"Light, we both are murderers – you and I", Soichiro Yagami said harshly. "See you in Hell."

His words sounded very terminal and his appearance didn't show any mercy or compassion to Light, his own 18-year-old son, who sat on the back seat of the car staring at his father eyes opened wide of horror. Soichiro Yagami had stopped the car and turned on the front seat towards his son and pointed the barrel of a gun at his forehead. Light had tried to talk sense to his father and desperately asked him to spare his life by offering clever theories – that made sense – to support his innocence. But Soichiro Yagami seemed to be serious about this and not intended to change his mind. He had not listened to his son. He had only said that he was going to shoot Light and after that himself.

Soichiro Yagami pulled the trigger. Misa screamed aloud next to Light on the back seat.

Light couldn't let out any sound. For a moment everything froze. He was totally petrified. They say that you can see your whole life floating before your eyes at the moment of your death but Light didn't see anything like that. His mind was completely empty of thoughts. He was too scared to think of anything reasonable. He only stared forward and gasped. His own father had shot him!

But Light did not bleed. He didn't feel any pain.

It was silent as the grave. Light's ears were temporarily almost deaf because of the loud bang that the gun had made. But he wasn't dead. He stared at his father and his eyes were wide and frightened. His mouth was opened to let out a mute scream of horror. Soichiro Yagami still pointed at Light's forehead with the gun. Light noticed that the barrel of the gun gave off smoke. His father had shot him for real but apparently he hadn't used a real cartridge.

"A blank….?" Light breathed. He also noticed that his own voice sounded a lot higher and thinner than usual.

Soichiro Yagami turned forward on his seat. "Thank God…" he sighed sounding very relieved.

"What do you mean, dad?" Light asked timidly. He leered around. The car was parked in the middle of no-where and Light couldn't see any traffic or people anywhere. His father had said that he would take Light and Misa to their execution since L had discovered them being guilty. He had said that they where Kira and the second Kira. But on their way to their execution Soichiro Yagami had stopped the car and said that he wanted to spare Light from the execution by shooting his own son himself. Light was exceptionally intelligent young man but he didn't immediately understand what was this all about. Wouldn't he and Misa be killed?

"Forgive me, you two…" Soichiro Yagami said sounding haggard. He leaned his face against the wheel. "This was the only way to end your confinement… Please try to understand that I did it only because I really believe that you are innocent."

And yet Light didn't understand what this was all about. He and Misa exchanged one abashed and relieved glance with each other.

"Did you see that, Ryuzaki?" Soichiro Yagami asked someone that wasn't Misa or Light. "I did exactly as you told me to do and I'm still alive." Soichiro Yagami's voice sounded relieved.

Light tried to see Ryuzaki but he soon understood that Ryuzaki wasn't here but was monitoring the events via some camera that was installed in the car. Light wasn't surprised at all when he now heard Ryuzaki replying to his father.

"Exactly", Ryuzaki said with his monotonic tone. "Brilliant acting, Yagami-san. If Amane Misa was the second Kira who can kill by knowing only the person's face, I assume that she would have killed you before you shot Light-kun. And the same goes with Light-kun if he was Kira. The Kira I know would even kill his own father if needed. Of course… it's possible that Light-kun realized it was an act before you could shoot… But I'll end their confinement, as promised."

Now Light started to understand. They had been released from the confinement and brought here so that L would have the certainty of Misa and Light's innocence. Apparently the agreement between Light's father and L had been that Misa and Light would be released from the confinement if any of them didn't kill Soichiro Yagami as he threatens Light's life. So L had believed that Light would have killed his own father to escape. And Soichiro Yagami, his father, had agreed to follow L's plan since he had already been convinced of Light's innocence. He had been sure of that he wouldn't die. Light was grateful of his father's belief in his innocence. But Light was mad at L for that he had put him to go through all of this. Light had really been scared – almost scared to death – and Soichiro Yagami had probably not been pleased to scare his son like this either.

"Amane Misa will be kept under surveillance after this until everything is clear", Ryuzaki, L, continued speaking. "We have several pieces of evidence to connect her to the second Kira, although she is convincing her innocence."

Misa tossed her long, blond hair biliously and snapped: "What? You are still suspecting me?"

Soichiro Yagami told Misa that she could live her normal life but only be surveyed until the things would be settled. He said that Misa could think the surveillance as protecting. Misa's mood changed immediately into a better. Her moods had always been pretty varying. From time to time she became happy about very little things but then she also had a terrible temper. It was easy to make her angry if you knew how to do it.

"And as I promised…" Ryuzaki kept speaking, ignoring Misa completely. "…I'll arrange so that I can be together with Light-kun 24 hours a day to solve the Kira-case."

Light's face brightened. He wasn't mad at L anymore. In fact L had proved to everyone – though the way he did it wasn't the best possible – that Light was not Kira. And now Light could do something himself to catch the real Kira. He wouldn't need to harp that he wasn't Kira anymore. He wouldn't need to act as carefully as possible so that L wouldn't see him as Kira. Now he was a part of the team – for real.

"You got it, Ryuzaki", he said excitedly. "Let's catch Kira – together."

"Yes, I'm pleased to work with you, Light-kun", L replied and Light could not tell if he really meant his words or not since the tone of his voice was as neutral and monotonic as almost every time he said something – no matter what it was.