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Here goes.

Part Two

"Esme!" Alice called from my bedroom. "Come on! Let me see!"

In the bathroom, I stared at my reflection in the full length mirror more horrified than I had ever been in my entire life. For my birthday last month, Alice bought me lingerie and after putting it off for as long as I could, I was trying it on for the first time. I stood there, in the midnight blue corset top with matching lacy boy shorts, and watched my face turn three shades of crimson.

"Just a second, Alice," I shouted back. I turned around to get a good look at myself from behind. "Oh my!" I exclaimed as I looked at my rear in the mirror.

I had never been what you would call skinny. Not fat, just on the curvy side, a slim waist with rounded hips. The corset lifted my breasts until they were right underneath my chin and made them look bigger than they were. The lacy boy shorts fell below my belly button, and rose high failing to cover all of my rear.

"Esme Anne Platt, get your ass out here right now!" Alice threatened through the door.

I took one last twirl in front of the mirror and slowly opened the door. Alice was seated, crossed leg on my bed, her arms crossed angrily over her chest.

"Alice, I don't think this is going to work," I said, afraid to move out of the darkened bathroom.

"Come out, let me see." She rose from the bed.

I closed my eyes, and moved a little further into the light. Alice closed the distance between us and placed a curious hand on her chin.

"Turn around." She did a circular motion with her finger.

"I don't think it fits," I said, shifting around uncomfortably. "It doesn't even cover my butt!"

"No, it fits perfect." A sinister grin graced her little lips, the wheels of mass seduction turning in her mind. "Carlisle is going to be all over you when he sees you in that."

"I think my butt's too big. Maybe you should have gotten a bigger size," I said, shifting around to look at it in the mirror. Mortified, my face fell in my hands.

"Trust me. Your butt looks great in that." Alice pulled my hands from my face and pressed them against my side.

"Are you sure?"

"Let me put it like this," she said, taking a seat on the bed. "If I were a guy and not related to you, I would totally try to sleep with you."

"Alice!" I exclaimed in horror as she giggled.

"Esme, girls would kill to have a figure like yours. Enjoy it, and by all means, let Carlisle know what he's missing."

"I'm going to change," I said hurriedly and ran back in the bathroom. I placed the fancy lingerie back in its fancy box and left it there. When I walked back out to my bedroom, Alice was sitting on my bed, flipping through the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

"Have you and Carlisle..." She lifted her eyes to meet mine, letting her expression finish the rest.

"No," I said, and avoided eye contact. I took a seat next to her, folding a leg in front of me and letting the other dangle off the side.

"So when you sleep over his house," Alice said. "That's all you do?"

"We make out," I answered shyly. Geez, we sounded like teenagers. "Although the last time I stayed at his place…"

"Yeah?" Alice put the magazine aside to give me her full attention.

"Things got close." I looked down at patterns of my bedspread.

"You almost had sex?" Alice squealed.

I nodded slowly.

"Well, what happened?" Alice asked urgently, wildly waving her hands for me to continue.

"That was the night he told me he loved me for the first time."

"When did this happen?" Alice said, as her face lit up. "And why am I just hearing about it now?"

"Because you've been attached to Jasper's hip," I answered dryly.

Alice looked guilt ridden, which wasn't my intention. "I'm sorry, Esme."

"I think it's great though." I gently touched her shoulder and she looked up at me with sad brown eyes. "James put you through hell, and it's only fitting that you be with someone who can sense your needs and fulfill them."

James was Alice's ex-boyfriend, and an asshole. He treated her like crap. Although he wasn't physically abusive, his words cut just as deep. When she finally squirmed out of his grip, the light that used to emit from her shined bright again.

"So tell me what happened." An expression of delight replaced her sad one.

A few days ago…

I was in the kitchen, washing the last of the dishes when Carlisle came up behind me.

"That was absolutely delicious." He wrapped his arms around me from behind, and kissed the bend of my neck. I always loved when he kissed me there, and he knew it.

