New Tomorrow

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Chapter Eleven- Game Over?

When the commotion was over, Simon was on the ground. Samantha went over to see if he had a pulse. He had a very weak one.

Big Mac had been grazed in the arm trying to get the gun away from Samantha the last second. Martin looked over at Samantha.

" He may not make it. Why don't you go fly the plane and get us back to New York? I think some of the passengers and me can deal with this guy here," Samantha hissed indicating Big Mac.

Martin nodded with understanding.

" I will radio in that we are going to head back into the city."

Martin turned to go back up to cockpit. He took it off auto pilot and radioed the status to Carl Henderson. Soon he was connected to his parents who were delighted to hear the news.

Meanwhile Samantha and some of the passengers tied up Big Mac and smacked him around until they reached New York City. Simon was critical condition when they landed. He was rushed to the hospital. If he made it through, he would spend the rest of his life in a federal prison. Big Mac would likely be sent to highly secured facility for the fact he had masterminded the plan.

The other passengers were debriefed and were able to head into the airport first. Martin and Samantha had to stick around and wait for the CSIs arrived to process the plane. It seemed like eons before they exited the plane together only to be greeted by Victor Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Marie Fitzgerald. Samantha was taken aback. Victor had never approved her because of her history with Jack. However she knew that had been a blunder on her part. She really did love Martin. It was because of who he was and how he always fought for what was right that neither of them got shot today.

" I am so glad you both are all right!," Elizabeth exclaimed, hugging them one by one.

Samantha exchanged a smile with Martin over his mother's shoulder.

Even Victor offered his hand to her.

" Agent Spade, I heard what happened. What you did saved a lot of lives. I have the great honor if you would accept someday my apologies for rushing my judgment of you," he stated.

She nodded with a bright smile as she shook his hand.

Martin hugged his father. He couldn't wipe off the grin on his face. There was going to be a new tomorrow for them all. The best part is, he may have the love of his life with him to enjoy it.

The next day the foursome were to meet for lunch. Martin offered to pick up Samantha.

He knocked on her door.

She opened the door looking freshly showered and flustered. She grabbed him by the hand and pulled her towards her room.

"Martin I need your help. I have no idea what to wear. Are we going someplace fancy. I have no idea if this will look right," she said referring to her blue dress that was knee length.

He gazed at her in wonderment.

She realized he wasn't talking and turned back to face him.

"What's wrong? You look so lost," she muttered.

"I just can't believe we are having lunch with my parents. I am so happy to be..,"

She shut him up with a kiss.

"Now do you believe it?," she inquired.

"Yeah I do!," he replied as he leaned over to kiss her back.

She pushed him back as they tried to catch their breaths.

"Now Martin I really did like doing that but we have to leave soon. I still need you to pick a dress for me," she insisted.

He peered at the dress.

" Blue is just fine. Get dressed, I'll go watch t.v until you finish up," he stated.

She gave him a quick peck then ushered him towards the couch.

Sometime later she emerged from her bedroom, ready to go.

He stood up and offered his arm.

" You look beautiful Sam," he whispered into her ear.

She blushed slightly feeling his breath on her neck.

"So shall we leave Mr. Fitzgerald?," she inquired.

" I thought you would never ask Ms. Spade," he replied.

They walked out into the cool spring day, together and happy that their relationship had gotten their new tomorrow. They had realized the value of how one day could change everything.

The End


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