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Love is Blind


One month later…

Sunako stood in the kitchen preparing the ingredients for the night's dinner. She found a new recipe and was excited to try it out on the boys. The rice was in the cooker, the meat marinating in mixture of spices, and all she needed to do now was chop the vegetables. She grabbed them out of her shopping bag and lined them up on the cutting board. Reaching for her favorite kitchen knife, she prepared to start chopping when she heard footsteps behind her. Someone was in her kitchen. Sunako took the knife and stabbed it into the counter to her right, resting her hand on top of it.

"Radiant creatures are supposed to stay out of my kitchen!" She growled out. That was enough to scare away all but one of her housemates. When she felt a pair of strong arms snake their way around her waist, she knew she was dealing with the one creature that was immune to her horror antics. Unfortunately, she was not immune to his. Sunako inhaled deeply at the surprise of his touch. She only relaxed slightly when she felt the familiar weight of his head on top of hers.

"I'm hungry." Takano Kyouhei's baritone voice vibrated its way through her as he spoke. "When's dinner gonna be done?"

"Never." Sunako took on the most intimidating tone she could muster up when he was this close to her and tightened her grip on her knife. "Unless you get out of my kitchen."

"And if I don't?" He asked, feigning innocence. Sunako couldn't see his face, fortunately, but knew all too well the smirk that was most likely playing upon his features. She took the knife out of the counter.

"I'll stab you." She muttered as she did her best to wiggle her way out of his grasp, knife waving in the air as she did so. He only tightened the backwards embrace he had her locked in and she groaned in annoyance. "Fine, I won't stab you."

"Good." Kyouhei answered happily, letting the horror girl go. However, she still didn't turn around.

"You'll just starve to death." She continued, and the bright creature could sense the evil glint in her eye. She always got one when she made such threats, and he knew she meant business. She may be his girlfriend, but she seemed to have no issues torturing him.

"But-" He began to protest, only to be cut off.

"How am I supposed to get anything done!" She began to chop furiously as she spoke. "You come traipsing in here with your brightness, only wanting to distract me…" Her shouts quickly faded into mumbled rants as she concentrated on her chopping.

"Will you still starve me if I give you a present?" The dazzling creature asked, remembering why he had originally come to find her before his growling stomach had distracted him.

"Since when do you buy people presents?" She asked disbelievingly. She continued to chop, but he could tell he piqued her interest.

"Eh, I got paid today." Kyouhei's answer came out simply. It gave away none of the hours spent debating over whether or not to get her something, what to get, and picking it out. Buying something for a girl, even a horror girl, was not his specialty. It was too embarrassing. Nonetheless, he reached in his back pocket and took out the object he had stuck in there earlier. "Besides, we can't hide under a blanket forever."

The last part of his explanation caused Sunako to stop cutting. She could feel her face flush and her heartbeat rise. Yes, they were dating now. Boyfriend and girlfriend, terms both of them had accepted rather reluctantly. They used the terms more for the sake of others than for themselves. Yes, they kissed. She could picture the blanket that had sat safely by his nightstand with John resting on top since that fateful night. John was her little piece of darkness that remained in the bright creature's room even after she was gone. He had once suggested something bright for her room, but her answer had been that he was bright enough. However, they never really discussed any of these things. Love and romance, it just wasn't their style. They both knew how they felt about one another and that was enough. Maybe love was an illusion, but what they felt for one another was not. It was real, and there was no need to cloud its meaning with a confusing word like love. So now, as Sunako took a deep breath and set down her knife, she wondered why he said such a thing.

Before she could ask her question, she felt something placed on her head, and the world got a little bit darker. Sunako spun around to see the creature of light smiling down at her…only he wasn't bright. His smile did not blind her or make her melt. She reached up and felt below her nose and there was no blood.

"Pretty good, ne?" He asked happily and she nodded in amazement. "There're skulls on your pair. They look pretty cool."

Sunako looked down as she took off the pair of sunglasses Kyouhei had placed on her head. A look of joyful fascination filled her face as she ran her fingers along the rhinestone skulls glued to each side of the black sunglasses. "Hiroshi will be jealous…" She thought aloud to herself as she examined them. She put them back on and smiled up at her boyfriend, who was wearing a pair as well. How they had become a couple, she would never fully understand, but she was finding it harder and harder to fight the idea every day. Before she thought about it too much and changed her mind, Sunako leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed the dazzling creature. "It works." She breathed out when they parted. She was fully conscious and nosebleed free.

"Wanna try it without them next?" Kyouhei asked with a playful grin. Even with both of them wearing sunglasses, he could make out her slightly horrified expression. "Maybe in another month or two." He placed a hand on top of her head and laughed as she slowly relaxed and a small smile graced her features once again.

"Or twelve." She added as she turned around and got back to preparing dinner, keeping the sunglasses on.

Meanwhile, the three boys who had been watching from their secret spot in the doorway made their way back to the living room before they were caught, and most likely murdered, by the raging couple.

"Was that supposed to be romantic?" Ranmaru scoffed. "A child could do better!"

"I thought it was kind of cute…in a way." Yuki piped in.

"They do suite one another." Takenaga agreed. "But if that's their idea of romance…" He began, and the two others looked at him, waiting for the response. "It's going to be years before she's a lady…"

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