"Haou, Johan's been gone a while."

"It doesn't matter Judai."

"But I'm worried about him."

"Why, is he going to drown?" Judai made an annoyed face.

"You've been rude about him being here since you woke up! He even caught fish for us!"

"Judai, he's not human. Hell, he could plan to kill us." Judai's frown deepened.

"Johan couldn't do something like that." Haou was angry. What the hell did that creature do to his brother to have him talking like this?

"Judai, you don't even know him! He could just kill us any minute now."

"Then I think he would have by now." Judai retorted, stepping into the water, looking for Johan.

"Judai, you get your ass back here." Judai didn't even respond, only stepping into the water further and further. Haou scowled, but let his younger brother go anyway. He would just kill the bastard if he even tried to hurt him. Judai was soon up to his chest in water, the waves lapping at his shoulders. Judai then felt something brushing against his leg, before looking down and smiling. Johan was back.

Judai moved his hand, running it down Johan's spine affectionately while Johan circled him. Judai turned back.

"I found him Haou!" Haou tensed, and continued his glare, before something caught his eye. It was a blur of dark blue in the water near the rocks. At first he thought it was his imagination, but it was also pale in some areas, before his eyes widened in realization.

"Judai!" Judai turned. "Did Johan bring any guests with him?" He hissed. Judai looked around, having difficulty spotting anything else. Johan then began swimming toward a rock, Judai fallowing and when Johan finally pulled his head out of the water, another boy did as well, which didn't go unnoticed by Haou.

"Judai, I brought my brother with me..." Johan trailed off, not knowing what to actually say. Judai turned, noticing the other boy, who's orange eyes were fixated on Haou.

"Your brother?" Judai raised an eyebrow, and Johan nodded.

"He was worried about me and wanted to come to make sure I was safe." Judai nodded his head in understanding.

Yohan stared at the other boy, his eyes unable to look away. He was sure that was him, that was Haou. His heart began to beat slightly faster on it's own accord, and Yohan swore he had known this boy his entire life, that he wouldn't hesitate to give everything he had to him.

Haou on the other hand, wasn't so excepting of these feeling that had begun to bubble inside of him, and he still felt distrusting toward the boy that was staring at him. But the feelings, they were almost begging him to move closer, to touch him, to be held by the strong arms. He cursed himself. He shouldn't feel this way, this strong feeling of trust for someone he didn't know. But somehow he did, and it felt good.

Judai smiled brightly at Johan, pulling himself to sit on the rock.

"So, where were you?" Johan blinked.

"My home."

"You're home?"

"Yeah, I live in an underwater cave near the island. It's very pretty down there." Judai frowned slightly.

"I wish I could see it, but I can't hold my breath that long." He chuckled. Johan flushed ever so slightly. There was a way for Judai to go underwater with him, but... He wasn't sure if Judai actually wanted that. "Hm, I wonder if there's anyway to get off this island..." He heard Judai say quietly.

"Actually, very few boats come anywhere near here... And I thinks it's pretty far from the mainland..." Judai frowned. That wasn't good.

"I... might have to live on this island forever?" There was a pause and Johan took a deep breath.

"Actually, if you want..." Johan stopped for a moment.

"If I want...?"

"If you want, you could... be like me..." Judai's eyes widened.


"Mer-folk aren't actually born, if two of them have a child, it's born human. Then gets turned into a mermaid or man."

"Really?" Judai asked, astonished.

"Yeah, it's hard to do. But, I don't know if you'll be able to leave this island..." Judai gently touched touched Johan's arm.

"Thank-you. It means a lot you'd be willing to help me. I... Might consider it actually." Johan's cheeks flushed as he smiled, and one thought rang out in Judai's head. Cute.


It was dark, light from the moon barely able to illuminate the island. Yohan watched carefully, the elder boy, Haou was not yet asleep. The boy stood and began a walk around the island, Yohan swimming in the water parallel to him. He finally came to another wide beach, and Haou removed his shoes and some clothes, stepping into the cool water. A sigh passed his lips. The air was to warm and humid for him to sleep.

He began stepping even further into the shallow waters, until he was waist deep. Haou felt something brush his leg, looking down to Yohan. He only groaned, but allowed the other to swim around him until he felt two arms wrap around his waist.

"It's late, shouldn't you be asleep?" A smooth voice asked him. Haou remained silent. "You might get sick if you wall asleep wet."

"Why do you care?"

"I don't know. Why do you even listen to me? It was my understanding you hated me." Haou gave another, long sigh.

"I don't know why either..." his voice trailed off, and he began sinking into the water, so he could float on his back. Yohan did the same, floating beside him. His arm reached out and tenderly stroked his cheek, while Haou unconsciously leaned into the touch. His hand trailed down his neck, until he reached his chest. Haou body began relaxing at the touches, a moan produced in the back of his throat. He wanted to curse the urge, the need to have Yohan touch him, but...

Why couldn't he when he knew how wonderful the touches felt.

"Haou..." His name was whispered breathlessly, and before he knew it, his back and shoulders were touching sand. Yohan hovered above him in the shallow water, his arms on either side of his head. Yohan's face began to get closer, dangerously close to his. His breath came in shallow pants, before their lips touched, in the briefest of moments.

"I want you as my mate." Yohan said suddenly, while Haou's mind had a struggle to process it.


"I want you to be my mate Haou. To be with me... I feel these strong feelings Haou, for you and only you. I love you, Haou."

"We barely even know each other-"

"I love you."

"You're not Human-"

"You know you don't care."

"I-I..." Haou felt his voice fade. Why did he feel so weak? He had always felt strong, but in his arms, he felt like his strength was failing him. But still he was still safe, warm...

"Haou..." Their lips connected once more and Haou felt his mind beginning to weaken, before sleep finally claimed him.


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