The Ice King was munching on his third frozen icy burger as Gunther made more ice burgers, the other penguins coming in and munching down on the burgers as well as the Ice King continued typing on his personal blog. A strange enchanting laugh was heard as it moved through the icy ceiling, raising awareness to the Ice King, who looked up in confusion, scratching his head after taking a third bite into his burger.

"What the heck was that?" The Ice King asked as he got up, scratching his head in confusion. "Come show yourself, stranger... I'm not afraid to-"

As he sat back down, the entire room when pitch black. The Ice King screamed as he fired ice lightning bolts everywhere, but they missed, hitting the icicle walls instead. Laughter was heard as the lights came back on, with the Ice King getting on his feet as a green colored man in a yellow coat with a yellow hat revealed himself.

"Ice King! You have been having too much fun with your blog! Now, feel the wrath of the Magic Man!" The Magic Man exclaimed as he tossed rainbow colored confetti into the air, red and yellow steamers coming down from nowhere as white and purple seizures occurred.

The Ice King scoffed as he rolled his eyes, folding his arms. "As if! I'm not afraid of you. I'm older than six hundred years old!"

The Magic Man laughed as he tossed several green blasts of magic at the Ice King, but the Ice King dodged them. The Magic Man whistled as he stated, clapping his hands together as he caused a purple yellow seizure, "Oooh, a smooth dodger! I'm going to like this!"

The Ice King growled as he dodged another green magic blast, tossing two icicle lightning bolts at the Magic Man. "You irresponsible cretin! At least use your magic properly!" The Ice King shouted back as he flopped on the floor, dodging another green magic blast.

The penguins watched with delight while eating their ice frozen burgers as the Ice King and the Magic Man had an epic magical duel.