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Summary: Just an exploration of a growing relationship between Bonnie & Damon and how they'll deal with situations caused by Katherine & also Elena etc. Set after founders day. Don't read if you haven't watched it as mini spoilers.

Also this is my first fanfic so be kind :) I haven't written any story since GCSE lol. The first chapters a bit slow I guess and I'm sure its rubbish but I did it so I put it up. Also sorry for any mistakes & bad grammar etc.

Chapter one: the after math


Damon couldn't believe it. He's kissed Elena and Elena had kissed him back. So why didn't it feel right? The lack of hesitation on Elena's part had really baffled him; in fact he'd been slightly disappointed it was that easy. She was meant to be all moral and self righteous "guess not". Damon touched his fingers to his lips finally feeling the coldness of the kiss and the guilt that came with kissing Stefan's girlfriend, because that's what she was Stefan's. Suddenly one upping Stefan didn't feel the way he thought it would. Damon came to mystic falls to free Katherine but knowing Stefan came for Elena he had hoped to take her from him the way he felt Stefan had taken Katherine. Now that he'd made a serious step towards achieving that it hit him the reality was the hate he had for his brother only ran so deep. Sure he loved to torment him because god it was so fun and that's what brothers do right? But in truth he did love him. Damon for once began to worry about what would happen between him and Stefan when he found out about the kiss.


Bonnie had finally gotten home. She slumped on the floor leaning against her front door finally letting the tears fall. This had all been too much, she couldn't fight the feeling things would have turned out better if she had just disabled the device in the first place. She had been so sure she had been doing the right thing. What should she have done? She always doubted herself when Elena was in the equation. Bonnie tried to seek comfort in the fact Grams never would have allowed it but then again seeing Elena and Stefan running to the fire to rescue Damon made her feel the exact opposite. Finding out Jeremy had lost Anna in the fire made her feel even worse. Bonnie losing Grams had been the most tragic and life changing thing to ever happen to her and she'd never want to deprive anyone of their loved ones. In fact she'd been trying to make sure everyone's loved ones were safe. That is why she'd not disabled the device. "Surely saving mystic falls from 26 hungry vampires was the right thing to do?" she whispered to herself. All feelings of self loathing and second guessing her decisions were cut short however. Bonnie could sense his presence outside her door. "Damon bleeding Salvatore" she muttered as she dragged herself off the floor. She was already suffering so why not. Bonnie flung open the door catching the vampire by surprise.


All this was too much thinking for Damon so he opted for his usual coping methods. "Oh screw this if I want to look like Stefan with that ridiculous wrinkly forehead this would definitely be the right way to go about it. I need a whisky with a side order of cheerleader mmmmmm"

Unfortunately Damon's plan to escape his thoughts with a good dinner weren't going well. The scrutiny of his latest actions had obviously taken a tole on his conscience because when Damon looked up from the pavement he finally saw where he'd ended up. Damon wasn't in the mood to address even more of his mistakes, but here he was outside the little witches place. Damon turned on his heels shaking his head. He was about to leave when his memory flashed. Bonnie was walking home from class books clutched close to her chest with Emily's necklace dangling from her pretty little neck. He remembered how she felt when she crashed into his chest.

"Okay it's your last chance" he flashed his most charming smirk at the petite girl in front of him.

"I'll scream"

"No don't do that lets stay on point I want MY necklace back"

"Well YOU can't have it" oh she was a stubborn little thing and Damon loved it. Damons mind flashed again

"Hi Bonnie you seen Caroline?

"Do me a favour Damon doesn't ask me about Caroline"

Damon had admired her loyalty and her attitude. Damon came back to reality with a big smirk on his face. The little witch was so fierce and pretty when she was laying into him. She made his blood boil with god he didn't know what, irritation or passion it really didn't matter he needed to be broken out of this sappy guilty mood. It was decided Damon wasn't going to apologise for his mistakes towards the witch but he was going to see her. He needed that banter than only she could provide.

"Oh little witch"

He chimed as he swaggered up her front porch to her door not having time to knock as the door flew open revealing a rather irritated looking caramel skinned goddess.

"Geez little witch you almost gave me a heart attack

"Ha you honestly trying to tell me it beats" Damon went on as if she hadn't even spoken

"You know little witch you really do make me feel special I don't think you greet anyone else this way hmmm".

"You know you amaze me and no not in a good way Salvatore, you face a near death experience and still have the energy to prance round town annoying people GO HOME!"

"But I'd much rather stay with you little one"

"Never call me little one again"

"Alright alright my pretty little witch I won't" he winked at her.

Bonnie smiled her most innocent sugar coated smile and finally left her porch; she walked the little distance between her and Damon and pressed her hands to his chest. Damon thought she looked so cute and adorable but the words that came out of mouth not so much

"I'm really glad you came here I was just in the mood for shish kebab"

"Now now my little witch I know you'd love to eat me but I wanna get to know you better first okay"

"God your repulsive" Bonnie ran to her door and slammed the door so hard the hinges nearly fell off.

"Oh come on my little witch I was just playing"


Bonnie marched herself up stairs no longer sad at all just infuriated "Urg so pathetic why do I bother talking to that fool, oh i know because lets face it bantering with Damon does make my spells work much better. It's almost like a sugar rush or something and then my brain surges with ideas and energy". Taking a hot shower and changing into her superwoman vest and tiny shorts. She finally collapsed on her bed fast asleep completely obvious to the vampire sleeping out on her porch.


Damon's fun was over but for those few moments he was bantering with the little witch he'd felt so alive. Now alone he was back to speaking to himself again "oh come on Salvatore what did you really think. You could come here say and do whatever you want and she'll still talk to you. She's not Elena Bonnie isn't easily charmed or fooled" He sank to the floor outside her porch as he just didn't know where else to go. He wasn't in the mood for seducing or even compelling his way into someone's bed and the boarding house, well that meant watching Elena kiss & adore his brother all the while giving Damon secret goo goo eyes. He just wasn't in the mood. "Maybe I could try again with the little witch, maybe apologise this time. Then again apologising at the parade doesn't seem to have made her want to set me on fire any less. Damon finally realised he wasn't thinking about Elena anymore he'd been so consumed with thoughts of her just half an hour ago but it was now Bonnie that occupied his mind. He'd stalked her then tried to kill her but the worst part was he knew she would have forgiven him for that well with a little prodding from Elena. The unforgivable part that stopped them moving on was Grams. Her death. He knew it had been his fault. Worst of all he knew how much she had meant to the little witch. He had been the Bennet family's protector after all. No Bennet had ever grasped his attention till little Bonnie. He remembered the first time he'd seen her she'd been four years old. She's been so tiny almost breakable but still with a fire in her eyes. She was still that way he thought. He remembered watching her from the shadows as she ran around her grandmother's garden screeching. Sheila followed closely behind spraying little Bonnie with a hose pipe. Bonnies raven curls were drenched and stuck to her caramel coloured face, her little pink lips had been curled up in the cutest smile and her green eyes. Her green eyes had been sparkling with mischief as she ran to her grams giggling and jumping into her arms, soaking her with water. Damon had genuinely smiled that day. The two shared a love so pure. It was a love that he'd always wanted from someone. Damon stayed on Bonnies porch until he drifted off to sleep.