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This is an attempt to write an original story using Code Geass characters and concepts. This is basically a Lelouch stays in Britannia story with lots of twists. The basic premise is that Marianne doesn't die and Japan isn't invaded in 2010. The story is called the Rise of the Black Prince not the Black Prince has risen. So it will be about Lelouch's rise to the top from almost the beginning. This story does start out slow. It takes a few chapters for the characters to develop. Things get really rolling around chapter 14 so skip to that if you want You just have to accept the fact that Lelouch, Kallen, and Milly develop feelings for each other and that Nunnally is not blind or crippled and can kick ass. . If you have any comments or ideas, don't hesitate to review. I usually get back people if I can.


It is the little events that sometimes make the biggest difference. You never when you are having a meeting that will change your life until much later. Therefore even the most insignificant meeting can turn out to be the most important. One must always pay attention to even the most trivial situation.

Lelouch vi Britannia

Deithard Reid
The Rise of the Black Prince
Neo-Pendragon Press 2020 ATB


Even the smallest thing can be the difference. For want of a nail a kingdom was lost. It can be a dance, a walk in the park, a missing soldier, or a missing pen. You never know when something will affect the rest of your life. That is why it is important to treat everyone with respect.

Kallen Kouzuki Stadtfeld

Deithard Reid
The Rise of the Black Prince
Neo-Pendragon Press 2020 ATB

February 17, 2010 ATB

It is a picturesque day in Pendragon so Lelouch, Euphemia, and Nunnally are playing outside the gardens at Aries Palace oblivious to the world around them. They are currently playing their favorite game which in reality is nothing more than just running around the garden. The garden isn't the kind of gardens that most people know. It has several sculptures and statues created by some of the most famous people from around the world. There are also three large fountains. Leading from the garden up to the palace are stairs although there are several doors on the ground level. If not for the grandeur of their surroundings, they would be just three children playing.

A little before lunch, Milly Ashford comes out to join them. She is the granddaughter of Ruben Ashford who is a court ally of Empress Marianne, Lelouch and Nunnally's mother. They met her a few years ago but only recently has she become a constant visitor to Aries Palace. The Ashfords are also heavily involved in the construction of the Ganymede Knightmare Frame. However that was several years in the past. The family is in need of something new to continue to be seen favorably by the crown, however this is not a concern for the children playing in the garden. All they care about is having fun.

Lelouch takes the girls through the garden. He has several hiding spots throughout the garden. He can tell that is what his sisters are looking for. As they walk along the wall, they begin to hear noises on the other side. Lelouch knows that it is probably the servants playing with their children. Every few months the servants of the various palaces on Saint Darwin Street gather in a large field and have a festival of sorts. Most days they gather in the field during their free time. It is a way for the Emperor and the royal family to show appreciation for their hard work.

Nunnally tries to peek over the wall.

"Big brother, what is happening over there? Is it a party?"

Lelouch shakes his head.

"No, it is probably just the servants playing with their children. They do it every few days."

Euphemia leans up against the wall.

"I want to see."

Nunnally nods in agreement. Milly just shrugs her shoulders. Lelouch sighs and helps them up onto the wall. Milly doesn't need his help and climbs up herself. Soon they are all on the wall, and it is just as Lelouch explained. Children from all the nearby palaces and estates are out there playing different games. Lelouch wonders why Nunnally and Euphie have never noticed this.

Euphie looks at her older brother.

"Can we go and play with them?"

Lelouch grimaces. He knows that there will be extreme consequences if they do that and not for them. The servants will probably be reprimanded for letting them play.

"No, we aren't allowed to go past this wall."

He points down to the wall they are sitting on.

"Well if we can't go out there we can just play up here," Nunnally says as she stands and begins to walk atop the wall.

Lelouch looks over to his sister.

"Nunnally be careful."

"It's okay big brother. Look I can run."

Nunnally begins to run up on the wall. As she does, she begins to wobble.

"Nunnally be careful."

But its too late because she falls down. Luckily she falls into the palace grounds. Lelouch quickly jumps off and goes over to her. Euphie and Milly follow him.

"Euphie run in and get someone to help us."

