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19:17 pm:

"The Yellow Sky will soon rise…"

Masaomi stared at the letters someone had scribbled so long ago. He looked up and the sky gazed down at him. It wasn't yellow. It hadn't been for a long time.

A wry smile tugged at his lips. He could barely remember the last time it had been yellow. Must have been back in the beginning. Before… everything.

He pulled up his scarf against the cold wind. Life had a funny way of going round and round. He had lost count of how many times he had come back to this wall. They were going to do this again. He guessed he still hadn't learned his lesson.

Masaomi took a deep breath and listened as the commotion behind him became louder. People were gathering. Again. For him. He called and they came. No matter how much time had passed, no matter how many times they had suffered they always came back.

He fisted his hands. He guessed he was no better than him. Izaya had girls that hung on each word he spoke, devoted till their last breath to each command he gave them.

Izaya couldn`t care less about them.

That was one lesson Masaomi had learned from personal experience.

He was no better.

His head thudded in the wall behind him.

His saving grace was that at least he wasn`t doing this for kicks. He was doing it for his friend.

He hoped this counted for something.

If it didn't Masaomi had to accept that he was just as low and live with it.

18:17 pm:

"He's my son and I have to know!" the tiny woman demanded. Izaya grinned at her. She was insignificantly small. Who knew the consequences of her existence could be this big. But everything had to start from somewhere, didn`t it? Even if it was just a tiny seed. Under the right circumstances and nurturing even a plant could penetrate concrete.

"Oh? I never knew you cared so much, Kida-san." Izaya slid backwards in a nearby alley. The woman followed him, blinded by rage.

"What would you know?" she spat, but her tone broke with despair "I just want to see my boy again. I don't know where he is or what he's doing! Please, help me! I'll pay you. I can pay, so please."

Izaya quickly sidestepped her when she tried to grab him. He didn't have time for her sniveling. If he had a choice in the matter, which he did, she would never see Masaomi again. The boy was his and only he had the right to screw with his life.

She had appeared three days ago at the doorstep of his office. She had found out about Orihara Izaya, the information dealer and had offered to pay him more than enough for Masaomi's location. Izaya had agreed to take a look into, but one question had kept burning in his mind. Why now? Why would she care after all this time? Belated mother instinct? Cancer?

"I've heard people usually file a missing person report in such cases. Maybe you can try it, Kida–san?" Izaya's eyes narrowed at the way her face went pale "That's right! You haven't seen Kida Masaomi in years. They can sue you for child neglect. The way things are going you might just meet your son in prison. Wouldn't that be a happy family reunion?" He beamed a smile at her and saw the way her whole body shook.

"W-what are you talking about?" She demanded. Again. She was used to getting things her way, wasn't she?

"I'm sure you've read the news, Kida – san. You are a smart woman after all."

"What about the news?" There it was. That panicked note in her voice. It made Izaya's insides tremble with anticipation. He should thank her for neglecting her child. Otherwise who knew if he would have ever met Masaomi, but she had hurt the boy worse than he ever could. For that he wouldn't forgive her.

"It's dangerous, walking alone in Ikebukuro." He took a step towards her and loomed over her small form. His grin widened, splitting his face in two. "You never know who might catch you in a back alley." Izaya snatched her hand when she tried to retreat. Her eyes went wide, as if only now she was realizing the kind of situation she was in. Alone, in a back alley, with a dangerous man. "The color gangs are at war again. Did you hear? Just yesterday a man was set on fire by the Dollars leader. Can you imagine it?" Izaya laughed.

The woman tried to pull her hand away, but she was too weak. She opened her mouth to say something, but Izaya interrupted her.

"No one knows who he really is, but the rumors say that he's just a high school kid. What is the world coming to? High school students, setting people on fire!" He laughed out loud. His red eyes pierced her and she stopped struggling. Her face had scrunched up in fear. She looked rather pretty like that. There was nothing of Masaomi in her. "Well, his name is quite funny. Like an air conditioner. I doubt that's his real name, but they say that the Dollars leader is called Ryugamine Mikado."

Her eyes went wide at the name. He felt her whole body shake harshly and her mouth went slightly agape at this piece of information. Izaya could feel disappointment trickle at him at the lack of reaction. After all, it wasn't every day that you told a mother that the friend of your missing son was a leader of a dangerous underground organization that went around torching people.

The smirk didn't come off his face. He had plenty of time to destroy her.

