This is the last piece dealing with Rise of the Black Prince. I discuss what this chapter is about in the next paragraph, but first I want to give a few updates. For anyone waiting for the continuation to this story, it is on its way. I just have to make a few minor adjustments to the plot. For anyone waiting for Black Empire which won that poll I did a while back, it is also on its way. To be completely honest, I am waiting to get more information on Akito the Exiled and Oz the Reflection since I will feature characters from both works. I will begin and slowly add characters as they are introduced and I see fit.

These are things that I wrote but decided not to use. The first and third were written some time before I reached that point in the story. The second I actually had in the particular chapter but decided against using it. The fourth would have been part of the epilogue. I did not bother proofreading them too much.

The first piece is after Clovis dies. Euphie is still sub-viceroy of Area 11. Lelouch arrives slightly before Cornelia. The difference is that they spend a little more time in Pendragon and this happens. It was also supposed to be the beginning of the Lelouch-Cornelia situation. Also Lelouch would not have been married to Kallen or Milly yet or it would not be public knowledge.

Cornelia and her force arrived in Area 11 but they were too late. Lelouch and his men had put down the rebellion. In the distance she could see her brother approaching with his men. She remembered the last time she saw her brother back in Pendragon. He hadn't been alone.

It had been a while since she saw her brother. He finally came home after spending time away at a military academy and Japan. Cornelia approached Lelouch's apartment. Empress Marianne had taken the children and Euphemia out for the day. As Cornelia approached she swore she heard odd noises. She wanted to talk to her brother about something serious. He had gained a reputation as a promiscuous young man.

She freezes at the sight in front of her. Lelouch and Euphemia are sitting on the couch. Her sister is straddling him. They have their tongues down each others' throats. They're taking the term swapping spit to a new level. Cornelia relaxes a little because they still have their clothes on. Then she notices it. A pair of lacey panties on the floor. Euphemia was going up and down slowly. Lelouch's hands were on her hips. Cornelia is seconds from storming in there to stop them, but the look of ecstasy on her younger sister's face stops her.

Cornelia drops to her knees. She is so wet. She couldn't believe watching her younger siblings having sex was having an effect on her. She looked up and noticed Lelouch pulling down the top of Euphemia's dress. He reached back and unhooked her bra. He lowered his head to suck on her nipples. After a few seconds of that, Lelouch pushed Euphemia onto the floor. He lowered himself to the floor. He kneeled down. He lifted Euphemia's legs over his shoulders. Cornelia was lost in herself.

After a few minutes she noticed they were finished. Lelouch was sitting back on the couch. Cornelia was going to leave when she notices Euphemia get to her knees in front of Lelouch. She took him on her mouth. Cornelia gasped when she saw her younger sister sucking Lelouch's cock. Cornelia goes back to the floor. She can't help notice the size of her younger brother's member. After a few minutes Lelouch was hard again. Lelouch lifted Euphemia up and removed what was left of her dress. Euphemia got back on the floor. This time on all fours. Lelouch got back on his knees. This time he entered her from behind. Cornelia couldn't believe it. She couldn't handle any more. She needed to relieve herself. She left the room.

Everybody was looking at Cornelia as she stared off in to space.

"Princess Cornelia." Her knight called out to her.

Lelouch looked at his sister. He smirked. He leaned into his older sister. Guilford bristled at what the prince was doing.

Lelouch got right in front of his sister. He gathered himself. "Nellie! Wake up!"

Cornelia is startled by him more so because they are practically nose to nose. She pushes him off. "Lelouch, what are you doing?"

"That is Viceroy," He smirks as he says this.

She glares at him. She knows he is mocking her normally professional behavior.

"Let's go, Viceroy. I want to check on Euphemia."

"Follow me, Your Highness," Lelouch responds.

In this sequence Lelouch would have been present when Cornelia meets her nephew for the first time. This section was actually in the chapter, but I decided to change it.

