reminded him of himself back in his younger days. It was a nice thing though, in actuality.

"Umm. As much as my leg loves the company, Sora, I can't walk to Grandma-erm I mean Lady Hokage's without BOTH fully functioning legs…" Naruto paused taking a long, deep breathe. "…TO REQUEST A HIGHER LEVEL MISSIONNN!" He finished as he thrusted his arms into the air with excitement, the kid in him coming out again. "WOOHOOOO!" The kunoichi separated herself from her sensei's leg and jumped down in excitement while Koichi let out a loud "Yes!" Ryouga simply stood in the background sweat-dropping. "I'm surrounded by idiots." He thought as the three began chattering loudly about the on-coming mission.

Later that day…

Naruto stood several meters away from the entrance to Tsunade's office, his team was looking expectantly at jounin as if to ask why they were waiting. "Alright," The jounin began. "Lady Hokage might not be in her prime anymore and is older then many in this village, but nevertheless, she is easily the strongest shinobi of the leaf…"

"Why are you telling us this?" Ryouga commented as he crossed his arrms. "We already know this information."

Naruto glared at the boy but continued. "I'm saying this because she has a temper. Beyond anyone I've ever met, and plus you guys have never requested a higher-level mission directly. But, watch what you say and act accordingly, you should be fine. I will try and do most of the talking though." The blond ninja finally finished and shifted his gaze from Sora to Koichi to Ryouga, a smile pasted on the orange ninja's face.

"Naruto-sensei…thanks and all for the concern, but I can take handle this myself! So, I'll be right back with our mission details." Sora nodded confidently and walked over to the large door, turned the handle, and with one last "I'mreallyawesome" look at her subordinates, the kunoichi disappeared behind the door.

"How long you give her?" Koichi asked sweat-dropping tremendously. Naruto sighed in response as he quietly counted down from 10, his gaze at this feet.

"…3.…2.…" The orange shinobi almost was done as he lifted his head, setting his gaze now at the door Sora walked through merely seconds ago. "…1." The blond jounin finished just as Sora flew threw the closed door while it shattered into millions of wooden pieces. She hit the brown-colored wall in front of the door hard then slowly slid to the floor beneath herself.

"Oww." The kunoichi mumbled under her breath as she rubbed at the side of her head. Just then, Tsunade emerged from the hole Sora had created and was looking anything but calm. The women had aged gracefully, now being around the age of 65, her body was thinning out and wrinkles were apparent on her face and around her body, She wore longer blue pants and was without her green robe at the moment. Her hair was shorter, but still in the two pigtails she always wore. She looked incredible for her age.

"What do you mean by hag, you idiotic little twerp? I could tear you to pieces right now if I wished!" The blond Hokage took some steps forward and lowered her head as she glared until the two girls faces were only inches away from each other. Because of her growing age it must have made the hot-tempered ninja softer, back in her day she might've just thrown Sora across the village at the moment.

"N-no! No, I didn't mean that!" Sora practically cried out as she moved her open hands back in forth as a 'stop' signal. Naruto sweat-dropped while Koichi grinned at the sight, it was typical Sora. "Hmph." Ryouga grunted, just wanting to get the mission. Tsunade lifted an eyegrow, her glare softening.

"You really are pretty for your age Tsunade-sama." Sora suger-coated the words with a smile and a rare honorific, which she rarely used.

Suddenly the blond Hokage's g;lare turned into a bright smile and her stiff posture turned to normal. She lifted her head up and ruffled the light-brown hair atop the smaller kunoichi's head. "Well aren't you a sweetie. Please, bring your team and come inside my office! Surely you needed something, correct?" Sora just nodded, the smile on her face unwavering, and within moments, all four of the ninja were inside the Hokage's office.

"Ah, Naruto! How has things been going lately? Your new team looks rather…" Tsunade paused and looked from Sora's face, to Koichi's, then finally to Ryouga's. "…apprehensive." she finished. "That Ryouga looks to be the strongest of all three. Koichi…theEisei clan's finest genin…and Sora. The one with the wiped-out clan. I can practically feel the determination this genin gives off…" Tsunade made a mental note of all three as Naruto began to speak.

"So far team 9 has had 9 D-ranked missions." Naruto began calmly. "We are here to request a mission of higher status!"

"Hm." Was the Hokage's only reply as she then began to sift through what looked like thousands of papers apon her desk. Seconds passed as Sora watched expectantly, her hopes rising with every paper the blond looked at. "Come on old lady! I need this mission! How am I ever going to avenge my clan if I don't get a better mission then cutting down trees or finding lost pets!"

Finally, after more intense waiting, Tsunade spoke.

"Nope. No C-rank missions at the moment." The women sat back in her chair in a relaxing manor.

"Are you kidding me?" Sora flew forward and thrusted her fist down on the wooden desk in anger. "None?"

