Phoenix Burn

A/N: So the Sorcerer's Apprentice was a great movie that I truly enjoyed. It's basically by the same team who made my other fandom, National Treasure. The thing about these blockbuster movies is that you want to see more stuff done with the characters. Like, just them hanging out together, but then you remember it's a summer blockbuster. So that is where fanfiction comes it. I truly love the character in this movie and I wanted to write a story involving them.

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This song was featured in the end credits of Sorcerer's Apprentice, and I loved it so much. It becomes the title of my story, but it's actually relevant as well.

"When everything falls apart

I could try, but I'd never take it

Yell and I will never be heard

You will be my phoenix burn

I could run, but I'd never reach it

Leave but I might never return

You will be my phoenix burn"

"Phoenix Burn" by Alpha Rev

Dave Stutler was a damned good sprinter. He had most of his life to practice. In elementary school and middle school he learned how to avoid bullies. And as he discovered recently, this skill was useful for running from evil wolves, dragons and the like. Right now however, he was sprinting for all he was worth to his class.

"Oh man, oh man," he muttered, dodging a taxi that beeped angrily at him. This was Dave's final strike for that class. One more and he would be kicked out. Dave did not see anything remotely fair to that. It wasn't his fault his bed was so comfy and he hit the snooze alarm one too many times. It wasn't his fault that the class started at eight o'clock am.

To be fair, he had been helping Balthazar subdue a troll that was running loose in Central Park. At this point Dave would have preferred being chased by a troll or some other supernatural entity than have to face Professor Hicks again.

Dave groaned and zipped through a crowd of annoyed looking pedestrians. The rain pelted hard at his face, and it didn't help that it was a cool autumn day. He didn't have time to grab an umbrella and now he was pretty much soaked through.

"Watch where you're going kid!"

"Sorry, excuse me," he called lamely.

He glanced down at his oversized Mickey Mouse watch, wiped some water droplets off and grimaced. Five minutes and counting. I could just use a little magic… to get me to run faster. His mentor's strict rule said otherwise though. No shortcuts, Dave. Dave knew he was right. And he learned his lesson in a very, er, wet way. How embarrassing.

Panting, he stumbled through the double doors of the NYU building. He slipped down the hallway tracked with water, nearly ramming into another student and sprinted to his lecture hall.

The entire class turned to stare at him in one motion as he entered. Dave winced and tried to slip into the back, but the hope of being unnoticed was pretty much dashed at this point. Professor Hicks was writing some equation on the chalkboard and didn't even look up when Dave entered.

"You're late Stutler," he drawled, still lazily writing away.

"Sorry… Professor…" Dave wheezed, shaking off some of the water from his sleeves. He looked at his watch. Two minutes after eight. Two. Minutes.

Professor Hicks slowly turned around, his eyebrow raised. "You know what this means, Stutler. I have a strict three strikes and you're out, policy."

"Come on Professor," Dave groaned. "It's only… two minutes after. Give me a break."

Professor Hicks looked at him in disdain. "Pleading really doesn't suit you. I had high hopes for you. But apparently you don't care enough to be here on time. Now get out of my classroom so I can teach."

Dave stood there, dripping wet, staring at the man. He was beginning to shiver from the combined cold air of the room and being drenched in rain. Not wanting to look more pathetic than he already did, he avoided his classmate's sympathetic looks and ducked back out of the classroom.

Dave sloshed back through the hallway, wishing he could just dry himself off. No shortcuts, no shortcuts, no shortcuts… He threw himself onto a bench and peeled off his dripping sweater. Dave looked at the ceiling and let out a sigh. He wanted to feel angry at his Professor (or now his ex-Professor) but he really didn't. Mostly he felt exhausted.

The worst thing about this whole situation was that the news would eventually get back to his father. And well… Dave didn't want to think about that right now. Trying to reason with his dad was worse than trying to negotiate with a charging troll. He felt himself shiver for a reason other than cold, and felt a little nauseous.