Lelouch looks down at his younger sister who appears to be out of it. Milly stays with him. A few minutes later Euphie returns with a few servants. They carry Nunnally inside. Lelouch is glad that his mother is not here but of course Cornelia is. They take Nunnally to her room. Euphie doesn't feel good so she goes to rest in her room for a while. Milly stays with Lelouch by Nunnally. After a while Euphie comes over to join them. She lies her head down on Lelouch's lap and falls asleep. As the day turns into night, servants come for Euphie.

Milly looks around and notices that it is late.

"Lulu, I think I have to go," Milly says standing up.

He only nods. Not paying attention to the nickname he dislikes She kisses him on the cheek.

"Bye Lulu."

"Milly wait."

"Yes Lulu."

"Thanks for staying."

"It was my pleasure."

The next day the emperor is busy with meeting so Lelouch has to wait a few days before talking with his father. At least the Ashfords are gone. Lelouch does not mind Milly but he has other plans for the time being. He feels he is too young to worry about arranged marriages.

He is walking down the hall not paying attention when he runs into a red headed girl knocking them both to the floor. He helps her stand. He is little glad that Cornelia took Euphemia out with her today. Lelouch looks at the girl. She looks a little familiar. Of course Lelouch has met so many girls. It seems as if everyday one of his brothers or sisters brings over a daughter of one of their various acquaintances. Lelouch looks at the girl again.

"What's your name?"

"Kallen Stadtfeld," she says a little unsure.

He thinks about where he has heard that name. He can't put his finger on it, but he remembers the name Stadtfeld from the emperor's itinerary.

"Oh your dad must be meeting mine today."

Kallen thinks about that for a little bit. She knows that her dad is meeting with the emperor today. He eyes open wide when she realizes that she must be talking to a prince.

"I'm sorry your um highness," she says as she bows awkwardly.

"It's okay," Lelouch replies with a smile, "Do you want to go to the garden?"

She lightly nods. He takes her hand and drags her out to the garden

"I love this garden. Is it not pretty?" Lelouch asks.

Kallen only nods.

Lelouch looks over to the girl.

"Um well, you are pretty too."

Kallen's face turns as red as her hair.

"Are you staying here for a while?"

"I'm only visiting with my dad. I am going back to Japan to stay with my mom soon. We have a home there."

"Oh you're leaving."

"Yes, I miss Japan. Being able to run free through a field and paying around."

"We can play around here," Lelouch comments.

They go out into the garden for a while. Lelouch shows her the fountain and the roses that he helps his mother take care of. They climb up Lelouch's favorite tree.

"I like it up her because my sisters can't reach me."

He doesn't add that he usually needs the help of a servant or two to make the climb. Kallen nods and looks out onto the city which is slightly visible from up in the tree. Then Jeremiah brings Kallen's dad out to the garden.

"Kallen dear, it's time to go," He sees who Kallen is with, "Oh I'm sorry my dear. I did not know you were with the prince. Well perhaps I can come back for you later."

Lelouch nods, "Come on Kallen let's go," He pulls her away as she yelps, "We have fields here too and if Jeremiah let's us go we can go."

Jeremiah allows the prince to go where he wants. Jeremiah learned his lesson early on in his stay here at Aries Palace. Prince Lelouch does as Prince Lelouch pleases. They spend the rest of the day playing in the garden and a nearby field. Some of the servants children come out to play with them. As they walk back to the palace Lelouch still can't remember where he knows this girl from. He is sure he has met her before but doesn't remember where. When they get back to the palace, Kallen's dad is waiting for her. Lelouch approaches the man.

"Lord Stadtfeld."

"Yes Prince Lelouch."

"Is it possible for Kallen to come here again or perhaps I can visit where you are staying?"

Lord Stadtfeld considers this. Kallen is ambivalent to this.

"I think that can be arranged, your highness," He looks down at Kallen, "Well dear it is time to leave.

Lelouch goes inside the palace after they leave. Euphemia is there waiting for him. Even through her normally happy expression there is a sense of jealousy that her brother spends the whole day with another girl. Lelouch knows he is going to have to make it up to her. Euphemia is playing with the fabric of her dress.

"Who was that, Lelouch?"

"Some girl I met today."


Lelouch senses Euphemia's sadness and kisses her cheek.

"Let's go see Nunnally."

Jeremiah interrupts, "Master Lelouch, the emperor will see you now."

"Very well Jeremiah. Euphie, go ahead. I will be there in a while."