Lelouch is on his way to Greece. Of course his path is anything but easy. He travels east from Irkutsk to Vladivostok then south to Tokyo. From Tokyo he head to Manila to pick up three very important people well two important people and a munchkin. He flies through all the southeast Asia areas making small pit stops in each. Then west over the Indian Ocean north into Area south is as sparsely populated as it is when Lelouch conquers it. Selene establishes her capital in Baghdad which makes sense since the entire city is no practically Britannia after Lelouch destroys it the previous year. Despite Selene's best efforts the city is surrounded by slums. Lelouch sighs and prepares to head north to see Jeremiah. As he does this Euphemia and Anya prepare for an important meeting with Cornelia. It is time the Euphie's older sister finds out about her little secret. At the same time Lelouch is traveling the others are preparing for a trip to Britannia.

After a short meeting with Jeremiah, Lelouch continues his trek towards Greece. Lelouch has been on the move for a week. It will be nice to be out of the airship for a few days. Of course he does wonder what the situation around Cornelia is like. She will probably be upset that Euphie is with him. Lelouch will let Euphie take care of her sister while he waits aboard the Aphrodite.

"Too bad that Euphie took Anya with her," Lelouch states with a sigh, "I should have brought someone else with me."

Down in at Cornelia's headquarters the two sisters are catching up as their knights sit quietly outside. Although not a chatty person Guilford feels a little uncomfortable sitting in silence with Anya. Thankfully the silence is broken by the arrival of Prince Lelouch. In fact the pink haired girl seems to brighten up with the arrival of the raven haired prince. A nod form the prince reminds the girl of her duty. Her slight smile rescinds. Guilford wonders about the small exchange between he two. They seem to be telling each other everything with only slight nods of the head, movement of the eyes or nose, and pursing of the lips.

"Are they still in there catching up?" Lelouch asks,

Guilford realizes that the question is for him, naturally being the senior knight.

"Ah yes your highness, the two princesses are still discussing matters."

"Do you think that Cornelia is scolding Euphemia for making the dangerous trip here?" Lelouch asks with a smirk, "Or is Euphie scolding Cornelia for not being in Vienna?"

Guilford can't help but smile at the question as he imagines the pink haired princess scolding her big sister for not meeting expectations. He is quickly snapped out of his daze by a cry.

"So you're awake you little lazy bum. You're just like your mom."

Guilford sees a servant hand Lelouch a baby. One look at the hair immediately lets you know who the father is. Guilford gasps when he gets a good look at the child's face.

"Look Gabriel, it is your Uncle Guilford."

The baby giggles after being put in front of Guilford.

Lelouch shrugs, "I guess he likes you. Come on, Gaby. Let's go meet your aunt Cornelia."

Lelouch opens the door to the room where the two princesses are meeting. They are watching some sort of internet video produced by the twins. Lelouch shakes his head at Euphie's attempts to soften Cornelia up. Neither princess pays attention to him entering the room. The particular video they are watching is the twins' adaptation of anime they are watching.

They twins are in a go-cart chasing after Evelyn, Jinta, and James.

"About the Dollars, they're not an angel that flies through the sky, shouting 'Pi-piru-piru-piru', flashing her panties, right, Dotachin?" Emily asks.

"I told you to stop calling me that!" Castor yells.

Cornelia appears a little confused at what is going on. Euphie's explanation is not helping any. In fact it is confusing Cornelia even more. She will have to have a conversation with Lelouch about Evelyn and the twins' education. On the screen Lelouch's fifteen month old son is taking on his uncles and their friends.

"Is that Lelouch's son?"

Euphie nods, "Yes that's little James."

"Who is that a little girl that he is hugging?"

"Charlotte, Milly's daughter."

Cornelia ponders the situation. Her lifestyle doesn't allow her much time for a private life. Her hope is that Euphie finds someone to love. She hopes that her failed marriage to Suzaku Kururugi doesn't affect her. That is another thing she will have to speak with Lelouch about. With a scheduled return to Britannia in a few days, there will be plenty of time for that. Cornelia hears a giggle. Her attention turns to the screen where the twins are playing with their nephew and niece. The giggling gets louder, and Cornelia realizes that it is coming from the door. She notices that Euphie is avoiding looking in that direction. Cornelia turns slowly and sees Lelouch holding a baby boy.

