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Chapter 15: Compulsion.

"No no no"

Damon tossed and turned in frenzy, sweat covering his black locks. All that kept spinning through his head was the dyer state Bonnie had been in at the dance. It burnt him thinking she'd been left all alone with Elena in those last moments before she'd been taken.

Damon jolted up in bed screaming and panting hard, silk sheets twisted around his feet. He instantly calmed seeing the caramel goddess breathing softly beside him. Damon's heart slowed down to the same rhythm as hers as he watched her chest move up and down. He soon noticed her bruises had healed leaving her skin flawless and smooth as usual. Damon smiled as she turned her face into his chest, warm breath tickling his bare chest. His heart skipped a beat when her lips grazed him.

Damon ran his fingers through her soft dark chocolate locks, moving them from her face to lightly kiss her cheek. He began to run his lips over her bare shoulder which was slightly exposed because his shirt was too big on her. He sometimes forgot that they weren't an item. He was going have to do something about that because he knew it. Damon Salvatore was falling hard for the little witch.

Damon quietly moved off the bed to open the curtains in their room or more like cage. It may have been a big grand expensive place but Damon knew all too well they were prisoners. Katherine would not let them go without a fight, let alone alive.

Looking into the night sky he realised they had both slept through the whole day. It made him anxious to know Katherine hadn't come in to see them. It only added more curiosity and fear over what she was planning. Damon couldn't help think about Stefan too. God only knew what Katherine was doing with him. He soon began to wonder if Alaric would get his arse into gear and discover away to locate them. He doubted it though. He loved winding the teacher up and kicking butt with him but he didn't think he'd be able to rescue Bonnie, Stefan and him all on his own. To Damon's knowledge all he had on his team was a deceitful Elena, blonde hyperactive cheer leader and baby vampire Jeremy. Damon sighed before returning to bed to watch Bonnie.

"It's not going to be that easy you know. You can't just storm Katherine's mansion and get them back. Come on Alaric your smarter than that. Have you guys got any idea how may vampires and supernatural's, let alone humans she has working for her. You think you and Jeremy alone can stop her? Why do you think I've stayed with her so long? Escape is not easy with her. Once she digs her claws in your doomed." Isobel explained.

"Okay then why you are here and what the hell do you suggest?" screamed Caroline "and might I add you're starting to piss me off more than your freakin daughter does!"

Caroline was fuming. Bonnie had been kidnapped and all this mystic shit was happening unbeknownst to her. She was also freaked the hell out that Elena not only had some ancient vampire twin but a vampire mother who was Alaric's wife.

Bon Bon you have a lotta explainin to do girl!

Hell Caroline's head was in over spin and now Stefan was gone too which really got to her more than she'd like to admit.

The only people left to recue Bonnie, Stefan and

Ewww Damon I can't believe I dated him. Wait vampire. Omg did he ever bite me? Damn I wish they were here to answer my questions.

Breaking out of her thoughts... the only people left to save them were Jeremy who despite being a vampire would always be little Jeremy to her and thus of no real help. Then there was Alaric who to Caroline was just a history teacher who enjoyed writing huge red F'S on every single piece of homework she gave him. Lastly there was Elena the whore bag and her mum. This was looking far from promising in Caroline's opinion.

"Girls play nice!" came a low steady voice.

They all turned to see Tyler.

"Tyler we um er" stuttered Elena.

"I know what you guys were doing. Your trying to find away to defeat Elena's twin vampire grandma or whatever she is."

"Huh? How?..."

"She came to me. Seems she knew what I was before I did."

"Okay now miss slutty isn't the only one confused!" Caroline stated glaring at Elena.

Tyler leant against the frame of Stefan's door, arms crossed, before speaking. "I'm a werewolf. Apparently Katherine has a long history with us, Lockwood's in particular considering she dated and had my uncle in her pocket for years too. Uncle Mason got free but then he found out she was coming to wreak havoc back here. That's why he's stormed his way into town, nothing to do with my dad's death really. Not that I could blame him, guy was a douche! Anyway she made me an offer to join her side. Sounded pretty good actually till she told me what she was going to do with Bonnie. No matter what my relationships have been like with Matt and the three of you."