Euphemia only nods. Lelouch goes to the emperor's conference room. He is waiting for Lelouch alone.

"So you spent the day with Lord Stadtfeld's daughter."

"Yes, your majesty."

"In due time I believe that girl would make a fine bride for a prince," He looks down at his son and slightly grins as he says this, "However that is not the issue here. What is this matter about?"

"Father, I would like to attend a military academy."

"Oh I see. So you will leave your sisters."

"No well you see I would like to receive some training that is all. I feel I can best serve the empire that way."

The emperor nods, "Well I can't say I am disappointed in you my son although your brother Schniezel may be," Schniezel has chosen to go into politics, "Very well I will see what can be done."

Lelouch leaves the room and heads over to Nunnally's room. He knows that Cornelia will be upset about the fact that he did not consult her. There is also his mother to consider also. Of course Nunnally and Euphemia will be upset about him leaving. He will deal with that when the time comes. He also has to get into better shape. He hears that military life is physically demanding. After all he can't perform his duties if he can't do simple physical tasks. Lelouch goes over to Nunnally's room. She is feeling better now. The doctors say that she should stay in bed for a few more days. As he enters the room he can hear his sisters talking.

Nunnally looks up at her brother.

"Oh big brother, you finally came."

Of course she was ignoring the fact that he spends most of the morning with her. Nunnally smiles as she looks up from Euphie up to her brother.

"Euphie says you made a new friend today."

Lelouch sighs. He figures that Euphie would do something like this.

"I spent the day with the daughter of a noble who was meeting with the emperor.

Lelouch spends the next day with his sister. He reads stories to her all day. Many of their half siblings come over and help with the reading. Cornelia, Euphemia, Schniezel, Odysseus, even Guinevere come. Clovis arrives with costumes and guards, and everyone groans because they know what Clovis is up to.

Instead of simply reading a story to Nunnally, Clovis suggests they act it out. Nunnally chooses Snow White. Since Nunnally is the audience, Euphemia is Snow White. Cornelia is the witch/queen. Lelouch is the prince. Clovis doubles as the hunter and as a dwarf.

Everybody else including 3 guards play dwarfs. At the climax everybody was waiting for the kiss. Lelouch gives Euphemia a simple peck on the cheek. Nunnally claps and cheers so Clovis finally releases them. He does, however, state that since they all performed so well that perhaps they should do it in front of a larger audience. Nunnally goes to sleep early since the day was so tiring with all the reading and acting.

As Lelouch heads over to his room he is stopped by his mother.

"So how is Nunnally?"

Lelouch wonders why she hasn't visited Nunnally yet or why the emperor has yet to inquire about her well being.

"She is fine, mother."

Because his tone is so formal, Marianne cannot help but chuckle at him.

"Dear tomorrow they are having a knightmare demonstration."

"Are they?"

"Yes everyone will be there, your father, brothers, sisters, and even the Ashfords with Milly."

Lelouch's eyes light up. He wonders if that girl is going. What as her name? Kallen, that's it. His thoughts trail off. Marianne looks at her son. She wonders which of the comments gets to him. She notices him wondering off towards his room with a dreamy look in his eyes.

In the morning servants come in to dress Lelouch. For an important occasion like this, it is important that the prince look his best. If anything is wrong with the prince's appearance, they understand that they will be looking for new employment before lunch is served. He has to look impeccable.

Lelouch walks out and is joined by his mother. Nunnally is going to have to stay here. Apart from her injury she is a little young and delicate to be worrying about such matters. Upon arriving at the venue for the demonstration they are seated in a place of honor. Marianne's status as the Marianne the Flash supersedes her court standing in this situation. Of course as the Emperor's wife, Marianne has good seats either way.

The Knight of One, Bismarck Waldstein, comes over to their booth and bows.

"Empress Marianne, it is a pleasure and an honor to have you at our little demonstration."

Marianne laughs, "Are you upset that I will not be your opponent today?"

The Knight of One laughs and notices Lelouch looking around.

"And what is the young prince here for?"

He looks over to where Lelouch's eyes are looking. Bismarck sees the Ashfords and Milly waving at Lelouch. He notices that the young prince does not return the wave. The empress nudges her son's elbow. Bismarck feels the prince's silent groan. The young prince waves back at the young lady. She smiles and sits down.

Bismarck nods, "Remember your highness, you must never disappoint a lady."