"I'm glad you liked it," I said, smiling. I placed the final glass on the dish rack to dry, then washed my hands.

Carlisle was still behind me, his face buried in my neck.

He finally said, "I love they way you take care of me."

"I love taking care of you." I dried my hands, and rested them on his forearms.

"And I love it when you wear my clothes." He breathed in deep, sniffing the shirt that I was wearing. "They always smell like you when you give them back, and you look so ravishing in them."

"I love wearing your clothes, because they smell like you." I turned around in his arms and looked deep in his hazel green eyes.

"And..." He swallowed, then took a deep breath. "I love you." Slowly, his eyes met mine.

"You do?" My breathing stopped involuntarily as my mind processed what he just said.

"Yes, I do." The corner of his mouth hitched up. "So much."

I couldn't believe it. Carlisle was in love with me. Me? Really? I never thought that I would find someone like him. Generosity and compassion were some of the many things I loved about him. Even now, he still opened doors, pulled out chairs, the works. Not to mention, he was so gorgeous.

"I love you, too." My eyes began to water. "I never thought I could have this, that I could have you."

"You got me, sweetheart." He leaned in and kissed me, and didn't stop. He gently pushed me against the fridge, knocking a few magnets to the floor. Carlisle was obviously taller than me and I could tell it was a struggle for him to bend down to kiss me.

He pulled away and his hands grabbed my waist, and he hoisted me up on the counter. I gasped in surprised, and he grinned like a little boy who got away with stealing a cookie.

His kisses move down to my neck, as he filled the space between my knees. Open mouthed kisses traced over my collarbone, all the way to my other shoulder. His hands roamed freely, over my legs, to my waist, then up to my ribcage.

My fingernails were in his hair, gently massaging his scalp. I felt his tongue, lapping over my shoulder, sucking, pulling then he gently bit me. I sighed loudly, as a soft vibration thumped below to my nether regions.

"Do you taste this sweet everywhere?" If his tone didn't release the butterflies, his tongue darting over his lips did. He lowered his head, tasting me again.

In the distance, on another plane, in another time, I heard an incessant ringing. It got louder and louder, reminding me we were still in the kitchen.

Carlisle stopped kissing my neck, and looked up. He looked at me with eyes full of wanton desire. His hair was in disarray from my curious fingers, but he still looked irresistable.

We both looked at his ringing cell phone, vibrating across the table. The look on his face told me it was the hospital. He looked back at me, then back at the phone, deciding whether or not to answer it.

He turned back to me, his eyes locking with mine as the last ring echoed through the kitchen.

"If I'm really needed, they'll call back," he said softly. His thumbs made circles over my thighs, before he grinned slyly.

I couldn't take the tension and awkwardness, so I kissed him and he continued his hungry consumption. His hands eased to my shirt, then slipped underneath. They were warm and gentle against my skin, as they slowly advanced upward.

The ringing broke through the moment again. We both groaned in frustration. Reluctantly, he pulled his hands from under my shirt, and stalked over to answer the phone.

I remained on the counter, waiting and hoping that he wouldn't have to leave me like this. My body was on fire, tingling with need for him.

"Okay," he said into the phone, running a hand through his disheveled hair. "I'll be in shortly."

He ended the call then trudged over to me. His head dropped down to my shoulder as he let out frustrated breath after breath.

"Sweetheart, I have to go in."

"I figured so," I answered, wrapping my arms around his shoulders.

"Do you know how much I don't want to leave you, Esme?" He gripped my hips closer to him and I felt his need to stay, literally.

"Do you know how much I don't want you to leave, Carlisle?" I whispered, as his excitement brushed against me again.

He reluctantly let me go, and headed off to take a cold shower. I seriously considered joining him.

"Are you kidding me?" Alice screamed. "The hospital called him in?"

"Yep," I sighed as I remembered him leaving and feeling so alone without him. I hoped and hoped that Carlisle would make it home and we could continue where we left off, but he didn't make it home until I was ready to leave for class the next morning.