"That's… impossible…."she mumbled, head shaking slightly from side to side in firm denial.

"Ah! Now that I think about it…" Izaya feinted innocence "There was one more person there at the time. The leader of the Yellow Scarves." Technically speaking, Masaomi had been fired from the position, but if Izaya was right, and he always was, it wouldn't take long before the boy claimed the title of the Shogun again. "The Shogun. That's how they call them. Do you want to know his name?" Izaya leaned towards the woman whose eyes became even wider. Could he make them pop out of her skull?

"Please, I just wanted…" her voice had become a pathetic wine. She started struggling to break free again. It was futile. He could feel the fine tremors that wracked her body. When it came down to it humans really were animals, weren't they? Vermin that ran away in the face of danger. That made them so lovable!

"I am delivering the information you paid me for. Don't you want to know the whereabouts of you son anymore, Kida–san?" Izaya asked, pulling her closer to his face "Just ask around for the Shogun of the Yellow Scarves. You'll find him sitting all alone in a warehouse full of worshippers. When you do, ask him if he wants to be your Masaomi again."

The fight drained from her. Her head fell down as if cut. The truth was a heavy burden to carry, Izaya supposed.

"Now, now, Kida–san, don't be like that. If you ask a question you should be prepared for the answer."

Izaya scowled when loud ringing interrupted him. He had just received an urgent message.

He let go of the woman in favor of taking out his phone. She stood there for a few moments, before bolting out of the alley. Izaya shrugged. She would be easy enough to find. He had a few more words to say to her.

The informant flipped open his phone. The message was from one of his subordinates, placed to gather information about the activities of the Yellow scarves.

"Urgent meeting at the old hideout, 19:30."

Izaya checked the clock, 18:17 pm. He had barely enough time to make it. That is if he wanted to be there.

13:42 pm:

Someone was smashing his skull with a hammer. Shizuo opened his eyes blearily, but found no one looming over him. However the loud pounding just kept on going.

He groaned in annoyance and swung his legs on the floor. His head felt as if full with lead and not even his monstrous strength could lift it up.

The pounding kept on going.

Shizuo realized someone was knocking at the door. Fuck that. Whoever it was could come back later for all he cared.

"No one's home!" He yelled. The pounding stopped and Shizuo relaxed back on the couch. Getting up had been a bad idea. A very bad one. He wanted to go back to sleep. He could sleep forever. Wouldn't that make the flea happy?

A tentative voice came from the other side of the door.

"It's me." It said and sounded almost scared. Shizuo hadn't heard this voice sound scared in years. Just the sound of it had him stumbling for the door and yanking it open.

Sure enough, on the other side of the door stood Kida Masaomi. Shizuo took one more step and toppled over the boy. His head was pounding.

Masaomi's legs bulked under the sudden weight.

"Shizuo!" He groaned in protest, barely managing to stay on his feet.

Shizuo ignored him and just pressed his face in the crook of the younger's shoulder. He had a hell of a hangover and couldn't be bothered dealing with emotional bullshit right now.

"You're back." He managed and hugged Masaomi tighter. For the past two months they had rarely seen each other. The smaller blond had pulled his disappearing act again. It pissed Shizuo off. He wanted to beat some sense into that thick skull. But right now… all of that didn`t matter.

"I'm sorry." Masaomi whispered, hugging the other back.

"You're sorry?" The boy cringed at the sudden rise in Shizuo's voice. That never promised anything good.

Shizuo clung tight to thin shoulders to straighten himself up. All the anger evaporated as soon as he took in Masaomi's wide eyes.

"Tche. Don't do it again. Ever." He grumbled and poked the younger on the forehead.

Masaomi felt the world spin around him once, before his legs gave underneath him and he blacked out.

"Damn it!" Shizuo grunted in dissatisfaction as they both fell on the hard floor. "Masaomi? Masaomi?" He shook the boy, but he was out cold. "Damn it!" the man repeated. He really didn't know his strength when he was hung over, did he?


Shizuo was storming down the Ikebukuro streets. His gut had clenched in an ice ball.

He had managed to tuck Masaomi and himself in bed after that. But once he had woken up the boy was gone. There was a note of course. Masaomi had left with a sweet apology and a promise to return that night.

Shizuo glowered in annoyance. He would feel used, but he hadn't even gotten laid.

The whole situation had him on edge. Something was up, Shizuo could feel it. He needed to find the flea and beat the answers out of that deceitful mouth.