He gestured towards Jeremy, Caroline and Elena. "Bonnies always been good to me. Look I want to help besides Bons the only one according to uncle Mason that can help me get this curse under control. Her grams helped my uncle when he turned 18. She helped him find something that soothed him, which along with a potion she made him gave him better control of the curse. In his case he found the waves calming. As a result he left to travel and surf and learnt how to control his emotions. Apparently Bonnie can help me find the thing that calms me too as well as make the potion."

"Christ your families are way too intertwined. It's like a hill billy convention" Sighed Alaric.

Tyler took his place next to Jeremy who was sitting comfortably on Stefan's bed. "So when you transform into a dog are your fangs as big as these?" Jeremy distorted his face to show Tyler.

Caroline rolled her eyes and turned her death glare on Elena. She may have a vampire mum but if she was up to something it wouldn't stop Caroline kicking the crap out of her.

Wonder what that sneaky bitch and her mum are up to? Are they really helping or are they gonna screw us over?

"Now back to what I was saying." huffed an irritated Isobel. "The only way to defeat Katherine is meticulous planning. We need to find her enemies and team up. In the mean time we hold tight and and..."

"Protect the town." Alaric cut in.

"Well fine. I was going to suggest me and you talk but we can do that if you like. Together?"

Elena watched her mum carefully. How was Isobel going to help her? She was doing exactly the same things as Elena had been. Doing anything she could to be around the person she loved. Maybe they never would be able to get way from their darker sides.

"No you might as well go back to the mansion then. Play your part if you indeed are playing."

"Alaric please." Isobel zoomed in front of him talking the darts he was loading from his hands and holding him instead.

"Don't touch me!"

Isobel tried to hold it together, trying to focus on how to help Elena. She didn't want her to go down the same path she'd taken but she was slowly realising she hadn't learnt how to control herself either. How was she to help Elena?

"Okay you going to be okay if I leave for a bit Elena?"

"Wait why don't I come with you? You can say I joined your side?" Elena couldn't help but want to see Stefan right now. Things had been left so badly and she just needed to tell him she was going to try sort herself out. She also needed to see Bonnie and make her know how sorry she was for betraying her.

"Katherine's not out to have you on her side. She wants you gone Elena. I swear after this mess though me and you will sort you out. I promise."

"Or you could just take her and leave right now!" said Caroline.

"Not a bad idea." Muttered Alaric before his cell phone rang.

"Hey what's up Jenna?"

Isobel's eyes flared with jealousy. Elena soon noticed was move she herself had been doing so much lately. Isobel's look soon turned to pain though as Alaric hung up the phone with an i loves you to Jenna. She tried to grab his arm and lead him outside to talk but he wasn't having it.

Things were getting too confusing for Alaric. He'd searched forever to find his wife. She'd knocked him back telling him she wanted more than their marriage had to offer. That there life hadn't been good enough and now she was back professing her undying love for him. It was wrong and from watching Katherine and Elena's behaviour he wondered if the trio all loved to play games with men.

Bonnie soon stirred meeting icy blue irises and bee stung lips that were merely centre metres from her face. Damon looked at her with such softness but concern as well. It was a little uncomfortable for a moment as Bonnie misinterpreted his look for one of pity. She knew she'd been a state when he'd found her and although she had no reason to be, she was feeling embarrassed. Putting a little distance between them she pulled herself up, shirt basically falling off her body. She felt exposed and vulnerable and since that's all she'd felt for the last few days in captivity she was done with it. Damon tried to pull her shirt back up but she jumped off the bed.

"I can do it!"

"Sorry I er just trying to help." he said nervously. He could tell she'd been through a lot of trauma the last few days and she was having trouble with being touched or looked after.

Soon the door flew open and in walked a slutty dressed French servant.

Sheesh was Katherine always a tacky bitch and get with the times? Damon inwardly groaned.