The young prince continues his visual scan of the arena. Now he is looking towards his half sisters, Cornelia and Euphemia. The pink haired Euphemia is waving at the young prince rather violently, but he ignores her as well. This time the empress's nudge is more forceful. The young prince waves back to his sister. Bismarck smiles at the young prince who is still searching for something or someone.

"Well it seems as if the young prince popular with the ladies."

Marianne laughs, "Yes, if only he was as attentive to them."

"Then why would we need armies. Our young prince Casanova would rule the world in a matter of days."

Now Marianne laughs very loudly attracting the attention of people nearby. Lelouch ignores them. He finally finds what he is looking for. He smiles and sits down. The show is about to begin. The Knight of One excuses himself and goes to his place by the emperor. He then goes down to the arena floor.

Lelouch finds the demonstration to be a waste of time. Everybody already knows what knightmares can do. Even the new Glasgow does not impress him. He notices that his mother is very interested in it. She was one of the people that proved that knightmares were superior to convention weapons of the time. The new Yggdrasil Drive proved to be a better power source than anything used before. Apart form a physical demonstration of the knightmare's capability there was also video of it performing against convention weapons and the under powered Ganymede.

Lelouch looks around and sees all his older siblings there except for Clovis who volunteers to stay with Nunnally. Lelouch shudders thinking of what those two are planning now. After the demonstration the extremely privileged get to go down and see the knightmare first hand. Empress Marianne takes Lelouch down to the knightmare. They are the first and only ones there. The Knight of One disembarks and waves at Lelouch who nods back. The Knight of One laughs as he walks off with the empress towards the emperor.

Lelouch looks around and sees his older brothers, Odysseus and Schniezel, talking with a group of nobles. Despite being several years younger Schniezel seems to be leading the conversation. Lelouch wants to laugh. It seems pretty obvious that Odysseus will never contend for the throne. Lelouch sees his sisters talking to another group of nobles. Again the younger sibling, Cornelia, seems to be dominating the older Guinevere.

Lelouch looks up at the Glasgow. Throughout the demonstration he has been thinking of ways to change and improve its effectiveness.

"Hey Lulu, what's up."

Lelouch turns around and sees Milly standing there smiling.

"Hey Milly."

Lelouch notices that they are the only ones that are standing by the knightmare.

"Grandfather says that they are working on making the Ganymede better."

Lelouch nods. They stand there quietly for a few minutes.

"Oh I have to go. Grandfather is calling me. Bye Lulu," Milly states skipping away.

Lelouch looks around and finds what he is looking for. He walks to the edge of the arena and signals for a guard to bring someone down to him.

"Hello Miss Stadtfeld."

The red haired girl looks at him nervously and bows.

"Hello Prince Lelouch."

He smiles as he takes her over towards the knightmare. Nobody else including Euphemia is allowed to approach it.

"It's interesting isn't it, um Kallen."

They stand there for a few minutes looking up at the knightmare. This is the closest Kallen has ever been to a knightmare. Unlike most girls things like this are very interesting to her.

"Yes father says that this weapon makes Britannia strong."

"Wouldn't it be cool if they let us get in the knightmare?"

"Yes that would be cool indeed little brother."

Lelouch turns around and sees Schniezel standing there with Kallen's father. They are smiling.

"Kallen dear, it is time to go. If the prince would like he can come and visit with his brother Schniezel tomorrow."

Euphemia is standing by her sister Cornelia who thinks it is important for her to be here. Of course she is happy that Lelouch is coming and had expected to sit near him, but that is not to be because Cornelia wants to sit at a different angle. She also wants Euphemia to be at her side afterwards while discussing the demonstration with several nobles. She notices Lelouch first talking with Milly and then with the girl from the other day. To top it off the girl's father was talking to Schniezel. The fact that Lelouch is beginning to show interest in other girls is quite upsetting to the pink haired princess.

Just as Lelouch fears Clovis and Nunnally are up to no good. They decide to schedule another acted out story reading for tomorrow. Nunnally looks at Lelouch.

"You'll participate, right big brother?"

Lelouch nods, "Of course."

As Lelouch walks away, everyone is surprised that he doesn't put up more of a fight. Clovis and Nunnally begin planning things out.