Shizuo grinned when he spotted a familiar smirk aimed at him.

"Shizu-chan!" Izaya chirped "Just the monster I needed!"

"Yesterday, not enough for you, flea?"

"Ahhh, Shizu-chan, the world does not revolve around sex." The informant waved his finger reproachfully. The other man snorted at him, but he just continued "As a matter of fact I have a surprise for you tonight!" Izaya announced.

"Oh yeah? What would that be?"

"Now, now hasty speed don't oft succeed." Izaya recited and Shizuo only stared. What? The brunet sighed. At times he wasn`t sure why he even bothered with inferior protozoan brains "Good things happen to those who wait." He stuck out his tongue "Speaking of which! Did you know that Masaomi's back in Ikebukuro?"

"Stay away from him, flea!" Shizuo threatened. He took three steps to stop in front of Izaya.

"Why would I want to do that?" the brunet shoved their faces together.

"You've fucked him up enough!" The elder growled.

"With Masaomi it`s never enough." Izaya jumped out of the way when a fist came flying his way "Maybe I should go visit him right now~" He threw over his shoulder and sure enough Shizuo rushed after him.

"Come back here!"

07:49 am, the next day:

Masaomi's eyes fluttered open. Bright light was squeezing through the blinds and forcing him to wake up. He refused. He was pleasantly out of it. He tried to escape from the harsh sun rays, but a heavy body was pressing him in the mattress. He turned to see black hair and a pale shoulder. Izaya… Last night came back to him in a rush. He leaned on one hand to see Shizuo sleeping on the other side of the informant, wrapped around him. A small smile pulled at Masaomi's lips and he pushed one of his legs between his brunet lover's. He twisted his body, so Izaya's head fell on his chest. He hugged the sleeping man tightly and fell back to sleep, listening to Shizuo's soft snores.

19:34 pm:

Shizuo came to a halt in front of a large warehouse. It was full with people. What was the flea doing here? Izaya stopped at the entrance and smirked at him, before waving for him to follow. Shizuo did as told.

The people inside were murmuring softy something between themselves. No one looked their way and Shizuo quickly made his way to Izaya who was leaning against the back wall.

"What the hell, flea?" He demanded.

"Just watch. He should be here any minute now." Izaya nodded towards the inside of the warehouse. Shizuo could see a small platform with a sofa and table, but no one was occupying them.

"He?" Shizuo questioned, but he was starting to piece the information he had and really didn't like where this was going.

On cue everyone in the warehouse went silent and Shizuo turned in the same direction as them. A familiar figure was climbing the stairs to the platform to stand in front of everyone. Shizuo felt surprise hit him like a bullet train. He would have recognized the shock of blond hair anywhere. But what really hit him were those cold amber eyes that were observing the ones present.

He opened his mouth to call out his name, just to make sure that the person before him really was Kida Masaomi. He couldn't be sure. It couldn't be him. The person standing over there was slightly hunched with hands in his pockets. Shizuo had never seen those cloths. Masaomi preferred white and colorful colors. He had never seen the boy fully in black. He might have been mistaken. He couldn't properly see the person that had silenced a warehouse full of people. Half of his face was hidden behind a yellow scarf.

Izaya's hand on his elbow was what stopped him from calling out. He didn't need to however. He took a look around, but he didn't have to. He already knew they were at a meeting of the Yellow Scarves. He had always known who the leader of the Yellow Scarves was. He had just never seen it in person.

When the person tugged down the yellow scarf to reveal that he was indeed Kida Masaomi it didn't surprise him. Shizuo had always known. Anger and hurt surged in him as he stared into Masaomi's dark eyes. They were empty and commanding. Shizuo knew that each and every person gathered here would follow the boy. He sucked in a breath. What had they done to him? They fucked him in a back alley.

Masaomi took a deep breath. Where were his words when he needed them?

"We started something." He said finally. "All of us, together. We fought the Blue Squares, we lost, we won, and we lost. We went against the Dollars and learned our lesson when the Blue Squares tricked us. Now they are running around Ikebukuro, causing trouble in our city. We need to finish this and put an end to the Blue Squares for good." They cheered. He wasn`t surprised. They would have cheered no matter what he said.

