From the TV series Manhunt, 1970. Performing Peter Barkworth as Victor, Cyd Hayman as Nina, Robert Hardy as Gratz and Alfred Lynch as Jimmy. Takes place at the end of the second world war.

"You are a veritable.. a veritable…" Vincent threw Nina on the ground and sat down on his heels beside her. "Just say it" she said in a cold voice. "Call me whatever you like.."

"You sleep inside the house with that German while we are standing outside freezing.. planning to save you." Vincent almost exploded. Nina studied him, amused. He was interesting as he demonstrated the wrath within him. "And I, all the time I .." his voice almost broke from agitation. Nina knew that he had wanted her for a long time but hadn't shown it. He was used never to display any feelings. Would he now succumb to them?

His voice was firmer as he said "Now it will happen .. I will show you.." and he threw himself upon her and kissed her hard until her lips began to bleed. Nina felt the triumph. 'He thinks that he rapes me' she thought , moaning under the burden of his body 'let him think so. He doesn't know how I have waited for this to happen.' A strong smell of earth reached them as they lay on the ground, she felt it as his embraces grew more intense. 'This is how it should be' she thought 'it's appropriate that Vincent takes me here, on the ground.' For a moment she imagined Gratz and his soft bed.

Afterwards Victor collapsed, crying and snivelling "What have I done?" –"Calm down, it was not such a terrible thing." She held his head against her chest, comforting. Love and comfort… It was the same thing with Wolf. And Vincent cried in the arms of the woman he had just made love to and had desired for so long.

As they lay on the ground side by side Jimmy appeared. He looked sad when he saw them. Jealousy squeezed his heart. "Him too? All but me. A German who torments you and questions you, Vincent who always scolds you or wants to shoot you – you can sleep with them, but not with me, who really likes you. " Nina looked at him. "Don't talk to me about my relationship with Gratz. Vincent has wanted me for a long time, you know that. And I him.. You are so kind, sweet Jimmy. You may have something too, but not just now. Now it's about Vincent."

Nina stood between the two men who were fighting for her heart. She saw Gratz reach out his hand towards her, pleading, from his prison. The prayer of the wounded and suffering – you are my last hope.. On her other side Vincent was watching her nervously, persuading 'you can't leave me, you can't, I will not survive without you..'

Nina felt madness possess her – she could not choose. They both loved her, and she had loved them both, the one after the other. Then Jimmy appeared. "Are you in trouble now? You can't choose? Don't let them decide, do what you want for yourself."

"I want to be free!" Nina burst out and threw herself in his arms. He looked triumphantly at the other two. Among two men you can choose the third one.