"Katherine wishes your presence tonight. She's throwing a party for you guys. You know a welcome to the team sort of do. I need to get Miss Bennet ready!"

The girl walked over to Bonnie but instead collided with Damon's hard body in predator stance.

"Your dreaming honey if you think I'm leaving you alone with her!"

The girl soon pulled out something that looked like a black stick. As she held it to Damon he was jolted with electricity falling to the bed. Damon got up at vampire speed grabbing her off the floor and holding her by the neck as she choked.

"One snaps all it takes babe. Your should know that working for Katherine."

"Damon no she's human."

"Yeah and if I kill her we can be outta here!"

"We both know it can't be that easy. Katherine's no fool she'll have other precautions in place. You know it and she has Stefan!"

Bonnie tried her best to comfort him rubbing his forearm. Damon turned to her pulling her into his chest and cuddling her tight. Again however he could see her grow uneasy.

"What happened when you were alone with Katherine?" He whispered.

"She beat me, bit me and starved me what more is there to say!" She got defensive.

"Why won't you let me touch you?"

"Damon it's not personal it was just a reflex I just... the last few days I feel like I've become a victim. I had to depend on Katherine's visits for food. I had to wait in fear not knowing when she'd bite me again. I became so weak and scared. I'm not used to that. I just want to be my strong self again and I feel like I'm still being treated a victim, being pitied."

"That's never how I see you Bonnie." Damon sighed. He was going to make sure Bonnie became her strong and independent self again. He wouldn't allow her to feel like this anymore. "I can make you feel strong Bonnie." he held out his wrist, face transforming about to bite himself.

"No I don't want any more blood please!"

"Mr Salvatore". The girl interrupted from her spot now on the floor. "There is a fresh pile of clothes waiting for you in the bathroom. Leave me and Miss Bennet for a few minutes please."

Damon huffed before obliging.

"Okay Miss Bennet. Do you like red or green best?" The girl held out a red velvet dress that came above her knees and an emerald silk floor length gown. The corset she was insisting Bonnie wear underneath it made Bonnie groan in annoyance.

Damon walked in to see the girl pulling Bonnie into a tight lace green corset. Damon couldn't help but stare at how it flattered her curves. Damon's eyes roamed her body, from her face and the curly locks cascading down over her breasts, to her synched in tiny waste and flawless legs. Damon unconsciously licked his lips before shaking his head. He put on his new black shoes and pants, to match his silk white shirt. He resented Katherine treating them like children and getting them dressed. It outraged him. He yearned for an opportunity to kick the hell out of her.

Bonnie then slipped into the green dress. The girl then applied some red lipstick, black and gold eyeliner and mascara, leaving Bonnies chocolate locks down in spiralling curls.

"Okay follow me guys." She stopped by the door where 4 other vampires waited. They were all young and good looking. Well defined muscular bodies, nice black and golden brown hair with eyes that glistened.

God Katherine's a slut thought Bonnie.

"Katherine says you're a fighter?" one guy gestured to Damon. "From the looks of you I'd say you're more a pretty boy. I could take you." said another.

Damon growled in annoyance. He could take them down or he'd die trying if it weren't for the petite girl next to him, whose protection was ten thousand times more important to him. Thus Damon put his pride aside.

Bonnie and Damon followed down the golden stair case into a hall where two big golden doors swung open. Bonnie allowed Damon to hold her hand now as they walked into some sort of split room. It was bigger than Bonnie's, Caroline's and Elena's houses put together, with curtained off areas and love seats. The whole room was rich black, crimson red and gold. A huge length table was spread with wines, blood and fruits. Vampires sprawled out across the black carpeted floor, some feeding from each other and humans. The amount of blood and bite marks in the room was shocking to Bonnie. Others danced around the room swaying sexily to Chester Benningtons system. Damon held Bonnie's hand tighter as vampire's eyed her like a meal and a sex toy.

In the middle of the table Katherine belly danced for Stefan. All she wore was a bralet, black cropped leather jacket and leather skirt.