Two figures at the back of the warehouse caught his eye. Izaya was watching him in rapt attention and smirking. The bastard must have seen it coming. Shizuo was staring at him, jaw sacked. Masaomi really didn't want his blond lover to be here. He wasn't sure if Shizuo's feelings for him could survive another hit. That's exactly what was happening, Masaomi was gathering an army with the clear intent to cause violence. Something, the elder hated so much. I'm sorry…

"Why should we follow you?" Someone yelled amidst the cheering and everyone went silent "We've all been hospitalized, thanks to you. God knows what could happen now." Masaomi couldn't see the boy that was asking the question. He was short and from his spot Masaomi could only make out black hair that peeked from the mass of bodies.

"This time we have someone on our side that we've never had before." Masaomi nodded towards the back of the warehouse where Shizuo and Izaya stood. Everyone turned in that direction and he heard a few surprised gasps, as if no one had noticed the intruders till now. The informant's smirk grew even wider and he pushed off the wall. He started walking towards Masaomi.

"He betrayed us the first time!" Someone accused, but no one dared to step forward. They all knew Orihara Izaya, the information dealer and didn't have the guts to cross him.

"Yes, he did." Masaomi agreed, watching the informant's approach "But he has too much to lose if he betrays us again." He nodded his head towards Shizuo who was still standing at the back.

Izaya stopped in front of Masaomi. His smirk wiped off his face at those words and his eyes narrowed. This was a dangerous move for the boy. He had started the Yellow Scarves to build a name of his own and move away from Izaya and Shizuo's shadows. If word got out that he was using Izaya's help the rumors would be back. The boy was betting his hardly won reputation. "Is that how you really want to play this, Masaomi?" He asked.

"I think the question is how are you going to play?" Masaomi replied and Izaya knew that the boy wasn't going to back off now. He was gambling everything. The stakes were high. Was Mikado worth that much? Izaya's fists balled in his pockets. He didn't need to be reminded. He knew already that if he messed with Masaomi he was going to lose Shizuo. He was painfully aware of just how thin Shizuo's patience with him was.

Izaya smiled wryly. He had even been kind enough to bring Shizuo here, so he could see the brunet swear fidelity. All he had wanted was to see the brute's reaction to their young lover leading an army. He had hoped for anger, hurt, lust even. Instead he had unintentionally given Masaomi more ammunition against himself. He only had one move open if he wanted to keep those two by his side.

The human heart could be a tricky thing.

"Orihara Izaya, information dealer, at your services."

20:46 pm:

"That was rather cold, Masaomi." Izaya remarked. He was sitting behind his board, moving the pieces. He needed to rearrange his plans in light of recent events. "I say no, you never talk to me again and Shizu-chan leaves me. I lie, you never talk to me and Shizu-chan beats me to death and then abandons me. You say "Catch!" and your dogs would have tried to tear me to pieces for old time's sake. I show everyone who exactly your smart mouth belongs to and your dogs try to tear me to pieces."

Shizuo was sitting on the other sofa smoking silently, while Masaomi was still standing in the middle of the room.

"You raised me well." The boy remarked dryly.

"We did, didn't we?" Izaya agreed. He glared at the pieces on the board. He couldn't work it out. He needed a sacrificial piece. "You display your gratitude in an odd way."

Masaomi scoffed "What do you want? A thank you for fucking up my life basket?"

"I believe your life was already… fucked up." Izaya frowned at the words. "If anything we improved it."

"Improved it?" The younger's tone rose "You used me and manipulated me! You fucked me up every way you could imagine!"

"Shut up."

"Not every way." Izaya smirked at the boy. "I can imagine a few other ways."

"I was thirteen you sick bastard!" Masaomi was screaming now. Izaya's smirk felt like abuse. It was like the conversation they had the other night hadn't happened at all. There was no trace of remorse in the brunet's behavior. This hurt more than anything. More than the lies, the manipulation and the games. The saddest part was that Masaomi would have gladly forgiven the man sitting in front of him, if he would only say that he was sorry. One word, that's all he needed. But Izaya wouldn't and Masaomi would rather be angry than broken once again.

"Shut up!"

"You seemed to enjoy it quite a lot from what I remember." Izaya remarked with that calm grin and Masaomi wanted to hit him. No, he wanted to claw that smirk off with his own nails.

"Screw you!" Masaomi spat. Yes, he had enjoyed it. He had enjoyed it every god damned time. How could he not? That was hardly the point.

