May 2nd, 6:03pm

There was currently more than just one mystery to solve. Remembering this fact, I kept carefully looking over all the things I had on me right now. The phone was, of course, still gone – and the chances that I would get it back anytime soon were very slim. The thought caused me to sigh. I had just been too careless and was now paying the price. Now I had to come up with another way to make sure we would be able to exactly reconstruct the course of events around the time of the crime.

I was trying to concentrate, but Maya on the seat next to me was making this a hard task, as she kept bouncing up and down like a rubber ball. I think she was trying to tell Edgeworth how much fun she had with her work on the set today. 'Think', because I barely understood a word of the flood of text that swept over Edgeworth and me. Edgeworth – given from what I had yet seen – would probably have understood more than me of all the Samurai-related things she was talking about and would probably also have been a lot more interested in it, wouldn't it have been for the fact that he was currently occupied with a rather important task, which obviously caused him to experience Maya's continuous babbling as just as much of an annoyance as I did.

In case you can't tell yet, we were in his car and he was driving.

"…Too bad you were busy talking to mom, Miles, because that scene was awesome with a capital 'A'! Trucy was just a-ma-zing! Am I right or am I right, Nick?"

I heard the word 'Nick' and reacted by quickly raising my head.

"Ah- Amazing, yes, right. I couldn't agree more."

"Ugh! You're not even listening, are you?

Immediately, Maya's cheeks blew up, like those of a puffer fish.

"Seriously, Nick! You can't tell me you weren't interested at all in the shooting!"

"Sorry, Maya. It's just that I'm a little busy right now." I led my eyes back to the items I was looking over, the one on the top of the pile in my lap being the two crime scene photos which still had any relevance.

Maya saw what I was doing and her expression softened a little bit again. She brought her hand to her mouth.

"Oh… You're looking over the court record?"

"So Von Karma won't whip me into oblivion when we arrive," I nodded. "I'm already late. The fewer additional reasons she finds to be aggravated, the better."

"Ah! Right, you were to meet her at 7pm, weren't you?" I have no idea why, but Maya suddenly made a rather shocked face. Was she picturing Franziska's reaction to my delay before her mental eye?

"C'mon, Miles, we're way too slow! Hit the pedal! Nick's life is on the line here!"


Edgeworth didn't even pay this demand a reply. Understandable, since we were already driving at maximum allowed speed and right next to the cliff.

Oh. The cliff.

Did I really have to remind myself of that?

As I felt how my hands started shaking a little and tried to keep clinging to the documents and pictures I had in my hand, Maya's tries to persuade Edgeworth to break traffic-laws continued.

"You could drive at least a tiny little bit faster, Miles!"


"A microscopic bit faster?"


Maya's face fell. Before I knew it, her cheeks had expanded again. She turned her head towards me.

"Ungh... Nick! Say, something! It's you who's going to be late!"

I had the choice between openly talking about my own feelings about rushing down this path above the maximum allowed speed, or just miming Edgeworth and keep shut up. I chose the later.


Silently, I just sat there and waited for me to stop shivering, so I could look at the crime scene photo again, instead of just pretending to be looking at it but not actually being able to make out a thing, since it was, like I mentioned, shaking with my hands.

"Are you both ignoring me now?" was Maya's reaction to this. There was an unmistakable impatience in her voice. I, however, really didn't have the nerve to bother calming her down right now.

Instead, I attempted to calm down myself.

I kept my stomach from twisting by putting the documents down on my lap, leaning over them and focusing on the court record again. It didn't work perfectly, but better than nothing. Only while I was staring at the first crime photo without searching for anything in particular, I came to notice something odd, which had nothing to do with the photos or anything else in the court record.

(Hm… Actually, it's not just Maya's remark. Edgeworth has been awfully quiet for a while now.)

I took a peek up and tried to catch a glance of Edgeworth's face by looking into the rear-view mirror. What I got was a rather… nervous looking pair of eyes.

(…Oh, that's why.) I finally understood. (Edgeworth is afraid of heights, just like me…)

A scene from our childhood came to my mind when I thought of this. It had been in late spring, not too long after Edgeworth had become Larry's and my friend in the first place. The three of us had quarreled over who of us was to climb a certain tree, but Larry refused because he claimed to be a horrible climber and Edgeworth and I 'objected' for the obvious reason.

(Hm… Now that I think about it… why was it so important that one of us climbed up there anyway? I remember that we had a reason. I just… kinda… forget it.)

The inconvenient thing about childhood memories was how unreliable they were. Back then, when the word was still a lot more carefree and simple, keeping things like this in mind didn't seem important. In exchange, trying to actually remember them now was painfully annoying. I eventually just gave up and focused my eyes on the Crime Photo again.

Although I still didn't know what I was actually searching for on that thing.

There was Lana, there was her handbag, and there was the noose with which she allegedly tried to hang herself. I didn't like to admit it, but this picture made it really hard to believe that anything else could have happened... And yet, some things didn't fit into this picture and I knew it. I just had to keep trying to deconstruct it…

"Fine! Ignore me! Ugh …"

I was almost surprised when I heard Maya's voice again. Had it really only been a few seconds? It must have been, seeing how Maya wouldn't have given the two of us more than ten seconds at most to answer her question.

I turned towards her. Maya was now sitting with her arms crossed, sunken into the seat. She was facing the window, but I could still see that she was pouting. The image looked a little bit like that of a grade school kid who had just been told that they've been grounded for a week.

I felt my mouth's corners being pulled upwards once again and realized that I really, really needed to stop spontaneously smiling every time Maya was doing anything I was actually used to her doing. But this was easier said than done. Especially since the thought 'Maya is back! She's really there again!' was still hanging above all of my other thoughts like a much more pleasant version of the infamous Damocles Sword. It actually surprised me that it was like that. I had been 'deprived' of Maya for barely one and a half days after all. So, why was it that I felt like I had to cherish every little second she was there, just doing what she always does?

I knew that once everything was back to normal, Maya would be my assistant again. I would see her every day and we would investigate together in my cases. This was a fact. There was no reason why this should change.

But for some reason, Maya still felt like a 'Thanksgiving Turkey' to me right now: Something fantastic, something you only get your hands on very rarely and have to enjoy every last moment of it.

Frankly, the fact that I was feeling this way was creeping me out. And not just a little bit. It was downright worrying me.