In the morning Nunnally gets up early to prepare for the day's events. She stays in her room because the doctors are still worried about her so they bring breakfast to her room. As she is eating Clovis and Euphie come in looking very upset.

"Clovis, Euphie what's wrong?"

Clovis is too upset to say anything. So Euphie answers her.

"Lulu left."

"What do you mean?" Nunnally asks.

Finally Clovis has recovered.

"The little rascal went off with Schniezel to some meeting."

Euphie thinks about it.

"Maybe we should tell sister."

Nunnally shakes her head.

"No, let's tell mom."

She begins to laugh at her own scheme. She tells Clovis and Euphie to come in closer so no one overhears her plan. She has the perfect way to get back at Lelouch for his inconsiderate actions.

Lelouch is in the car with Schniezel who is explaining to his younger brother what his business with Lord Stadtfeld involves. Lelouch nods. He just wants to escape from the palace, but making friends is also important and he views Schniezel as a mentor.

Schniezel thinks of the possibilities that this meeting could bring. Sure there are many numerous business and imperial considerations. Now there was perhaps another matter. Sure it is a few years off, but it could greatly benefit him. As Schniezel begins his twenties there is pressure to marry. If perhaps he could arrange a marriage one of his younger siblings with Lord Stadtfeld's daughter, it could free Schniezel from this pressure and secure him a powerful ally. Schniezel could then settle into a long engagement.

Kallen is standing there with her father. They are waiting for the two princes to arrive. She is going back to Japan in a few days. She has spent two weeks here. The only fun she had was the day she spent with the prince and the day of the knightmare demonstration.

The doorbell rings and the servants go open the door. The two princes come towards them. There is no need for introductions. Her father takes Prince Schniezel over to another room. Prince Lelouch and Kallen are left alone. Kallen takes Lelouch up to her room. They sit on her bed.

"I'm sorry but we don't but we don't have much of a garden here."

"It's okay. I don't mind just sitting around."

They spend the day talking about the knightmare demonstration. Lelouch tells Kallen about time he was actually allowed to get inside a knightmare. This story gets Kallen excited. She wonders if she will ever get to ride in a knightmare. Kallen then begins to tell Lelouch about Japan. They spend most of the day talking about their family. Finally Schniezel comes for Lelouch.

When they arrive back at Aries Palace Lelouch asks Schniezel if he wants to play chess. Schniezel is about to answer when he sees Nunnally, Euphie, and Clovis standing there with mischievous smiles. Schniezel is afraid and makes a run for it. Nunnally runs over to her brother. She gives him her most serious look.

"Big brother, where were you?"

He smirks, "I was at a business meeting with Schniezel," He walks away and sees his mother standing there, "Hello mother, how was your day?"

Empress Marianne looks down at her son.

"My day was fine, but your brother and sisters were waiting for you."

Lelouch shrugs, "Schniezel asked me if I wanted to come with him to his meeting."

Yes Marianne knows all about the meeting with the Stadtfelds. She had a plan of her own for her son. Tomorrow it would continue its course.

"Very well dear. Everybody dinner is ready. Clovis, are you staying for dinner?"

Clovis shakes his head. His mother is waiting for him. He has spent most of the week here. So Lelouch is alone at dinner with his mother and three sisters. In the morning the empress takes the girls out leaving Lelouch home alone or so he thinks.

"Hey Lulu what's up."

Lelouch looks and sees Milly standing there.

"Nothing I'm just sitting here reading this knightmare manual."

Milly shrugs and sits next to Lelouch. She leans into him. He begins explaining what he is reading. Milly is very attentive. Lelouch thinks back to the first time he met Camilla Millicent Ashford.

December 5, 2005 ATB

It is Lelouch's sixth birthday. Many of his siblings came to the celebration. Even the emperor makes an appearance. Eventually emperor makes his exit but leaves the Knight of One behind. Lelouch is being introduced to several nobles by his mother. He knows that they are not here to see him but to gain favor in the royal court. Lelouch is brought to an elderly couple. His mother explains that they are distant relatives and also her allies in the court. He is introduced to their granddaughter.

"My dear prince, this is our granddaughter Camilla Millicent Ashford."

A girl about Lelouch's age comes out from between the elderly couple and bows.

Lord Ashford continues, "Milly dear, this is Prince Lelouch vi Britannia."

Lelouch bows. The girl, Milly, smiles at him. Lelouch gathers his courage.