Trashy is all Damon could think.

Soon she was on top of Stefan straddling him as they laughed and she fed him grapes and cherries. Both Bonnie and Damon clenched their fists at the sight. Stefan may have been smiling but he had no control. Truth was wherever the real Stefan was he wasn't having fun.

Damon suddenly ran at Katherine ripping her off his brother. "Bitch for the last time don't you touch him." He tackled her down to the table while she laughed.

"Laugh it up. You're just a sad little girl who has to show her body off, dance half naked on a table to keep a guy interested and if that fails you mind rape them. What were you anyway before you were turned Katherine, a whore?"

Katherine was now fuming at Damon throttling him.

"Obviously I hit a nerve!" He crocked out.

Stefan soon sped off the table to protect Katherine who now had Damon pinned to the floor as vampires surrounded growling.

Bonnie ran to Stefan. "Look at me Stefan Stefan please!"

She grabbed his face making him stare into her eyes. Then she saw it, she saw a glimpse of recognition in his eyes. She knew it Stefan was awake and completely aware of what was happening and now Bonnie was mad. She hadn't recovered all her strength but Katherine's blood had helped her, that and she had her fury to energise her and keep her going. She had to do something. The wine glasses started to shake and light with fire. Bonnie sent some flying at a few gawking vampires, who started to scream in agony, trying to put themselves out.

"Just a little taste of what I'll do if you don't back the hell off! I'll do worse than burn you if you help Katherine hurt Damon!" She screamed.

She knew she couldn't take them down not right now but she could warn them of her power. At full strength she would be more of a threat to them than Katherine ever could. She wanted them to know that. Before Bonnie could topple the wine glasses and light the whole table Cassie stormed into the recue, with a whirl wind that blew out the fire. Cassie aimed her power at Bonnie who flew into a leather seat.

Bonnie knew she was about to blow all her power but she'd rejuvenate again in time. She would show Cassie that when she did have full power, just like the vampires this girl would have a hell of a lot to fear. Bonnie took in huge breaths focussing her emotions. She thought of Stefan being mind raped, of Caroline being thrown into the supernatural world of danger and of Damon in pain under Katherine's grip, of Katherine breaking Damon's heart, Of her taking his brother and destroying their relationship years ago, of her taking Damon and Stefan's lives and of her beating and biting her, locking her in a dungeon and threatening her town. Electricity suddenly sparked through her fingers and straight at Cassie who went flying out of the window and across to the other end of the huge fields of garden surrounding the mansion.

"Simmer down my love." Applauded Katherine.

She knew Bonnie had power but to have that level when she was so weak. Katherine couldn't help but wonder what she was like at optimum strength. She also feared Bonnie could be more powerful than her. Katherine knew she would have to make sure Bonnie had a reason to comply with her. Katherine had Stefan under compulsion and she was quickly seeing that threatening Damon was an easy way to make Bonnie do as she said. Katherine knew something was brewing between the two and without him and her friend Stefan, Bonnie wouldn't leave.

Katherine would not let Stefan go anyway. She loved him. In her mind he was a gentleman. A man who had always respected her and didn't try to get into her pants. He had listened to what she had to say, intrigued by her intelligence. He also hadn't loved her without persuasion let alone because of her looks. He was uncharmed by them. She would have to keep him and Bonnie forever whether they liked it or not.

As for Damon he was a bargaining chip to keep Bonnie in line. Bonnie had power but Katherine had vervain that she could easily use on Damon, not to mention drugs to subdue Bonnie and she was fast, she could administer them if she caught the slightest wind that Bonnie was going to try run.

In any case it made her heart fill with glee seeing Bonnie send Cassie flying. Cassie had some power yes and so did a lot of witches she'd encountered, all trying to convince her they were the best to rule by her, but Bonnie had proved it had to be a Bennet.

"Bon Bon don't waste your gift we need your powers at their maximum strength. Speaking of, I have a quick way to get to that. Stefan come here my love."