(It's almost like I… like a part of me would believe that Maya won't be there anymore…)

This idea was stupid, of course. Why should Maya just 'disappear'? She's been there ever since I started my career and she was going to stick around for quite a while longer… right?

…Why was it, that the word 'Wrong' was resonating somewhere in the back of my mind as I thought this?

Something then came back to me. Misty Fey – the Misty Fey of 'my' world –had died. Not too long ago, actually. So…Maya was going to be the Master of Kurain soon… right? She was going to be in charge of the other mediums' training, the village's finances and a lot more tasks which required a lot of responsibility. This, of course, would require her to move back to the village…

…So what? Kurain was not that far away. And I only took an important case once every three months or so anyway. I could still go visit her. She could still come visit me. And she still could help me with the investigations, whenever she had time. It was not like she was moving out of the country, even if the office was going to feel a little empty without her…

So, where did this weird feeling in my stomach come from? This wasn't just my fear of heights kicking in again, that's for sure. I found myself sighing.

(Ah… What am I doing? Whether here or in 'my world'… Maya is just growing up. She's living her own life and going her own way. I always knew she wasn't going to opt for a career in law all of a sudden. It was clear that she'd stop working in my office one day. So, I should have no reason to feel like… like this, really… We're not going to stop being friends because of this, are we?)

But no matter how long I tried telling myself this, the fact that the mental image of Maya leaving to become a Master – a position, in which I really, really couldn't picture her – caused me an almost worse feeling in the stomach than the height. Maybe it was just because the title she was about to take on was 'Master of Kurain'. Nothing good ever came out of 'Master of Kurain'. Misty Fey had been 'Master of Kurain' for only a few years, before she was humiliated, chased into hiding and finally, brutally murdered. And Misty had been young when she took the title. God knew what happened to Maya's grandmother before that. Actually, I didn't even want to know what happened to Maya's grandmother.

In any case, being 'Master of Kurain' was never a good omen for a woman of the Fey clan, from my experiences. My talk with 'this' Maya just a few minutes ago, before boarding this car had just reaffirmed me in that suspicion…

"Yeah… There is someone buried there. Iris' Mother."

"Iris' mother… You mean Morgan Fey?" I asked, finding myself stuttering a little. "She's… dead?"

I didn't expect this turn of events. I really didn't expect it in the slightest. Maya, however, just turned her head away in a way that showed that talking about it wasn't exactly pleasant for her.

"Yes. My aunt Morgan. It happened fourteen years ago, I think… I was still a little girl back then, so I don't really remember it very well."

"Do you know what happened…?" I asked, not even knowing why I was interested in it, but finding myself curious somehow.

Maya looked a little insecure. "I think she was ill… I'm not really sure. She had been lying in bed a lot in her last days and Mom, Iris and Dahlia spent a lot of time tending to her. But one day, she just… passed away."

"…I'm sorry."

I bit my lip and felt insensitive for having asked.

"N-No, don't be." Maya told him, shaking her head. "It's not like I even knew her very well. I can't even say if I was sad when I was told that she died. But… Iris and Dahlia were devastated. Iris especially. She wouldn't stop crying for days."

"Of course. They had just lost their mother, after all." I nodded, before I put my hand to my chin. "Still, there's one thing I don't quite understand about this."

"And what would that be?" Maya asked me.

"If Morgan Fey is dead…" I started. "… then who is the current Master of the Kurain Channelling technique?"

All of a sudden, Maya smiled again, albeit only a bit.

"Well, who do you think? Iris, of course!"

"Iris?" I asked surprised. "But… When I talked to her before, she called herself the 'next' master! That didn't sound like she had already taken the place."

"Because she refuses to accept she has." Maya explained to me. "Officially, she's the current Master. But she has never seen herself as the Master."

"…Let me guess: Because she thinks she's not ready yet?"

"To be honest, I don't think she'll ever believe that she's ready…" Maya replied, looking at the floor in a disheartened way, "She keeps putting herself down and claiming she's not good for this, and will never be able to do that, and so on and so forth… Sometimes, it's really depressing to hear her talk like that, you know."

"And 'me'?" I asked, making sure the emphasis on the word 'me' came out correctly "Didn't the 'me' of here do anything to stop her from talking herself down like this?"

Maya looked up. "I wouldn't know," she told me.


"Iris and the other Nick didn't do a whole lot together when we were around." Maya told me, mimicking the way I has placed my emphasis. "But… usually, she was a whole lot more happy whenever she came back from spending some time with the other Nick."


I probably reacted surprised to hearing this. This sounded… different from the other things I had heard about him so far. Maya nodded.

"Whatever he kept saying to her… It really raised her spirits! And sometimes, it really looked like she had finally found a little, you know… 'Confidence'."

The sound of the Steel Samurai's Theme called me back to the present.

We were probably already having reception again, so I knew what was going on the moment I realized that the music was made up of bleep-sounds. I already wanted to long into my pocket when I remembered that it couldn't be my phone, since that one was, unfortunately, still lost. Before I could even look up and see where else the music could be coming from, I felt how something fell into my lap. Suddenly, a dark red phone with a simple design was lying on my legs, vibrating.

"Wright, please do me a favor and answer this call for me," I heard Edgeworth telling me. There was a hint of nervousness in his voice. "I am… not particularly fond of accepting phone calls while driving."

(Just say that you're not comfortable with doing it while driving down this road. I'd be the very last one to laugh at you for this, believe me.)

Absolutely agreeing with Edgeworth on the point that I should probably answer the phone rather than him, I quickly hit the green button and led the device to my ear.

"Hello? This is-"

"Mr. Wright? Is that you?"

I was rather surprised when I recognized the voice on the other end.


There was an uncanny sense of excitement – the negative kind – in Gumshoe's voice.

"Where've you been, Pal? I've been trying to reach you for over two hours now! Did your cellphone run out of battery?"

As always, I could downright picture Gumshoe's excited face before my mental eye as his slightly distorted voice reached me through the receiver. I was almost ashamed to answer that question.

"No, actually, it's not the battery. I just…kind of… lost it."

The reply came almost faster than I had finished mumbling the sentence.

"You lost it? Where?"


(Sometimes I feel like Maya and Gumshoe had more in common than you see when merely looking at them. And I'm not talking about Junk Food.)

"So, you didn't get my text message?"

