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"Hiccup!" stoick yelled

"What possessed you to mate with this devil?"

There was anger in Hiccups eyes as his father finished the sentence. He wondered if he was the only smart one in the entire village. Considering he told everyone why he mated with Toothless and yet they still ask.

"I already told you. We loved each other and we took this to a sexual level! Why can't anyone listen the first time I tell you people something?"

"You are- WERE going to be the chief of the village, but now seeing that you have decided not to mate with a human female but instead with a dragon! Now there is only one other alternative for you." Stoick said

"What did he mean by…?" Toothless stopped in mid sentence understanding what Hiccup's father meant,

No, anything but that, how can he do that? It's unreasonable especially to his ONLY son! The dragon thought

Hiccup, not clearly hearing what his father said asked,

"What are you going to do with me now that I have mated with another creature that is not human?"

"You will be exiled for the village. Never come back here again." He said, almost tearing up as he spoke.

"If that's what you want, to let you exiled your only son." Hiccup said to his father

"Yes. You're not a Viking. You're not my son. This time I mean it."

Astrid, who was next to Stoick couldn't believe what the man just did. It's not fair. It's not fair. She thought. The blond Viking needed to stop this ridicules situation.

"Stoick it's not only Hiccup, it's all of us!" Astrid yelled.

"What are you talking about, Astrid?" Stoick asked, with a puzzled look.

"Me, Fishlegs, Snotlout, The Twins, we too mated with our dragons. If you exile Hiccup then you need to exile all of us!"

Stoick couldn't possible exile all the teens. If he did that then there will be no new generation of Viking. He was forced to make a discussion with the elders.

"Give me time to speak with the elders." Stoick said and walked over to the elders. Astrid and the other teens walked over to Hiccup.

"So uh... you guys also mated with your dragons?" Hiccup asked all the teens nodded. "How long have you guys kept this a secret?"

"We all kept it a secret for awhile now." Fishlegs said.

"Yeah it was going to be kept secret but until Astrid had to rat us out." Tuffnut angrily said.

"Listen it wouldn't of have been fair to see Hiccup get exiled and we stay. And pulse it would of gotten out sooner or later." Astrid replied back to Tuffnut.

"What ever it doesn't matter now. We are all going to be exiled."

"You don't know that for sure. They could change their minds." Fishlegs said, trying to keep a positive attitude

After a whole two hours Stoick returned to the teens.

"The elders and I have decided. After countless arguments we have decided that you will not be put into exile."

Everyone's faces were filled with excitement. But before they could jump for joy Stoick continued speaking.

"But we still want grandchildren, because we, as a village need to survive. Do we have a deal?"

"Deal" Hiccup and the other teens said.

"Good" Stoick replied, with a smile, knowing that future generations will come.

Odin, give the village strength, to be able to sleep in the many nights to come.

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