"Are you sure you're ready to be intimate with him?" Alice looked at me warily.

My face turned red again. I didn't know a lot about sex. Sure, I had been married for three years, but my husband treated me like a trampoline, so sex wasn't something I looked forward to. In fact, I was glad he started cheating on me. Then he could bounce up and down on someone else.

I had read tons of romance novels, so I had an idea of what was supposed to happen when two people made love, but I had never experienced that big moment. I thought it was a myth, even though Alice assured me that it was in fact something very real and very pleasurable. After my episode in the kitchen, I realized how close I was to finding out just how explosive it could be.

"Yes," I admitted. "I just don't know the first thing to do."

It was weird Alice giving me advice on sex being three years younger than me.

"What do you normally sleep in when you're with him?"

"One of his shirts," I told her.

"That's it?" Alice's widened to the size of golf balls, and her eyebrows shot up.

"That and my underwear." I shrugged. "I used to sleep in his boxers too, but it got too hot."

"Yeah, I bet it did," Alice muttered with a giggle. "I got to hand it to him. He has great self control. I'm surprised he hadn't tried anything sooner."

"He's been super busy at the hospital, so this will be my first time seeing him since it happened three days ago."

"Is he on-call tonight?"

"No, they gave him the night off." A night alone to with no interruptions, I bit my lip at the thought.

"Okay, this is what you need to do. Wear the lingerie outfit-"

"Aww, Alice come on!" I protested.

"Just trust me okay." She raised a hand to stop me. "Wear it under his shirt so when his hand slips under it again, he'll be surprised. Make sure it's one of his shirts that buttons down, and leave the first two or three buttons open. Then see what happens."

"Okay," I answered skeptically.

"And maybe you should try talking to him about it." Alice laid a gentle hand on my shoulder. "Carlisle seems like a compassionate person. Tell him you need him to be patient and take things slow and I'm sure he will." She smiled at me and gave me a tight hug. "Now I have to get ready for my date with Jasper tonight, and you need to get ready for yours with Carlisle." She wiggled her eyebrows and left the room.


Carlisle called me earlier that day to tell me that he wouldn't be able to meet me for dinner, but that he still wanted to see me tonight, so I headed over to his place to set things up.

I slipped the key inside the lock and entered Carlisle's apartment. He had given me a key about a week ago, and when I offered to give it back, he insisted that I keep it.

Carlisle lived close enough to the hospital that he didn't drive; he just walked or rode his bike. His black Mercedes was parked in the garage and was only used to visit me or if he needed to run errands.

Carlisle's apartment was absolutely beautiful. He was nice enough to let me handle the interior decorations.

It was a two bedroom, two bathroom home that boasted a great view of the Reflecting Pond. The hardwood floors were dark cherry wood with matching cabinets in the kitchen. Marble counter tops and stainless steel appliances graced the large kitchen that would make any chef drool.

The bedrooms were carpeted, which worked out well since I wore socks most of the time. Due to the summer heat, Carlisle kept the AC at a low temperature, which often turned my toes into icicles.

I ordered a light dinner from the restaurant down the street, and began my preparation for seducing Carlisle. After completing the last few touches in the bedroom, I quickly dressed in my lingerie with one of Carlisle's patterned button down shirts covering me.

I took one last sweep of the room, then settled underneath the covers to help hide my outfit and shaky knees. To help ease my nerves, I picked up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens and began perusing through it.

The sound of the front door opening and closing echoed through the apartment, pulling my attention away from the magazine. Carlisle's footsteps were light coming back to the bedroom.

I set my magazine on the nightstand, and waited patiently for him to notice the romantic ambience of the room.

"Hey, sweetie," I greeted him with a smile as he entered.

"Hi, Esme." He looked me with a face full of gloom, then turned his back to me. After setting his keys down and removing his watch he exhaled loudly. As if being pushed down by an incredible weight, he collapsed at the foot of the bed staring helplessly at his hands.