Tsunade looked like she was about to speak but instead it was Ryouga. "Sora. She said there was none. There's nothing she can do about it." The way the Hatake boy said it was emotionless, but all the same it was true. Sora simply glared at the boy.

Naruto finally spoke. "Tsunade." He paused, happy that he remembered now to put a 'granny' in front of her name. "I've known you for over almost 20 years, maybe more. I know by now the way you do things. There IS a C-rank mission available." Koichi gasped silently, and even Ryouga seemed a bit surprised. "What?" Sora was the only one who spoke while Tsunade sighed in being caught.

"Naruto. How I miss when you were young and believed anything I told you. But yes, you are right. I have one C-rank mission here. But you should know by now that I don't assign the last mission in any rank to any team. Or else the village will be completely out in a certain mission type, it's really only for the best I take this precaution." The Hokage sighed once more.

The orange jounin surprised every single person in the room in what he said next. Something that even his old sensei, Kakashi, would have never asked for team 7.

"Is there any B-rank missions?"

Upon hearing the words, Sora's expression changed dramatically. From surprise, to shock, then to excitement as the words processed. "B-rank? Does he really think we're that strong?" The Kunoichi thought giddily.

"Are you crazy Naruto? Even giving a C-rank is dangerous enough for a group of genin! Assigning A B-ranked mission to genin fresh out of the academy is suicide. I won't allow it." Tsunade stood up from her chair and glared angrily at the jounin for even suggesting such a thing.

The orange shinobi sighed. This would take some convincing.

"I think I know my team better then you, Tsunade. Their strengths, weaknesses, and what their capable of. I think they can handle this. Plus, they're with me. A jounin. As the Hokage I can see how it would be hard for you to let yourself assign such a high-ranked mission to genin fresh out of the academy, but you need to trust my judgment on this. Me and my team can do this!" Naruto stared deep into Tsunade's eyes, his determination was fierce and Tsunade felt it. Although, deep within the jounin's own thoughts resided a tinge of doubt…but he didn't let it show.

The Hokage took a moment and thought, but didn't budge on her answer. "My decision is final. No."

"Tsunade." Naruto spoke softly. "Trust me. I KNOW we can do this!" Naruto's eyes didn't stray from Tsunade's. "Please."

That was her cracking point.

"Alright, Naruto. I'll trust you. But you and your group better, and I mean BETTER, come back alive." Tsunade stated stiffly as she pulled out the paperwork for the easiest B-rank mission out from a compartment in her desk as old memories appeared themselves in her mind.



Right there on the grass a body was laying motionless.

It was Dan,

and atop his body lay a crying Tsunade.

"Don't go…! Don't go..!" Repeated the crying blond as she struggled to heal him, her hands glowing brightly with chakra.

"Don't go! Don't go!" The words were getting quicker and louder. The bright chakra on her hands gleamed even more brightly.

Seconds ticked by.

"DON'T GO! DON'T GO! DON'T GO!" She yelled as the swirling chakra in her hands grew even more brighter. Suddenly, A hand touched her shoulder.

"He's gone, Tsunade!" The owner of the hand shouted.

-new flashback-

Silent and weeping, Tsunade stood before her little brothers tombstone. The funeral was over. She was the last one there and had yet to lay her flowers down by the cold, hard piece of rock.

A strong wind whipped at her clothes and hair, making the two blond pigtails dance around her. Gently, the younger Tsunade placed the colorful flowers at the front of the tomb. Tears streamed down her face and fell onto the flowers she had just placed.

"Goodbye…brother." She choked out between sobs as her emotions seemed to flow out endlessly.

-new flashback-

It was her and Naruto this time, except, they were both young. The orange ninja was merely a genin and she herself hadn't even become Hokage yet.

They were fighting each other for the second time that week, Naruto had challenged her yet again. They were in the grambling town's street where Jiraiya and Naruto had come to find her to bring her back to the hidden leaf village.

The young genin charged gallantly at her as she lifted her thumb and pointer fingers to flick the boy away. Only inches away from the hand, Naruto stopped himself and closed his eyes, waiting for the blow that was sure to come.

Only, it didn't.

He opened his eyes to see Tsunade kissing the top of his forehead, a warm feeling spreading through both their bodies.

"Naruto…you'll make a fine Hokage." The blond women spoke and she now stood up and placed her crystal necklace around the boy's neck. Naruto grinned sheepishly as Tsunade smiled, as well as Shizune and Jiraiya did to.

-flashback end-

Tsunade's gaze softened dramatically at she looked at the jounin-level ninja before her. "I mean it, Naruto…don't die." She gave a small smile as all the old memories of her younger days left her mind for the moment being.

"Naruto…you'll make a fine Hokage."

The three genin watched in surprise at the comment, Naruto was going to be Hokage some day?

