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Chapter 1; Silent Movie.

Ashton sat in the windowsill of his apartment, one leg bent beneath him and tapping his foot anxiously as he gazed out the window. No, not gazed. Stared. He groaned and shook his head at this sad realization, knowing too well that he was acting like some love struck school girl, but really, who could blame him? He kept checking and rechecking his phone just incase Noah texted or called him. It was only 1:03, Noah said he'd be there at 1:00. Really, why was he so nervous?

Oh, wait. Because he was helplessly falling head over heels for the guy.

Another groan.

Biting his lip, Ashton peeled himself away from the window and headed toward the kitchen for no reason other than to move around. Just then a car beeped out front and a smile flooded his face. He practically ran to the second story window, glancing down to see Noah's familiar car parked out front, waiting for him.

"You know, I get that you're excited to be able to drive again, but I'm sick of being shotty all the time," said Ashton as he got into the car.

"Well you better get use to it," Noah grinned. "I could barely handle your driving when I was blind, I don't think I'm brave enough to get in the car when I can see the obstacles coming at us."

"Ha ha ha," said Ashton flatly. "My driving is not bad and you know it."

Noah said nothing, just shaking his head with a wide smile as he pulled out of the lot.

It took them only a few minutes to get to the main campus and even less time to find the auditorium where they were showing the movie. Ashton bought them popcorn ["I'm going to eat most of it anyway so I might as well pay"] and they found a seat about halfway up and to the left.

"I know it's cliché but I'm more of a Charlie Chaplin fan," Ashton whispered as Edward Sedgwick's 'The Cameraman' began to play on the screen.

"Not cliché at all, there's a reason he's considered the best," Noah whispered back, leaning his face close but his eyes were still on the screen. Ashton's eyes, however, wandered to Noah, completely aware how close they were. He did his best not to burn red and instead stuffed his mouth with a hand full of popcorn, shifting uneasily in his seat. When Noah leaned away, Ashton sighed, though he wasn't sure if it was out of relief or something else entirely.

'The Cameraman' was one of Noah's favorite silent comedies and he wasn't afraid to laugh whenever the urge took hold. Ashton wasn't nearly as vocal but he found himself smiling throughout the majority of the film, of course at the humor of the scene, though mostly at Noah's own delight or side comments. Ashton had never been the film buff that Noah was and while he didn't necessarily appreciate all the artistic details of the film to quite the same extent as Noah, he most certainly could appreciate the way Noah's face lit up and the way his laughter was quiet enough not to disturb anyone else but still rang loudly in his ears.

The movie was coming to an end, much too soon in both men's opinions. Ashton leaned easily into the corner of his seat closest to Noah, though doing his best not to impose on Noah's personal space. Noah leaned close to reach for the popcorn resting in Ashton's lap. Their shoulders bumped though Noah didn't seem to really notice. Ashton did. He looked up, Noah's face very close. He managed to catch Noah's eye, who looked up and stared back for a moment, hand pausing in the popcorn bag. His lips tugged uneasily at the corners and Ashton found himself unable to keep the red from his cheeks. He gulped, so did Noah, and they both leaned away awkwardly, suddenly tense in their seats.

A few minutes later the movie ended and the lights faded on. Ashton was the first to stand, leading them down the steps and into the main lobby. There were others standing around, waiting for the next film and restocking on junk food.

"Did you want to stay for the second movie?" Noah asked. Ashton shrugged, hands finding his pockets.

"I want to, but I probably shouldn't."

"Oh, do you have plans tonight?"

Ashton nodded. "Yeah, I'm going to a movie with some friends."

"Casey and Luke, right?" Noah asked, his voice pathetic and his shoulders falling. His lips fell into a frown as well.

"Yeah, Casey and Luke."

A tense silence fell around them. As more people moved through the small lobby they moved toward the windows, still standing in silence.

"I'm sorry if it's weird for you, that I hang out with…" Ashton began.

"No, Ashton, it's fine, really. I mean, Casey's still my friend, too, and yeah, Luke, but you guys have been friends for a while. It's not my place to take that away, I have no right."

Ashton smiled faintly. "Thanks, Noah," he said, reaching out and putting a hand easily on Noah's arm. Noah smiled. "And by the way, you don't give yourself nearly enough credit," he laughed. "Yeah, I'm friends with them, but it's not the same as it is with you. I've known Casey for longer than I can remember, but I know that's not the problem here, it's Luke, but you introduced me to Luke in the first place. Yeah, we're good friends now but that's only because of you, because I wanted to get along with him for your sake. Trust me when I say you're opinion means a lot more to me than theirs ever will." His hand tightened a bit on Noah's upper arm and he instinctively stepped closer.

He could feel Noah tense up a bit, which snapped Ashton back into reality. He stepped back, quickly retracting his arm and shuffling awkwardly. Noah coughed nervously and Ashton stared at the floor.

"We should get going," Noah finally offered. Ashton nodded, forced a smile, and they headed to the car.

At first Ashton was worried that the short ride would be silent, but luckily he didn't seem to have startled Noah really as much as he originally thought.

"So what movie are you guys seeing?" he asked nonchalantly. Ashton tried not to smile too much.

"Honestly? No idea," he laughed. "Knowing them, though, I highly doubt it will be quite up to par with Edward Sedgwick."

Noah laughed. "Very true. I'm sure it will be fun, though."

"Yeah, I bet. Half the fun is the company, and we both know how Casey can be."

"Ha, definitely," Noah said enthusiastically. "Never a dull moment with Casey Hughes."

Ashton smiled, hands fiddling in his lap awkwardly as they parked outside his apartment building.

"We should do this again," he said, forcing himself to look up and meet Noah's curious eyes. "For real next time. You know, a Casey Hughes top pick where all the talent went into unnecessary effects instead of decent acting or directing," he continued with a soft laugh. "Burnt popcorn, overpriced skittles, chairs with questionable stains." Again he laughed nervously. Noah was smiling.

"Yeah, that could be fun. I don't think I've actually gone to see a real movie in, well, quite a while," he laughed. "Maybe we could invite Casey, or Richard, some of the guys from our class last fall."

Ashton shifted, smiling nervously. Noah raised a brow. "That sounds fun and all, but I was thinking maybe it could be just the two of us, like today."

For a moment Noah was still smiling, and then all at once Ashton could see the realization sink in. He shook his head, scratching his hair awkwardly.

"Are you asking me out on a date?" Noah said slowly, his voice so soft Ashton could barely make out all the words. He shifted in his seat, hand inching toward the door knob. He hesitated, unsure how to answer. In a way, yes, he was. In another way, no he wasn't.

"Don't worry about it, Noah, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable," he said evenly, opening the door and managing to get one leg out the door.

"Ashton, wait," Noah began, reaching for Ashton's arm. He could feel Ashton react beneath him. "I'm sorry, it's just…" he trailed off, sighing.

"I get it, Noah. Really, I do."

He forced a smile before finally shrugged away from Noah's hold. Noah waited until Ashton was inside, even waiting until he could see a shadow moving in Ashton's window. He sighed angrily, gripping the steering wheel tighter than necessary as he headed out of the complex.

Upstairs, Ashton fell into his favorite chair, reacting with the same angry sigh and staring blankly around the room. He ran a hand over his face and through his hair, quickly texting Luke to make sure they were still on for the movies tonight. Lord knew he needed an escape, and some crappy blockbuster with Luke and Casey would certainly give him that.