The cool air from the AC brushed over my legs as I stood and moved in front of him and gently placed my hands on his shoulders.

"Carlisle?" I kept my voice low and soothing. "Are you alright, sweetie?"

I had no chance to prepare for his sudden movement. All at once, his arms were holding me tightly, as if he were to let go I would disappear.

"Esme," he whispered, then buried his face in my cleavage. I knew that his intention was for comfort, but I couldn't control the way my body reacted. A warm sensation hummed in my stomach then dropped to my lower abdomen. His lips made contact with the space below my breastbone, once, twice, three times. Then he turned his head, pressing his ear against my chest, no doubt picking up how fast my heart was pumping.

I gently rubbed his neck and laid my head on top of his. As usual, he was dressed in scrubs, but his hair was still damp, which meant he took a shower at work. Things must have gotten messy.

"You're so wonderful, Esme," he sighed and his grip on me tightened. "I am so glad you are in my life. I don't tell you enough, how much I love and appreciate you." He words were muffled against my chest, but I could understand him.

He told me plenty, not that I minded. We hadn't seen each other since that night, but we talked on the phone everyday, and everyday before we ended the conversation, he would tell me that he loved me.

"There was so much death today, and there was nothing I could do." His face, once again, went to my cleavage. My mind, so muddled from the sensations, I didn't count how many times his lips touched me. "Aside from a pile up on the highway, there was a drive by shooting that killed an entire family except an infant, and a drug deal that went wrong, killing a passerby." His hands spread across my back, pressing me even closer to him. "I couldn't help any of them."

"Carlisle, you're a great doctor." I ran my fingernails over his scalp, knowing it was something that he really enjoyed. A low grumble that I felt more than heard came from his throat. "You probably did more good than you even realize. You save lives everyday."

"I watched a man plead with his wife to wake up from a coma." He finally looked up at me. "He begged and begged her to come back to him. All I could think about was you, and how it would feel if I lost you."

If it were possible, his eyes saddened even more.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you so much, Esme."

"I love you too, Carlisle." As much as I tried to control it, the tears formed and flowed. I quickly wiped them away.

I held him for a moment, softly caressing his neck and whispering soothing words. Abruptly, his head snapped up.

"Sweetheart, what's this?" he asked. I looked down and saw his eyes were on the navy blue material covering my breast. I guess all his movements caused it to peek out from under my shirt. He tilted his head to the side curiously, as he ran his finger over the fabric.

"Oh…um…" I stuttered, and his eyes met mine. "I thought maybe we could finish what we started a few nights ago." My cheeks heated, and my breathing elevated.

For the first time since he entered the room, he seemed to notice his surroundings. A few candles were lit around the room, emitting a soft summery fragrance, and soft music of Sade played. Alice helped me with the playlist, saying that according to Jasper, Sade got every man in the mood. We added a few other slow love songs to compliment her sultry voice.

"I should tell you some things first." I stepped out of his embraced and lowered my eyes to my socked feet. "I don't know a lot about sex, so there are some things you're going to have to teach me."

"Not a problem," he said with the smile in his voice.

"I've also, never…" How was supposed to say this out loud?

"Never what? You're not a virgin…are you?" His voice was skeptical. I was married for three years after all.

I shook my head, and shuddered at how much of a disaster that was. Remember how I said Charles treated me like a trampoline? "I've never had an orgasm." The words came out quickly. "I don't know the first thing about how to get one."

"Even when you were married?" He looked genuinely surprised.

"No, Charles didn't really think about me when we…" It was weird talking about my ex with my current love. "It was more important for him to be pleasured."

"Well, looks like we'll have to fix that." He chuckled lightly, which was nice to hear in his depressing state.

"Sweetie, I don't even know where to look, or what to do. Do you?"

"Of course I do." His smile widened. "I'm a doctor."