"At the very least, I didn't read it." I told him truthfully. "Was it important?"

"And how!" Gumshoe downright shouted into his phone. "Somebody has broken into your office, Pal!"

My eyes widened the moment I heard this.

"W-What?" I pressed the phone closer to my face. "Wait… By 'my office' mean 'my' room in the local prosecutor's office, don't you?"

"Eh… Well, sure, pal. It's not like you had any other offices I don't know of, right?"

(I guess, I shouldn't have asked that out loud.)

I tried to get over that little slip of mine and continued to ask.

"But…Why? What did they want? Did they take anything important?"

"They stole some old case files."

(File theft…?)

"But, it's kinda weird, you know… If you think about it, it doesn't make sense that those files were stolen at all."

"What do you mean it makes no sense?"

"Because the thief's choice of cases was pretty random, pal. Just a few completely unrelated cases… And the files from the BD-7 incident disappeared from the police archive too, around the same time. Weird, given you never actually prosecuted that one, but it somehow looks like there's a connection between the thefts."


(Where have I heard that before…? Wait, didn't Edgeworth mention that case earlier?)

So the case files of an incident Edgeworth had spoken of to me just half an hour ago had gone missing, just today. Could this really just be a coincidence? Somehow, I had the nagging feeling that it wasn't.

"Is something wrong, Nick?" Maya asked me from the side, leaning over to me curiously. I covered the mic-end of the phone with my hand and looked at her.

"It's Gumshoe. He says that somebody has stolen something from my office."

Maya looked up surprised.

"From the office…?"

"Yeah. Apparently some files."

"Mr. Wright? Are you still there?"

I turned my attention back to the phone.

"Yes, Detective, I hear you."

"I'll meet you at the office once you're back in town. I'll explain the details there, pal."

"Alrigh-"And that's the moment I remembered my little 'date' with the human incarnation of suffering, which, for the record, I was already late to begin with. "W-Wait I can't meet you right n-"

"I'll see you in a few minutes, Pal!"


The repeated sounds of beep-beep-beep which followed told me that Gumshoe had hung up. Not good, considering that this was either going to cause him to wait at the High Prosecutor's office for hours, just to have nobody show up, or to make Franziska Von Karma wait even longer. The latter sounded like a more child-friendly way to say 'commit suicide'.

I sighed, putting my hand back onto the buttons of the phone.

"Ah… I better call him again…" I whispered.

Edgeworth interrupted me, "Wait, Wright."

I already had my finger on the 'dial'-button, when Edgeworth stopped me.


Waiting for Edgeworth to explain why exactly I was supposed to 'Wait', I raised my head. Without turning around, he told me.

"I heard what you spoke about. There has been a file theft in your office, correct?" Edgeworth paused at this point, making it seem like he was thinking about something, "I don't believe that leaving the Detective and the Police to investigate in this matter alone now would be wise."

"Letting Von Karma wait even longer is not wise either." I replied, while listening to how unmotivated my own voice sounded when I did. Actually, I would really have rather investigated the theft in 'my' office with the perfectly harmless Detective Gumshoe, than investigate a crime scene I had already examined once before together with Franziska Von Karma. But this wasn't about what I wanted, obviously. I sighed. "Also, I wouldn't be much of a help anyway. I don't even know which of the prosecutor offices is supposed to be 'mine' right now, not to mention what's supposed to be inside there or what kind of cases I had filed. I would be more of a hindrance than a help, I guess…"

"Then maybe it would be better if someone else met with the Detective in your stead."


Of course, I understood right away what Edgeworth meant by this, but my mind still needed one or two seconds to confirm that this was actually what he was trying to say. After all, it seemed a bit out of place. However, Edgeworth himself quickly reaffirmed what my initial thoughts with the following words.

"I will bring you to the apartment building for your meeting with Franziska von Karma. Right afterwards, I will pay the Detective a visit and ask him to explain the situation to me in detail and maybe look into the facts at the scene of the theft a bit myself, so I can pass the won information on to you. If you give me your written permission to investigate, it shouldn't be a problem. After all, this theft is in no way connected to our current case."

"But… why?" I asked slightly confused. "I thought you wanted to talk to Von Karma as well. Why would you give that up because of something that has nothing to do with you?"

"It will take a while until yours and Franziska von Karma's investigations on the crime scene are finished. I will come and attempt to talk to her later. For now, it is important to determine the true reason for and the amount of damage caused by that sudden file theft that took place in your office…" He lowered his voice a little after saying this. "I have a feeling that there is a possibility that this theft could stand in a more or less direct relation to your… current situation."

"But you… don't have any reason to do this for me!"

"Yes, I do have a reason to do this."

Something in his voice alarmed me when he said this. I soon realized that it was because the tone in his voice sounded somewhat like he felt 'mocked' by me in a certain way... And still, it was a kind of tone I wasn't used to from him. Edgeworth made a short pause, before he continued,

"I'm doing it to help you. You're my friend, Wright. …At least you are again. Right now."
I raised my head in slight shock at what I heard. It wasn't a 'bad' kind of shock, though. More like…a frightening surprise. If that makes any sense.

For a few seconds, I just looked at Edgeworth, who hadn't turned around while talking –a good thing, considering that he was still driving – and I wondered what his face might look like right now. But probably he had, once again, an expression on his face that I haven't seen in years now.

'Friend'… It was a term you only heard Miles Edgeworth use very rarely. The Edgeworth of 'my' world, of course…

"So, Wright?"

I raised my head a little, when I heard that Edgeworth was waiting for a reply.

"Eh… Yes, right." I nodded, despite knowing Edgeworth couldn't see me. "I guess it's really best if we do it like that. Thank you, Edgeworth."

I had just finished saying this, when I heard how Maya addressed me from the side.

"Remember that Miles and I are with you in this now, Nick," she told me. "We're not gonna let you down. We'll figure out what is really going on together."

She had her hands balled to fists by the time she finished that sentence and looked at me in a very determined way.


I couldn't even say more than that. They really cared about me, didn't they? Despite not actually knowing the 'me' they were talking to right now.

Right after this, Maya winked at me, "And don't worry: If you need to know anything about the other Nick, just ask me. I remember it, so you don't have to! … And so you won't embarrass yourself again!"

The tone in her voice during the last sentence sounded a little bit like she was expecting that I definitely was going to be humiliated without her help. I shook my head, smiled and sighed.