Sighing, he placed his book bag to the side, and closed his eyes, enjoying the fact that for now, he didn't have anywhere he needed to be and he could just rest…


"Ack!" Dave jumped and glanced around. Becky stood there, gazing down at him with concerned eyes. She wore a white waist length coat, and her blond hair hung curled down to her shoulders, slightly damp. She actually had the sense to prepare for the inclement weather; she wore flower pattered rain boots and leaned on a folded yellow umbrella.

She slipped onto the bench next to him.

"Dave, what are you doing here? I thought you had class…" she frowned at his clothes. "You're soaked and shivering."

"Yeeeaaaah, about that, those two are not mutually exclusive." Dave sighed.

Becky winced in sympathy. "Professor Hicks kicked you out?"

Dave nodded miserably. "I'd pretend not to care, but I kind of do. I mean it wasn't a required class, and Superconductivity is something I already mostly know about…"

"I almost didn't pass High School Algebra, and you're taking extra classes in physics?"

"Hey, I use all of my brain, remember?"

She shook her head in amusement. "Yeah, yeah. Sorcerer and all that."

Becky took his hand, rubbing his cold fingers until warmth spread through them. Dave gave her a thankful tired smile. "Thanks for the friction. I would hug you but I don't want to get you wet too."

"You should get back home," Becky still looked at Dave with worried eyes. "You could catch a bad cold."

Dave shrugged and sniffed, wiping at his nose with his sleeve. "It's not like it would make this day a…ah..ACHOO!" He let out a very loud sneeze that startled several students walking by. "…any worse," he finished and sniffed again. Becky rolled her eyes and pulled out a tissue, handing it to him.

"You're my superhero," he muttered and blew his nose.

She grinned and helped him to his feet. "Come on Lois, let's get you back home."

He titled his head at her. "Don't you have a DJ slot right now?"

Becky shrugged. "I can miss it. I filled in for Mike when he had a hangover that one time, so he owes me."

"Thanks Becky," Dave smiled. Becky kissed him on the cheek and opened her bright yellow umbrella.

"Here, you're making me look bad," Dave said. He took the umbrella from her so they could both be under it while they walked.

It wasn't raining as hard as it was before, but it was still hard enough for people to rush by or stay in the shelter of random kiosks if they didn't have an umbrella.

"Dave, you seem really out of it. And not just because of the whole Professor Hicks thing." Becky glanced at him sidelong, golden damp hair falling in front of her face. "What's going on?"

Dave glanced around. People were rushing by him, eager to get out of the rain. He lowered his voice anyway. You could never be too careful. "Well… for the last two weeks or so there've been some weird supernatural things going on. Like, more than usual I mean."

"Okay…" Becky said with a frown.

"Balthazar explained it to me like this. We have our world, and then a supernatural world where all the weird crazy stuff comes from. He calls it the Otherworld. It's kind of like another dimension. And the barrier separating the worlds is like … piece of fabric."

Dave watched a mom and a dad scoop up their three-year-old girl and whisk her into the safety of a large polka-dotted umbrella. "On some days of the year fabric stretches thinner, and things are able to slip through the little spaces." He pulled on the fabric of his sleeve to demonstrate. "Which is where sorcerers like Balthazar and Veronica come in. They help keep the balance between the two worlds and send the magic things back to the Otherworld."

"So…" Becky looked thoughtful. "For the last three weeks the line between the worlds has been thin?"

Dave looked at Becky adoringly. She was such an awesome girlfriend. She took the whole 'I'm a sorcerer' thing in stride, and she was really into it whenever he explained something that would normally sound bat shit insane to someone else.

"You're awesome. Yeah, Balthazar said sorcerers all over the place are working overtime. They've never seen anything like it. Which is why I've been tired all the time. Almost every night I've been helping Balthazar investigate some weird occurrence going on."

Becky looked impressed but also a little worried. "Wow, just like Spiderman."

"Just like Spiderman. If Spiderman fought trolls."

"Trolls?" Becky gasped. "When was this? Last night?"

