Johan: Uh... wait I'm confused...

Judai: So am I... can we go?

Akane: Don't worry, the first chapter is short.

Judai: Why don't you just finish your other stories?

Akane: 'Cause I was on vacation and noticed that Johan wears a lot of blue.

Johan: O_o' What does that have to do with anything?

Akane: Just wait and see.

Wave after powerful wave crashed against the ship. Screams echoed from the ship's crew as they were thrown overboard. Judai clung to the sail's mast for dear life. He heard his friend's cries echo off into nothing, until he felt the mast crack. He gasped and his fingers slipped as he was thrown into the raging sea. He held his breath as he thrown about in it's currents, before everything turned black.

When Judai opened his eyes he found himself looking up toward the sky. The new light hurt his eyes so he quickly shut them, turning away toward the sand. He shaded his eyes, looking at his surroundings. It was a sandy beach, the water coming close to lapping at his feet, and behind him there were large ferns and bushes and one or two palm trees. Large Grey rocks jutted out of the water, and it seemed impossible to reach the location by boat, and it was amazing he had drifted to shore uninjured.

"Are you alright?" He jumped, not expecting to hear anyone. When he turned, what he saw astonished him. It was a boy, nearly his age with pale, unmarred skin. His hair was a gorgeous teal blue, matching the color of the crystal water almost perfectly. His eyes were sea green, sparkling and reflecting the light off the water perfectly. The boy's muscle was more defined than his was, even just by looking at his arms and chest. Judai felt heat rising to his face when the other boy cocked his head to the right looking at him curiously. "Are you alright?" He repeated.

"U-uh..." Judai found it difficult to form words in front of him. And he felt terribly warm, maybe he caught a cold? "I-I'm fine." He muttered. The boy smiled brightly, showing a row of beautifully white teeth. Did he drink sea water or something? How was it possible for someone to look so gorgeous?

"That's good. Are you hungry?" Judai opened his mouth to speak when his stomach growled. He flushed, embarrassed while the other chuckled. He then dove under the water, coming back up quickly with a fairly large fish in hand. Judai blinked staring at him by the fact he caught a fish with his bare hands, and so quickly. He set it down on the rock that was between them, and Jaden stood, walking slowly toward it. His legs wobbled a bit from lack of use, but when he finally made it to the rock, he picked up the fish, looking at the boy expectantly.

"You can come out of the water if you want." He offered. It felt odd, for him to be on dry land and the boy still in the water. He was about to eat and was more than willing to share. He shook his head, sinking deeper into the water looking nervous. The only thing Judai could see now were his eyes and hair.

Judai looked back at him, before pulling out his wire saw, and finding a fairly large fallen palm tree. It was dry so he cut up small bits, and gathered them in a pile on the beach. When he looked back at the boy, he was still in the same position. He had the fish on a stick resting on a clean rock and began to try and light a fire. To kill time, he tried to strike a conversation.

"So, what's your name?" There was a short pause.

"Johan." Johan? An odd name to have where he lived, then again, he could drifted pretty far in the Pacific and he didn't know where they were when the storm hit.

"My name is Judai." Johan pulled himself out of the water slightly, looking at him strangely. He heard Johan mutter him name quietly. Finally a spark lit the wood, and he blew on it gently, a fire beginning to grow. He grabbed the stick, roasting the fish over the fire. After about a hour, the sun had sunk down considerably and the air around him began to cool. He removed the fish, setting it aside to cool. Johan had his head resting in his arms, looking at him curiously.

"Johan?" Johan perked up. "Why don't you come out of the water and eat?" Johan shook him head, sinking into the water again. Judai walked over to him, sitting down on the rock. "Why not?" Johan didn't answer, only turning away from him. "Johan..."

"You should eat before a bird steals it." Judai looked back to notice that indeed birds were looking at his fish. He frowned shooing them away, and picking at the fish after pealing off the skin. He looked back at Johan, holding a piece in front of him. Johan looked at it, before taking it and eating it slowly. Judai smiled before looking at Johan's hands, noticing they were speckled with small blue patches.

"Johan, what's on your hand?" Johan quickly drove his hands under the water. "Johan-" He placed a hand on his shoulder and Johan dove under the water quickly. Judai scowled. He wasn't one to simply let things go. He stuffed the last of the fish in his mouth, careful not to get a bone, swallowed and dove under the water fully clothed.

Judai opened his eyes, looking threw the gorgeous blue water for Johan, a difficult task. He finally spotted him, looking from behind a rock. Johan quickly gasped almost, hiding the upper half of his body behind it as well. Judai swam as fast as he could, making a turn around the rock, before he gasped, losing his air and returning to the surface.

Johan had been there, staring at him sadly, and the lower half of his body... was a bloody fish for god's sake! As blue as his hair, a fin on the back, and one at the bottom. Johan was a mermaid! Or merman, whatever the proper term was.

Judai gasped above water, panting and coughing. He pulled himself up onto the round rock. His legs still rested in the water and he felt something brush against them. The peered down, seeing something pale and blue swimming back and forth in front of them.

Judai began to panic. Mermaids sank ships and dragged sailors to their deaths. What if Johan was responsible for that storm? What if he was just planning on killing him? Judai pulled his legs out of the water at that thought, and Johan swam a bit away, to the rock he originally saw him at. His eyes peaked out of the water a little, looking at him sadly.

"Johan," he spoke, placing his legs in the water again. He wanted to fear Johan, to be angry with him or at least frightened, but something held him back. Maybe it was the awe at how beautiful he was, or maybe it was the fact he was growing weak an tired fairly quickly. Johan dove under the water again, swimming toward him slowly. Judai sighed. This made things unnecessarily complicated.

"Judai." He looked down noticing Johan's head was out of the water.

"What Johan?"

"I'm sorry." Judai just sighed. Johan waited to see if he was forgiven, but no other sound came out of Judai's mouth. Johan pulled himself out of the water, onto the rock. Judai was asleep, the stress and fatigue from the storm must have got to him. Johan took Judai's face in his hands, leaning forward slowly. His lips rested on top of Judai's forehead gently. When he pulled away, he sighed as well.

The tide was coming in, and if Judai stayed on the rock much longer, he might drown. Johan picked him up, placing him on his back. He moved quickly, making it to the beach and crawling on it until Judai made it to a safe enough distance away from the water. He placed him on the beach, kissing his cheek as tenderly as possible before scooting down to the water.

"When I was told my mate's name was going to be Judai, I assumed he was going to be a merman already..."