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Shitsurakuen Fanfiction

Chapter One: The Arrival of Two Knights

"The tale of a beautiful princess, the wicked demon king who kidnaps her, and the knight of justice who protects her from the demon king. The demon king kidnaps the princess countless times, and the knight goes to rescue her without fail. No matter what obstacle or temptation the demon king sends forth, the knight will not be stopped. Earnestly for the sake of the princess..."

They had finally been accepted into Utopia Private Academy, a school for super elite people. Noriya Himoto and her younger cousin, Sora Himoto were on there way to the elite school along with Sora's friend Tsuki. Sora was being especially loud and excited to the fact that she was finally accepted to the elite school and can finally be by Tsuki's side again. From when they were young, both Sora and Noriya had always wanted to be Knights of Justice. Thus the two went through extreme training and working to get stronger. So that they would be able to protect all the princesses from danger.

"So society finally understands my true worth!" Sora exclaimed loudly as she looked first at Tsuki and then to Noriya. Noriya gave her a small head nod before Sora turned her attention towards Tsuki.

"...I guess, but you really should be quiet on the bus." Tsuki blankly replied as she continued to read her book. Sora quickly apologized as she soon turned her attention back to Noriya. The sixteen year old girl was staring blankly at the white glove that both her and Sora had both received with their uniform. After a while of thinking, Sora realized something and created a loud outburst.

"Huh! Th-That's it? That's why they accepted my enrollment...So thats why our uniforms came with short pants..!" Sora exclaimed exchanging looks with Noriya. All the older girl did was shoot Sora a confused look until she finally realized what the other girl was talking about. That must have been it, the school was faciliating Sora and Noriya's dreams of being a knight. The uniform was the proof of it all, but they were both curious at to why they both ended up getting white gloves with their uniform...

"Be quiet on the bus." Tsuki stated calmly as she whacked Sora on the head with her book. The two girls talked more until the bus finally stopped at the school entrance and the three got off. As they all walked towards the entrance of the building, Sora's gaze widened and her mouth slacked open a bit. While Noriya held an innocent gaze and looked over to Tsuki. As the two looked around more, they both realized how passion-less all the girls looked like. They ended up spotting a crowd of people and both rushed towards them. Ignoring everything that Tsuki was saying. As the two wiggled their ways into the crowd, they both noticed that the gathering was to watch a battle that was going on.

"Guns and swords..? Do you think they're real?" Sora asked curiously as she climbed onto Noriya's back to get a better look. The older girl sighed and just continued to watch in curiosity as to what was going on.

"Give up man, a short sword can't beat a gun." The boy holding the gun snorted as he hovered over the other boy. The kneeling boy was disgusted and began to bend the short sword. He had given up and glared at the other boy.

"Grr, forget this weak-ass weapon!" He exclaimed as he broke the short sword in half. Both Noriya and Sora were surprised to see that the girl that was next to him had screamed out in pain and fallen to the ground. As the gathering cleared away, the boy that had a gun walked over to the fallen girl and kicked her until she woke up. When the two were gone and the crowd too dispersed, Sora along with Noriya bolting after her ran in the direction of where the girl had gone.

"Let's go Tsuki! I gotta go help that girl!" Sora exclaimed as she tried to figure out where that girl had gone.

"Sora if you move without knowing anything about the situation, no good will come from it." Tsuki said as she began to tug on both Sora and Noriya's arm. The two girls were arguing as Noriya watched them going back and forth in a heated argument. That was until an odd boy with glasses suddenly appeared and walked over to Sora, who was still arguing with Tsuki.

"H-Hey you..! You're an unfamiliar face...are you a transfer student? Th-Then how about I take ownership and protect-YOU!" The boy jerked upward as Sora pulled on the boy's shirt and began yelling questions as to why no one helped that girl earlier. Before long, Tsuki broke Sora's grip on the boy and slapped her across the face.

"...Please forgive her rudeness. These girls still don't know anything about the academy. Lets go you two, I have a lot to tell you." Tsuki said as she lead the two girls to the cafeteria. Once there, Tsuki began to explain everything about the academy.

"...Male dominance. That's the basic law of this school." The dark haired girl stated as she took a sip of her tea.

