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No matter what anyone tells me, I feel responsible. I had a feeling something bad would happen eventually…and it did. Others have told me that it wasn't my fault. They say that it was the fault of bullies, of her mother, of society even! And yet, I know that I played a part in these events too.

They try to tell me it's just survivor's guilt; I'm blaming myself because I lived and other didn't. But that's not it. That's not it at all!

I never teased her. I never made fun, pushed around, or bullied Carrie. And yet, the only thing I really did was to bite my tongue. I never gave her words of comfort or encouragement. I never went to her in times of great sorrow. Not once did I step forward to admonish the tormentors for their cruelty, or to dry her tears when the tormentors had left to seek other prey. I stood by and watched these things happen. I could have stopped it – I could have made things end differently for everyone – but I didn't. And I hate myself for it every day.

Carrie, you deserved better.

Bullying others is bad. Standing by and letting bullying happen isn't much better. Report bullying wherever you find it, because if you don't, in the end everyone suffers because of it.