"Are you two done watching those silly videos? I really need to get more involved in the free time of the kids."

Cornelia stares at the child in Lelouch's arms. The child has the delicate features of his parents along with long messy black hair and royal blue eyes. Euphemia continues to avoid looking at Cornelia or her son.

"Cornelia li Britannia, allow me to introduce Gabriel li Britannia."

Lelouch hands Cornelia her nephew. Cornelia slowly takes him in her hands. She controls her shaking as she brings the child closer. Gabriel giggles and grabs hold of Cornelia's breasts pulling himself towards her. Gabriel snuggles

Lelouch chuckles, "Looks like Gaby has good taste."

Euphie gasps and smacks Lelouch, "Lelouch vi Britannia."

Lelouch scowls, "What did I say wrong? Besides Guilford agrees with me."

The two princesses notice that their knights are now in the room. Anya pulls out her camera phone and begins snapping away. Cornelia is quite stunned at the turn of events. There is now another thing to talk about on the trip to Britannia. For now she will enjoy the time with her sisters and nephew. Lelouch takes the opportunity to inspect Cornelia's soldiers.

This section requires a little explaining. Odysseus or Schniezel would have started a rebellion against Charles. While they fight it out, Lelouch will sit quietly in Asia. This is how he would deal with his parents. Also Evelyn and the twins are living in Pendragon not Lelouch. The aftermath of this scenario would extensively use Castor's geass in connection with Lelouch and Kallen's to create a large scale hallucination. I added a few notes in parentheses to explain certain things.

Marianne has been unable to contact Charles all morning. There is lots of ruckus going on up at Britannia Palace. She has to investigate what it could be. She just hopes that Charles is safe. She hasn't been able to get in contact with Bismarck either. Before she goes over to the palace, she will have to secure the children.






Marianne lets out a scream that is probably heard around the world.

"Where are those damn guards?" she asks as she begins to look around.

"They're gone, mother."

Marianne freezes and turns to see her three youngest children standing there. Evelyn standing between the twins holding a gun. From this angle she looks so much like Lelouch only with long hair and a developing bosom.

"You shouldn't have taken me away from Jinta!" Evelyn screams as she points the gun at her mother.

Marianne quickly dodges, and the bullet just misses her.

Evelyn snarls, "After her. I guess that's why the call her the Flash."

Marianne is able to get out of the palace. Luckily for her the old Ganymede is brought back to Aries Palace on its way to the Britannia Historical Museum. Only it has no weapons which doesn't matter since she only wants to use it to head over to the palace. In distance she can see knightmares battling. Either Schniezel or Lelouch must be attempting a coup. She can see that the kids are coming after her in their Titan minis.

Marianne makes it safely to Britannia Palace. Luckily for her everyone's attention is drawn to the knightmare battle. She slips into the throne room which thankfully is empty. She sees blood and dead soldiers. She hopes that Charles manages escape. She makes her way over to the Thought Elevator. She is quite pleased that is not undamaged. She makes her way in and heads up towards platform before the Sword of Akasha. If Charles escaped, he would head here. When Marianne reaches the top, she sees Charles shooting Lelouch in the chest.

"It had to be done, Marianne. He could endanger Ragnarök."

Marianne nods and is then suddenly sent to the floor when someone hits her in the back. Her first thought is that the kids caught up to her, but then she sees some she did not expect.

Kallen hits her mother in law with a wooden stick causing her to fall down. She looks up at the emperor who raises his gun at her.

The emperor is quite amazed at the girl's bravado for coming here after Lelouch and not flinching as he points his gun at her. Before he can ask her if she has any last regrets, a demonic laughter comes up from Lelouch. Bullets tear through Charles's knees causing him to fall and drop his gun.

Lelouch casually walks over and picks it up. He looks over at Kallen and smiles.

"Hello my Kalli. Did you take care of the little pissant?" Lelouch says this as he kicks his father in the gut. (Lelouch is speaking about Rolo who makes an unfortunate discovery about Kallen)

Kallen nods and pushes her mother-in-law to the ground.