"So eloquent, Masaomi–chan." Izaya stood up and took a few steps towards the boy, fully intending to give him a piece of his mind. Tonight he'd been manipulated into a move he didn't want to make. Tomorrow, he was going to prove himself and have both Shizuo and Masaomi, but tonight he was vengeful. "You think…"

"I said SHUT UP!" Shizuo yelled as hard as he could. Izaya and Masaomi whipped their heads towards him in shock. "Just shut the fuck up!" He pulled at his hair. He couldn't take this. Not again. "Every time you two just screw up. What's wrong with you?" He bit out bitterly "It's always another fucked up game you're playing. Guess what? I am the one who has to pick up the pieces. Every. Fucking. Time." He stressed the words, feeling anger and hatred overtake him. He didn't hate them. He could never truly hate Izaya and Masaomi no matter how the situation turned out, but he sure as hell hated what they were doing to each other "I'm done." He abruptly stood up. "I'm done. Either kiss and make up or forget about it. I don't want you crying in my bed again when you screw things up ten ways to hell. I'm not going to just wait for you the next time you disappear with some girl. I am not going to stand here and watch you destroy each other." Shizuo spat.

Masaomi stared in shock at the outburst. It took him a moment to register the meaning behind the words. Izaya couldn't have been crying for him. It just wasn't possible. Orihara Izaya did not cry. But Shizuo wouldn't lie. He turned to look at the brunet and was greeted with a smirk that sent chills down his spine.

"Kiss and make up, ne?" Izaya repeated slowly, testing the idea in his head. He rather liked it. He saw a flush spread across Masaomi's face and he knew he wasn't the only one.

"Bastard, don't you darmmph!" Izaya grabbed the boy by the neck and smashed their lips together. This was not how he had planned this, but who was he to pass on a good opportunity? He muffled the boy's protests with his lips. He took a step closer, coaxing the delicious mouth to open for him. Sharp pain shot through him and he pulled back to look at the young blond. "Just like old times, ne?" Izaya licked his bitten lip. The boy was glaring so hard at him, it sent fire pulling low in his stomach. He was getting Masaomi tonight and nothing could stop him. "You should know better than that by now, Ma~sa~o~mi~" He smirked and dived in for another kiss.

Shizuo felt heat slam through his body at the familiar sight. It had been nearly two years since he had seen them together and maybe he wasn't thinking clearly, because he wanted nothing more than for Masaomi to open his mouth for Izaya and moan that delicious moan that only the brunet could make him voice. Shizuo's imagination was already running rampant and the mere idea was making his cock throb in attention.

The older blond tried to swallow the lust rising in him. He should defend Masaomi who clearly wasn't into it. At least that's what his brain was telling him.

Izaya licked at the younger's lips and yes, he was definitely begging for entrance. He nipped at full lips and sucked gently. One hand slid upwards to burry in blond locks and with the other he grabbed the boy by the shoulders. Masaomi wasn't pushing him away, but he wasn't responding either. All Izaya wanted was a taste of that sweet mouth. Maybe that wasn't all he wanted, but it was a good start. He bit down sharply and the younger gasped in his hands.

Masaomi opened his mouth in protest and that's when he felt Izaya's tongue lick playfully in his mouth. His heart was slamming painfully in his chest, heat and need, making him want the impossible. The brunet wasn't forcing the kiss on him, rather was asking him to participate. That small difference was what had him burying his hands in dark locks and pressing his body closer. His mouth opened hungrily and he felt his cock getting hard with excitement.

Izaya groaned in his mouth and pressed Masaomi backwards in the couch. Warm hands slid beneath his cloths and he arched, needing more, needing everything. Two years of hurt evaporated like water in a hot day. Right now he only needed more of the man that was pressing so hard into him. Masaomi's legs opened for the other and he moaned in pleasure as Izaya pushed against him, just as hard. His hands flew to the informant's ass and pressed him even closer. He bit down hard at Izaya's lips and received another groan that made his body arch.

Shizuo watched transfixed as Izaya leaned Masaomi on the back of the couch, their bodies pushing urgently against one another.

"Fuck." Shizuo groaned as he saw Izaya's tongue peek out to lick the boy's bottom lip and then suck it into his mouth. The elder blond crashed back down on the sofa. He wanted to go over there and make them both scream in pleasure. But for now he wanted to enjoy the show. He was sure he could come just from the sight of them.

Masaomi hooked one leg behind Izaya's tights and pulled him closer. He needed friction and skin. He grabbed the other's hair and sucked desperately at the tongue in his mouth. His other hand grasped the informant's shirt and yanked. He needed it off. The older pushed their cocks roughly together and Masaomi moaned at the pressure. It wasn't enough. He pulled Izaya's head back and latched on the pale skin while he started to quickly undo the brunet's belt. He was getting the bastard out of his cloths.

