My heart raced within my chest. It beat erratically against my ribcage, reminding me that I was still human. I knew I was running, but I was unsure to where or why. All I knew was that I could not stop.

My eyes grew wide as the meadow, Our meadow came into view. It was still as beautiful as the first time Edward took me there. Still as beautiful, yet changed. Directly in the center, surrounded by wild flowers there stood a tree.

It reached towards the sky in all of its six feet. The branches heavy with berries, bowed down towards the earth. I watched with wonder as from the dark wood came a wolf. His russet fur gleaming in the afternoon light.

He gazed with an awed attention towards the tree. His eyes wet and sparkling with love and lust. I had to hold back my gasp at the emotions running through the animal's face.

Slowly, as though afraid, he approached the tree. The branches seemed to reach out and embrace him as he settled against the trunk.

A shiver spread through me as the fur of the massive beast rubbed across the bark. There was something almost sensual and intimate about these two. Though above all, something familiar. As though I should know this pair.

The wolf raised its head, his eyes connecting with mine. In that moment it felt as though my very being had been exposed to his scrutiny. With a short nod he had judged me and found me worthy.

The scene before me faded away, only a whisper of a voice left. My voice.

"…Anam Cara…"

(Author's Note: Ah yeah, well a couple of weeks ago I had planned on going on a hiatus from fanfic. I was getting ready to backup all my writing and actually pack up my computer for awhile. Well I was going through some of my stories and came across this one. It didn't have any real fandom to it. I had a bit of an idea when this image of a rowan tree being protected by a wolf came to mind one day while watching The Mists of Avalon.

I wrote a short idea down and had three ideas for it. One I would do a Labyrinth/Twilight crossover using a character I came up with for another Labby, or have this a Bella/Jacob, or possibly a full original.

Well as at the moment I am rather obsessed with the Twilight Saga I thought about it and stared at the screen for a good fifteen minutes…and needless to say I have decided that this will be a Bella/Jacob. Though a somewhat different kind. This takes place after Twilight and ignores basically the rest of the books, though I might use bits and pieces of it.

For those who happen to read my Labbys you already know my style of writing, and my love of the world of Fae. I'm bringing that to this story and writing a full story in first person for the first time in something like fifteen years. Scary!

Anyway I am Team Switzerland, so no worries about Edward bashing.

Also, I have and will be using the term Anam Cara, Soul Friend. Now I haven't done as much research into it as I would like, so I know I most likely will not be using it all that correctly in this fic. But my usage of it is not as in Soul Mate, or necessarily in that big of a romantic sense. Though as this is a Bella/Jacob romance it will be implied.

I will get into more of it as the story goes on, it would ruin it to say too much right now.

The POV will be both Bella and Jacob, and I might mix in some Alice and possibly a few of the Pack members. We will see how it goes. Hopefully people will enjoy this, as it is my first Twific.

Also this is not Beta read, as I am updating from the Library computers as I can't from home it would be a little harder to communicate. So I apologize now if my grammar is rather horrid or my spelling. I try to look over as best I can though.

Disclaimer: Yeah if I owned Twilight I really doubt I would be sitting in my room, in the middle of nowhere, writing fanfic. No, I do not own Twilight. Though I own more Twilight Merchandise than is healthy for one person….not kidding just ask my friends!)