The Darker Side of Things

By: Chibi - Kyo - Chan

a Pokemon fanfic by Chibi Kyo Chan © 2010

Rating: M - language, violence, drug abuse, and sexual situations

Summary: Dark Fic. Set in the Sinnoh Region. Team Galactic Has a new leader, Who will stop at nothing to achieve their ends no matter how wrong or morally corrupt. Giovanni discreetly teams up with Team Galactic and uses his own Team Rocket as test subjects for untested and highly dangerous drugs. With a world conquest plan being put into action by two of the world's most feared criminal gangs. It's up to Ash with old and new friends to stop them. But with the world being plunged into utter chaos, there is little hope.

Disclaimer: This particular fic is based mostly on the games with a reference to the show thrown in for kicks. I do NOT own any thing even remotely affiliated to Pokemon (except for the idea of this fic.) Pokemon and all it's rights belong to Satoshi Tajiri

Note: That this fic is purely written for my amusement.

Chapter Four: Together Again


A young girl with light red hair merely rolled her eyes a grin set firmly on her pretty face. "Ash..." She began wanting to say a million things but instead chose to merely mutter a few words. "You haven't changed a bit." The emotion in her voice was clear as day as her crystalline eyes shone.

The boy known as Ash stopped mid pose and turned around to face her with an incredulous stare "What do you mean Misty? I'm much more mature." He then made a muscle man pose to show off his nonexistent pecks. Which only caused his opponent to laugh.

"Are we going to battle or what?" she asked running pale slender fingers through her dark hair. Her Piplup holding it's little flippers on it's hip giving the confused Pikachu a stern look. That clearly said Can – You -Get -Your -Trainer -Together – So -We- Can-Do -This?

"Unfortunately Dawn I don't think a Pokemon battle is going to happen anytime soon with Misty being here."

The dark haired girl turned toward the man that spoke. Tall bronzed and handsome just the way she liked her men. Though she would never ever in a million years would admit that to anyone. Especially to him the world renowned skirt chaser. He made hitting on Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys look like a national sport.

It kind of bothered her how he never seemed to hit on her. Not even once.

"Why Brock?" she asked looking up at him with her big doe eyes.

Brock shrugged "Because they are meant to be." and he seemed to have just wanted to leave it at that. Which only confused her more. What the hell was that suppose to mean? After all these years traveling together and all the girls she saw that hit on Ash.

She didn't think he was ready to have a relationship, with every single girl that expressed their desires toward him he was either completely oblivious or not interested in the least, and because of that Dawn could have sworn that Ash was gay and wanted a serious piece of Gary Oaks ass the way he went on and on about him. Not that she wouldn't have understood. It was common knowledge anymore that Gary Oak was finally out of the closet and he is amazingly hot. If she was a gay man she would definitely hit that.

However watching him interact with the girl she has only ever met a few times on their journey she could see the difference. With other girls he tried his best to keep them at arms length but with this one she could see that he's trying everything he can to get closer to her. Dawn smiled a little watching their antics and while she believed they looked good together she couldn't stop the one thought that kept entering her mind.

'May is definitely not going to like this. Not one bit.'

"Hey Dawn!"

Her name being called was all it took to stray her mind away from her dangerous thought.


"How about we battle another day. It kind of seems like we aren't going to be getting anywhere any time soon with you spacing out like that." said Ash not even looking at her as he spoke

"Me?" She cried totally peeved that he tried to blame their lack of battling on her...Like hell. " You were the one ignoring the situation so you can make googly eyes at your girlfriend!"

Ash sputtered seemingly choking on air. "What?"

Pikachu and Piplup at this point shared a look with each other before looking back and forth between the two trainers. If Brock didn't step in this could possibly turn ugly.

Misty however blushed a pretty shade of pink she attempted to hide it before anyone noticed but unfortunately for her everyone did.

"Guys stop acting like babies. Ash it wasn't Dawns fault for the whole battle thing and Dawn stop picking on Ash." Stated Brock calmly.

Both trainers grudgingly agreed. "Alright. Then since we're pretty close to Jubilife how about we take Misty there tomorrow and show her around?"

"Alright! That sounds like a plan!" Exclaimed Ash happily.

Dawn groaned she really didn't feel like backtracking especially since they made it all the way to Florama Town. She looked longingly at the pretty flower field they were currently standing in silently wishing they could stay here for a few more days. It was pretty here, everyone was nice and polite and on beautiful sunny days like today it was worth being outside.

On the other hand going back to Jubilife will give her another chance to shop for more antidotes but that also means a chance running into Lucas, something she did not want, not in the least bit.

Why did life have to be so complicated?

"I can't wait." She muttered

Unfortunately nobody seemed to have noticed her dismay.