"That's… good to know, Maya."

"Hey! A little bit more excitement, please, Nick!" she returned, when she realized that I didn't look too impressed. "Also, where's my 'Thank you'? Come on, Miles got one too!"

I laughed when I heard this.

"Right," I told her, pausing a bit after this, before continuing. "Thank you, Maya."

"Heheh! You're welcome, Nick!"

And Maya just grinned at me, satisfied.

May 2nd, 7:03pm

Apartment Building

I leapt out of the elevator as soon as the door opened and took a deep breath. My eyes immediately wandered to my wrist and the watch I wore there.

"I-I don't believe it… We pretty much made it… Just three minutes too late." I said, sighing deeply.

"Good thing there's an elevator here." Maya, who was right behind me, nodded. "I mean, just imagine if everybody had to take the stairs all the way up here! Nobody would survive that! …Hm. Now I wonder why there are even stairs up here, Nick."

I raised my head up and turned around towards her.

"The elevator could defect, Maya," I explained. "What would you do in that situation?"

With an honestly straight face, she told me, "I'd get myself a ladder that reaches to your window… Or, if I want to get down, I'd call the fire brigade, so they can let me jump onto that huge, red trampoline they got."

"Eh… I don't think they have that thing so you can use it that way." I replied to Maya. "And, to be honest, you're the last person I want to discuss ladders with…"

"Ladder or not, there's no way I'm ever taking all those stairs. That can't be healthy."

(But an all-junk-food diet is A-Okay…?)

I had barely finished that thought, when Maya jumped and told me with her hands balled to fists and an excited look on her face,

"Anyway, we should get over to your apartment quickly! Von Karma is probably already the-"


Maya's pupils shrunk to half their size the moment the whip hit just half an inch behind her heels. She jumped again.

"Eeek!" she exclaimed, before she skipped out of the way and hid behind me.

(Well, you just had to say it didn't you?)

With Maya out of my field of vision now, I had a good view of another young woman. Guessing that woman's name shouldn't be a very difficult task, should it?

"You are late, Phoenix Wright," she said with a voice cold enough to freeze a volcano and the fitting expression on her face. She stretched her whip above her head as she did. The sight of this thing alone was enough to make me trip back an inch or so. I might have fallen, hadn't Maya been right behind me.

I put my hand behind my head and tried to appear confident, an attempt which failed spectacularly. I didn't need a mirror to know that.

"Heheh… Yeah…I had been… held up a bit…?"

Franziska did not look amused.



Correction: She definitely wasn't amused.







As I was already on my knees, cowering on the floor, Franziska finally rolled up her whip again.

"Five strikes," she said, and then dramatically pointed at me. "One for every precious minute of my time you wasted!"

"Huh… I guess we spent two whole minutes talking there, Nick…" Maya whispered at me from behind, unwittingly raising the attention of the female Prosecutor in front of us.

"And what is this singer doing here, Phoenix Wright?" Franziska looked down at Maya, who was still cowering behind me. There was resent in her voice as well her eyes. "This is a crime scene, not a playground. I demand that this girl leaves."

"What? I'm not here to play! I am-"

"AH- I brought her for more questioning!" I quickly jumped up and interrupted Maya, before she could make the situation even worse. "She is the only witness the prosecution hasn't interrogated thoroughly yet, after all. And we don't want to give the Defense an advantage, right? …Ehe…"


With sharp eyes, Franziska again looked over Maya, who was now standing right beside me. Poor Maya. She looked as uncomfortable with being looked at like this as one could look. Franziska, finally told me in a warning tone, "Fine. But don't let this kid touch anything. Otherwise, you will both meet a more… unpleasant side of me."

I didn't like the way she played with her whip when she said that. I really didn't like it. Meanwhile, Maya who was beside me was mumbling something like 'But she's just nineteen too…' sounding very upset and even somewhat offended.

Probably not having heard this, Franziska turned around and left into the direction of the apartment.

"Maya," I whispered to her, when Von Karma wasn't looking. "This woman can be very manipulative if she wants to. She'll try to turn your second testimony tomorrow to her advantage. Don't let her influence you with anything she says, alright?"

Maya quickly nodded, "Got it," she paused a short moment. "...But I can't promise that I won't do anything stupid if she uses that whip again."

(Well, at least she's honest.)

"That thing hurts, you know."

Without even replying anything to this statement of the obvious, I followed the way Franziska Von Karma went, Maya right behind me. I saw her using a Key Card (probably a Master Key she received for the Investigations) to get inside and quickly followed, before the door could fall back into its locked state. Edgeworth had returned 'my' Keycard to me in the car before, but I still didn't feel like cramming it out right now.

Maya and I entered.

"So… this is where it happened," was the first thing I heard her say, as soon as we went through the door.

"Yes. 'My' Apartment… The scene of Ema Skye's murder." I nodded, once again putting an intentional emphasis on the 'My' Part. It still didn't feel right to accept this place as something that belonged to me, after all.

Maya was silent for a moment, looking through the room for a few seconds, before she lowered her head.

"I haven't been here for pretty long now … It looks different from before," she said.

I listened up.

(So she was here before?)

She then paused once more, before a smile suddenly appeared on her face. "Still, there's one thing that hasn't changed."

"And that would be?"

She clapped her hands together and grinned,

"It's still as untidy as ever."


"Hm…" I let my eyes wander across the room. "The remains of the staged struggle are still there. The police was apparently careful not to change a thing."

"If you hadn't told me that there was a staged struggle, I wouldn't have known that it wasn't supposed to look like that here," Maya bluntly once again stated when I said that.


(How many times is she going to rub that in now?)

Maya grinned again, "Nick can be so chaotic sometimes. You wouldn't believe it! …Don't look at me like that. I'm talking about the 'other' Nick, you know.

(But why does it still feel like you were insulting me?)

I quickly moved on a few steps and promised myself not to lose even one more word regarding the chaos in here, so Maya wouldn't find any more reasons to nag me about my cleaning habits or the lack thereof. As I kept looking around, Maya finally addressed me.

"Hey, Nick."

I turned towards her. She continued.

"That white chalk outline… That's where the victim's body was laying, right?"

I nodded, "Yes, that's how the police mark the spot and position in which the body was found."

(I guess that is 'this' Maya's first time investigating a crime scene.)