"Impatient, aren't you?" Izaya grabbed the boy's hands and pinned them behind him. Masaomi glared at him, but it only made the desire pounding through the brunet that much more intense. "But you've always been rather persistent when frustrated. Do you need me, Masaomi?" Izaya leaned in and bit the boy's lips. "Do you want me?" He sucked hard at his lover's ear and rubbed their erections together. Masaomi shuddered in his hands, hips rising to meet his.

Masaomi felt his whole body heat up underneath that gaze. Izaya was already devouring him in his head. He swallowed. He could see every desire playing across the scarlet eyes and he wanted it. He leaned upwards to tug at the informant's shirt once again. This time the bastard was being helpful enough to lift his hands. A firm chest and pale skin was revealed before him. Bruises were decorating the informant's chest and collarbone. Masaomi could see bite marks and fingerprints marking the skin. He took in a sharp breath. Those marks belonged to Shizuo.

Izaya groaned when the boy's fingers dug in his hips to pull him towards the warm mouth. A tongue sneaked out to lick one of his nipples, before Masaomi bit down harshly. Izaya moaned, hips jerking into his lover's hard cock. The blond's teeth scraped across his chest and he could feel his patience wearing thin. He needed to spread the boy open and burry himself to the hilt. The desire to pound into the willing body in front of him until Masaomi was screaming his name burned through his veins. If he didn't have the time for foreplay then they really needed to move somewhere more comfortable. They were missing someone.

Izaya's breath hitched. Shizuo was sitting opposite of them, eyes fixed on their every movement. His mouth was panting and his hand was stroking his hard cock slowly. The informant licked his lips as he watched long fingers, dance across sensitive skin. A dark gaze fell on him and the brunet shuddered in anticipation. They definitely needed to move things along.

"Join us?" Izaya breathed to Shizuo and then grabbed Masaomi's neck to steal another kiss.

Masaomi moaned loud as the brunet's hips rolled against him. The other's pants were in the way. He grabbed Izaya's buckle and started to quickly undo it, but then felt a warm body press against his back. He turned to see brown eyes drinking him up.

"Shizu…" Masaomi grabbed blond locks and their lips met urgently. His legs tightened around Izaya's hips, arching desperately. Rough hands sneaked beneath his cloths. His stomach quivered in delicious anticipation as Shizuo started caressing his chest. His pants were yanked open and his erection was finally freed from its confines. Masaomi whimpered in relief when fingers wrapped around his cock and pulled roughly. His eyes flew open to see Izaya's hand on him. The bastard smirked down and Masaomi knew he wasn't going to last. Then the informant leaned down, nose bumping into his, tongue licking his lips, but not kissing. Instead the brunet grabbed Shizuo with his other hand and slammed their mouths together.

There wasn't enough air in the room. He couldn't look away. No matter how much time had passed Shizuo and Izaya together would always make him tremble with need. He moaned when Shizuo groaned. His hips pushed insistently into Izaya's hand.

Izaya looked down at the boy. He was moaning and whimpering at each stroke. It made his cock ache for the tight heat of Masaomi's body instead of his pants.

Shizuo watched as Izaya pulled Masaomi to his feet and turned him with his back to the brunet. The informant grabbed the boy's shirt and pulled it over his head. He could swear that the younger blond was growing more and more each time he saw him. He leaned forward and started kissing his way up lean muscle. He bit at the unmarked skin and sucked hard. Masaomi moaned loud at the pain. He grabbed Izaya's hips and pushed against the man. With his other hand he pulled at Shizuo's buttons.

Shizuo leaned backwards and quickly undid his shirt. Two pair of eyes were staring transfixed at him and the attention was nearly too much. He needed those two, right now.

Izaya tugged at Masaomi's jeans and they fell on the floor, revealing a sight that made his cock leak with desire. He leaned forward and bit down hard the firm flesh. His fingers pushed gently against the tight ring of muscle. The teen arched eagerly in his fingers and Izaya was all too tempted to just forget about preparation.

Masaomi moaned at the slight intrusion in encouragement. He watched as Shizuo hurriedly kicked off his pants. He had to swallow at the sight of the man's erection and his body clamped down hungrily on Izaya's finger. His hips jerked desperately in the touch. He needed more. The heat pounding through his veins couldn`t wait. He'd gone too long without them and now he was desperate.