I smiled with him. I had no doubt that he knew exactly how to please a woman. I often wondered what kind of woman would dream of letting this treasure go. Oh, well. Their loss was my gain.

Carlisle stood up, towering over me, but keeping my eyes with him. "Are you sure?" he whispered, then bent down to nuzzle my neck.

"Yes," I said, and placed his hands on the buttons of my shirt.

He smiled at me then went to it. Carlisle's fingers were steady, although I noticed his breathing increased a little. He finally reached the last button, and gently slid the shirt open. He bit his bottom lip as his eyes scanned my lingerie.

"Did you know that navy blue was my favorite color?" he asked, breathlessly.

I nodded my head, lightly biting my lip.

I thought it was strange when Alice asked me what Carlisle's favorite color was, but I should have known she had some master plan brewing.

He moved closer, and I involuntarily shuddered.

"Sweetheart, you have to relax." His spoke in an even, soothing tone and softly rubbed my shoulders. "That's the key. You trust me, right?"

I nodded.

"Close your eyes, and don't open them until I tell you," he commanded.

I obeyed, taking a few breaths to try and settle my heart. I could hear his feet padding the carpet around me, but I couldn't tell where he was, so I peeked. He looked at me in mock disapproval, swaying his index finger side to side.

"Keep them closed," he admonished. After I closed them, he kissed each eyelid as if sealing them shut. Then he was behind me, his lips at my ear. "If you don't keep them closed, I'm going to blindfold you."

The rumble of his voice caused me to shudder, but not from nerves.

He was moving around again, there was a little rustling. It was maddening not knowing what he was doing, like we were playing Marco Polo.

His lips were at my ear again.

"I'm going to take this off, okay?" His fingers brushed over my skin, pulling the shirt off my shoulders and letting it rest on my forearms. Two gentle kisses were placed on my bare shoulders, then he pulled the rest of the shirt off. It landed on the carpet making a soft whompf noise.

It was quiet again, and out of curiosity I opened one eye. I saw a bare chest in front of me, heaving up and down, with well defined pecks, and arms of steel. The rustling noise was him discarding his scrubs; he stood in front of me in nothing but gray boxer shorts. Tingles buzzed through my body like a swarm of bees settling in my lower abdomen.

It's not like I hadn't seen him in just his boxers, but things were different that night. We were about to do something that would require both of us being naked.

My gaze shifted upward to see Carlisle staring at me disapprovingly again.

"I'm sorry." I looked down at my feet again to hide my shy grin.

"Esme, you leave me no choice." His voice was very stern, but I could tell he was enjoying it. If I didn't know better, I would have thought he was looking for an excuse to blindfold me. He pulled out a tie from the closet, and gently wrapped it over my eyes. Then he kissed me. His hands which normally stayed on my waist, drifted down to my hips, then lower, resting casually on my rear like they were always meant to be there.

He ended the kiss a little too soon for my liking and let go of me. I was tempted to remove the blindfold to see how he would punish me for that.

As the room became silent, my hands searched the room for clues. "Carlisle?"

"I'm here," he said, grabbing my searching hands and placing them on his chest. His hands found my waist, leading me forward, which meant he was walking backwards. We stopped suddenly, and the bed squeaked under his weight.

"Sweetheart, you look absolutely mouthwatering." His breathing was ragged. "Can I take this off?"

His hands were on my back, fingers teasing the zipper of my corset top.

"Yes." I nodded, setting my hands on his shoulders. There was a battle brewing between the clasp and his fingers, and he groaned in frustration.

I giggled, shifted my arms behind me, undoing the clasp easily, then left the zipper for him.

"Thanks," he said, pulling the zipper down.

The cool air from the room hit the newly exposed skin raising goose bumps and sending a chill through my body. Very slowly, he pulled on the straps, sliding them down my arms. I stood in front of him, topless and unable to see him because of my blindfold.

"Esme," he whispered, as he placed a hand just below my left breast. "You're so beautiful." Both of his hands were on me now, pulling me closer to him. He breathed over my already aroused nipples, while his hands roughly grabbed my butt.

