Random one shot…that I wrote in one shot…

I don't think it's that bad for the insanely short amount of time it took me to write; but after you read it, let me know what you think.

I was watching this show and this guy was talking on his cellphone to avoid someone when it rang. It made me think of other fake things to avoid someone. I dunno if that makes any sense, my random logic, but here was the results.

Follow My Lead


He was here. Don't see me, please don't see me, I prayed. With the amount of people that were swarming me, it was just my luck that he'd notice me. As Jake threaded his way through the crowd, towards the bar, with a stacked, half-naked blonde, I looked around, panicking. He'd been pursuing me for a few months and wouldn't listen to me when I told him that I wasn't interested. There were so many people surrounding me that it would have been impossible to get away before he caught me and I really didn't want to have another public confrontation. The crowd parted for a six foot tall muscled man, not for a 5'5" brown haired girl. I spotted an open seat at the bar next to a copper haired male. Since there wasn't a woman on his other side and he didn't look like he was saving the seat, I quickly claimed it. Leaning towards him, deciding to obsess about how hot he was at a later when I wasn't about to hyperventilate, I grabbed his hands. When it instinctively started to pull away as he glanced at me, confused, I whispered, "Follow my lead." He stared at me, a hesitant 'are you crazy, lady' look, and I whispered, "please, see that guy over there?" He nodded slowly. "He keeps bothering me and maybe if he thinks I have a boyfriend, he'll leave me alone. This is all I'm asking you for, just pretend for a few minutes and I'll pay for all of your drinks tonight," I said wildly, "and leave you alone."

He glanced over to where I was staring and noticed Jake heading my way. "Please help me," I whispered to him. When Jake was in hearing rang, the guy threw his arm around my shoulder and let out a hearty laugh. His head came closer to mine, his onyx eyes gazing at mine as he gave me a secret smile reserved for lovers. I leaned towards him, our noses almost touching and whispered, "Thank you."

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against the shell of my ear, whispering, "My pleasure." I was blushing red when Jake finally reached the bar. I giggled, ignoring him, not exactly faking being entranced in the unknown man's eyes. His eyes were beautiful and it wasn't fair for a guy to have amazing lashes like his. He grinned at me, and leaned forward, so close I actually thought he might kiss me until Jake spoke. "Bella!" Inches from my lips, his eyes gazed into mine before slowly turning upon Jake.

Still slightly dazed, I turned to Jacob, "What do you want"

He wasn't looking at me, he was regarding the guy next to me. "Hi, I'm Jacob Black, Bella's.." he hesitated, glancing at me, "boyfriend, I don't know what she told you, but she's using you, man." I scoffed, about to comment when the man beside me spoke.

"Edward, Edward Cullen," Jake paled, as did I. Edward Cullen was a very well known businessman, well known and rich. I tried to stop myself from gaping at him. I can't believe I'd made a fool of myself in front of him, begging him to help me, offering to buy his drinks. This guy was worth millions, I was just a manager. "And if you're Bella's boyfriend then what is she doing here with me? And what are you doing here with," he trailed off, gesturing at the blonde who had been standing beside him glaring until she'd recognized Edward's name, which she perked up at.

She leaned forward, flashing Edward if he had been inclined to look, which he hadn't, a large glimpse of her excess bosom. I felt a small surge of feminine satisfaction that he hadn't been taken a glance. "Hello there," she purred, "I'm Lauren."

Jake turned to me, "Bella, why don't we go outside and talk?" He reached down and grabbed my hand, trying to forcibly pull me from Edward.

"Jake, stop. We have nothing to talk about." I tried to pull away but he persisted. Edward took one look at Jacob's hand on mine and the friendly look left his face. His face became a hard mask of anger.

"The lady said no. I suggest you take your hand off of her or I will remove it." The look on his face would have terrified me if it had been directed at me. But Jake ignored him, he wasn't the smartest man alive. Jake was so used to people stepping out of the way for him his entire life. He'd experienced his growth spurt very early in life, so he'd never been threatened in any way, he wasn't used to people stopping him from what he wanted. He ignored Edward's warning.

"She's my girlfriend, she's coming with me." He yanked on my arm and I couldn't stop the gasp of pain. Edward stood up.