"Hm… It has roughly my size…"


I looked at Maya in slight confusion, as she told me,

"I would fit into that outline too."

"Hm… Yeah, I guess you would. Ema was about your size. Maybe a bit shorter. But not a lot."

Maya shook a little when she heard that. Her head sunk.



"It…could have been me just as well," she finally said, before she looked at me again. "If I had known whatever Ema knew… they would have probably killed me too, right?"


Maya sunk her head again. Finally, she whispered.

"I guess I was lucky…"


I would have asked Maya what she meant by that, but barely a second after saying it, she just raised her head again and skipped two steps to the side. She was now taking a look at the vases and the flowers inside.

"Hm… Tulips… and Sunflowers? That's a weird combination for a flower bouquet." Maya then turned around for me and asked, "Are those your favorite flowers, Nick?"

"Actually, those are my only flowers." I replied.


"I can't name any flowers except for those two."

"Really? Just Sunflowers and Tulips?" Maya asked, giggling a bit. "That's pretty weak, Nick! How did you pass biology in school?"


(I copied half of my tests from Edgeworth and other people who read more than me, but I guess I shouldn't tell her that. She would probably just laugh.)

"Hey, you have a Dolby CD Player in that room!"

She didn't even give me time to think much about the things she told me. I quickly followed Maya, who was now standing in front of a black machine, resembling a stereo.

"Eh… Dolby…?"

"It makes you feel like you were right in the middle of the music!" Maya explained to me with a commercial-worthy smile.

(In the middle? How does that even work?)

"Hm… That makes me wonder…"

Maya jumped a step to the side and reached her hand onto one of the shelves, starting to go through its contents. Alarmed, I tried to stop her,

"H-Hey! Von Karma told you not to touch anything, remember?"

"Ha! Here it is!"

Triumphantly, Maya pulled a Disk from the shelf and held it above my head,

"I knew it was there!"

I tried to take a closer look at the object in Maya's hands, and asked her.

"What is it?"

"My three year jubilee compilation!" Maya presented it to me with a grin. "It was released earlier that year. I put re-edits of all my best songs on that thing! I don't want to brag, but I think it turned out pretty neat."

(So, it's a MAYOI CD?) I summed it up to myself. I examined the CD she showed me for a few seconds, before…

"Is something wrong, Nick?" Maya finally asked me.

I then looked up at her. "How did you know that this was here?" I asked interestedly.

Maya just grinned, "Oh, I… just kinda guessed!"


I turned my eyes back to the CD Cover, which showed Maya, releasing a white dove into the air.

(That's weird,) I thought. (I mean, Maya's not a bad singer, but… I've never been too big a fan of Pop Music. Why would the other Phoenix have bought a jubilee album?)

Maya was talking again, "That reminds me… you haven't heard too many of my songs yet, have you, Nick?"

With those words, she pressed the CD into my hands and grinned. "Here. I want you to listen to every single song on this tonight!"

Startled, I took the disk and stared at my friend.

(What? But those are about twenty different songs! When am I supposed to find time for that?)

"And write me a review on each one! I want to see them by tomorrow, or you'll have to pay consequences! Heh Heh!"

(Are you my teacher now?)

I realized that I probably shouldn't even try fighting over this with her, so I just silently accepted Maya's little "condition" and took one more look at the CD, this time paying more attention to the title.

"Hm... 'Gyakuten'?" I read out in an asking tone. (Sounds somehow familiar…)

Maya smiled, "It's Japanese. I think it roughly means 'Reversal' or 'Turnabout'. I thought it fit with most of my songs, so I chose it for a title. Japanese gives everything such a… cool sound!"

(That doesn't change the fact that you obviously don't really speak it.) I sighed. ('Turnabout'… is that really the main theme of her discography? That sounds too much of a coincidence to be true…)

Maybe it was just me, but sometimes I felt like my whole life was just a big, long line of twists and 'turnabouts'. Especially my last case in February that had made me feel like I had suddenly ended up in some kind of overly complicated Soap opera. Probably it was some kind of in-joke of fate that Maya had named her three year jubilee album that…

Still, this CD wasn't helping us with the case. I put it into my suitcase.

Just when I had closed it again and was standing up straight once more, I heard someone address me from behind,

"Quit fooling around with the witness, Phoenix Wright!"


The whip cracked just a few inches to my right. I jumped and turned around.

"Eh…" I was looking Franziska right in her very not-pleased face, "Y-Yes… Sorry about that. I just thought…"

She pointed me right in the face, "You are not here to think you are here to investigate, a task at which you are obviously not successful so far!"

(Well, care to show me the evidence that you have found here in that case…?)

"Stop looking at me with that foolish look in your eyes. It is your own fault we have to repeat these foolishly foolish investigations, which you and this fool of a detective messed up so horribly, once more. Miles Edgeworth is in possession of a great amount of information that we lack already. We can't allow the situation to remain this way until tomorrow."

"Ehm… Well, this would be a lot easier if I actually knew what we were looking for…"


There were times when I could control quite well what I was saying out loud, and there were times when I couldn't. This had been, unfortunately, an instance of the latter.

"Proof," Franziska told me, rolling up her whip again. "Hard, solid proof that Miles Edgeworth's theory is invalid!"

"Hm…" I thought a bit. What did Franziska probably want to hear right now? "I guess, that would be easiest to prove if there was evidence that Ms. Skye staged the struggle herself and that the suicide attempt was, in fact, real…"

"…Hm. Good."

Was that an actual smile I saw there on Franziska von Karma's face? Somebody poke me, this must be a dream.

"You are finally starting to show some shades of competence," she told me, then continued to speak in a way that sounded a bit like she was thinking aloud to herself. "Yes… Of course, proving that the suicide attempt was irrefutably real would shatter the Defense's claims that the suicide note was a fake... You!"

The slight smile disappeared again, as she flung her pointing finger into my direction again, "Investigate the scene of the suicide attempt right now! I will take over the examination of this room!"

(In other words, you will be doing nothing…?)


"What are you waiting for?"

"A-Alright, I'm going, I'm going!" I quickly exclaimed, before turning to the side, "Maya…?"

I found her with wide open eyes, looking tempted to hide behind me again.

"I-I'm coming too!" she stated.