She instructed Stefan to bite his wrist and feed Bonnie. It upset her to see Stefan touch any other girl in any way whether it was intimate or not. She wanted to own him but she knew it would upset Damon. She placed one hand on Damon's shoulder holding him down in a leather seat as he watched Stefan lean over and force blood down Bonnie's throat.

Damon held back the hurt. He wasn't upset at Stefan but it killed to see his brother having to do such things. He was also in agony watching Bonnies traumatised features. She'd been forced to drink so much blood that Bonnie had become so fearful of the stuff. There she was kicking and screaming as it trickled down her throat and Damon wanted to cradle her and keep her safe. He wanted to hold Katherine down like that and watch Bonnie poor vervain down her throat and see how she liked it. Damon couldn't watch. He turned his head away.

Bonnie thought she couldn't take anymore of this but she felt her strength suddenly build within her due to the blood. She had to let this happen especially if she was going to save Damon and Stefan. She needed strength to help Stefan break out of his compulsion too. He may not be able to stop himself but Bonnie had seen it a minute ago. Stefan was locked in his own mind fighting to break free and very aware of every painful thing his body was doing. Bonnie then looked at Damon who had turned away in anguish. She knew then and there that she meant a lot to him and she wanted him to know he did to her as well.

Stefan soon removed his bloody wrist from Bonnie's mouth as she got up and smacked Katherine's arms off Damon. She jumped into his lap and tried to soothe him as he was still looking way.

"Hey hey its okay now, I'm okay. We'll be okay"

Katherine rolled her eyes but it amused her to know these two were wholly falling in love and were so ignorant of it. She knew she could use that later.

"Now let's just take a break from this drama shall we and play a few games. This is a party after all." She handed Damon a glass of blood and wine for Bonnie.

Bonnie took it grudgingly and decided to try something.

Come on Stefan! Come on! She tried to unlock his brain but he seemed so fixed on Katherine who now had one hand running through Damon's hair and the other hand combing through Stefan's. Bonnie decided it was time to play along with Katherine.

"I wanna dance!"

"Well well that's more like it."

"With Damon and Stefan!"

Damon looked at her questionably but took her welcomed out hand.

"No Stefan's mine!" she pouted.

"Oh please my brother would rather contract STDs than willingly be with you. You're pathetic and unbelievably desperate."

Katherine become predatory again but she believed she was finally getting Bonnie on side so let it slide.

"Come on you too Stefan." Bonnie held out her other hand.

Stefan crossed his arms refusing to leave Katherine's side till she kissed his lips and encouraged him.

Bonnie began to dance sexily with them both which seemed to make Katherine happy.

Maybe she really is willing to be on my team. She sure is my kinda girl.

Bonnie then concentrated again trying to unlock both Damon and Stefan's minds.

First she entered Damon's. "Damon can you hear me? If so please don't answer aloud."

"Yeah I can but how?" he grinded into Bonnie's hips as Stefan danced behind her swaying into her back.

"No time. We need to get into Stefan head. We can unlock whatever she did to him. As long we all keep contact we should both be able to get in."

Bonnie held them both as she wriggled her hips and swayed to the music. Damon and Bonnie began to enter Stefan's mind. Bonnie closed her eyes to help her concentrate as Stefan dipped her to the floor and back up, While Damon made sure to stay in contact with her, holding her hips.

Bonnie and Damon rushed through images of Stefan's memories. The first was of a 5 year old Damon reading to baby Stefan as he sat on his lap giggling. It warmed Damon to see such memories. The next was of a 14 year old Stefan giving Damon a birthday present and telling him he loved him, while the next was of sixteen year old Stefan and 21 year old Damon flirting with the ladies. Soon they saw memories of Damon and Stefan playing foot ball and hugging. They quickly saw memories of Him and Elena kissing. They were rapidly going through his past to the first time Katherine compelled him. Bonnie and Damon went deeper and deeper till they reached a black hole inside Stefan's mind. There they found Stefan crouched on the floor shuddering as memories swirled above him of present day. They showed Stefan forcing Bonnie to drink blood, of him almost staking Damon, beating up Jeremy and him kissing Katharine.

