James Patterson: Say it!

Me: NO!

Stephanie Meyers: Say it!

Me: NO!

JP: Tell the truth!

SM: Now or else we shut you down!

Me: (mumble) I'm sorry . . .

SM: What!

Me: I'm sorry I don't own Maximum Ride characters or Twilight Saga characters! Or I Made It by Kevin Rudolf!

JP: Now that wasn't so hard.

"I look up to the sky, And now the world is mine, I've known it all my life, I made it, I made it!" the Gasman kept singing in perfect imitation.

"Oh my gosh! Can you keep a lid on it" I cried over the wind. I was tired of hearing this song after the fiftieth time. Now it was just painful.

"Seriously. I loved that song, like, five months ago. What about mixing it up. Ooooh like that new song by Eminem! You know the one with Rihhanna! I love that one soooo much right now. Especially the piano part. Hey Max you think we could go see her in concert or at least fly over it. You know-" Nudge got muffled by Iggy who flew down and was able to cover Nudge's mouth. I got to admit it was impressive since he's blind.

"If I let you go will you finally shut up!" he hissed. Nudge tried to nod. Iggy let her go and flew up but she didn't keep quiet.

"Maaaaaaaaaax! Did you see what Iggy did to me?"

"Yes." I sighed "Iggy be nice and Nudge try to keep it down." I rubbed my head. For those new people I'm Max. I'm the leader of my Flock which consists of me, Fang and Iggy (blind as said) who are fourteen, Nudge who is eleven, the Gasman who is eight and Angle who is six. And our flying, talking dog Total who was snoozing in Angle's backpack. Don't ask, it's a long story.

Rite now we were cruising over Washington the coast to the left. It was pretty calm right now. We didn't have any confrontations with flyboys or anything in awhile so I think it's safe to say that we were safe. I think, still not sure

"Max." Gazzy asked attentively "Can we find a place to crash? At least for the night?"

"Um, sure." Then BAM I saw a little stone cottage deep in the forest. I pointed. "There. We'll stay there."

"Thanks for the great description" Iggy muttered.

"Sorry Ig. It a little stone cottage in the forest. Probably made a long time ago and someone forgot about it." We sailed down and landed just a couple feet away from it. The sun was still up but it was so overcast you could hardly tell. We all listened but heard nothing. So we let ourselves in. And by that I meant that Iggy picked the lock at about three minutes.

"Wow" we all said.

"This place makes me feel like we walked into a small fairytale home. You know like the little dwarves home with Snow White." Nudge cooed. Gazzy was quietly describing everything to Iggy. But Iggy had his head up and sniffed loudly.

"Do you smell that?" He asked curiously "It smells . . . so good. What is that?" We all went still and sniff. Iggy was blind so his sense of feel, smell, and hearing was way better than us but we could still smell it. It was a sweet smell of all sorts of things. Flowers, delicious spices, I guess for me you could compare it to the smell of a batch of freshly made chocolate chip cookies. But amazingly it smelled better. It had a fireplace and a bookshelf. We walk around attentively. We went down the tiny hall and walked into the first room.

"Whoa!" Nudge cried.

"That is a big bed." Gazzy noted. In the middle of the first room there was a humongous white or tan bed with an exquisite headboard.

"Why would anyone need a bed this big?" In the pack of the room it was glass and there was a little garden with a pond. It was calm like a tiny ocean.

"Um, look guys." Angle called. She was in another room. There was a small bed (well small compared to there other one.) and some clothes and toys. On the table of a stack of drawers there was a MP3 player.

"Look at this!" Gazzy cried. He was at the edge of the bed holding a necklace. It was thick and gold and had a golf size diamond hanging from it. My eyes almost got as wide as the diamond.

"What is that? Who would want that in the middle of the forest?" I exclaimed. Theses rich people just got crazier and crazier.

"MAX!" Nudge cried. I ran to where she was. "I think I just died and went to heaven. Look at this!" She was standing in a doorway that opened to a huge closet. I mean the closet was probly bigger than the whole cottage, or forest.

"Ugh. Who needs so much close?"

"Smart people." Nudge laughed. Her face did look like she was in heaven. "Ooh, you don' think they'll mind if I- I mean we take some of their close do you? Because they have so much."

"I'm not sure. I guess."

"And the necklace?" Gazzy asked. He held it up and I was sure Nudge's eyes were going to pop out of her skull. "I know we could get a lot of money for it on the black market. We'll be set for life." He cackled. How an eight-year-old kid knows this you got me.

"No. Not the necklace. Maybe some clothes but someone will definitely miss that and we don't need the cops on our tails again. But come on guys let get some zz's and we'll talk more in the morning." I pushed them to the room with the big bed only to find that Angle was curled up against Iggy with Fang sitting with his back on the bed already sleeping. We followed their example and fell asleep. Well everyone else did while I got stuck with a nightmare.

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