Highly 'motivated' by the threatening way Von Karma was still holding the end of her whip in her hand, Maya and me downright stormed towards the bathroom door. If a random person without any idea what was going on had watched us right now, they would have probably thought that we had just come home from a juice drinking contest or something among those lines.

As soon as Maya had entered behind me, I closed the door and sealed it. God be blessed for lockable bathroom doors.

"This is quite a large bathroom," Maya soon stated.

"Well, I guess your 'other Nick' had quite a large budget," I answered.

"Hm…" Maya suddenly eyed me suspiciously for some reason. She finally asked, "Say…Is that suit made of cashmere?"

Spontaneously, I looked down myself and rubbed the material of my jacket under my fingers.

"Eh… No… feels like always. Wool, I guess…"

Maya looked a bit disappointed at first, but then gave me a slightly pondering look.

"Well, I guess that's like him… Being stingy in the weirdest places."

(Just because it's not silk or cashmere, it doesn't mean that suit wasn't expensive!)

Just in case you were wondering, yes, I had noticed that Maya seemed to know a lot about the 'me' of here, but that didn't surprise me all too much. She knew my nickname after all. It was obvious that she had some kind of history with the guy, even though I wasn't really sure about the exact nature of that history yet.

I had decided to let the issue rest for now. If it turned out to be important, I could still ask Maya about it later. For now, I'd just enjoy the fact that she didn't hate me with every fiber of her being anymore.

We 'split' the room into two halves when we started our 'bathroom investigations'. I started taking a closer look at the shower where Lana was found after the crime, while Maya examined the area around the toilet. It didn't take long, till Maya was standing in front of the bathroom window, looking like she was pondering about something.

"What is it, Maya?"

"It's just… bathroom windows are always so tiny!" she turned around and stated, "You can barely see anything through that thing!"

"That's the point, Maya." I told her, "Would you rather be watched while… you know?"

"But this is the twentieth floor," Maya disagreed. "Nobody can look up all that way."

"Uhm… Yes, right… I guess…"

She then grinned, "See? You could have made the window a bit bigger, Nick!"

(I thought we had established that I am not the one who lives here?)

"I mean, look at this tiny thing! It barely lets in any light… Not even I would fit through that thing!"

(Hm… Yes, she's right.) I took a closer look at the window as well. (This window is too narrow for a person to fit through. So it is not a possible escape route for the killer…)

I was starting to wonder where the true murderer had taken all their time from. This crime was obviously very well prepared and they would have needed several minutes to set everything up. The next spot I investigated, the shower rod, pointed towards this as well.

"Hm… The shower rod looks very stable. And it's also quite high up. It's at least two and a half meters high. It would really be easy to hang yourself on that thing. On the other hand, one would have to get up there first before attaching the noose…"

Maya came up to me and nodded, looking like she was pondering about something again,

"And there are no chairs around… You think the killer used a ladder to attach the noose?"

When I heard the 'L' word, I barely even dared to bring up my argument… But I did anyway.

"Actually, seeing how there's no wall close enough to the spot where the rope was hanging, they would have needed a stepladder," I told her, already knowing what I had triggered with this. My mind started the obligatory countdown.


As I suspected, Maya grinned and stated, "So, what? A ladder's a ladder after all, right? Seriously, Nick, you need to stop being so nitpicky about details! … Uhm…Nick?"

Maya then stopped smiling. She looked slightly worried all of a sudden

"Do you have something in your eye?" she asked me.

Surprised, I looked up.


I touched the skin under my eyes with my fingers and noticed that it was actually… a little wet.

(What? What is going on now…? Don't tell me I'm actually crying because of… What's wrong with me?)

"Eh… Sorry, if I said something wrong…" Maya told me, looking at the floor.

"N-No…" I quickly told her, wiping off the bit of tears on my face, "I was just thinking about… how great it is to have you back around."

(That's really what I was thinking about,) I realized. (... Again. This is getting creepier and creepier with every passing minute.)

I let the eternal 'ladder contra stepladder' debate rest for now, as well as the unpleasant feeling in my stomach that had become even harder to ignore now. Maya's presence and absence; Klavier Gavin, the rock-singing lawyer and little Trucy, the Magician girl… I knew that there had to be something I was suppressing, but I was starting to wonder if I even wanted to know what it was. It couldn't be anything good if my subconscious was causing me to shed tears over stepladders.

Maya, meanwhile, had carried on investigating 'her' half of the room. I heard her voice again.

"But at least this is made of porcelain, right?"

She was pointing at the toilet.

I was slightly baffled, "Isn't every toilet made of porcelain?"

"It could be made of marble," Maya claimed. "…Or plastic. If Nick was being stingy again."

"Plastic? That's a bit extreme. I doubt that even Gumshoe is poor enough to own a toilet like that."

"You never know," Maya claimed with her expression unchanged.

(Yes, you never know, Maya. With you, that is.)


I had wanted to return towards the shower, but something had captured my attention before I could do so.

"What's wrong, Nick?" Maya asked.

I took a step closer, "I thought I saw something… shining in the toilet."

"Hm? Shining."

Maya took a closer look, "Hey, you're right. There's something swimming in the water…"

"Well, let's get it out and see what it is."

"What?" Maya looked shocked at the thought. "From inside the toilet? EWW! That's beyond gross!"

"I didn't tell you to fish it out, did I? Also, it could be a piece of evidence. We have to take a look at it."

"B-But Nick! That's a toilet! A toilet!" she told me with an extra amount of emphasis. "You never know what kind of stuff there is down that dark, dark drain!"

"Nothing you haven't seen before, trust me."


"Maya, there are no dragons or mutant turtles on the other end of that pipe."

All of a sudden, Maya was silent. I sighed, "Wait, I'll get it…"

Maya was still staring at me big eyed, obviously, cringing at the thought of touching something that came from the toilet. To be honest, I wasn't keen to do it either. Luckily, I knew enough about myself to "orientate" in the bathroom. I quickly found myself using a pair of rubber gloves for toilet scrubbing and got to work. Maya, despite obviously still being somewhat disgusted, watched me, as I reached in pulled out the object.

"And? What is it?" she asked, as soon as I raised my hand out of the bowl.

I raised the object up, so I could get a better view of it. What I could already tell was that it was transparent – That's probably how the police missed it during the initial investigations – and rather soft.

"It's a… nylon glove?"