Stefan sobbed.

"Stefan?" Bonnie and Damon simultaneously whispered. Damon went to help his brother rubbing his shoulders. Stefan looked up through teary eyes.

"How what I"

"It's okay Stefan none of this is your fault." Damon hushed his younger brother.

"How'd you get in. I've been so alone?"

"We've entered your subconscious. Damon and I figured you were caged in here somehow."

"I can't break out. I see everything Bonnie. Everything she's making me do with her but it won't stop. It's my fault Damon that you got caught too and I fought with Jeremy. Bonnie I I'm sorry for whatever I do next I swear."

"No Stefan you can fight this we'll break you out." Yelled Damon combing his brother's hair affectionately.

Bonnie watched the oldest Salvatore in awe. She'd been seeing such a different side of him lately. Seeing him so caring and loving towards Stefan made her heart melt and it made her more determined to get them out of there and reunite them. Really make them brothers again.

Back in the mansion Damon and Stefan spun with Bonnie shaking into her. Soon Stefan picked her off the floor breaking Damons contact with her. Shit he thought before Damon quickly vanished from inside Stefan's mind.

"No!" Stefan screamed as his brother disappeared from his side.

"Bonnie what's happening? Please don't leave me in here!"

"Oh my god I don't know Stefan...I..."

In the mansion Katherine soon ripped Stefan from dancing with Bonnie, breaking off contact and swaying into him.

"Stefan I swear we'll be back!" she screamed before leaving his mind.

Back out of Stefan's mind she found herself once again looking at poor compelled Stefan. Damon had the same pitiful look on his face.

Katherine continued to dance with Stefan before zooming into her black leather chair and being fed grapes by two other vampires.

"Now let's get to business shall we? I need you to make some lapis rings. As you can see I have quite an ever growing Vampire team on my side."

Bonnie couldn't believe it all the vampires around her were newly born ones. Changed by Katherine to serve Katherine, it was sick.

"She won't be doing that!" Damon hissed. "It'll kill her to do so much."

"Not if she keeps a steady diet of blood in her system. Nothing too drastic can go wrong. I mean if she dies she comes back so wehey."

"You won't touch her."

"Awe its cute your stubbornness or stupidness. Whichever you call it but I think it's pretty apparent you have no choice in this Damon. But you do Bonnie."

Katherine sped in front of Bonnie. She knew her weak spot. She'd do anything to keep her loved ones safe. That meant Caroline, Damon, Jeremy, Stefan, Matt, Tyler and even Elena.

"Now if you don't do what I say. I'll stake Damon right here. Then I'll go out and turn pretty boy Jeremy and kill Elena and Caroline. I'll then go find Matt; wow his eyes are so blue." She moaned before continuing "and turn him and maybe Alaric too. Isobel needs something to play with and to cuddle after the loss of Elena etc etc. Then I'll torment the rest of mystics' falls and keep Tyler Lockwood as my own little puppy. I'll make him a nice leash too. Maybe he can share a cell with you. You remember the dungeon don't you? How about that?"

When Bonnie didn't respond she instructed Stefan to attack Damon. Which he did piercing his fangs through Damon repeatedly leaving wounds everywhere. Katherine then aimed one pointed heel through Damon stomach and broke a chair and began to slowly pierce it through the flesh above Damon's heart.

"Nooooooo!"Bonnie cried. "We both know I'll give you anything if you stop! But I want you to keep your end of the deal. Remember you said I could take care of Damon and Stefan. So far you haven't kept up your end."

"You know you truly amuse me. You have no bargaining power."

"I know but you want us to be friends right? Friends do each other favours."

Katharine sat back in her seat, fangs away ready to listen.

"I feel safer and more at home when I have both Damon and Stefan with me."

"No!" Katherine pouted "Stefan's mine! How many times!"

