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Slamming the door to his bedroom shut, Louis Weasley made sure his parents understood his frustration. For years, they had tried to pretend that they were a very normal family (for wizarding standards, of course), but he was sick of it. His entire family had been ignoring his 'little' problem for as long as Louis could remember. And if they couldn't ignore the problem, they would just ignore him altogether. As if he wasn't there at all. He jumped onto his bed and ran his fingers through his hair, sighing. That had to be the hardest part – being ignored.

For so many years, Louis had tried very hard to be normal. He had been constantly reading his older sisters' school books, he had broken numerous bones and he had been in various accidents, unsuccessfully trying to urge the magic that had to be present, somewhere deep inside, to come to the surface. Sure – he could brew potions and take care of all the magical creatures and magical plants in the world by now, but it just wasn't the same. He couldn't fly, for some reason, he couldn't just wave a wand to make something happen (oh, he had tried…), and he could never be a full part of the wizarding world.

Whenever someone would ask his parents why he, Louis, was at home during the school year, instead of at Hogwarts, they would answer that he was just too shy and that he'd rather be home-schooled. That last part was true – he had been home-schooled for years now, simply because his parents didn't dare to send him to a Muggle school. Their distortion of the truth hadn't bothered him before, but now – hearing his parents laugh nervously as one of their co-workers cracked another joke about Squibs – now, Louis had had enough. He wasn't going to pretend any longer. If someone were to ask him right now, he would tell them what was really going on.

A Squib. What an odd word, actually. But then again, people acted oddly, almost awkwardly, around him when they knew. He knew that there had to be another Squib in the family – and he also knew that that person had been disinherited. Surely the same thing would happen to him once he'd start telling people why he really wasn't at Hogwarts during the school year. He wasn't naturally shy, but because of his parents continuously sheltering and hiding him, he didn't trust people (including his parents) very much. He sometimes resented his parents for that, though up until a year ago, he didn't mind it at all. Only then, he started to see the reason why he was always stuffed away: shame. His family was one of the most prominent ones in the wizarding world, and if people would find out that there was actually a Squib within its ranks, they'd be the laughing stock of the century. They'd get lots of negative publicity. People were just much too selfish, Louis found. So now it was his turn to be selfish.

Tomorrow, he would be getting a treat – that was what his parents called the upcoming trip. To Louis, it was torture. To know that he was not talented enough to go to Hogwarts was a horrible feeling, and tomorrow, he would be dragged there again by his parents, to pose as a picture perfect family for Dominique's graduation.

Victoire's graduation, two years earlier, had been Louis' first time to visit Hogwarts. Everything had been exciting back then, but now, it would just feel repetitive and boring and awkward. He had grown up since Victoire's graduation, and even though he was much closer to Dominique (due to the fact that they were only thirteen months apart in age), he didn't know if he could bear to go there once more. He would go, of course, but not because he wanted to. At Hogwarts, he would be painfully reminded of the fact that he was different and a blemish on the family name and their reputation. He was a failure. He wasn't even good enough to master the spells first years were taught in their first week. Rolling over on his bed so he was now watching the large trees outside, Louis sighed again.

He could hardly wait to go back.

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