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Chapter 2: Judgment
(1: A formal utterance of an authoritative opinion; 2: A formal decision given by a court; 3: The process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing; 4: A proposition stating something believed or asserted.)


"Chelsea is trying to break our bindings," daddy whispered. "But she can't find them. She can't feel us here..." He looked at momma, "Are you doing that?"

Momma gave him a smile that wasn't a real smile, and said, "I am all over this."

Suddenly, daddy jumped away from momma, reaching a hand out towards grandpa Carlisle. Sounding frantic, daddy asked him, "Carlisle? Are you all right?"

Sounding a bit puzzled, grandpa Carlisle answered, "Yes. Why?"

Daddy's one-worded answer: "Jane."

Momma quickly looked around, I did too. Everyone looked fine. "Incredible," daddy said.

"Why aren't they waiting for the decision?" Tanya asked, hissing. I knew she was very upset. Daddy answered her brusquely, "Normal procedure. They usually incapacitate those on trial so they can't escape."

I became very worried, if they were already attacking, that meant that Aro did mean to hurt my family... This made me very angry, but also even more frightened. I did not want to be separated from my family. What would I do without them?

Suddenly, I saw momma give a funny-looking smile to the little scary girl called Jane. Jane seemed to narrow her eyes in a mixture of disbelief and anger. Then momma pulled her lips back further to show her teeth. I was glad she had never looked at me like that, she actually looked scary.

The frightening little Jane-girl let out a loud screeching snarl. She crouched, preparing to spring at momma I think. Her twin brother, grabbed her arm. He must have remembered that they were not supposed to openly attack. Probably a good thing, I thought. I think momma would have torn her apart, and daddy certainly would not have been opposed to helping her.

When this last thought ran through my head, daddy looked at me out of the corner of his eye and gave me one of his crooked little happy-smiles. Even though it wasn't quite like it usually was, it made me feel a little bit better.

The papery vampires who were on our side were chuckling about something, as Alec patted Jane's arm, trying to calm her some more. Then he turned towards us, with a peaceful, almost angelic look on his face.

No one moved for a moment, then momma grabbed daddy's hand, looking a little panicked. "Are you okay?" She choked out.

"Yes," Daddy whispered back, but loud enough that me and Jacob could hear.

"Is Alec trying?" momma asked. I had forgotten that he had a power too, what was it again? I overhead someone talking about it... Oh yes, he could cut off all of your senses, effectively paralyzing you. That would be more than a little terrifying.

Daddy nodded and said, "His gift is slower than Jane's. It creeps. It will touch us in a few seconds."

I looked towards the vampires across the clearing, I was wondering if I could see what Alec was doing, or if it was invisible.

I stretched forward, still clinging to Jacob, and looked for a couple of seconds. I had almost decided that whatever it was, it must be invisible. Then I saw it, it looked a bit like a very thin fog, with a shimmering quality to it. When you looked through it, it made things on the other side look a little dreamy.

As it continued to creep closer to our front line, I heard a faint rumble coming from below me. At first I thought it was Jacob, then I realized it was the ground. There were also gusts of wind blowing drifts of snow about. That must be Benjamin, another vampire who was fighting with us. He could control the weather, and the earth. He must be trying to blow the mist away. Daddy gave a slight nod in my direction, so I knew this was true. No matter how hard Benjamin tried though, the mist continued to advance towards us.

The three papery figures cloaked in black finally broke out of their triangle when a huge fissure opened up in between the two groups of vampires in the clearing. Snow fell into the fissure in large drifts, but the dreamy mist whisked right over top. Aro and the two others watched Benjamin's handiwork. Two of the three - (Aro, and that other one with the white hair, Caius.) - stood with their eyes open wide. The third just looked on with no discernible expression on his face.

Everyone watched as the mist continued to come towards us. Even as the wind shrieked louder, there was no change in its course. I looked at Benjamin, he was looking more than a little stressed to see that his wind was having no effect.

The Jane-girl was smiling at our side now. It was an evil smile though, seeming to communicate her desire for a fight, even if we were going to be incapacitated. Her smile continued to grow by small, but noticeable amounts as the mist kept creeping closer.

Then, the dreamy mist hit what appeared to be a wall.

Even though it had hit a wall, it continued drifting, curling upwards, seeking some way to breach the invisible wall. There was no way to get through though. Then I realized, This is what momma is doing. Momma is holding this wall, keeping the dream-mist out... As I watched the mist curl around the wall, or rather, momma's shield, I saw exactly how far she had extended her protection. It covered so much of the area around us, I could hardly believe that my mother was doing this. As daddy had said before, it was incredible.

Everyone else could see the size of the shield now as well. Gasps came from both sides of the gorge that split the clearing in two. Everyone is beginning to see how amazing my family is, I thought proudly. Maybe they are also beginning to realize that we will not go down without a fight. We are stronger than they think.

"Well done Bella!" Benjamin cheered softly. Everyone on our side looked much more confident. The vampires on the other side were another story though, they looked a bit more frightened. Good, I thought. Maybe they'll take us seriously now. Maybe they will see reason.

