This is after Breaking Dawn, this happened two years after. Paul didn't imprint on Rachel. Enough of the update, hope you like it. Enjoy :)

Summary: Malie a Volturi guard isn't happy with her mate Alec so she decides to take a break in Forks, Washington. Surprises at every turn as Malie discovers sometimes love is hard to get and hard to lose. What will Malie do to make her life return back to normal? What will the people who love her do to make her stay with them? AU

The oldest person I know is more than one person. They are Caius, Marcus, and Aro. Let's start with Aro he is a very power hungry person (well vampire but you know what I mean, hopefully). That's the reason why I'm telling you all this. He turned me into a vampire when he first seen how fast I was as a human; also my beauty was so unusual for someone of my age that he couldn't resist turning me into one of 'them'. Now Marcus he is a very plain vampire but he doesn't mind a good fight. Lastly Caius is very cruel he once gave me a scar on my back because I didn't do as I was ordered. Caius loves to kill people or anyone in general.

I look around and sigh no one went around these parts so I'm safe for now. My name is Malie and I have blood red eyes normally. My hair is black and straight that reaches down to my back. I look again if anyone is coming. I sigh and flip open my cell phone that Edward Cullen gave me the last time he seen me. I scroll through the names to find Edward's name.

I press the call button and put it up to my ear.

"Can't come to the phone, leave me a message," says Edward as Malie listens intently.

"Who did you just call," asks Alec, walking towards her.

Malie fumbles as she closes her phone and puts it in her pocket. Malie turns away from Alec so he won't get her phone, though it was a failed attempt. Alec runs around her, slips his hand in her pocket and retrieves the phone.

"Who's this," asks Alec showing Malie the phone.

"It's my friend Edward," answers Malie, a little scared.

"Cullen," Alec assumes. "I don't want you talking to anyone from that coven especially him."

"No it's another Edward I know," Malie lies, looking at Alec calmly.

Alec nods and pulls Malie in for a hug as he kisses her vigorously. When he stops, Malie sighs, sad he did so. Alec faces forward as he grabs Malie's hand. Alec and Malie start to walk toward Jane who is standing outside the room where Aro, Marcus, and Caius are.

"Why aren't you inside sister," asks Alec, his face showing concern.

"They made all the guards leave so they could talk awhile," replies Jane dryly as she stares at the door waiting for it to be finally open.

Alec nods understanding. Alec turns to Malie and smiles softly kissing her on the cheek. Jane makes a gagging noise as Alec kisses Malie again for several more minutes. Finally the doors are open and the three walk in. If Malie could have blushed she would have been dark pink as she walked in.

"My dear what is wrong," asks Aro, as he walks up to Malie, his hand extended towards her. Malie let's Aro take her hand as he read her thoughts. Aro smiles and says, "You and Alec have passionate love for each other."

Malie looks at him curiously but doesn't say a word. Alec holds her other hand and squeezes it lightly. Couple day later Malie boards an airplane to Forks, Washington to stay with the Cullen's for a while. After the last stop Malie puts her brown contacts making her eyes looking bloody. Malie shakes her head and puts in blue contacts to make her eyes purple like another vampire in Volterra named Heidi.

She walks into the airport and looks around, curious and amazed she had never seen an airport before, well except one time but not as well as she would like it.

"Malie," says someone behind her.

Malie turns around startled. "Carlisle, you scared me." Then realization hits her, why is Carlisle here instead of Edward. "Where is Edward he said he would pick me up?" asks Malie, worried.

"He is taking care of his mate and their child back at home," says Carlisle, calmly.

"Oh," says Malie, her face falling as she tries to imagine Edward's mate and daughter. They finally get there when Edward and the other Cullen's come out. A child is being held by a tan man who Malie assumes is Edward's child and the woman next to Edward with brown long hair is his mate, Bella Cullen.

"You're right," says Edward answering Malie's thoughts. "My daughter's name is Renessmee Cullen."

"Oh," Malie muses.

Edward walks up to Malie and gives her a hug. "Welcome back," he whispers as he hugs her. Malie smiles and walks over to where Carlisle is. Renessmee walks up to Malie with the 'tan man' following behind her. Malie flips open her phone to find Jacob Black- beta's number. She calls it and they all hear a ringing sound. Jacob picks up and Malie smiles.

"Hello Jacob," says Malie softly her voice smooth and gentle. Bella thinks, "She reminds me of Jane they way she talks."

Jacob nods and looks down at Renessmee who is looking up at Malie interestedly. Malie picks up Renessmee and coos to her in Italian. Bella goes forward to try to get her daughter back but Malie doesn't let go of the child. Malie then sets the little girl down as to have the little girl ask her questions, properly.

"Where did you come from," asks Renessmee looking at Malie with her eyes sparkling.

Before Malie answers they all go inside.

"I'm part of the Volturi guard," responds Malie smiling at the younger girl.

"How do you know my daddy," is the next question she asks.

"Well before you were born, your daddy left your mom thinking that it was the right thing to do, and that's when I first met your father," answers Malie hoping it was a sufficient answer for the intelligent girl.

"Last question, what is your power," says Renessmee her eyes looking up at Malie expectantly.

Malie bits her lip, "My power is to be able to get powers from other vampires. I could also change the powers that I get from other vampires. Though I could take away the powers of vampire for forever or a couple days. Can I tell you a story?"

Renessmee nods excitedly.

"Well in the guard there is a girl named Jane who I got angry at one day so without meaning to I took away her powers. She was so powerless but after a week of no powers they came back to her enjoyment," says Malie smiling.

"Wow," says Bella, "you can actually do that," she marvels.

Malie nods, "Yes though now with all the vampires I encountered I have a lot of powers making it difficult to decide what power to use in killing my victim."

Renessmee looks shocked but soon has a smile on her face again. The next day Bella and Edward are lying down in their bed, talking.

"So Malie," is all Bella says.

"What about her?" replies Edward looking at Bella with his eyebrow up?

"What's so special about her," blurts out Bella hiding her face in a pillow.

"Oh nothing really I just happen to relate to her that's all," says Edward sighing at his mate's jealousy.

Somewhere in the woods is Malie sitting on the edge of a cliff.

"Go back to your side," growls someone.

Malie turns around looking horrified. "Don't kill me," thinks Malie as she looks at the large tan man.

"Leave her alone," says Jake going to the terrified Malie. Malie can't move so is picked up by Jacob. Malie is whimpering quietly. Jake takes her back to the Cullen's house.

"What happened," exclaims Esme looking at the distraught Malie.

"Sam caught her on our land then she had a spasm attack," replies Jake putting the little girl on the couch.

"Oh my," exclaims Esme going over to Malie's side to talk to her.

"Oh yeah Edward here's a warning Paul imprinted on Malie so you know," says Jake to Edward as he leaves the house to go to Edward's and Bella's cottage to get Renessmee.

The next day Bella and Edward are talking.

"Why did he tell you," asks Bella looking at Edward suspiciously.

Edward shrugs and lies "I don't know why he told me."

Meanwhile Jake rolls his eyes while he patrols with Paul. As soon as they are done they go to Sam's house.

Jake groans, "I want to write a suicide note so bad, but since I have Nessie I know how you feel Paul."

Paul smiles and says wondering, "I wonder when I can see her again I'm dying to see her again."

"In due time," says Jake, "in due time."

Hope you liked it. I enjoyed writing this chapter and I hope it was a joy to read as well.