A/N: Happy International Day of Femslash everyone!

A/N 2: So I really, really wish Holland had done this in the book, but...since she didn't, I figured I would write it. Hope you enjoy

I grabbed onto the lowest tree branch, hoisting myself onto it, before squeezing through the gap around the trunk. I stepped gingerly onto the rotting plywood, my eyes landing on the spiral in the corner. Smiling wistfully, I remembered Leah reading it only a few months ago. Our Secret Spy book; hard to imagine the summer had gone by that fast.

Shaking my head, I walked over to the tree, my fingers tracing the names carved into it: L.T. + R.R., L.T + D.F, L.T + M.Z… I couldn't help but chuckle; Leah had had so many boyfriends. She said she was still looking; I hoped she found that special someone one day like I had.

My fingers traced each letter, finally coming to rest on the last two: H.J. +…

"Holland! Baby, come on, we're going to miss our flight!"

I popped my head out the hole in the floor, grinning from ear to ear as she stood below me, impatiently tugging on her baseball cap. "Just a second Ceese; there's something I need to do here."

"Well hurry up!"

I popped my head back in, digging the pocket knife out of my back pocket and flipping the knife portion out. Methodically, I carved two more letters into the tree: C.G. I stood back, admiring my handiwork. That looks about right. But...it doesn't. What's missing?

I studied the other letters; every single one of Leah's carvings had L.T. plus the initials of whatever guy she had been dating at the time, but…that was it. Nothing else. But wh—I snapped my fingers. That's it!

Quickly, I carved an equal sign next to C.G, followed by the initials T.L.F. Holland Jaeger plus Cece Goddard equals True Love Forever. That's what had been missing. None of the other carvings had those last three letters because Leah hadn't found her true love. But I had.


I rolled my eyes good naturedly as I climbed out of the tree, glancing behind me one last time at the carving: H.J + C.G = T.L.F.

Cece embraced me as I hit the ground. "Did you do what you needed to do?" she whispered.


"Good. Now come on, our flight leaves in an hour." She grabbed me by the hand, pulling me away from the tree…and my old life.

True Love Forever. Yep; I had found her. I was never letting her go.