"Get your hands off of her." Edward and Jacob were opposites. Not that Edward wasn't well muscled, he looked like he worked out often, but Jacob was more bulky with his muscle. As dark as Jacob was, Edward was pale and to Jacobs dark hair was Edwards pale copper hair. And to Jacobs pathetic failures at inventing was Edwards multimillion corporation; Cullen Enterprises.

"Look, mate," Jacob tried to appeal to Edward, man to man. "This bitch is mine, she thinks if she plays hard to get that I'll buy her something." I gasped at the insult. "But I'm tired of her games, I'm sure you know how it is."

Edward stepped closer to Jacob, and for a minute, I was terrified that Edward had believed him. "Yeah, I know how it is. Some asshole like you tries to strong arm a girl who doesn't want anything to do with you. Your ego can't take the fact that she doesn't want you so you have to force her." he said. Jacob was furious, his face was dark red and he was gritting his teeth. "Why don't you take that," he gestured to Lauren, "and leave. Bella doesn't want you, she's made that clear."

"She's mine, you fucker." Jake grabbed at me. Edward stepped in between us, his arm wrapped around my waist.

"Watch your language in front of the ladies."

"Get your goddamn hands off of her." Jacob, known everywhere for his temper, threw the first punch, but he hadn't counted on slipping on the dirty floor, his punch flew wild and hit me in the face. Damn it, it stung like hell. I reached to touch it but the slightest brush sent pain slamming through my head. When Jacob hit me, Edward abandoned all attempts at handling the matter civilly and once he'd made sure that I was no where in range, he lit into Jacob. The flurry of punches made it hard to see which were landing but I knew the end had come when I saw the final punch land and Jacob was thrown into the table behind him, spilling beer on Lauren.

Sparing no though for Jacob, I hurried over to Edward, my white knight, but when I got there, the bartender appeared. "I'm afraid that I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I can't condone fighting in my bar."

Edward nodded,"No problem, sir. I understand completely. You can bill any costs acquired here." He handed the bartender a card who took one look at it and gaped.

"Uhm,"he stuttered, "Mr. Cullen, I apologize..."

"It's fine, sir, we'll be leaving now," he gestured to himself and I. "They...I can't make any promises for them, though." Nodding towards Jacob and Lauren. Lauren who was currently bitching at Jacob for ruining her outfit. "Is there anyway I can get something with water in it though?" Edward grabbed my hand and led me out of the bar, once the bartender had given him a plastic cup full of water. Silently, he led me to the park next to the bar. How fucked up was that? Having a place for kids to go next to the place for drunks. I fretted quietly, sneaking glances at Edwards face, which was completely impassive. By the time we reached a bench, I'd had enough. I opened my mouth the apologize when he sat me gently on the bench and kneeling in front of me, he dipped a handkerchief in the water and dabbed gently at the cut. I hissed in pain.

"I'm sorry I couldn't stop him in time before he hit you. Son of a bitch was wearing a ring, excuse my language." He was quietly furious.

"It's okay with me if you call him that. It's not your fault though, I'm sorry for getting you involved." He was gently dabbing my face, the handkerchief coming away red with blood.

"Don't you dare apologize, no woman should have to deal with someone like that alone. A man should know that no means no." He finished doctoring me and sat back on his heels apparently satisfied with his work. "A little antiseptic cream and you should be set."

I gasped, when he'd lowered his hands I'd seen blood on them. I reached down, gently holding his hand, noticing the scrapes and cuts on them. He gave a soft laugh as he saw the look on my face. "Trust me, pounding that jerk's face in was well worth some minor discomforts. He needed someone to teach him a lesson." I wanted to cry. After all of my experience with Jake, it was nice to know that there really were a few good, chivalrous men still in the world. His face gentled and he cupped my face, being careful of my cut. "It's okay, he should leave you alone now."

I sniffed, "thank you," I whispered, softly. His eyes were piercing, but unlike when he'd faced Jacob, I couldn't see the hardness of a business man anywhere in his face. He seemed gentle. He was also completely gorgeous. I felt self conscious as I sat in front of him, clad in only a pair of jeans and a tank top while he had on a suit, he'd probably stopped at the bar after a long day at work. Work at his multimillion dollar corporation. I was in way over my head. Wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans, I stood up. He slowly came out of his crouch and stood, a few inches taller than me. "I... I'd better go. Thank you, thank you for everything." I started to turn and then, "Oh, I uh, I can pay for whatever bill he sends you. It was my fault."

