New Tomorrow

Author's note: This is a joint story myself (saturn567) and

Setting: After Emily, Samantha's sister went missing, Martin and
Samantha are boarding a plane on their return from Kenosha.

Her past is what she had wanted to hide from him during the time they
were together a few years earlier. She had hidden it away because of
the crime she had committed to save her sister. Emily had been
molested when they were kids and one night, something just snapped. At
twelve years old, killing the man seemed to be the best option.
Samantha knew she could have pled self defense or been able to
maintain a clean record since she was just protecting her sister.
However she too had been scared that night. They had buried him
together. She sometimes had dreams that she was being buried alive

However she could never reveal the past to anyone. She didn't want
to be judged more than she was. Therefore she never let anyone get too
close. Martin was one of the few people who almost broke down her
walls. But she put a dead stop to it following the months after her

She snapped out of her reverie as the car came to a stop.

" Sam, we're at the airport," Martin whispered.

She took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. She grabbed her
small suitcase not realizing that Martin had offered to carry it for

" Sam, I'm sure things will be ok with Internal Affairs. All you need
to do is stay calm and give a detailed report of what happened then
and now," he stated.

She nodded firmly before turning her head to the flight times.
Something was eating on her nerves and it wasn't just her sister's

Something else was definitely wrong somewhere.

Unfortunately they would find out soon that Samantha having to relive
her past would not be the only difficult situation they would be
dealing with.

- Saturn567