Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to The Wallflower: Perfect Girl Evolution in anyway. They are the original creations of the mangaka. This is a story of my own creation based from this manga/anime.

Spoiler Alert!: This story contains spoilers from various chapters of the manga up to chapter 95.

Love is Blind

Chapter 1: The Not so Innocent Beginning

In the living room of a grand mansion, four gorgeous teenage boys gathered waiting for dinner. While the scene was one most girls at Mori High School would drool over, it was really nothing out of the ordinary. Oda Takenaga sat up straight in one of the chairs reading a book in Chinese, Takano Kyouhei was sprawled out on his favorite yellow couch moaning about how hungry he was, and Touyama Yukinojo and Mori Ranmaru flipped through the channels debating what to watch on tv. Yuki wanted to watch cartoons, while Ranmaru wanted to watch something… a bit more mature.

"You can't put that on! What if Sunako-chan comes in?" Yuki's face was bright red as he tried to snatch the remote, which was quickly moved out of his reach.

"I just want to learn some new tricks." Ranmaru pouted. "I have to please my kittens or-"

"Don't be vulgar." Takenaga interrupted. "Why don't you two be productive and read a book instead?"


"Or you two could let Kyohei pick if you can't agree." He offered as a second option.

"No way!" The two shouted in unison.

"Hey!" Kyohei shouted, offended.

"You'll put on something violent or scary!" Yuki whined.

"What about this?" Ranmaru had found what appeared to be a soap opera, the type only Noi would watch, in which two characters were about to kiss. "This can be educational for Kyouhei at least." He snickered.

"Yeah, then you'll actually know what to do next time you kiss Sunako." Yuki teased.

"This again?" He whined…and then a thought occurred to him and he felt a flash of panic. Did they see me kiss her in the nurse's office? They're definitely not above spying on people… "How do you know about that?"

"Huh?" Yuki, Ranmaru, and even Takenaga now turned to look at the boy lounging on the couch.

"We were there." Yuki answered, slightly confused. "Remember?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Kyouhei mumbled and turned away from the others as if he were trying to fall asleep. Shit. I forgot about that first kiss when she was possessed. Maybe they won't pick up on it…

Takenaga closed his book, and at that moment, he knew he would have no such luck. When Takenaga put down a book and gave you his full attention, he meant business. "Kyouhei, how many times have you kissed Sunako-chan?"

"What kind of a question is that?" Kyouhei huffed defensively.

"It seems to be a valid one since you are avoiding it." Takenaga answered. The two other boys applauded his reasoning skills.

"Just once!" Kyouhei lied, as he stood up, annoyed. "Geez, you guys try and make something out of nothing. I'm going to check on dinner." He said as he started to walk out of the room. He had to get out before they questioned him further.

"I bet that's not all he's checking on." Ranmaru joked suggestively. The others snickered.

"Shuddup!" A shout was heard from the other room. Apparently, he had still been in earshot of the comment.

I had originally planned this as then ending for my other chapter fic, made for each other (which I am still working on) but that's starting to turn in a direction that this wouldn't fit as well. Then I was going to make this into a one shot, but it's already at 4k words, which seems a bit long for a one shot, and I'm still tweaking the ending. So I've decided to make it into a story with really short chapters!

Essentially this means that it's basically written already. I'm just going to be mean and wait till I get some reviews to post up more chapters...that or post them up randomly on a whim in-between chapters of my other story. haha