"Well Miss Ashford would you like to dance."

The empress makes Lelouch take dancing lessons. He has gotten pretty good for his age.

Milly gingerly puts her hand out. Lelouch takes it and leads her out to the dance floor. He puts his arms around her. Lelouch's dancing partners thus far have been limited to his sisters (Nunnally, Euphemia, and Cornelia) and his mother. Only Euphemia is the proper size to make a decent dance partner.

Milly lets Lelouch lead in the dance. She seems a little unsure. She looks over on notices that her grandparents and the empress are watching the two of them dance. Milly has heard her parents and grandparents talk about keeping alliances within the royal family. As Lelouch dances with Milly he looks around and notices that his younger sisters are look upset. He is going to have to dance with them after this.

Back to the present, February 2010 ATB

Lelouch looks over at Milly who is now talking about what her grandfather told her about knightmares. Lelouch puts the manual down.

"Hey Milly want to go outside."

Milly shrugs, "Okay Lulu."

They go outside and play in and around the fountain. The servants bring out lunch.

"Hey Milly, are you coming over tomorrow?"

Milly smiles, "I think so. Why?"

"I think mom is going to have us act out one of Nunnally's stories now that she can leave her room. We had to do Snow White the other day,"

Lelouch tells Milly about the reenactment of Snow White. Milly laughs as she hears this. She imagines herself as princess in one of those stories. Of course Lelouch is her prince. In the afternoon the empress and the girls return. Once again Euphemia and Nunnally are upset at the fact that Lelouch spent the day with someone else. Even Cornelia seems a little put off at her younger brother's recent attitude and actions.

Nunnally comes over to her brother.

"Mother, tell brother what we are doing tomorrow."

Lelouch grimaces. Empress Marianne looks over at her son.

"Yes dear. Lelouch, a few days ago you promised your brother and sister that you would participate in their story reenactment."

Lelouch grimaces and walks away. Behind him he can hear his mother inviting Milly to come over. Lelouch goes to his room. He decides to go to sleep early. It has been a hectic week and tomorrow promises to be more of the same. As he lies down there on his bed Lelouch thinks back to that birthday party where he met Milly. Of course now he remembers that night with better clarity.

December 5, 2005 ATB

Lelouch and Milly leave the dance floor. She goes back to her grandparents. Euphemia comes over to her brother and smiles. Lelouch takes his sisters hand and leads her out to the dance floor. After a few dances Lelouch knows that he has conformed with his duties as a brother. His mother comes over to him, and he continues with his rounds. He meets some more nobles who are more interested in his mother than him. Lelouch looks up at his mother.

She notices his expression.

"Very well dear, just one more introduction."

They walk over to a noble who bows.

"Hello empress Marianne and who is this young man."

"Allow me to introduce the reason for the celebration my, son Lelouch vi Britannia."

"Ah nice to meet you Prince Lelouch. Perhaps I can interest you in a dance."

Lelouch raises his eyebrow at the man.

The noble seems to understand the prince's concern.

"Allow me to introduce my daughter, Kallen Stadtfeld."

Author's note: This story is rated M because of language and explicit sexual content including incest. I don't yet whether I will get graphic with it. I just wanted to point out that incest and very heavy consequences of said incest will occur. Of course that happens in later chapters. It isn't going to be a huge part of the story but it will happen. It won't drive the story but it will drive certain characters.

The basic premise is that Marianne doesn't die and Japan isn't invaded in 2010. I will start the story near the time all of this should have happened. It will be quite a few chapters until they reach their cannon years around thirty or so. The characters will have some changes. For most it won't be an extreme makeover. Suzaku and Kallen have the biggest changes. Lelouch will change slightly. He will adapt to his new environment.

The story will be divided into a few arcs. The first will be between twenty and twenty five chapters. It will cover Lelouch's early teen years including his time at a military academy. It will also build up the relationships between the major characters. So obviously if you want major knightmare action it is not occurring for about fifteen or so chapters.

Japan is not going to be area eleven. Each area is thus going to be bumped up in number. The important more ones will be Indochina (10), the Philippines (11), and Cambodia (12). Although the others in between will come into play as well.

Cornelia and Euphemia's mother is dead and they live at Aries palace. Cornelia is in command of the palace guards at the beginning. She will go off and do other things later on.