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Edward laughs at his daughter's thoughts when Renessmee clambers onto her older sister's lap. Malie chuckles at the similarities between the two sisters. Both liked and were imprinted on by werewolves. Both have a wonderful father. Though the two girls are so alike why does she feel like that something is missing? She then looked at her father as he talked to Bella affectionately. That was what was missing her mother, who died a couple years after she 'died'.

While she is thinking she looks at the scene around her and smiles. Who was she going to pick over-protective, over sensual Alec or also very protective, emotionally charged Paul? That was going to be on her mind till close to the end of the next month. Will she choose Alec or Paul?

As I relax by my sister I think about what I should do. Should I pick Alec or Paul. If I pick Alec, I will have to go back to Italy and my old ways. If I pick Paul I will be here and I will stay with my new ways. Currently I smiled, remembering my bronze eyes that had formed during my stay here, it was strange to not feed on humans but I got used to it.

My dad looks at me and smiles, "You are thinking aren't you."

I nod and look at my dad as he looks back at me.

"What are you thinking," my dad asked, frustrated that he could no longer hear my thoughts.

I giggle and say,"Just thinking about who I should stay with, because if I stay with Paul I can be with you guys and also my new ways go back to Alec and I will go back to by red-eyed ways, which I do not want."

"Maybe you will get both people," Her father suggests. "Bella got that."

I look at my dad confused.

"She got me and she has Jake who is around her," my father explains.

"Oh," I say, thoughtfully. "That would be interesting if that did happen."

Renessmee looks at her older sister and said quietly in a sing song voice, "They are coming, Jakey and Paul."

"Really," I say, cheerfully thinking about her Paul. Oh how it would be nice to have them both.

Renessmee nods, replying happily, "Yes, they are coming."

Then both Jake and Paul walk into the house, Paul walks over to me and picks me up. I laugh halfheartedly which makes him put me down.

"What's wrong babe," Paul asks, looking at her worried.

"Oh, nothing just that I miss you that's all," I reply.

Once more Paul hugs Malie, and she slowly but surely relaxes, happy and glad that he is alright for the time being. I will choose both for if I choose one I will live a life of horrible suffering though if I choose both I have all the happiness in the world.

Paul then sits down putting Malie on her lap.

"So are you doing anything exciting," Paul asked as he watched what was on television.

"Not really except trying to figure out where I should stay," Malie replies. "Stay here in Forks or go back to Italy."

"Stay here," Paul said. "I can't live without you."

"I know, and that's what's hard about making my decision," Malie tells him.

Paul kisses her neck. "Stay here, with me and you know everyone else."

Malie smiled, "I guess it should be easy to choose."

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