His lips found mine again, kissing me passionately without restraints.

After pulling away, he reached up behind my head and untied the knot in my blindfold.

I blinked a few times, then looked into his eyes. He gave me an impish grin, then pulled me on the bed on my back.

Starting with my fingertips, he began an assault of kisses on my body. He was kissing me in strange places, like the inside of my elbow, and the palm of my hand, and yet it turned me on.

"I'm going to take these off," he said in a low voice after he kissed just below my belly button.

I nodded, giving him permission, even though technically he didn't ask.

My breathing hitched as his fingers pulled the bands of my underwear. Slowly, they slid down my legs, and he nonchalantly threw them over his shoulder.

A small smile graced his lips and widened as he scanned my body, but he stopped when he saw the scar just below my belly. He smiled weakly at me, and ran his fingers over the scar that reminded me of my son.

We had had this conversation about losing my son, which was the real reason Charles left me. He always blamed me, telling me that I wasn't taking care of myself, therefore killing our son.

"Someday, sweetheart," he said. "I will give you what you want most."

Even though I felt the burning behind my eyes, I forced myself to smile back at him.

He then leaned down, and gently kissed the reddened line. I kept my eyes on him as he shifted next to me and his fingers grazed my skin.

"You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." His eyes slowly met mine, and then he kissed me. When I say kissed, I mean KISSED! His lips moved over mine, leading me to places I had never been. He kissed me as if he was starving, and I was a steak dinner with a loaded baked potato on the side.

After his hands eased over my body, his mouth followed, leaving hungry, open mouth kisses over my shoulders, down to my collarbone, and finally to my breast. Taking one nipple in his mouth, he used his tongue and it hardened. The thing that surprised me the most, he kissed my whole breast, underneath where it connected to my chest, on the side next to my ribs, on top, just above the nipple, and the alley between the two.

The swarm of bees flew down to my nether regions and I felt a weird moisture gather below.

He lifted his head, and caught my attention with his intense stare. Very slowly, his fingers traced down the space between my breasts, over my stomach, down to my lower belly and stopped at my pubic bone.

"If you feel uncomfortable, or want me to stop, tell me." His tone was serious.

I nodded and held my breath.

"Relax for me, sweetheart." His voice was just a whisper, blowing a calm breeze over me. His fingers continued lower, exploring new places. The air in my lungs whooshed out all at once as he began a circular motion around the little nub.

It felt weird at first, but Carlisle being the patient and determined man he was, kept moving until he hit a sweet spot.

My body suddenly jerked forward. I looked over at him apologetically as I felt my cheeks redden.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about, baby." He lightly kissed my cheeks.

Alice always told me that special nub had the power to turn worlds upside down, but I always thought she was exaggerating.

He continued with his movements, now that he knew what would make my body react. I felt like I was possessed the way my body twitched, but the sensations that it brought were mind numbing. Without warning, he dipped two fingers inside of me and I thought that I was going to explode. Noises that I had never thought I could make came rushing out, and I reached to cover my mouth.

"Don't you dare," he threatened, stopping for a moment and using his other hand to push my hand away. His fingers that were still inside of me started moving again, and that's when I felt something completely different. It was like something was coming, and I couldn't wait for it to get there. Carlisle sensed it too.

"That's it, baby," he said in a soothing voice. "Just let it happen."

His fingers moved a little faster and then a bubble popped and I felt the most intense pleasure I could ever imagine. It soared mercilessly through my body, lighting every nerve ending. I opened my eyes to see Carlisle's satisfied expression and smiled at him. I closed my eyes again and basked in the afterglow of my very first orgasm.

So that's what the big deal was about!

A drawer opened beside me, and I heard a wrapper being torn open. I opened my eyes and saw Carlisle sitting back on his knees fully aroused and covered in a condom. I didn't know when he shed his boxers; I just knew that I was glad he did.

