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Gibbs was downstairs making coffee when he heard a scream pierce the quiet air of the house. He grabbed his gun off the table and rushed up the stairs while the screaming continued.

Gibbs flung open the door of his room, gun drawn, but he saw nothing out of the ordinary besides a shaking and screaming Abby sitting up in his bed, staring wide-eyed at the floor in front of his feet. He lowered his gun and began to cross the room but Abby's screams changed from an incoherent mess to "No! Gibbs! They will eat you! You have to kill them! Help, Gibbs, help! They are going to eat me! Gibbs! Help!"

Gibbs was confused. He stopped and did not move closer to her, but he looked at her eyes. She was still staring at his feet. He looked down and saw nothing but the old carpet.

"Abby, calm down, there is nothing there."

"Yes, there is, Gibbs, and they are going to EAT me if you don't KILL them!" Abby could not be calmed. Gibbs could see that she was in hysterics and he didn't know what to do. He couldn't figure out what she was screaming about or how to calm her, since she didn't want him to come near her.

Then it hit him.

The fever was causing her to hallucinate.

She was seeing something that he could not see and whatever it was scared her. He remembered a time that this had happened to Kelly. He had handled the situation then, and he was certain he could do it now.

"Ok, what are they, Abby? What is going to eat you if I don't kill them?"

"SNAKES! Everywhere! Snakes! Gibbs, HELP!"

Not particularly wanting to put holes into his floor, Gibbs set his gun down on the dresser and began to stomp around his room. "Am I getting them, Abbs? Am I killing them?"

"Gibbs! There are too many! You can't get them all!"

"Oh, yes, I will!" He continued to stomp around, and each time his foot hit the ground he yelled, "Got one!" He then made a show of scooping up bunches of the invisible creatures and throwing out of the room.


Gibbs stepped to the bed and pretended to grab and rip apart the invisible snakes. "There! Now they are all gone! Aren't they?" He turned and looked at her.

"Yes, thank you Gibbs." Then she fell back on the pillow, exhausted, and was immediately asleep.

The pretend danger conquered, Gibbs pulled his old armchair up beside the bed, sat down, and pulled out his cell phone.

"Doctor Mallard here."

"Ya, Duck, it's me."

"Ah, Jethro, how is our Abigail?"

"Well, we just had an interesting experience, and I need to know if I need to take her to the hospital or if she will be ok here."

"Oh dear. Well, what happened?"

"She just hallucinated that there were snakes in the room. She went into hysterics and was screaming that they were going to eat her."

"Well, does she still see them?"


"Why not?"

"She's asleep."

"Jethro, more information please, How did you get her to fall asleep if she was in hysterics?"

"I killed them."

"What? You killed what?"

"The invisible snakes."

"Oh, Jethro how clever! Well, I believe that our young Abigail will be fine. That was probably just her body fighting off the worst of the fever. It should go down after that. Just put a cool cloth on her head and let her sleep it off. If she wakes up and is still hallucinating, then we have a problem. But I think she is in good hands with you and does not need a hospital."

"Ok so you think the fever will start to go down and she will be fine?"

"Yes, she will probably be back to normal in a few days."

"Normal. That's a good joke, Duck."

"Oh, Jethro, you know what I mean. Her normal self."

"Ok, thanks Duck."

He hung up and went to his bathroom to get a washcloth. He wet it and placed it on Abby's forehead. She stirred but did not wake up. He sat back in his chair and resumed his vigil, praying that he wouldn't have to kill any more snakes for a long time.

A/N#2: I am not a doctor. I do not know if a person hallucinating because of a fever would have to go to a hospital or not, but it happened to my sister a long time ago and I do not think that she went. Plus, it's my story and that is how it's going so…ya. I don't know if this is complete yet. But I think it is. So it's being marked complete, for now, at least. Thanks for reading!