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This will skip from Cate's POV to Baze's POV, and in this first chapter, Baze is referred to as Nate, which is his actual name.

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Cate POV

Cate watched as Nate Bazile entered the classroom and took a seat in the very back, the farthest seat away from her it seemed. She sighed and returned her attention to the front of the classroom, back to Mr. Moreno, her history teacher.

She knew she didn't have a chance with Nate, but she didn't want it to be true. She wished she could have been born to be beautiful, like all of the popular girls in the school, like her own sister. But no, she was a geek. She had braces and frizzy brown hair. She was the smartest person in the school, and she wasn't athletic. She was a nobody.

Nate, on the other hand, was THE somebody. He was the most popular guy in the school. The star quarterback on the football team, the guy that could get any girl he wanted. And he used that to his advantage. He was blessed with god like looks. He had brown hair that was usually on the lighter side because he was outside so much. His eyes were the bluest blue Cate had ever seen in her life. He was just about perfect in every way-at least in the looks department.

Cate knew it was wrong to be in love with him, she knew that she shouldn't even like him a little bit. He was all wrong for her, and every time they spoke there was this awkward tension in the air, like they were polar opposite magnets, and they were trying to push the other away.

The bell rang, and she jumped a little in her seat. She hadn't heard a single word Mr. Moreno had said. No, she had been caught up in thoughts of Nate Bazile. Ugh what was wrong with her? She gathered her books up and headed for the door, and ran right into Nate.

"Um…I'm sorry. I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going." Cate mumbled, looking down instead of at Nate. She knew if she looked into his eyes she'd be even more conversationally challenged than she seemed to be now. But wait, why was she being conversationally challenged? She had talked to Nate before….he was, after all, on the student council, and so was she. They had had conversations before, well, usually arguments, but still, they had talked.

"Its all good Cate. It was my fault mostly anyways. I wasn't paying attention either." She looked up and he smiled. Cate felt butterflies in her stomach and smiled back.

"Are you going to the council meeting at lunch?" She asked, not having much hope, seeing how he had responsibilities as the most popular guy in school, but she could still try.

"Um…you know, I wasn't sure if I was going to go today, but now I think I will." He looked down at her and grinned again. "What class do you have right now?"

"English…why?" Cate asked, looking at him with a shocked look on her face.

"Let me walk you. My next period is P.E. anyways, and coach doesn't really care if I'm late. Seeing how I'm one of his best players."

Cate hesitated. "Are you sure you can be late? I don't want you to get in trouble because of me."

Nate looked her right in the eyes and her breath caught. "I'm positive. Now let's go."

Nate led Cate down the hall towards her English class, but halfway there, Frankie Palladino stopped them. His hands were held behind his back and he had a huge grin on his face. He stood in front of Cate, blocking her from continuing forward.

"Cate," Frankie began, pulling a gorgeous red rose out from behind his back, "Will you go to the Winter Formal with me? Please?"

Cate blinked. She was shocked, and so was Nate. What was she going to say? Was Nate going to ask her to the dance? Why now? Why Frankie Palladino? Cat e glanced over at Nate, who had masked his shocked face with a stony calm that made Cate panic a little.

Did I really even think for a second that he would actually ask me to the Winter Formal? God I am so stupid! And with that, Cate looked at Frankie, smiled, and said, "Yes Frankie, I'd love to go to the Formal with you."