Here's a short little story based on a store my mom likes. We always joke about the name, and one day while shopping there with her, this came to mind!

It was like that Wal-Mart craze all over again.

A new store down the block from my house opened called BJs. Now I know, BJs, who the fuck would ever want to name a store that?

I had no clue, and it didn't really concern me.

BJs was like, an everything-you-can-ever-need store. They've got food, clothes, electronics… It's pretty amazing what they can fit in there.

I was walking around the store aimlessly with my mom as she piled up things in the cart that we would never need. She loved the deals, so much like Wal-Mart. But that store was a while back... I'm 17 now.

Which reminds me, why am I shopping with my mom?

I was about to die of boredom when I notice out of the corned of my eye, Stan, running towards me.

"Oh, hey dude," I greet once he stops in front of me.

"Hey Kyle," Stan responds, smiling.

"What are you doing here?"

"My mom made me come. She wants me to help pick out dinner," he says.



"This place gets so boring after a while. My mom comes here like twice a week," I make known.

"Same here… after my mom bought a membership, she's been in love with these deals. Who doesn't love BJs?" He laughs.

I laugh out a nervous chuckle.

"Giving or getting them?"

"Either," he shrugs, laughing.

There's a long awkward silence, and I don't really laugh back.

"But I'm still a virgin," he puts out.

"Me too."

He looks up from the ground and smiles at me. "This store is a perfect place to change that though," he mutters under his breath. I lean in closer to hear him.


He rolls his eyes, smirking and taking my hand. He begins to run off and I look towards my mom.

"I'll be right back mom!" I shout. She waves in approval and I look at Stan whose still running with my arm. "Where are you taking me?"

"The bathroom," he replies as if I'm stupid. It takes me a second to realize what he means by that. BJs at BJs.

I widen my eyes, and in less than a minute, I'm being pushed against the inside of a stall in one of the bathrooms.

"Stan! What are you doing?" I ask, horrified.

"Shh!" He screeched. "There's no one in here, and were going to take that for advantage for a few minutes, okay?"

I look down at him, taking a big gulp and nodding in approval.

My best friend plays with the button and zipper of my jeans for a minute before sliding them loosely down the sides of my thighs, and dropping them at my ankles. I take a deep breath and he reaches for my boxers.

I feel myself growing hard, and almost feel embarrassed to expose myself to him.

I barely realize that there down, until I feel Stan's mouth wrap around the sides of my throbbing cock.

I moan in pleasure, than biting my lip once I remember that it is my best friend doing this. I don't want to seem too eager. It's hard for me to control myself at the speed his mouth moves at.

I bite down on my bottom lip harder, more than likely leaving red marks there from my teeth. Speaking of teeth…

Stan's teeth grit against the sides of my shaft, and I feel a sudden sensation take over me when he uses one of his free hands to grasp on to my sac.

My fingers desperately reach for his hair, tangling them quickly in his ebon colored locks. I throw my head back; my eyes shut tightly when I feel myself coming to an even more sudden release.

I freely let my load fly onto Stan's face, not being able to hold it back for even another second more.

"Oh shit…" I breathe out, slowly trying to catch my breath. The boy moves away from me, wiping some of the excess onto nearby toilet paper. "Sorry."

He chuckles. "I like Kyle release."

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