"Thank you." Was Naruto's surprised response as a grin enveloped his lips just like the one of so many years ago.

Tsunade nodded her head and began to get a bit more serious. " Now, about mission details…"

Now Sora's turn to grin. "Woo hooo!" She cheered, pumping her fist into the air above. "Excited, I take it?" Koichi smiled but got no response from the ecstatic Kunoichi. Tsunade began speaking as she pulled out a medium sized cream-colored scroll.

"Right here, I have a scroll containing highly important, top-secret information on wandering ninja's who were known in the land of birds as great threats and powerful ninja. They were ninja who, hence the name, were wanderers and traveled through villages collecting new jutsu. They copied the jutsu with great skill but the drawback being…"

"…they couldn't make it their own, or make it as powerful as the real thing." Naruto interrupted the women with the exact same words she had in mind.

"Correct. If my memory serves me, didn't you have a mission in the land of birds as a genin, Naruto? With team Gai?"

"Yeah, haha, that mission sure was a hard one for me back then!"

Sora, Ryouga and Koichi all sweat-dropped. "Thanks for making us feel better about getting a B-ranked mission, sensei." thought Koichi irritably.

Tsunade continued. "Your mission is to take this scroll back to the Land of Birds, they were kind and trusting enough to let us know that significant information so we must take excellent care in returning this scroll to lady Toki."

"Wait a second! Why is this such a high-level mission if all we're doing is taking a scroll to some village?" Sora spat but looked interested.

"I was getting to that." Tsunade rolled her eyes as she felt déjà vu, looking at Naruto.

"The danger in this mission is the fact that no surrounding land of the Land of Birds wanted Lady Toki to share that information with us. She has tried to calm the situation down but it's gone chaotic. She can't control the surrounding lands and they are awaiting the team of ninja from the village hidden in the leafs to return the scroll. They plan on taking the scroll and keeping it themselves to make sure that no other village will be able to get that information, the surrounding lands of the Land of Birds is retaliating and refuse to let the scroll get back to Lady Toki as they fear she will continue to share sacred information, although we are allies and the hidden leaf village has shared information with the Land of Birds before. Past incidents makes these surrounding lands untrusting of us for that information, or anyone else for that matter.." Tsunade hesitated before saying what was next. "Many shinobi will be sent to take that scroll from you, Team 9. Most likely, chunin level and higher. These ninja will not hesitate to kill you."

Sora gulped loudly at hearing the words, while Koichi turned to give her an encouraging look. Ryouga nodded his head and looked in Sora's direction. "Can she handle this?" Was his only thought.

"Lastly. You four represent the leaf village. Show Lady Toki that you are reliable and excellent ninja. Naruto seems to have faith in you three genin, so I'm trusting him on letting you take on this mission. Prove him right." Tsunade smiled at the last sentence she spoke at all three genin, who smiled back, even Ryouga. Naruto then walked up to the Hokage's desk and received the paperwork for the mission and scroll.

"Ready guys?" The jounin grinned as Sora replied loudly that she was going to 'kick some ninja ass'

"When and where do we meet?" Asked Ryouga as Koichi nodded, about to ask the same question.

"Tomorrow morning. Village gates. Don't be late, got it?" Naruto looked at his three subordinates waiting for an answer.


"I'll be there."

"You got it, sensei!"

Naruto simply nodded as he ushered his team out the still broken door. "I'll be seeing you, Tsunade! You can count on us!" and with those final parting words, the jounin was out the door.

Tsunade sat back down in her chair, a heaving sigh escaping her mouth as she realized they were all gone. "You just better come back alive, Naruto." The Hokage stopped a moment and pulled out a medical book to read. "You all better."

The next morning.

"Are you all ready to head on out?" The blond jounin asked expectantly as Ryouga arrived last only seconds ago. "Yeah, let's gooo!" Sora cheered happily as she ran out the gates, moments later, she realized she was running alone. Koichi, Ryouga, and Naruto were all walking slowly several meters behind her. "What the hell? Come on guys!" Sora pouted as she motioned for them to go faster. "It's about a day and a half walk from here, Sora. Go easy." Responded Koichi as Naruto added in a 'he's right'

"Bu-" Sora was about to protest but was cut off by her sensei.

"Take it easy. We have plenty of time. Hmm, maybe I'll even give you some training tips along the way?"

"R-Really?" Sora jumped a little bit in excitement. "Bingo." Naruto thought with a smirk. He hit the target dead-on.


The girl clasped her hands together cheerily. "Yes!" The kunoichi loudly cheered as she waited for her team to catch up to where she stood. "I just wanna battle some ninja already, though!" Sora added on as the rest of Team 9 made it to where she stood. "Careful what you wish for." Ryouga stated without even turning his head to look at the girl. "Yeah, yeah, whatever." Sora stuck her nose in the air as the four walked out of view from the village.


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