Sora's life fucking sucked.

Sora wasn't usually the one to whine and mope, but he couldn't help feeling this strong urge to feel sorry for himself. His father had left, his mom's had been fired from her job a couple days ago, and his new house (well it wasn't all that new, it was new to him) seemed to be about to collapse. Everything was going downhill. When had things taken a turn for the worse? He wasn't quite sure.

Sora rose from the cold tile floor, glancing out the window. His hand lingered towards the bottom of the cold glass, and then he harshly pulled up the window. Immediately, the sun's heat waves clashed into his skin. He breathed in the smell of the beach. The good thing about living on an island was that the beach was never too far away.

"Sora?" His mom's voice erupted suddenly inside the house, and he could hear her take off her shoes and drop her keys accidentally. She groaned slightly and then he heard the keys hit porcelain instead of tile. He immediately put on a smile.

"Yeah? How are you mom?" Sora's smile made his mother smile. Her hands reached up to her hair as she pulled back her bangs.

"Ah, same old same old. Look kiddo, I'm exhausted. I've been out looking for a job all day. You wouldn't mind making dinner, would you? Just make some rammen, I bought a bunch." Sora's mom plopped down on the old green couch, and Sora groaned.

"Fine…but you owe me!" Sora chuckled, and his mom grinned.

"Yeah, yeah." Sora quickly rushed over to the kitchen, and he began the process of heating some water. The stove clicked as he turned the knob, and as soon as it ignited, he lifted the dial to 8. He went to the pantry and quickly pulled out a couple tiny orange bags that said RAMMEN on them. He stood back up, and then suddenly his ear caught something peculiar. What was that noise? He quickly looked in the direction of the noise, and he saw that the water was sloshing inside of the pan he had placed on the stove. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Huh." Sora muttered to no one in particular, and walked towards the stove. Suddenly, a strong shake began to occur throughout the kitchen.


"MOM?" Sora screamed, running fast towards where she was. She was up on her feet, and as soon as she saw Sora she reached out her hand. To Sora, everything seemed to go in slow motion. The worst case scenario kept flashing in his head, and he grabbed her hand quickly and raced out of their house. The door was so close, he could almost feel it.

All too quickly, Sora found himself outside, staring at his house fall down to the floor. The shaking stopped, slowly but surely.

Everything was gone.

God had finally taken away everything humanly possible from him except his mom. Speaking of which…

"Sora, oh my…" His mom glanced up at the sky. Her dark brown hair was in a mess, and her eyes were black with anger. She had had enough.

"You know what, that place sucked anyhow. We'll find a new place." Sora's mom smiled, but Sora knew she was clearly lying. It was painfully obvious that she was on the edge of killing something.

"Mom…it's okay. You don't have to lie." Tifa looked up, her eyes glistening with tears of rage. She inhaled deeply, and then let it all out at once in a rush. She walked over to the ruins, throwing things here and there, attempting to let off some rage. Sora knew better than to interfere.

"Oh my! Sora, are you and your mother alright?" An old woman who was a foot shorter than Sora waddled over quickly to where he was. Sora smiled. Faking time.

"We're good!" Sora smiled, scrunching up his face and gave her a thumbs up. Sora attempted to divert the woman's gaze from his mother's current rampage.

"RAPE, PILLAGE AND BURN. RAPE, PILLAGE AND BURN." His mother picked up another chunk of debris and threw it towards the road, feet away from him and the old woman.

Oh wonderful. The neighbors would think greatly of their family now.

"Hey!" Sora said abruptly, interrupting the woman's stare. "So yeah, we're fine you should go back inside your house now." Sora grabbed the old woman's hand and then attempted to guide her with the other hand on her back towards her house. She continued to stare at Tifa over her shoulder.

"I SWEAR, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME, COME DOWN AND DEAL WITH ME FACE TO FACE. UGH!" Tifa screamed at the sky, and then kicked something rather harshly.

Sora laughed awkwardly at the old woman, and he attempted to accelerate the speed he was going. She looked up at him, finally adverting her gaze from his mother.

"Sweetheart, I know you and your mother have gone through lots of hardships lately. But remain strong. Remember, everything happens for a reason." She smiled a genuine smile, and she quickly retreated into her house. "You're welcome to stay here for the night." She said, and Sora simply nodded.

Everything happens for a reason…huh. I wish.

As fate should have it, Sora's house was literally the only house that had been damaged in the entire Island. Reporters gathered outside his house, as if he had discovered the cure to cancer. Sora and his mother were constantly questioned, and Sora's mom could barely take it, ignoring them all. She simply kept digging, trying to see if there was anything she could salvage. Sora just went to school, trying to forget the whole ordeal.

As soon as Sora arrived to school, people's eyes were attracted to him like a moth to the flame. He kept his head up, trying to ignore them, but he soon found it was unbelievably difficult to do so. As soon as he arrived at his locker he opened it up, and hid behind the dull green door. He sighed. This wasn't going to be easy.


Sora looked up, looking for his caller. Suddenly, a blonde haired boy was next to him, gasping for breath.