Lelouch grins, "It seems as if you dressed for the occasion better than I did," Lelouch looks down at his clothes, "Milly is never going to forgive me for ruining this coat," Lelouch adds as he takes off his coat and shirt revealing the code on his chest.

At the same time Kallen brushes her face to reveal her code. Charles tries crawling over to his son who keeps kicking him away. Lelouch signals for Jeremiah to pin the emperor down. Marianne wants to jump up and strangle her least favorite daughter-in-law (well she actually hates them all but Kallen is her least favorite). Kallen lifts her wooden stick to take on more swing.

"That will be enough, Kallen, We'll take it from here"

Marianne never expected to be so glad to hear Nunnally's voice except that she is accompanied by Evelyn and the twins. Evelyn walks over towards Marianne still carrying a gun. She nonchalantly waves the gun around. Marianne knows that this is her chance. If she can only get the gun away from Evelyn, she will be able to take her hostage. Lelouch won't be able to do anything then. Maybe she and Charles can still get away. However those thoughts die with a jolt of electricity.

Marianne falls to the floor after Nunnally jams an electric rod into her side.

"That will be enough of that mother."

The worst part of it now is that Marianne cannot defend herself because nothing comes out of her mouth. As the twins tie up he feet, she can hear Charles screaming at Lelouch.

"If you deny me, you are leaving the world to him. You are leaving the world to Schniezel."

Lelouch laughs, "Don't be a fool father. I have been playing all of you since the beginning, In fact I almost feel sorry for Schniezel. He is going to get mind fucked so badly that he won't know what hit him" Lelouch instructs Jeremiah to lift the emperor so that Lelouch can look him in the eyes, "Every obstacle that you set up for me I used to my advantage. You thought that leaving me Nunnally, Euphie, and the kids would slow me down," Lelouch laughs, "Don't be ridiculous. I love them. Where there is love there can be no hindrance. You thought that by forcing me to marry that I would be slowed down. You just gave me more allies," Lelouch spits in the emperor's face, "Do you why I am where I am, your majesty? It is because of trust," Lelouch shows Charles the DNA tests from Cornelia's son, "Do you see this, father? Looks like I'm not the only one lusting after his little sister." (Lelouch is referring to the fact that Schniezel is the father of Cornelia's son)

Marianne hopes that Lelouch maintains eye contact with Charles who is probably waiting for the opportunity to use his geass. Then it hits Marianne that since Lelouch is a code bearer, Charles's geass won't affect him. She sees Jeremiah lift the emperor as Lelouch speaks a command to his father. Marianne wonder how Lelouch is able to retain his geass. Then Evelyn taps her head with the gun.

"Forget about them. You have us to worry about," Evelyn takes a few steps back, "I think that you should taze her again, Nunners, to teach her a lesson."

This time the shock is not as great. Marianne is slightly grateful that Nunnally is in control of the electric rod. At least she shows some compassion for her mother.

Evelyn looks over at her big sister with disappointment.

"What should we do with her? I think we should make her forget who she is and send her to work in a whorehouse."

Marianne looks up as Jeremiah carries the emperor away. Why isn't that damn fool helping her? He swore allegiance to the vi Britannia line. Lelouch is making his way over towards them.

Nunnally responds to Evelyn's comment, "Evelyn, she is still our mother."

Marianne sighs as she sees Lelouch wrapping his arms around Nunnally. From this angle they look a little like Charles and herself. Marianne gasps a little. From the manner in which Lelouch is holding Nunnally one could assume that they are lovers. It is a pretty open secret that Lelouch and Euphemia are lovers. What would stop him from sleeping with his true sister. Marianne manages to get a question out.

"What did I do to deserve?" She cannot speak coherently, but her children understand it.

She already knows Evelyn's answer.


The twins respond with snarls and growls.

"You tooks us away from our girls."

"Ya you took us away from them."

Nunnally glares at her mother with the electric rod ready to go.

"You forced Suzu to marry Euphie."