Shizuo smirked when he pulled lube and condoms from underneath the couch's pillow. They had conveniently forgotten them there yesterday. His fist clenched around the bottle at the memory of tight heat wrapped around him and Izaya scratching his back for more. Masaomi's moan shot to his cock and he turned to see the informant already trying to prepare the boy. He stood on his knees in front of the teen and popped the bottle open. Masaomi's hands came around his neck, pulling him closer. He spilled some of the lube on the younger's blond lower back and Izaya smirked at him. Long fingers dipped in the liquid.

Izaya had the sudden urge to kiss Shizuo in gratitude. He had been seriously starting to consider taking the teen dry. They didn't have time for preparation, but this was going to make things so much easier. His tongue slid against Shizuo's urgently and he pushed two fingers inside Masaomi.

"Izaya!" The teen moaned sharply and it made the informant realize exactly how close he was. Another one of those delicious moans and he wasn't sure he'd be able to control himself. But then again Masaomi had always had such a sinful voice. Muscles quivered around his fingers and he really wanted it to be his cock, buried inside the hot body.

Masaomi's legs nearly gave underneath him as Izaya started preparing him with quick practiced movements. The brunet slipped another finger inside him and quickly spread them open, curled them, started searching. The teen grabbed tightly at Shizuo's shoulders when white hot pleasure exploded in him. He pushed back urgently. He couldn't take this.

"Izaya…" He whimpered again "I'm ready, so just…" he breathed hard. He wasn't nowhere near ready and he knew it, but he couldn't wait any more. Izaya's fingers pressed inside him again, sending pleasure burning through his veins. He was going to come just from this and that`s not how he wanted it to go. He looked over his shoulder to see scarlet eyes, half lidded with desire "Fuck me" He whispered and saw Izaya visibly shuddered at the words.

The informant had to take a deep breath to restrain himself from simply slamming into the willing body. He quickly pulled his fingers and grabbed one of the condoms Shizuo had dug out. He fumbled with the wrapper, before slipping it on. Izaya pressed the head of his cock to Masaomi's entrance. How could he resist such a request?

Shizuo didn't need to look to know what was happening. The sight of Masaomi throwing his head back and his mouth opening in a silent moan as Izaya groaned loud was more than enough. The teen whimpered in pained relief. The informant pushed slowly into him, but nothing could stop the pain that shot through his back. He wasn't prepared enough. It didn't matter. He pushed back, taking Izaya deeper. His body clenched down instinctively to force him in.

Shizuo watched as sweat broke on Izaya's face from the sheer effort to stay still. Masaomi was biting down hard at his neck to deal with the pain, but his hips were fidgeting, unable to stay at one place. Shizuo took in the sight of them. He knew it had been awhile for them, he had given them the space they needed, but he couldn't only watch anymore. He grabbed the informant by the hair and pulled him in for a kiss. Izaya moaned in his mouth and he heard the slapping of skin. Masaomi trembled hard in his hands. Red eyes opened to stare at him and Shizuo felt fingers touch his erection.

"Fuck!" He gritted his teeth. He'd needed the attention. Izaya stroked him with long hard movements. Then he felt a second, smaller hand fondle his balls and he had to hold on tight for something. His body thrust in their hands of its own accord. Shizuo groaned as heat exploded in his belly. Then he felt a cock pressing against his and he shut his eyes against the sensation. Pleasure clawed at him and he jerked his hips mindlessly at the feeling. Masaomi echoed the sound in his ear and Shizuo grabbed the teen's hips pressing closer.

Masaomi screamed at the pleasure overtaking him. He felt torn between pressing back into the hard cock, pounding ruthlessly in him or pushing forward against Shizuo's dick. Izaya was gripping their erections in a tight fist, creating friction that burned. He didn`t even try to keep quiet when someone sunk sharp teeth in his neck. Pleasure shot through his gut and his toes curled. He was sure he would have collapsed if they weren't holding him. It felt like only a few heartbeats had passed before the heat inside him spiralled out of control and ripped through him. He came loud in their hands, coating Shizuo with his come.

Izaya followed just a few thrusts after. Everything clamped down around him and the orgasm exploded in him. Everything, except the warm body that engulfed him, faded away to white noise at that.