"I've been looking for you everywhere. Thank God for that hair of yours! It's easy to spy anywhere." Sora grinned.

"Hey Roxas, how's it going?" Sora closed his locker door, a biology book hugged tightly to his side. Roxas looked up, angry.

"What the hell man, why didn't you answer your phone yesterday? I was worried sick about you! I saw the news. I can't believe that happened." Roxas was angry, but more than anything he seemed overly concerned. Sora grinned and arched his back, scratching the back of his neck.

"I lost my phone in the earthquake, sorry." Roxas was frowning, and then he placed a hand on Sora's shoulder.

"Hey, if there's anything you need, tell me. I'm always here for you bro." Roxas smiled sympathetically, and Sora nodded. He knew that already, Roxas and him were the best of friends. Nothing could ever separate them.

"Ri-Ri-Riku…?" Sora and Roxas turned at the sound of the name.

There he was.

Although it might sound a bit exaggerated to those whose eyes have never grazed upon him, Riku was basically an angel allowed to walk the earth. In fact, his whole little clan of friends seemed to be unusually attractive. They were all praised by both sexes, and whenever they walked around they would constantly be seen. Aside from Riku, there was Axel, Cloud, Leon, and Demyx.

Axel was a young man with fiery red hair. His eyes were striking when you first saw them. They almost seemed to have an unusual glow. His attitude, however, didn't attract many. He was cynical and cocky, and it was known throughout the school Axel was not one to be trusted. One second you were friends, the next you're on the floor bleeding wondering what the hell happened.

Cloud was the typical mysterious boy. No one knew much about him, but everyone knew he had had a dark past. He had blonde hair and ice blue eyes. He wasn't necessarily a mean person, he was simply just reserved. He liked to be left alone to his thoughts. Leon, Cloud's best friend, was similar to him. However Leon had this warmth Cloud lacked. He was social and talked a lot to those he knew, but he was still very quiet around people he didn't trust yet. It took some time for him to openly speak to anyone. Both of them had graduated last year, but they were still often seen around town with the other three boys who were still in high school.

Demyx was most definitely the happiest of the bunch. Out of all of them he was the only one that seemed to enjoy life. He would constantly be smiling, and even though his bubble personality attracted many, no one dared come near him. Rumors had spread around the school that Demyx's happiness was simply a façade hiding what he really was underneath; a horrible, mean, cruel person.

And last but absolutely not least was Riku. Riku was unusual, for his head had gone gray at a very premature age. Not only that, but his eyes were an unusual blue green; they glowed underneath his dark lashes. He was also the leader of the group, often at the head of their pack when they moved from class to class. He was tall, just a little shorter than Axel, and he was also very strong. Riku was part of the blitzball team, a prestigious group only twelve people out of the entire school got to join. He was also the number one student in the entire school, and had even managed to break the record for highest score on the Island's standardized tests. It seemed Riku's only downfall was his attitude, which many people found cold and unnapealing. He would bark away anyone who even attempted to come close to him. How he had become friends with the other four was a mystery.

Sora quickly snapped back into reality, witnessing what was about to happen. The girl with the red hair was now staring up at the boy with gray hair, her face crimson with embarrassment. She pulled out a light pink card. It seemed to be a love letter.

Sora quickly understood what was about to happen.

"What is this?" Riku snarled, glancing down at the girl who was suddenly focusing her attention on the floor. He didn't move an inch from where he stood.

"Please just take it and read it, I-"


The pink note was ripped from the girl's hands. She looked up, horrified. She had realized her mistake too late.

Riku tore open the letter, and smiled down at the paper. He chuckled lightly, and then began reciting the note out loud.

"Dear Classmate. I know you may not know me, but I have always been attracted to you since the day I laid my eyes on you. You are perfect in every way." Riku paced back and forth a small distance as he spoke, mockery lacing his words. His voice was so charming, it was odd to hear him be cruel. The girl's eyes were wide open, terrified that her deepest thoughts and secrets were being spoken casually to a large crowd.

"I see you walking down the hallways and can't help but to glance your way, even for just a second. You're a wonderful guy, did you kno-"

"Please stop." The girl with the red hair said in a hushed tone. Her face turned an even darker shade of red, but this time it wasn't simply embarrassment that made her flushed, it was also anger.

"What?" Riku said, looking up from the note. His eyes fluttered open and closed, faking disbelief.

"That was personal. It was meant to be between you and me." The girl looked up, and then instantly regretted it as soon as she saw the wicked hatred in Riku's eyes. The boy's smile broadened, and he looked towards his friends.

"Guys, don't you want to hear the rest? This girl has wonderful writing abilities. I wouldn't want to be selfish and keep this all to myself." Riku bent down and whispered the last part in her ear, but loud enough for spectators to hear. Riku was a performer, Sora noticed. He was perfectly aware that everyone's eyes were on him and he took the advantage. Riku lifted the pink pastel colored paper to his face and continued his dirty work.

