I started at the Goddess, then my views blurred.

The vampires castle came into my view in the next moment. My legs gave out from under me. My body still stung form my emotions coming back to me. Before I could hit the ground strong arms came around my waist.

"I do not believe you can walk." Layel's voice whispered into my ear.

"I am not weak." I said locking my legs underneath me.

"Never said you were." Layel's breath tickled my ear as he spoke. Then he's arms swept underneath me and picked me up. I felt safe but still…an Amazon takes no help.

"Put me down." I didn't make any move to struggle against him nor did he make a move to put me down.

"Welcome to your new home." His arms flexed around me as we walked into the gate.

I held my head up high as we walked pass the vampires that stood waiting for their king to come to return. "Would you like a tour?"

"I would like a tour tomorrow. But if you would like to show me around your bed?" I whispered into his ears.

"I would be honored."

I looked at the group that has gathered. The nymph king stood next to his mate and the girl named Alyssa stood next to who I assume to be her mate.

The Nymph king Valerian smiled at Layel as we walked by. He took me up flight after flight of steps. I just looked around as we passed. The art was colored all around as we went up.

"Are you alright? You haven't said anything." Layel said as we walked pass yet another picture.

"I'm well." I was. I looked up into his face, his white hair was coving part of his eyes and I moved the my finger against them to move them. I started into his eyes. Then he stopped.

I had been starting at his eyes so long I didn't see us walk into a room.

He softly put me down onto the bed. I could tell it was large just by guessing. He hovered over my body.

And we started our tour.

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