"Just let me spend a few hours with them both, you know just hanging out. They are my friends and I want to do things I usually do. That's how it is if this is truly to be my home? Hey maybe tomorrow me and you could spend time together one on one. You want to be friends yes? See I'm cooperating and willing to make things work are you?"

Katherine soon agreed and Stefan pouted as he said bye to Katherine. More vampires lead the three of them back to Bonnie's room safely locking the door.

Stefan looked so lost around both Bonnie and Damon. Standing by the mirror he just stared at himself like an empty shell. Damon wrapped an arm around his brother guiding him to sit on the bed.

"So what's the grand plan behind this?" He turned to Bonnie knowing she had a reason for making sure the three of them were together.

Bonnie quickly murmured a spell so softly not even a vampire could hear. The spell cloaked the room so none outside would hear a peep but music playing form the ipod she turned on.

"We try get in his mind again. We were both there. He's so aware of what's happening its killing him."

The three sat cross legged holding each other's hands. Damon held Bonnies that little bit more affectionately rubbing her knuckles with his thumb. Bonnie was finally over her initial feelings of not wanting to be touched. Now that she had a plan she felt herself getting back control. As for the rings she'd have to make, she knew that as soon as she got out of here she could just as easily dispel them. She squeezed Damons hand tenderly smiling up at him.

Bonnie and Damon closed their eyes instructing a clueless Stefan to do the same. Soon they felt themselves reaching through his mind back to the dark hole he was cuddled up in. The hole seemed deeper this time. Like the more time Stefan spent under Katherine's compulsion the further he was lost. Damon cradled his brother while Bonnie kissed his forehead.

"Stefan Stefan! We are back like we promised."

Stefan embraced his brother. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I bit you. So sorry."

"Shhhhh it doesn't matter now brother. This is all Katherine's fault."

"Stefan we need you to break out and come with us. Take our hands."

"I I can't."

"Yes yes you can. Her compulsion you can fight it. Bury it Stefan. You know you don't love her. You know your stronger now. You're not that same human she compulsed into love anymore. Think about her. Think about what you hate about her." Damon urged.

Stefan began to think hard. Memories flashing through his mind that Bonnie and Damon could also see swirling above the black hole they were in. Stefan focused on Damon feeding him his bottle before bed time when they were kids. He remembered shooting riffles in the woods and fishing when they were teens. He then pictured Katherine's vicious vampire face. He pictured her forcing him to lie to Damon. He pictured the fights both brothers got into over her, the hatred that flared between them. Stefan began to grow angry. He'd lost his brother to that bitch and he wouldn't lose anymore. Stefan's face transformed as he growled zooming off the floor. He grabbed Bonnie and Damon's hand and suddenly the three of them were...

Back in the room at the mansion. Stefan gasped for air screaming. Damon hushed him holding his brother close and for the first time in 150 years kissing his forehead.

"It's okay it's okay it's over your back now."

Stefan took in his surroundings, looking around Bonnie's richly decorated room. For the first time in what felt like forever he was back in control of his body.

Bonnie ran to her table and grabbed a glass of water for Stefan. She then turned her attention to Damon who was bleeding profusely from earlier.

She was scared and distressed after Katherine repeatedly feeding on her but she knew this was Damon and Damon and her had come along way. She trusted him and knew he wouldn't hurt her. "Damon you need to feed."

Damon looked into her eyes which held a mixture of concern for him, trauma after everything she'd been through but also love. There was love for him in her eyes. He didn't know if it was more than just friendship at this stage but she did feel a lot for him and that made his heart flutter. He gently took her wrist grazing it with his fang but not piecing her skin. He then licked and licked. It was a weird sensation and Bonnie couldn't help but close her eyes. When Damon was done he kissed her wrist. Bonnie responded by grabbing his hand and kissing it back.

"What about you Stefan?" she asked realising he probably hadn't had any animal blood for while.

"No I I can't"

"Stefan once will be fine?" she half stated half asked the eldest Salvatore who seemed to think otherwise.

"No!" Stefan screamed. "you don't understand. Last night Katherine made me feed on a girl. I can't control myself now. I'm scared and the sooner it leaves my system the better."