Surprised, I took a better look at what I had fished out of the toilet bowl, just to confirm what I thought.

"A nylon glove?" Maya asked.

Slightly surprised myself, I nodded. "Yes… And there's another one."

I didn't quite know what this meant, but there they were. In my rubber-glove enclosed fingers, I was holding two transparent nylon gloves…

"Hey, Nick… one of them looks a little weird," Maya told me, after she took a closer look at my find, and I had to agree,

"Yeah. One of them is ripped. Pretty badly, actually," I examined the ripped glove closely, mumbling. "Even if they hadn't been in the toilet, at least this one would be unusable…"

"Do you know what this reminds me of, Nick?"

I turned towards Maya, "No. What does it remind you of?"

"Today's trial," she told me, putting her hand to her mouth "I mean, didn't you say something like this when you objected back then? Something about gloves and a toilet…?"

"I… did…? …Hey!"

I suddenly remembered what Maya was talking about…

"The reason the Defendant removed the gloves she must have been wearing is the same as the reason why the murder weapon is lacking bloodstains! To get rid of the blood!"

"The… blood? So there was blood on her gloves…? Oh I see!"

"Yes. It would have been impossible for the killer to avoid getting blood on her hands… seeing how the victim was stabbed! So what would have been the Defendant's first move after entering the bathroom? Getting rid of this blood, of course! Now, tell me, Your Honor, if you had a pair of bloody gloves on hand, which you just wanted to have out of your sight, no matter what, what would you do?"

"Hmm…Throw them out of the window?"

"Not quite. You forget that the Defendant was found in a bathroom. And what does this bathroom conveniently feature?"

"A toilet!"

"Exactly! There's a simple reason why the defendant wasn't wearing gloves anymore when we found her and why we didn't find them at the Crime Scene… She flushed them down the drain!"

"I-I don't believe it… " I said, slightly shaking my head. "I mean… I just said that for the sake of prosecuting a bit better!"

"But it looks like it was actually true…" Maya said. After that, she fell silent for a short moment. She lowered her head, before she started talking again. "N-Nick? Does that mean Ms. Skye actually…?"

"N-No…" I shook my head. "Don't worry, those gloves don't say anything… I made it sound more impressive than it actually is back in court. Those could be here for a different reason just as well."

"Hm, then…" Maya turned towards me. Enthusiasm was starting to shine in her eyes again, "Maybe those belonged to the real murderer!"


"Well, our Nick is obviously using a different brand of gloves, right? At least the one you're wearing are different."

I nodded, "Yes. Those are rubber gloves." (Feeling a little weird on the skin, but a lot more practical than those nylon gloves…)

"That means, someone else must have brought them here!" Maya told me, "And that someone else… is our killer!"

"…Yeah, you're right." I thought a bit about what she said, while I kept examining the gloves. "That rip… maybe that happened during the crime?"

"I bet it did!" Maya said, "Come on, let's go and make the forensics dust the things for finger prints!"

I had to shake my head to that, "I'm afraid that won't work, Maya."

"What? Why?"

"They've been swimming in toilet-water for over twenty-four hours now," I explained to her. "There's not much of a chance that there's still fingerprints on them. I mean, look at them: If they were really used in the murder, there should be blood on them, but even that has apparently been washed off already."

Maya looked deeply disappointed, "Argh… And it could have been so easy…"

"I'm just wondering one thing," I had already put the gloves into a plastic bag and pulled the rubber gloves down from my hands. Now, I was tapping my chin with my, once again bare, fingers. "Why are those even here?"


Maya looked curious, so I explained it to her further, "If you remember what I said in court today, the killer would have probably flushed the gloves down the drain. I mean, even with all finger prints and blood washed off, they're still evidence."

"Maybe the killer was in a hurry?" Maya suggested.

"But pushing the Flush-Button takes barely a second. It doesn't make any sense…"

And no matter how much I thought about it, it probably wouldn't start making more sense all of a sudden. That's when I decided. I was about to pack the little bag with the gloves away to the remaining evidence, when I heard a voice behind me.

"So, you have actually managed to find something? I am surprised."

For some miraculous reason, that sentence wasn't followed by a whip-crack. Maybe she was starting to hate me a little less? In any case, Franziska Von Karma was coming over to us…

(…Wait! Didn't I lock the door…?)

"Nick…" I heard Maya whisper to me, "You know that you can easily open a bathroom door from outside with a coin, don't you?"


Before I knew it, Franziska had arrived and taken the bag with the nylon gloves from me. She seemed very satisfied,

"Just what I needed. The proof that Lana Skye was, indeed, wearing gloves during the time of the crime!"

"Actually, there is no proof that it was her who wore the…"

Franziska's face fell that very second.


I jumped, tripped backwards and hid behind Maya, who seemed a little shocked about this,

"N-Nick! What are you doing? Don't leave me to face her!"

Franziska stepped closer to us, now once again having that piercing cold look in her eyes.

"While you are cowering so foolishly behind that foolish fool of a girl, Phoenix Wright, I would like to know why this door behind me here was locked."

"Eh…" I was coming out of my pathetic 'hiding place' again and tried to stand as upright as possible, "Force of habit… I guess?

She obviously didn't buy it. Playing around with her whip between her fingers, Franziska looked at us, telling me,

"You are lucky that I am somewhat satisfied with the new evidence you found, otherwise such a foolishly obvious lie would have earned you my 'special treatment', if you understand what I mean."

I gulped at the way she said that.

She then dramatically stretched her hand out towards us, "If you lie, lie at least convincingly, I say!"

(Must be one of her life mottos…)

"In any case, it looks to me like there is nothing else of interest here," Franziska just decided, making me wonder how she would know that, not having investigated here herself, "It is time to take care of a few other unfilled holes in today's trial."

"Holes…?" I asked a little confused.

Franziska clutched her sleeves and explained, "The main witness testified that there had been maintenance works regarding this floor on the afternoon of the crime. I think further information about this matter would prove useful."

(Hm… Yeah, actually, we don't even know what exactly they were working on, right...? Heatherd was very vague regarding all of that…)

"I want you to go down and interrogate the building's Janitor about the maintenance works on May 1st. Meanwhile, I will keep investigating the living room. Oh, and take the witness with you," she looked at Maya in a somewhat contemptuous way. "I can't use an annoyance like this here."

Maya looked like she didn't know whether to feel glad or highly offended.