"Anyhow, the point of this letter is kind of silly-" Riku read in an animated form, wanting to hear laughter from the crowd.

"Stop." The girl whispered desperatley.

"But I just wanted to let you know, before we graduate-"

"Please!" The girl said louder.

"I'm in lov-"

"She said to stop, are you deaf or something?"

Silence suddenly filled the room. Riku looked up and his eyes instantly collided with Sora's.

For a second, Sora doubted himself. He wondered what had possessed him to do such a stupid thing. Sora's blue eyes grew wide with realization, and he looked at Roxas from the corner of his eye to see if he was as shocked as everyone else; he definitely was. Sora breathed in deep, and decided he had already spoken up, so he might as well stick to the program.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Riku stepped forward towards the brunette. Sora quickly noticed that the way Riku was moving towards him was similar to the way a lion approaches a gazelle before it devours it.

Crap. Crap. Crap.

"Look just leave her alone." The brunette shot back a glare at the boy, and Riku grinned. He pinned Sora against a locker in one swift motion, allowing no room for the boy to fight back. His throat was suddenly very, very tight, the hand wrapped around him firm and unrelenting. Sora gasped, the shock overwhelming him.

"I believe I asked you a question." Riku's face was inches from his, and Sora gulped. Roxas decided to finally speak up.

"Leave him alone!" Roxas snarled, and Riku smirked at the blonde.

"You're both very feisty, aren't you? Well then, I'll show you what happens when you butt into something that isn't. Your. Business." With every pause, Riku tightened his grip on Sora. The boy's hands clawed up into Riku's and he kicked fiercely, desperatley attempting to find an opening so that he could escape. Roxas, sensing his friend needed help in a more physical way, kicked Riku's shin fiercely. The white haired boy hissed in pain, and then growled a command at the red haired boy standing idly in the middle of the hallway.

"Axel, get him."

The redhead didn't question, in fact he followed the command almost automatically. Before Roxas even knew what was going on, he was on the floor pinned down, his cheeks pressed against the cold floor. A heavy weight pressed itself on Roxas' back, and he felt his arms being locked into place by two strong hands. Roxas looked up only to see red spikes and neon green eyes.

"Hey squirt, how's the weather down there?" Axel teased. Roxas groaned, squirming in every possible direction.

"This ain't a bull ride kid, so you better keep still." Axel whispered in the blonde's ear. Roxas looked up to see Sora, his face distorted in disgust. Suddenly attention was on the brunette once more.

"What's your name?" Riku questioned again.

"Sora." He choked out, gasping for air.

"Sora what?" Riku looked up at the brunette he held in the air with a menacing glare.

"Sora Nakamura." Sora's eyes squinted in pain, and he looked left and right. Where the hell were the teachers?

"Hmm, well then, Sora Nakamura, I suggest next time you only speak when spoken to. Got it?"

Sora just nodded his head furiously, anything to get the boys strong hold off of him. He didn't feel like putting up a fight anymore.

"Good. Lets go." Riku barked the command, and suddenly Sora landed on the cold floor with a loud thump. Breathing in all the air he could bear, Sora noticed quickly Riku was already turning the corner at the end of the hallway, lackeys following close behind.

"What a jerk." Roxas muttered, getting up off the floor. Sora's hand went up to his neck, almost as if to make sure it was still there. He glanced up to see Roxas' helping hand, and he quickly took it and stood up.

"Tell me about it." Sora looked the direction Riku had left, and rage welled inside of the brunette. Who gave that kid a right to be such an asshole anyway? He walked around like he owned the place. Where were his manners?

"Sora…Roxas…thank you so much." The redheaded girl walked over and hugged them both, smiling hesitantly. Sora simply smiled, waving off her thanks.

"It was nothin'." Sora said, and she grinned.

"Why you even like a douchebag like him is beyond me, Kairi." Roxas said, and Kairi simply looked down.

"I guess that's why they call it falling in love. You just kind of…trip. It really isn't your choice." Kairi smiled up at Roxas, but her eyes were filled with hurt. Roxas wrapped his arms around her, and she hugged him back, sobbing lightly into him.

"Ugh, this sucks…" Kairi's words we muffled under Roxas' shirt.

"Yeah, but it'll be okay. You'll find someone better. Trust me, there are lots of guys out there who are a million times better than him."

As Roxas comforted the young girl, Sora's thoughts drifted back to Riku. Sora was still rather angry at the boy, but he couldn't help but wonder why Riku was like that. He wandered to the usual cliché "I'm putting up a wall so no one knows who I really am," but he refused to believe his anger was really that one-dimensional.

Roxas pulled Sora back into reality.

"Hey, lets go to class alright?" Sora nodded, and walked over to where Roxas was, headed for their first class of the day.

His mind kept wandering towards Riku, but Sora quickly decided that it was pointless. It wasn't like Riku and him would ever speak again.


Well there you have it, my first chapter. This story is based very lightly off of "It Started With A Kiss" but it's mostly headed in a completely different direction. As you can already tell, the story is pretty different. Sora isn't in love with Riku…yet. XD

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