I wanted to upload this earlier but my computer was getting cleaned... well that's the excuse of the day.

This is the part where I thank everyone who reviewed and favorited!

To those who favorited: aback, Champ11, Chaosblader501, FuckingTypo, Nomad the Legend, Qendou, snowowI94, Super-Saiyan-3-Vegeta, Thelordofstorms, thewriter43, and Xyston. Thanks for the Fav!

To thos who reviewed: Champ11, Inverness, Corvinius, Rahuuh, FuckingTypo, AKSmiley, TiredTired, and Super-Saiyan-3-Vegeta

Truth be told if people didn't review I might not have continued writing so I guess some of the credit for the story goes to the reviewers :D

Now then... time for the horrible teaser trailer of DOOM!

Why did Liana betray Will? What does Cerberus have in store for him? (you didn't think it'd be all sunshine and daisies did you?) What is Tali's reaction to Will's message, and disappearance? How PO'd will she be when she sees he's working for Cerberus? What's up with the geth arm? And will the author copy less in game dialogue? (Probably not :))

Find out when Odyssey 2185 is out.

On to Life... is it me or is that become a sort of catch phrase?

Gray Spectre Warden Boom (Obviously...)