Momma began whispering to daddy again. "I'm going to have to concentrate, when it comes to hand to hand, it's going to be harder to keep the shield around the right people."

"I'll keep them off you." He replied.

"No. You have to get Demetri," momma said back. Daddy looked like he was about to protest, but momma continued; "Zafrina will keep them off of me."

Zafrina nodded and promised daddy, "No one will touch this young one."

Momma spoke again, "I'd go after Jane and Alec myself, but I can do more good here."

Kate, another of the vampires with golden eyes hissed and said, "Jane's mine, she needs a taste of her own medicine."

One of the papery vampires on our side claimed Alec.

Tanya stated, "I just want Caius." Remembering, I was sure, that he had been the one to give the order that destroyed her sister.

More of the vampires on our side began divvying up more of our opponents. The wolves must have been claiming opponents as well, I heard Jacob give a few rumbles that were not directed towards me.

They were interrupted though, when Aro spoke.

"Before we vote," He began. Momma tensed up, she started to look scary again. Aro had better watch what he says...

He continued, "Let me remind you, whatever the council's decision, there need be no violence here." At this, daddy snarled and let out a dark laugh.

Aro looked at daddy sadly, "It will be a regrettable waste to our kind to lose any of you. But you especially, young Edward, and your newborn mate." He wanted daddy and momma? He continued; "The Volturi would be glad to welcome many of you into our ranks. Bella, Benjamin, Zafrina, Kate. There are many choices before you. Consider them."

I got a little panicky as he said this. Momma and daddy wouldn't abandon us for them, would they? As soon as that thought crossed my mind though, I squished it into the dust. Of course they wouldn't leave us, they loved us.

As these thoughts fluttered through my head, Aro looked around at our group. Hoping, I think, to see some type of interest in or consideration of his offer. His face grew slightly disappointed - and perhaps a tad angry? - at the lack of response.

After a couple more tenths of a second scrutinizing our expressions, he said with apparent reluctance, "Let us vote then."

The angry one - Caius - spoke up quickly. "The child is an unknown quantity. There is no reason to allow such a risk to exist. It must be destroyed, along with all who protect it." He smiled as he said this, his eagerness visible. This upset me very much. All of my friends and family were going to die because of me?

Momma looked as though she was trying very hard not to let a snarl burst out, and break the line.

Then the quiet one spoke. His voice was hardly audible, even to us. He said, "I see no immediate danger. The child is safe enough for now. We can always reevaluate later. Let us leave in peace."

Even though he had disagreed with Caius, not one of the Volturi guard relaxed their stances. They must still be expecting a fight. From the excited grin on his face, this was also what Caius wished for.

Aro appeared to consider for a moment, and then said, "I must make the deciding vote it seems."

Daddy snarled again. Aro must mean to attack us. Why would daddy snarl otherwise?

Aro continued his supposed debate with himself out loud. "Marcus has an excellent point, there is no apparent danger from this half-child yet." Momma stiffened as he spoke, she did not like the insulting tone he had adopted. Neither did I, for that matter

"It is true we can always return and check on it again," He continued. "But I think that doing that could turn into something very counter-productive. What happens if it becomes a terror? Of course we would then intervene. Any negative outcome could be avoided of course, if we eliminate the half-child now." I really disliked how he kept referring to me as a thing. It was more than mildly annoying.

"And thus, Caius has a remarkably logical grasp on the situation. It is very true, the half-child is completely unknown to us. We have no idea how it will grow, or act as it matures. I would however, be open to one other course of action-" And here Aro was cut of by the sudden and extremely violent sound of daddy's snarling.

Everyone on our side crouched slightly as soon as they saw daddy's face and posture. Momma began to hiss as well, losing her composure. The wolves began growling deep in their chests. Daddy finally quieted enough to spit something at Aro, "Never!" Then he let out another vengeful roar; baring his teeth.

This caused the Volturi's guards to react negatively as well, crouching defensively, ready to spring.

"What was he thinking?" Momma bit out at daddy around her snarls.

"What is he thinking, you mean." Daddy replied. "He was going to negotiate for a 'peaceful resolution.' "

Grandma Esme interrupted him, saying, "That doesn't sound so bad." My grandmother was so sweet, willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt.

Daddy turned slightly and continued. "He had only one condition to this proposal. He wanted to take Renesmee to study her."

As soon as those words were out of his mouth, everyone on our side became quiet for one heartbeat. After this pause, Jacob and his pack all flinched forward a step. Momma screeched and snarled, flashing her teeth like... a vampire. I had never been more terrified of anything in my life. All of the hisses, snarls and growls on our side grew louder. Uncle Emmet was terrifying, but no one looked nearly as fierce as daddy or momma. Even grandma Esme and grandpa Carlisle had faces filled with fury.

As they registered our reactions, the Volturi guard tensed even further. The witnesses also grew suddenly still.

Aro gave a small sigh, and spoke so quietly it was almost impossible to hear him over the snarls. "Then it is decided. I am sorry my friends." And with a flick of his hand, the guard leapt.

It had begun.

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