It was several minutes later, and Princess Bubblegum was still held hostage, her farts getting louder and smellier as Marceline was tied up right next to Princess Bubblegum. The Lumpy Space Princess was having a hard time wondering what to do as the Ice King was sipping some tea, reading a newspaper his personal favorite penguin, Gunther, gave him.

"Magic Man still on the loose... more to come," The Ice King read aloud as he scoffed, rolling his eyes as he poured more tea into his cup, "I'm not afraid of that fool. I can outmagic him any day."

"Like you can outmagic me?" Ricardio, the Ice King's unpleasant heart, muttered from the inside.

The Ice King growled as he punched himself in the chest, silencing Ricardio. "Silence! If it weren't for my spell going wrong, you would never be alive, you understand, Rejectio?"

LSP sighed as she folded her arms, looking back in to see Princess Bubblegum crying as more giant pink fart bubbles crowded up the ceiling. "That girl really has some issues." After thinking briefly for a moment, LSP decided to go get some advice. "Maybe someone can convince me to rescue her..."

"Lumpy Space Princess, wait!" Marceline shouted as she struggled to break free, gasping as Princess Bubblegum's fart loudly blew in her face, prompting the Ice ing to joyfully laugh.

"Ohohohoho! How does it feel to have rotten wind in your face, Marceline?" The Ice King teased as he gleefully slapped his butt, pointing at Marceline and laughing with all his joy.

Marceline groaned as she blew her black hair back up, after it was gassed down. "All right, Ice King, I'll admit, you managed to get me pretty good." She then glanced at Princess Bubblegum, who was still crying as her incoming fart shook the entire lair, turning around to face the Ice King. "But why didn't you simply freeze PB so she would stop crying and farting?"

"Because..." The Ice King started as he chuckled, tapping his icy fingertips together, "This is a more appropriate way of torture. Besides, I want my jollies, too." He laughed as he sat back down, this time grabbing a bluish bowl of hot buttery popcorn and munching down on it as he watched Princess Bubblegum constantly crying.

Marceline groaned as she wondered what the Lumpy Space Princess was up to, closing her eyes as she thought to herself, albeit a bit harder to concentrate with Princess Bubblegum's farts as loud as fog horns, "LSP, I hope you know what you're doing..."

The Lumpy Space Princess was laughing as she was chasing after the elegant Slime Princess, the two running around in the frosty, smooth snow.