Damon was worried when it came to Stefan and human blood as he knew he didn't have the same control he himself had. He also hated the idea of Bonnie being fed off yet again. At the same time they all needed to be strong.

"Stefan I'm right here man. I won't let anything bad happen. We need your strength. Look when we have time we'll find you a hamster to munch on but right now Stefan..."

"I said no! Animal blood and only animal blood. I mean Bonnie's blood its witches blood it's stronger than human blood I I can't."

"Okay okay Stefan." Bonnie cooed. We won't make you do anything. Look we can't escape without the others right now anyways. We need to get a message to them like I did with Caro."

"And say what?"

"I don't know Mr Know it all." She nudged Damon playfully, who in turn started to tickle her. It was nice seeing her laugh again.

"They already know about Katherine. We can't exactly say hey Alaric come to this mansion and get your arse kicked by over 30 vampires and god knows what else."

"Well then we wait. We wait till we know what she's up to. I mean where insiders now. Privy to all the information if we pay attention. Then we can send messages to the others informing them of her moves. Or better yet sabotage her from here when she least expects it."

"What? This may one of the craziest things to come out of your mouth. What the hell Stefan?""

"Come on Damon she thinks I'm under compulsion as well. She'd tell me anything and everything she's up to. Then we can better inform the others and make a plan to take her down from in here. Easy."

"You know I thought I'm the one with the dumb plans and cocky so doesn't work for you bro."

"Yeah Damon's right."


"I mean not about being the one with all the dumb plans." Bonnie paused "well come on who are we kidding. You have some terrible ones sometimes Damon."

"Hey witch your burning me with your careless words."

"Hehehe you've missed it though and you know it! But No seriously though Stefan we can't put you through this. Damon's right the way she is with you. We can't do that."

"We have no choice. Bonnie, Damon we have to get out of here. We have to protect everyone. I mean think of defenceless people out there like like Caroline."

"Caroline ey hehehe" Bonnie side glanced to Damon with a knowing smug look.

"Yeah like Caroline what's that look for? Cut that out."

"Uh oh Stefan's wrinkles are coming back. I'm sure Caroline can sort them out for ya. Put a smile on ya face!" Damon winked.

"How is she she is okay right?" Bonne cut in trying to stifle a laugh. Obviously Stefan had a soft spot for Caroline. God she couldn't wait to tell the blonde.

"Yeas blondies good!" Damon cut in. "More than good actually. Stefan I totally approve I mean she kicked the shit out of Elena and gave Stefan a right ear bashing. Girls winning me over."

"Can we get back to the plan guys we stay still. See what going on okay?"

" yeah yeah and look at his cute rosey cheeks Bon."

"okay Damon lets leave Stefan alone now. She chastised. "If he gets any redder he'll be a tomato and Hey maybe I can even sabotage some spells. Slow her down. "

"Deal." They said in unison. Bonnie then dropped the silencer spell around them.

They'd make it through their excruciating time with Katherine. They had each other.

The three of them chuckled and just sat there for the rest for the night, cross legged on the bed like the bestest of friends. The secret glances between Bonnie and Damon were definitely more than however.

Across at the boarding house Bonnie had managed to message Caroline telepathically. Informing her of their plan on the inside. Caroline sat on the bed still and face emotionless. She didn't want Elena or Isobel knowing they were communicating as she still wasn't sure they could be trusted. She'd tell Tyler, Jeremy and Alaric later. She'd managed to commutate back this time and had informed Bonnie of their own plan to get Katherine's enemies on side. Things were being set in motion. Soon they'd all be reunited thought Caroline.

Caroline was broken out of her thoughts as Tyler spoke.

"Okay so uncle Mason gave me this list. Its people he ran into while with Katherine that hate the hell out of her. These are the few in the surrounding towns. Uncle Mason seems to think they'll be right on board. He'll be over to help tomorrow. Speaking of I gotta go too. Full moon n all."

To be continued.

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