Carlisle in his scrubs was gorgeous, Carlisle in a tuxedo was handsome, but Carlisle with nothing on, but his smile was beyond beautiful. He worked out on a regular basis, saying that he needed to be in shape to keep up with the daily challenges of the ER. The result was a body that was very well toned, but not overdone.

Charles was a good looking man, and the only other man I had seen naked. Carlisle completely knocked him out of the water. In that moment, I forgot what Charles looked like, because Carlisle was all I could see. Carlisle ran a hand through his golden hair and gave me a smoldering look, making my insides flutter.

My body, still in the same sprawled position it was in before, was frozen as he eased closer to me. Supporting his weight on his forearms, he hovered over me, kissed me gently, then looked into my eyes.

"Are you ready for another?" His member teased my entrance and I felt the same flutters as before.

I nodded, spreading my legs just a bit so he could settle comfortably.

Very, very, slowly he slipped inside, filling me completely. A small whimper escaped my lips. If I thought that his fingers were magical, it was nothing compared to what he manhood could do. I felt him all over, touching me in places that I hadn't known any man could reach.

He pulled out of me, and my body ached for him again. Slowly, he was inside again and he froze. When I looked at his face, his eyes were closed and he was heavily concentrating. My hips, having a taste of what he could offer, moved on their own, hoping he would continue.

"Esme, wait, sweetheart." His eyes were still closed, as if in heavy thought. "I didn't expect you to be so…snug."

Panic set in; I was doing something wrong. "I'm sorry. What should I do?"

"Nothing," he said, and slowly opened his eyes and smiled. "It's a good thing, trust me. Just give me a minute."

I didn't have to wait long before he started moving again, touching me all the way to my core.

I felt the same feeling as before of something approaching, but this time it was more intense. Instead of balloon popping, it was a dirigible. My legs wrapped around his waist in preparation as he continued to push further and faster into me.

I cried out as my second orgasm hit me like a wrecking ball. It felt like I was lying on the beach, and the tide rushed in smothering me in pure uninhibited pleasure.

Carlisle was still moving, holding me tightly against him. I felt him grunt, and his grip tightened to almost painful, then he released me. He collapsed on top of me, but he wasn't heavy. It was nice, comforting and reassuring. He lifted his head, kissed me softly, then said, "I love you, Esme."

"I love you, too." I softly kissed his cheek.

Reluctantly, he shifted away from me and discarded the used condom. Just as I missed his warmth, his arms surrounded me, bringing me to his chest to rest.

"So, how was your first orgasm?" Carlisle asked. "Was it everything you hoped it would be?"

"Yes," I said, breathlessly. "That was fun!"

We both laughed at my choice of words.

"It was fun, wasn't it?" He laughed, then kissed me deeply.

"I can't believe that's what I've been missing," I marveled. "I can't believe I thought it was all make believe, like vampires and werewolves."

Carlisle chuckled. "I don't know how you could compare mythical creatures with orgasms."

His fingers grazed my spine. "It's the first thing that came to mind."

It was a nice feeling, lying naked in his arms. In all the excitement, I missed out on actually touching him, feeling him. My hands ran over the light dusting of hair over his chest circling around his nipple. He breathed out, and his eyes fluttered shut.

He used his hands too, leaving my spine and traveling lower, cupping my rear. I sighed against him, and leaned up to kiss him. I moved my kisses down to his jaw then over to his ear, tugging lightly on the lobe with my teeth. His arms tightened around me, twisting me around to hold me even closer. Our legs knotted together under the covers.

I felt his hand move between us, finding that special spot again. My teeth released his ear, and I whispered his name as his fingers teased me. I opened my eyes and almost drowned in a current of hazel green. We smiled at each other before he kissed me again, slipping his tongue inside. My body melted in his arms.

As I felt his erection against my hip, he said, "Let's try things a little differently."

Before I had a chance to ask him, he adjusted us so I was straddling him.

"It's your turn," he said, then kissed me senseless.

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