Marianne thinks about that statement and wonders if it isn't backwards. She has no idea that Nunnally is in love with Suzaku and has been having an affair with him since the annulment of his marriage to Euphemia. (Nunnally and Suzaku would have been having an affair during his marriage to Euphemia before the marriage is dissolved)

Lelouch is standing there with a bored look on his face. Marianne remembers CC having the same expression. Marianne looks up at him.

"What?" he asks impassively.

Marianne glares at her son.

He laughs off her glare, "Even now you are trying to be a mother. You aren't very good at it. I'm actually quite pleased with your shoddy and neglectful parenting. Look where it has taken me. In a few days Britannia will be spilt between Schniezel and those who oppose him. All while I sit in comfort in my palace. I just not sure which one since I have so many now. I also don't know which of my wives to enjoy it with," He moves away from Nunnally and over to Evelyn. He continues, "However I'm upset with you mother. Upset at your insane attempt to change the world to a world where you will be happy. It isn't just us you never bothered to care for. It is the whole world. You never cared about anything but your plan."

Lelouch put his arms around Evelyn and whispers into her ear. Marianne hopes that her son hasn't developed some sort of Oedipus complex because of her 'neglectful' mothering. Marianne wasn't always there for them but that didn't mean that she didn't care. Lelouch leaves Evelyn and comes to Marianne. He puts his arms around her and forces her eyes to remain open.

"Don't worry, mother. You will enjoy your new life."

Evelyn activates her geass.

"Evelyn vi Britannia commands you…"

This section is short and would have been part of the epilogue. It is set several years after the Britannian Civil War. In this scenario Lelouch and Cornelia do not have come together. Some time before the final war, Cornelia and her son would have been kidnapped by Schniezel. This probably would have been the moment when Lelouch and Cornelia become lovers.

Cornelia is playing with her son. They are in the villa given to her by Lelouch on the outskirts of Neo-Pendragon. The older city of Pendragon is a shell of its former self. Cornelia plays with her son's hair and considers her love life. As a child and adolescent she has a crush on Schniezel. It is still a mystery how he felt about her. Perhaps she should have let him live long enough for Evelyn to geass him into telling the truth. Then Cornelia grows out of it or more correctly meets other men. Darlton is her first actual lover. Even though she and Guilford meet many years before, Darlton is the first to take her innocence. After a few years of being with the older man, Cornelia settles in with Guilford. For almost a decade the two share a secretive affair.

Then it all ends with Lelouch and Schniezel going at it. She wonders if Lelouch and Euphemia becoming lovers has anything to do with Schniezel's actions. Somehow Schniezel gains a geass that allows him to distort the senses of others to what he wants them to see. For her Schniezel appears as Guilford. They have a passionate night and the result is her son. Schniezel kills Guilford soon after that and blames it on Lelouch. With all of Lelouch's other sins, it is easy to add one more to the pile. Cornelia does nothing to help either side. Perhaps if she helps Lelouch; Guilford or Darlton live. Now they are gone as are most of the people in Cornelia's life.

"Mom, look it's uncle Lelouch."

Cornelia looks up and sees Lelouch walking towards them.

At some point I was going to do a series of omakes dealing with the twins and their series, Converters. This is part of what would have been the first omake. In it the twins are casting voice actors. Some would have been serious while others would involve them taking advantage of the situation.


The twins are holding auditions for their Converters' spin-off movie, Lulu and Nunners Save the World. At least that's what Evelyn thinks is going on. Castor and Pollux are a little vague about what they are doing. With everyone else busy with other things, Ayame and Midori are watching the twins (both sets), Evelyn, Jinta, James, Gabriel, and Charlotte. Today they are interviewing possible voice actors. Their first appointment, Norio Wakamoto, comes in.

"Have a seat, Wakamoto-san."

"Now read a few lines with Ayame-chan."

After a few lines are read, Castor and Pollux nod.

"You sound a lot like our father if he were Japanese."

"Your father?"

James nods and pulls out a picture of his grandfather, "Jii-san Oats Guy."

"That's a good idea, James. Wakamoto-san, can you please say ALL HAIL BRITANNIA!"


The twins both nod.

"Hm that was good. We will get in touch with your people. I think we may have something for you."