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A/N The sequel to Odyssey 2183. Make sure you've ready Odyssey 2183 otherwise you'll be confused. And also make sure you've played the ME games, otherwise again you'll be confused. I'm still new at fanfic writing but I'm hoping that this chapter will "level up" Compared to some of my previous ones. If you don't have anything good or constructive to say don't say anything at all...


"Anyone who fights us is either stupid or on Saren's payroll. Killing the latter is business. Killing the former is a favor to the universe."

Urdnot Wrex

I'm sitting alone looking at the holos Liana had left me. "I wonder where she went," I say to myself. She had left while I was in the hospital, leaving behind a going away message, a group of holos (three dimensional photos) and a fortune. The fortune she said, was so I could live in peace somewhere while she hunted down a person whom everyone believed was dead, the Owner. I disregarded her wishes, using it to buy a ship so I could travel around the galaxy. Garrus and Tali came with me to make sure I didn't hurt myself, and Wrex came along for reasons he wouldn't share with me.

"Doe," Wrex says getting my attention I slide the holo back in my pocket. Wrex always kind of intimidated me, well most anyone would be intimidated by a 7 foot tall battle scarred krogan, despite his great height his head was near eye level with me, due to his hump . . . I'm getting off topic though.

"Yeah Wrex," I respond.

"I found a turian I want to visit," he says.

"What'd he do," I ask, only turians Wrex likes are dead ones, and maybe Garrus.

"He's selling krogan weapons and armor from the Rachni wars," Wrex says with venom.

Wait this is the guy that has Wrex's armor isn't it, "You got a name," I ask.

"Tonn Actus," Wrex answers spitting the name.

Damn it, that's the guy, "You got an address," I ask, Wrex probably will leave after this.

"I heard he's working out of a warehouse on Omega," Wrex says surprising me. I thought he was on some backwater planet hiding. He notices my reaction, "You look surprised."

"Nothing," I say. I guess various things are different but not galaxy changing. "We'll check it out." He seems curious but didn't push the point.

"Doe," he says heading to one of the few places on the ship that he could be alone, the bathroom. It's cramped in a small civilian vessel like this. Tali slept back on a futon by the drive core, and Garrus slept on a couch we had dragged aboard and bolted to the floor. I slept on the floor it was more comfortable to me, and I can feel the vibrations from the ship, which I've found comforting. I have no idea where Wrex sleeps. There is a bed but none of us laid claim to it. I liked the floor, Tali liked the noise from the engine, Garrus didn't want to be the only one in a bed, and again I have no idea where Wrex sleeps. Maybe Wrex took the bed . . . Ok off topic. I go to tell our pilot on duty where we are going.

Tali and Garrus took shifts piloting, while neither were as good as Joker they did their best, it was Tali's turn. I sit in the Copilots seat, "Our new destination is Omega," I say to her.

"Why," she asks. Ah, I have to admit I love how, exotic her voice sounds with her accent and the slight distortion from her suit.

"Wrex has personal business," I say to her.

She turns her pilots seat around to face me. I loved how the quarian enviro suits looked, in most cases snug, the visor tinted just enough that you can't really see their face, just a glowing pair of eyes staring out at you, adds to her exotic quality. Pieces of cloth hid most tubes and other mechanical items. Tali stood at about 5 feet I would guess, and like all quarians had 3 fingers on each hand . . . And I'm getting off track again.

"All right then," she says turning back around and making corrections to our course, most likely to bring us to the nearest Mass Relay, massive tuning fork shaped things that could send you from one side of the galaxy to the other in a second.

"You have an opinion on Omega," I ask, while I saw it in ME2 I've learned that not everything translates between an alternate dimension and a video game.

"From what I've heard it is a horrible place," Tali says, guess that hasn't changed from the game.

"I've heard it called the Terminus system's dark Citadel, or something like that," I say to her.

"I've only heard from those who went to Omega on their pilgrimage," Tali says, "not many returned from Omega."

"Sounds like fun," I say sarcastically, "isn't your shift nearly over," I say to her. I'd have liked to make it 4 shifts with everyone taking over the controls every 6 hours, but I don't even have a license to drive a car and Wrex doesn't seem to know how to fly, so of course Tali who spent her whole life around ships, and Garrus who learned a bit during his time in C-sec, were the only ones with any piloting experience. So it was 50/50 split.

"I guess you're right," She says, "I lost track of time."

Sure enough Garrus who has a built in alarm clock walks up, "Tali I believe it's my shift now." Garrus was a turian meaning he was about 6 foot blueish-gray 'skin' sort of exoskeleton thing, blue facial markings and turians in general look, how did Anderson put it 'Like a missing link between dinosaurs and birds,' he's got 3 fingers same as Tali and did I mention both had a different DNA structure than other species in the galaxy... Yeah I don't know what's up with me today, it's almost like my mind is narrating a fanfic...

"Garrus good to see you're up," I say in greeting.

"Your turn," Tali says standing up from the pilot's chair, she stretches, then heads back to the engine room.

"Oh good, I get to sit in the chair now," Garrus says sarcastically, sitting down. He checks our course, "We're heading for Omega," he asks.

"Yeah Wrex has some unfinished business," I say to him.

"So we are heading to the murder capital of the Galaxy," Garrus says slowly.

"Yes exciting isn't it," I say grinning.

"You seem to get off on this kind of stuff," he observes.

"Well it's a lot more exciting than what I used to do," I say thoughtfully, "and I figure with you guys it would take an army to beat us."

"Or a cruiser," Garrus says killing my good mood. Me and Wrex hadn't been on board when the Normandy went down, but Garrus and Tali had. Apparently while I was in the hospital Garrus and the Commander had gotten closer to each other. He was ordered by the Commander to help people evacuate, and well you know the rest she got spaced. Tali was sad after Shepard's death but it was mixed she had managed to become friends with the engineering crew, and a good amount of them had died in the Collector attack. Both were recovering it was just those occasional comments they made like Garrus's cruiser comment just now.

"Yeah or that," I say solemnly. We descend into awkward silence.

Just when I was about to excuse myself Garrus says, "We're approaching the mass relay." We approach the massive monolith from the side, Garrus inputs our mass and destination. A blue light surrounds our ship, I feel a slight pressure as we fly through, and in an instant I'm looking at a different section of space.

"That always weirds me out," I say to him, I mean we just got shot out of a massive space gun to another point in the galaxy. We sit there for a while.

"Omega," Garrus says, "ETA 5 hours." Man, one thing that doesn't translate between the galaxy and the game is that while most places are just a load time away in the game, it usually takes several hours or even days to get to places in the galaxy.

"Call me if anything happens," I say getting up and walking to the engine room, which was a very small room with little open space especially considering Tali had a futon here. Which she was laying on when the door whooshes open. I can never tell if she's relaxing or sleeping but I can't see the glow of her eyes through her mask so I'm guessing she's asleep, I quietly back out of the room. The door whooshes closed oblivious to any attempts at stealth. "There's nothing to do on a little ship like this," I say to the air. I lay down bundling up my cloak to make a pillow and fall fast asleep.

I'm in a burning building, a krogan falls off a balcony, a large group of armed guards draws their weapons, a voice says "Better luck next time." I put my hands in the air...

I wake to the sound of explosions and the ship shuddering, a warning klaxon blares. "Will," Tali shouts.

I sit up fast, explosions, warning, ship shuddering, "We're under attack."