Dave made a face and adjusted the umbrella. They rounded a corner and started to walk through Alphabet City. "Yeah, in Central Park. It wasn't willing to negotiate anything." Dave rolled his eyes. "Balthazar insisted trying to do that first. But it just charged me like a bull."

"I need to have a talk with that man," Becky mumbled in a disapproving voice.

"Yeah, good luck trying to reason with him," Dave laughed. "He's as bad as the troll."

Dave's apartment was small but comfortable enough for two people. It was on the third floor, above a pizza restaurant. He and his roommate, Bennet, got along fine, although Bennet would sometimes try to pry into his personal life too much.

He and Becky sloshed up the staircase, walking slowly so they wouldn't slip on the rain water. Dave hadn't realized he'd been shivering until he got into the apartment. Various physics papers were strewn around the kitchen or attached to the fridge along with some Chinese take-out place menus. A discarded pizza box was shoved haphazardly by the door and they had to step around it to enter.

Bennet sat at the kitchen table and looked up from some papers as they both entered.

"Hey, man. Wow, you're soaked. Don't you have class right now?"

Dave glared at him and kicked off his shoes. "Don't want to talk about it."

Bennet raised his hands in defense. "Just asking." He spotted Becky and waved. "Hey Becks. Thanks for saving Dave from drowning. I can't watch him twenty four-seven."

Becky pulled off her flower patterned rain boots and grinned. "Well, I do my best."

Bennet stood up and gathered his papers. "I'm gonna finish these in my room. Have fun you two." He winked and walked into his bedroom, closing the door.

Dave rolled his eyes. "I need to get changed before I catch hypothermia." Dave wandered into his room and pulled open a draw to get some clothes out. Becky followed and sat down on his bed. Dave's room was a mishmash of geeky paraphernalia. Star Wars and B-movie posters were slathered on his wall. Physics textbooks were piled on his desk along with various Sci-fi and fantasy novels.

Dave peeled off his clinging shirt and threw into onto a soaking pile on the floor. Becky sat there with a small smirk on her face. Dave raised an eyebrow at her. "If you're gonna watch, I charge a fee."

Becky crossed her arms. "Just enjoying the show."

Dave laughed and he pulled on a dry shirt and his favorite red sweater. "Sorry toots, I'm too cold right now to be in bare skin for long."

"Well, maybe we can warm things up a little later," Becky said, waggling her eyebrows.

Dave's mouth curled into a smile and he plopped down next to her on the bed. Their lips met in a deep kiss for moment. He pulled Becky close, nuzzling her golden hair. Becky in turn buried her face into the shoulder of his worn and slightly frayed red jacket. Its smell was mingled with charcoal and fabric softener, and a distinct sweet smell she couldn't place. It smelled like him.

"Are you sure you want to be the girlfriend of an all-powerful sorcerer?" she heard Dave mumble. "It could be more trouble than I'm worth."

Becky pulled back and studied his face. She knew it well; she knew its little nuances. And right now he was trying to hide a troubled expression.

Becky placed a hand on his cheek, meeting his gentle brown eyes with her blue ones.

"You're a physics nerd before you're a sorcerer to me." She patted his cheek. "You say stupid things sometimes. If I didn't think the trouble was worth you, do you think I'd be here right now?"

Dave smiled down at her and brushed a strand of blond hair from her face. "You're the most kick ass girlfriend ever."

"So I've been told."

They leaned in to kiss again when there was a sudden thumping sound at the window as if something had slammed into it. Dave frowned and glanced over. Rain pelted against the glass but he couldn't see anything outside. Becky and Dave glanced at each other and both rose to go to the window. Dave peeked outside and blinked in surprise.

On the fire escape a pure white pigeon stared up at him, flapping its wings in earnest. A small piece of paper was attached to its leg. Dave quickly opened the window and pulled the shivering bird inside. He undid the paper and put the pigeon on his desk. It shook itself and paced back at forth. Becky sat down on the chair and pet it, and it cooed happily.

Dave unrolled the piece of paper and scanned it over quickly. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Becky. "It's from Balthazar. He says it's urgent, and I need to get to him and Veronica immediately. I could be in danger."

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