"I am expecting you back in this apartment in thirty minutes… You know what happens otherwise."

She was proudly presenting her whip as she said this, so I knew very well what was going to happen if we weren't back within the next half hour. But, fortunately, I didn't think getting a report about the maintenance work from the Janitor was going to take longer than that anyway… Well, except for one thing maybe…

"Do you know where the Janitor's Office is, Nick?" Maya asked me with slight worry in her voice, as Franziska was already turning her back on us, expecting us to leave.

"Eh… Those offices are usually on the first floor, aren't they? Also, this is a huge building, so I guess it will be signposted…"

(I hope…)

"Hm…" Maya didn't seem very convinced by what I had told her, "We'd better hurry…"

I understood Maya all too well. I wasn't keen on getting Franziska Von Karma's 'special treatment' either. However, my mind was still on three other things as the two of us returned to the elevator to go search the Janitor.

The first were the gloves we had found in the bathroom. The second was the theft in the Prosecutor's office, which Edgeworth was probably being informed about in detail right now.

…The third were the things I probably 'should' know but didn't know. I am repeating myself but: What was wrong with me? What had happened? The more unsettling things that happened over this course of events, the more I wanted to know this one thing. It was frightening me, even more than the thought of that 'other' me who I had been told was the antithesis of everything I believed in.

There was currently more than just one mystery to solve. Remembering this fact, I pushed the button labeled with a "1" in the elevator and returned to the building's first floor, alongside Maya.

Court Record (Go to Author Profil to Check further on Evidence and Profils):


*) Prosecutor's Badge
I never thought I'd ever hold this in my hands. The design closely resembles the police's emblem.

*) Magatama
This gem allows me to see the locks on people's hearts whenever they hide the truth from me. It was a gift from Maya and is charged with Pearls' spiritual energy.

*) Photo of Iris
A picture of me and Iris in Kurain. Apparently we were still a couple here, up until recently.

*) Victim(?) Note
Reads "Lana" in red letters of blood.

*) Snackoos Bag
Found near Ema. She was apparently eating them before she was killed. Imported from Europe.

*) Dart
A small, needle-like projectile, made for use with a tranquilizer gun. There are faint traces of blood on it. Found near the sofa.

*) Rope
Ripped. Apparently, Lana tried to hang herself with it. But it was partially cut before it ripped.

A picture of Maya, Pearls and me, drawn in my boredom. Note to self: Giving up the art studies was a good choice.

*)Autopsy Report
Victim died between 17:00 and 17:20 from massive blood loss after receiving a stab wound in the chest. The back of the head was bruised. Check for more details.

*)Crime Scene Photo 1
Check for details

*)Crime Scene Photo 2
Check for details

The murder weapon. Was cleaned with soap after the crime, so there are no finger prints or bloodstains on it left. Belongs to the Defendant.

*)Fingerprint List
Lists the people who touched the door's handle. Check for details

One of the three Badges Ema wore on her labcoat. It came off before she died. The needle is bloody and crooked.

*)Maya's Letter
Was found at the crime scene. Addressed to „Nick". Content unknown.

*)Misty Fey's Book
A picture book, entitled "Haruka's Cherry Tree". Not yet published, this is a manuscript.

Maya's three year jubilee compilation. She appears to be very proud of the songs selected for this disk.

*)Nylon Gloves
Found in the toilet at the crime scene. One of the is ripped badly.


*) Phoenix Wright
I have been a Defense Attorney for three years now. However, it seems like recently everyone seems to disagree with me regarding this topic…

*) Miles Edgeworth
An old school friend of mine. Apparently, he's a renowned Defense Attorney here. The "Him" I remember, on the other hand, was an extremely talented, but arrogant Prosecutor.

*) Maya Fey (MAYOI)
Famous pop idol "MAYOI" and member of a Fey branch-family. In my memory, she was a Spirit Medium and served as my assistant and co-council in many of my cases.

*) Mia Fey
Maya's older sister and a detective. Currently under arrest for attempted murder. I remember her being my mentor as a Defense Attorney and murdered shortly after my very first trial.

*) Iris Fey
Maya and Mia's cousin, Dahlia's twin and current Master of Kurain in this 'world'. Recently broke up with 'me'. Unhappy with her occupation as a Spirit Medium.

*) Dahlia Fey
Maya's and Mia's cousin and Iris's identical twinsister. Was the coldblooded killer 'Dahlia Hawthorne' in the world I remember, but declared guilty for a crime she didn't commit alongside Mia in this one.

*) Ema Skye
The victim. A teenager, who was dreaming of becoming a forensic investigator one day. I once investigated in a case alongside her, and even here she seemed to have a rather close friendship with me.

*) Lana Skye
The Defendant. The victim's older sister and Chief Prosecutor. Due to a weird twist of fate, she somehow took the place of my mentor in Mia's stead in this "world".

*) Dick Gumshoe
Still a detective of the local police force. Still as underpaid as ever.

*) Klavier Gavin
Leadsinger and Guitarist of a Band called "Gavinners". Apparently also a lawyer. His name rings a bell, but I can't remember where I first met him.

*) Lilie Heatherd
A Defence Attorney known as the "Evidence Spammer". Claims to have witnessed Ema and Lana entering the Apartment shortly before the murder.

*)Franziska von Karma
Prosecutor Prodigy from Germany, who was assigned to aid me during this trial. She enjoys whipping lawyers, judges and witnesses alike and strives for absolute perfection in her trials.

*)Misty Fey
Talented Spirit Medium and mother to Mia and Maya Fey. Saw a girl from her family near the crime scene at the day of the murder.

*)Maggey Byrde
A young woman who works at the courthouse cafeteria. She's infamous for her incredibly bad luck.

*)Dylan Sengage
Lilie Heatherd's boyfriend, despite being a minor. The owner of the unidentified fingerprints.

A girl. With keys in her hair. …Just what was that about?

*)Diego Armando
Most likely Mia's boyfriend. Has a serious caffeine addiction.

*)Pearl Fey(?)
Led me to Maya's meeting place. She looks like Pearls, but it seems like it wasn't really her.

A young Illusionist and actress in the Steel Samurai movie. She appears to be a very enthusiastic girl.

*)Morgan Fey
The mother of Iris and Dahlia. Has been dead for about 14 years in this 'world'.

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