Pokemon Does Disney!

Yes, I have done it, though I think I might have crossed a line doing so. The (mostly) lovable cast members of Pokemon will be doing their own versions of the Disney movies we all know and love. So hold on to your eyeballs folk, 'cuz probably by the end of this, you'll be wanting to rip them out of their sockets lol. Numerous couples and shippings, mostly Dawn, because I STILL can't decide who I like her with, will be tossed around in this like... um, er... those little cheap pieces of candy from a pinata after beating the crap out of it...which is a lot of fun folks, by the way...

Disclaimer: I own neither Pokemon nor Disney. And from what I can tell, owning them both at the same time is a very bad idea, hence, this fic XD

Line breaks indicate the story's actually in progress, while the tabbed/bolded sections indicate

the director's, aka, me, speech within the story, just so you know.

So here's our Cast!: Ash, Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Drew, Max, Harley, Soledad, Paul...

Paul: Why am I in this? I already told you that I refuse to do this.

Me: Oh yes you will be doing this, so stop complaining and deal with it! Any ways, as I was saying... Dawn, Kenny, Gary, Barry (why, IDK...) Melody,...

Misty: Why Melody?

Me: There are not enough girls in this show. Plus I know it'll make you mental, so please, don't try to kill her. I already have a shortage of woman here. Anywho,... Zoey, Sabrina, Claire, Team Rocket, and whatever random gym leaders I can think of.

Gary: Well, this is off to a great start...

Me: Do you WANT to be a fairy in this first story?

Ash: Do it! Do it! Do it!

Me: And just for that, no Ash, I will not do it, maybe. And can we please get on with this?

May: Will there be singing? Disney movies always have singing...

Me: Possibly, if there is a dire need for it, hopefully there won't, that way I don't need to hack lyrics from some website.

Ash: That's illegal.

Me: Why thank Captain Obvious. So, our first movie that we'll be doing is...(digs into hat to pull out name)... 'Sleeping Beauty'!

Brock: Can I be the prince in this one?

Me: It begins already... No Brock, you may not be the prince in this one. Ash is, since it's our inaugural story.

Dawn: So Ash has to wear tights?

Me: Dear god, don't ask question like that one, I'll get scarred for life with disturbing mental images...no wait, too late. Please excuse me while I go burn my eyes out with acid...

May: She's kidding, right?

Drew: (Sarcastic) Oh Gee, I don't know

Me: Yes I was kidding. And be nice, Grass Head. Okay, so I think I have the cast for this one. Ash is the Prince, while the princess is Misty...

Melody: Gee, why am I not surprised?

Me: IDK, maybe it's because I'm a Pokeshipper? And seriously, stop interrupting, you guys are like a bunch of puppies with ADHD. Paul, Gary, and Drew are the lovable widdle fairies. Tee hee hee, I always wanted to say that.

Paul: I'm a fairy.

Me: Yes, you're a fairy and you'll like it! Here's your wings

Dawn: Oh look, they match your hair perfectly!

Paul: I hate you Gwen

Me: That's nice. Clair is going to be Maleficent. And Brock will play Ash's dad.

Brock: That's awkward.

Clair: Wait, why am I the bad guy?

Me: Because Maleficent was the coolest bad guy in the Disney. In my opinion, you're the coolest gymleader, therefore, you are the villainess, wait it is villiainess, right?

Clair: Yes.

Me: Okay then. Besides, you're the dragon gym leader and Maleficent turns into a dragon in the end...


Me: Shut up! Okay then let's get this show on the road...

Harley: I'm ecstatic.

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, which is actually closer to Toledo than anything, there was the birth of a beautiful, if a little short tempered, princess...

Misty: I resent that!

...So, in order to celebrate her birth, the king and queen held a massive party, which was an excuse to get drunk...

May: That's not how the Disney story went.

Max: Yeah!

I hope you realize that I'm going to ignore what you just said. The king of another kingdom nearby came too, with his son, Prince Ash and the two kingdoms were discussing a betrothal between Prince Ash and the princess... Um, Ash, will you come out from behind the curtain?

Ash: No!

And why not?

Tracey: He's embarrassed by his costume.

Oooohhhh. Will you come out, pretty please? Do it or I'll drag you out.

Ash: Fine

Brock: Whoa dude. Maybe you should go back behind the curtain.

Dear lord, I'm going to kill myself... Any ways. Three fairies, Gary, Drew and Paul, came to the ceremony, to bless the princess with their gifts.

Paul: I'm going to murder you in your sleep, I hope you know that

Just say the line...

Paul: As the first fairy, I bless you with the gift of beauty... huzzah.

Party pooper. Dawn, don't forget the special effects, aka the 'fairy dust'

Dawn: Oh right. (pours the 'dust', aka, glitter)

Paul: Okay, it's official, I loathe you.

Drew: As the first fairy, I bless you with the gift of of song..

May: My, Drew's enthusiastic about his part.

Drew: I'm an thespian, I'm supposed to become the character.

Max: Actually, I think it's because you're gay.

Drew: Am not!

Melody: Oh dear goodness, Misty can sing.