He didn't look very happy with me. He reached out to grab my shoulders and stopped. "Wait. You're not going to pay for the bill, I'm the one that got in a fight. Jeez," he laughed, running his hand over his face. "I haven't gotten in a fight since I was a teenager. And I haven't been this nervous since I was a teenager either." He scratched the slight scruff on his face and studied me. My face turned red under his gaze, he smiled at that. "What I'm trying to say, trying to ask, I mean..." he laughed. "Will you go out with me?"

I stared at him. Was this some sort of pity thing? A pity date, now THAT was pathetic. I scowled at him. Did he just feel bad that I'd been at the mercy of some jerk? "What is it?" he was obviously confused by my lack of enthusiasm. I voiced my fears. "A pity date?" He stared at me. "Is that even a real thing? Why the hell would I ask someone on a pity date? Pardon my french." I giggled at the phrase, more lighthearted than I'd been in weeks.

"You really want to date me?"

He rolled his eyes, "No, I asked you because I don't want to date you! Of course, I want to date you, you're beautiful and smart and I want to get to know you better, brown eyes."

"I'm Isabella Swan, but everyone calls me Bella. I'm 22 going on 40 and an only child. I've always wanted a big, slobbering dog, but never have gotten one because I seem to kill everything I touch, even a cactus that my mom sent me from Arizona." I gave a wry laugh. "I'm currently single and despite recent claims, haven't been in a real relationship in almost two years. So do you still want to date me or have you heard enough?"

He laughed, really laughed. "Well," his eyes twinkled, "that's a start. How about we work on it some more at dinner?"


"Yeah, I know this great Italian place down the street, you do like Italian, right?"

I started to smile, "Yeah, Italian's great. Where's this restaurant at?"

He started walking, his hand enveloping mine and he grinned at me. "I'll show you. Just follow my lead."

Two years later...

"...and that, is why I toast to Jacob Black, because if he wasn't a stubborn asshole," everyone laughed. "then I never would have met Bella that night and wouldn't currently be married to this blushing beauty." With a flourish, Edward toasted, drank and bent down kissing me on the lips. I blushed as he continued to kiss me enthusiastically in front of our guests who continued cheering. Laughing, I pushed his shoulders away. By the time he pulled back, my face was bright red and my hormones were raging. With a sigh, I leaned against Edward's chest. On our first year anniversary, our friends and family surrounded us and we were in the backyard of our dream house, life was perfect. And I couldn't forget Wesley, the dog Edward had given me on my last birthday, big and slobbering to the max.

I stood up. "Ever since that night, my life has been a whirlwind of romance. Oh, we had our differences, I may or may have not thrown a vase at him and cut up his horrible," I gave a mock shudder, "purple striped tie." I cleared my throat delicately as everyone laughed. Edward wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me towards him. "But everyone knows fighting equals passion and we made up for those fights double." I winked as everyone cheered, I could hear Emmett whistling, Alice laughing and Charlie loudly protesting the sexual innuendos made by his "little baby girl."

"With my friends, family and the man I love here," Edward kissed my shoulder and whispered I love you, baby in my ear. "I would have said that nothing on Earth could make this night more perfect. But yesterday, we learned that next year will be even better." I looked at Edward, blinking back tears of happiness. He took the sign for him to finish and gently rubbed his hand over my belly.

"I'm proud to announce that by Christmas next year we will have a new addition to the family. Bella's pregnant." Alice and Renee screamed and people flooded them, hugging and congratulating them. In the midst of everything, Edward pulled me towards him and kissed me with passion that matched the passion we'd had when we first met. "Let's get out of here." he whispered, his voice sultry in my ear.

"Edward!" I hit his chest lightly, "This party is for us, we can't just leave!"

"Yes, we can. We're married, it's expected from us. And it's our anniversary."

I bit my lip, glancing around before looking back into the man I fell in love with's eyes. "How can we get out without them seeing us?"

The grin spread on his face and he whispered, "Just follow my lead, brown eyes."

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