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Jonathan Crane was many things.

He was smart, good looking, suave and of course a ruthless villain. His methods of torture far surpassed any of the other inhabitants of Arkham, if he did say so himself.

He was clearly better then everyone in Arkham. Including the guards and that hack Quincy. But, it was the inmates he was truly in competition with. And even though no one said it, he knew that every inmate was trying to outdo the next.

Who was smarter, more ruthless, quicker, better. As barbaric as it sounded, this was the way Arkham worked.

He was far more calculating then any other inmate, especially Killer Croc; he was just an animal. Even Jonathan wasn't sure why he loathed the mutated inmate so. Maybe it was… -dare he say it- fear? Of course not. Jonathan Crane was fear.

Clearly he outwitted that imbecile Nygma. 'The Riddler' may have thought he was the most brilliant mind in Gotham, but in reality he was a narcissistic fool. After all, he was the one who was thrown into Arkham more then anyone else due to his childish nature. From time to time he even threw tantrums. Oh yes, Jonathan has a special hatred for Edward Nygma.

His methods of planning also surpassed Joker. He was just a clown with no style nor grace. Enough said.

And as for Dent… well he beat him in basically everything didn't he?

The others he didn't even feel he had to mention. They were at the bottom of the Arkham Status Quo while he was almost at the top. And when he did kill the Batman, it would tell the others how inferior they truly were.

Ok, so Jonathan Crane wasn't humble.

But he also wasn't an idiot, or impulsive. Which is why he was so surprised that he was actually hauling the trembling Banshee across the floor by her foot into the elevator. From what he could see she was still somewhat conscious, and she didn't look to be having a nice time.

'Serves her right' reminded the ache between his legs. Oh, she would pay for that later. After a few doses of his fear serum and gas her pretty little mind would break. Then he would simply dispose of her fear-stricken shell.

Maybe he would give her to Croc… As it happened Scarecrow was feeling particularly environmental today, and dumping bodies into the Gotham Lake was beginning to pollute it.. Whilst Croc would leave nothing uneaten. That was one of the few things the large creature was good for.

Casting a look over his shoulder at her, he took satisfaction in the fact that tears were still falling from her eyes even though she was trying desperately to hide her face in her hands. If he had to guess, he suspected that she was trying to block out the images in her head by covering her eyes. Something many people did their first times being gassed.

The thought made him smirk beneath his mask.

"Fear exists in the one place you can't escape it my dear, your mind." he purred, tapping his needles against her now bare right leg. It appeared that when he dragged her to the elevator her dress had slipped up a bit exposing her legs up to her thighs.

Just a little higher and he would get a peak at what was underneath…

Frowning at his thoughts he jerked her leg roughly, basking in the sound of her melodious whimpers of pain and fear. He jabbed his thumb onto the 4th floor button then proceeded to yank her leg again for good measure.

As the rusted elevator creaked into motion, he finally turned his gaze upon the young girl who he has promptly drug along with him. She was currently curled up on the floor, with only her right leg sticking out due to his iron grip on her ankle.

He was still confused at how she had entered in Arkham, and planned to interrogate her thoroughly once the Batman was dead. And if he had time he would also teach her some manners for that nasty attitude she had displayed towards him.

Clicking his tongue disapprovingly, he leaned in closer to croon at her trembling form. "Poor little Banshee…wandering a world of your worst fears. Tell me, how does it feel to face everything you're terrified of?" He cooed, jerking her leg impatiently when she didn't answer right away. He was a man who didn't like to be kept waiting.

After another minute of quiet whimpering she managed to respond. Although quiet, he could still make out, "D-don't eat me…"

He couldn't help but cackle at the one broken whisper as it escaped from her lips. Patting her leg approvingly, the elevator dinged and the doors creaked open. Sighing, he realized he couldn't play with his new little toy all day.

There was work to be done after all.

And Batman was his first priority. Nothing would come before his destruction.

So when the doors fully opened, he dragged his prize across the floor again towards one of the offices that were now vacant due to Joker's takeover. 'Perhaps one of his better haphazard ideas.' He thought cynically, ending it a snort.

With a few flexes of his now muscled arms, he flung Banshee across the room into one of the walls. She didn't weigh much which is probably why he was able to throw her so far, it still made him a bit proud though.

A sound of pain escaped her mouth as she curled up in a ball once again. In a fleeting moment he regarded -with much pride- that he had left a hand shaped bruise around her flimsy ankle.

Stalking across the room, he came to her curled form and kneeled down next to her and spoke with fake gentleness. "Now, you stay here while Daddy finishes working. Then we'll finish what we started hm?"

With that said he let out an amused cackle then walked out of the office, slamming the door behind him. Once he was out, he position a chair under the knob so she wouldn't escape before he ended her life.

Wouldn't want that…

Not to mention that a pocket of wanton delight had began pooling in his mind at the thought of a new subject to play with.

If she thought his fear gas was bad, wait until she got a taste of what he had planned for the little white nuisance.