"Wh-Why!" Sora blurted out.

"Do you know about the "Iwahijiri Group" that runs this school? That group's president and inheritor of the school's chairman position is an advocate of male dominance." Tsuki told them as she took another sip of her tea. Sora was full of outbursts and questions towards the entire situation. It was then that Tsuki finally began to explain what they had all seen earlier that day.

"Its called "Exaclan". Its a virtual battle game with the academy island as a field. It's a new game that Iwahijiri developed. It was introduced three years ago, as a recreation for male students, but it's a way to oppress the female populace more then anything.

The rules are simple. First, all the girls on the island are designated as specific weapons. But the boys are the only ones who can "own/protect" and "iris" in other words pledge, with them. The winner takes possesion of the loser's other words his girl." Tsuki finished explaining as she looked at the disbelief in Noriya and Sora's eyes. This was when Noriya finally spoke the first time since they left for the academy.

"Wh-What the hell is that! "Ownership" and "getting"... girls aren't property! Urgh, how do you join this "Exaclan" game! I'm gonna join and save all these girls! Right Sora-Chan!" The red headed girl practically shouted turning to the younger girl. Sora gave her a determined look and they both looked over to Tsuki, who gave them a blank stare.

"You idiots, I'm not done explaining. There is a penalty though, you're not supposed to touch another person's "property" or you could suffer for it. Besides, two girls playing Exaclan is probably impossible." Tsuki said as the three decided to leave and head to class. Tsuki ended up not showing up to class after showing Noriya and Sora to their dorm rooms. The two girls ended up having to find their classroom on their own.

It was hard for them when they waited for class to start., all the girls were really gloomy and hard to talk to. Noriya had gone back to her quiet nature and only listened to what Sora had to say. Both could feel the boys watching them though, considering they were transfer students and new to the school.

"I'M SO LONELY! I WANT SOME FRIENDS!" Sora suddenly blurted out, scaring one of her female classmates that was passing by. Sora's little outburst ended up attracting two male students that approached Sora and Noriya. Wide smirks upon their faces as they looked at the two girls.

"...Hey aren't you two transfer students? If you have ju~st a minute to spare..." The two boys were cut off as the female student that was startled by Sora's outburst had tripped and fallen behind the two male students. The black haired teen angrily looked over his shoulder and down at the kneeling girl, whom was picking up the books that she had dropped.

"A mere women...shouldn't interrupt a man's conversation!" He angrily yelled as he was about to hit the poor girl. Before he could hit her though, Sora had jumped into the way of the boy's fist and was punched on top of the head. While Noriya had flipped the boy and tossed him across the room. All the boys looked at the two in disbelief and the girls were shocked at how strong Sora and Noriya were.

"Ugh, forget about the transfer students. That girl has an owner, we'll get penalized if she gets damaged. And that owner was the student council's, so." The boys scoffed as they walked away and to their seats. Leaving the three kneeling on the floor. Noriya was just as worried about her cousin as their classmate was.

"Are you okay!" The blonde haired girl franticly asked as she hovered over Sora. Sora groaned as she lifted up a hand as if to touch the other girl.

"I'm not okay, please be my friend." Sora whimpered desperately. Noriya stiffled a laugh as she helped her younger cousin get up off the ground. When all of that drama was out of the way, introductions began to take place.

"I'm Himoto Sora, one of the new transfer students! Nice to meet you." The spunky girl said as she extended a hand out to the beautiful blonde haired girl.

"I'm Himoto Noriya, Sora's older cousin." Noriya spoke as she only gave the girl a kind head nod. The girl nodded her head back and then took a hold of Sora's hand.

" name is Izaki Koharu. Thank you so much for before...!" The girl exclaimed shaking Sora's hand gently. Sora thought about how cute the girl was and how she was like an actual princess. Like wise, Noriya as well thought that and smiled at both of them.

"I'll definitely protect you!" Sora exclaimed as she gave Koharu a wink. Noriya grinned as she looked at the other girl and then at Sora. The beginning of their first day and they were already vowing to protect young maidens. They're already the scorn of most of their male classmates, and they've already got several new enemies.

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