Masaomi leaned forward, resting his head on Shizuo's shoulder. His legs felt unstable. He wasn't sure if he could step properly. His heart was beating out of control. He had needed this so badly. A whimper escaped him when Izaya pulled out. He was going to be sore in the morning. Masaomi grinned. It was worth it. He nuzzled soft skin, breathing the elder blond in. Just content to feel his body relax after the orgasm high. He pressed his nose firmer, tongue licking Shizuo's pulse. He took the sensitive skin between his teeth and sucked. Shizuo's heart was pounding fast. Masaomi felt his body respond, a shiver of excitement ran down his spine. He smiled wryly. He was just a teenager, wasn't he?

Izaya leaned on the couch next to Masaomi, catching his breath. That had been amazing. Just for that he wasn't letting go of the boy again. His eyes swept around the room. They needed to move somewhere more comfortable. A pained whimpered caught his attention and he turned to see the young blond trying to clumsily climb over the back of the couch. He would have laughed at the graceless movements if it didn't pull a smug smile on his face. Had he fucked him that hard? He took pity on Masaomi and pushed his ass up.

Masaomi tumbled over the couch and landed right in Shizuo's lap. He smirked and threw his hands around the elder's neck. Exactly where he wanted to be. The man answered with a grin of his own that send desire shooting to his cock. He found he rather liked his teenage body right now.

Shizuo pulled open Masaomi's legs and pressed him even closer to himself. The boy arched to kiss him. The kiss was slow, but the elder really needed to speed things up. Just watching Izaya and Masaomi together could melt what little control he had. His hands slid down Masaomi's back and he grabbed the firm ass. The teen squirmed in his hands. Shizuo dipped his fingers inside the tight entrance. The younger blond was already slick and prepared. Masaomi moaned at the contact, making Shizuo's cock throb in desire. Long legs wrapped around his waist.

Masaomi's fingers found one of the condoms scattered on the couch. He raised a questioning eyebrow to which Shizuo only grinned. As if he needed to ask. He tore the wrapper and put the condom on the elder. The man shuddered under his touch and it made Masaomi's cock harden.

Izaya was drinking up the sight in front of him. Masaomi was very horny tonight, wasn't he? Not that the informant minded. A horny Masaomi was a very hot Masaomi. It made heat shoot through him. He grabbed the lube and grinned. Shizuo would just have to go for another round.

Masaomi moaned low, fingers digging in firm muscles as he felt Shizuo penetrate him. He dug his heels in the couch. Heat bubbled inside him, sharp and persistent. His body was still too sensitive from his last orgasm and he could feel each thrust even more accurately than before. But Shizuo was holding so tight, taking him hard and fast and he could only moan for more.

The brunet pushed two fingers inside himself at the sight of the teen sinking on Shizuo's cock. His eyes were glued to the place where Masaomi opened up and took the hard erections. He started to slowly work himself up for the elder blond, already feeling his own body throb in anticipation of that huge cock inside of him.

Shizuo groaned loud when Masaomi answered him with a thrust of his own. The teen was holding on to his shoulders for purchase, hips moving against his. They quickly set up a delicious rhythm that made fire claw at Shizuo's body. The sharp moans that were escaping the younger really weren't helping his self-control. He swore one day they were going to be the death of him. But for how he slammed even harder, making Masaomi keen in pleasure. He grabbed the erection that was straining between their bodies and tugged hard. The boy's hips jerked hard on his cock, muscles clamping down.

"Masaomi…" Shizuo growled in warning. He couldn't take the sudden tightening. He was too worked up from watching them together. He pulled at the throbbing cock and Masaomi whimpered. Nails dug in Shizuo's shoulders and he could feel his restraint stretching thin. He looked up to see Izaya watching them with eyes dark with lust. He saw that the brunet was reaching behind himself, stretching the tight heat Shizuo knew too well. A wave of desire slammed through him as his body remembered what it was to have Izaya begging and writhing underneath him.

"Shizuo!" Masaomi screamed when the other rammed hard in him. He was trying to hold on to his sanity, he really was. But the hand around his cock squeezed tight and Shizuo leaned forward, groaning at the back of his throat. The elder man shook hard and Masaomi felt his orgasm bubble in him and sweeping him off at the other's uneven sharp thrusts.

Shizuo felt Masaomi's muscles tighten around him, his name on the boy's lips and he couldn`t hold back anymore. His mind blanked with pleasure that overwhelmed him and he came hard inside the younger.

Izaya grinned. His turn.

What do you think? Was it good? Was it bad? What would you change? What`s your favourite part?