Only when nobody's looking. So, then, all of the sudden, the villainess, Maleficent, aka, Clair, showed up. Turns out she wasn't invited and she was very miffed about the whole thing.

Clair: Well, if the gay little fairies can give her gifts, I will give on too. On her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on a needle on a spindle and she'll DIE! BWAHAHA!

May: That's, a little over the top, don't you think?

She makes a very good villianess, though. Well, then she disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Clair: This smoke bomb stinks

Look, I have a very small budget, alright?.. So the king and queen were in despair over this, until Gary, the third fairy, showed up

Gary: I may not completely stop the curse, but I can lessen it so that she falls into a deep sleep until her true love can wake her up... Hey Ashy boy! You have to kiiiisssss her!

Ash/ Misty: No way! I'm not kissing him/her!

Gary, why did you have to do that?

Gary: 'Cause...

After the third fairy did her spell, the three convinced the King and Queen to move her far away from the kingdom into the woods, where the fairies will raise her, away from Maleficent

Misty: I'm living with a bunch of guys? And will there be any bug Pokemon in the woods?

Do I look omnipotent? I have no idea. So they raised the Princess in the woods for sixteen years, all the while with her living under the pseudonym, 'Briar Rose'. Sixteen years passed and she grew up to be a beautiful woman, gifted with her singing and beauty. And no, she did not pay me to say that.

It was on her sixteenth birthday when Gary, Paul and Drew decided to make her a surprise birthday party. So they kicked her out of the house and started their decorations.

Sooo, the princess wandered the woods, completely bored out of her skull, so she entertained herself by singing to the little forest pokemon. Earplugs are fifty cents per pair.

Misty: Hey! I can sing!

Yes, I know, I heard your little love song.

Misty: Eep!

Ash: What love song?

Dawn: It's the song Misty sings about—Mmph!

Thank you Misty. So, while she was singing in the woods, Prince Ash came cavorting through the woods...

Ash: Why?

I don't know. But while he was traveling through the woods, he heard this song and he went to investigate. He came across the girl and they started dancing in the woods...

Misty: Ash! That was my foot!

Ash: Sorry!

Melody: Aw, how romantic

Tracey: Ha! I knew it all along!

Ahem. Thank you. Then, while dancing, they fell in love, which shows how unrealistic Disney is when it comes to romance.

May: Cynic

I'll take that as a compliment. However, it grew late and the pair had a curfew, so they had to leave.

Misty: That sucks

Ash: Majorly

When she came home, she told the fairies about the mysterious man she met in the woods. Unfortunately though, they had some news to tell her

Gary: You're a princess, and you're betrothed

Misty: That's awkward.

May: Um, Gwen, you missed a part

What are you, the Disney expert now? What part did I miss then?

May: When they do their magic and Maleficent's henchmen sees it.

Oop. Well, they also told her that they were fairies and the did some magic, which they'll probably get busted for later.

Paul: Oh, and by the way Princess, we're also fairies. Can I go kill myself now?

Not until after the story Meanwhile, Ash went home to his father, and told him about the girl he met in the woods

Ash: I found this girl, and I'm going to marry her!

Brock: That's moving a little too fast isn't it?

Brock, that's not your line.

Brock: But still, they met earlier that day. I mean seriously, love is supposed to build and grow over time and-

Misty, your mallet please. Thank you. Now please Brock, say the bloody line.

Brock: Besides, you're going to marry another, Princess Misty. Now that sounds kind of weird.

Misty: What is this? Pick on Misty Day?

Let me check my calender. Nope. But, as much as the king tried to plead with his son...

Brock: Pretty please! With a cherry on top!

Ash: No!

...He couldn't convince him, and Prince Ash went off on his horse to the cottage of 'Briar Rose' . In the meantime, the fairies took the princess home to her kingdom and essentially locked her up in her room. So depressed, she started crying. Then Maleficent, who discovered where the princess was, disguised herself as smoke and tricked her into leaving her room.

Clair: The dry ice machine is broken...so there is no smoke

I hate my budget. So, under the spell, Misty walked up to a enchanted spindle and pricked her finger on it.

Misty: Ow! That hurt! Ooohhh,...

Gary: How'd did you get her to fall asleep?


Paul: And why not the rest of us then?

It's called discontinuity

May: What about the spindle and the spinning wheel?

Ebay. Now, can we get on with this? So because the princess was asleep, the fairies decided to put the whole castle to sleep. Cast members, please put on earphones while the Jigglypuff sings. You have been warned.

So, Prince Ash galloped to 'Briar Rose's' cottage, where Maleficent's henchmen captured him and hung him on a wall with chains.

Ash: This hurts. I can't feel my hands

Misty: Kinky

Tracey: Aaaawwwkwwwarrrrddd.

Misty you're supposed to be asleep!

Misty: My bad.

While Prince Ash was imprisoned, the fairies freed him from the chains and the rushed towards the castle, where Maleficent and the princess were. A wall of massive thorns surrounded the place, so he had to cut his way through. In my opinion though, it was just a serious weeding problem. After all, everybody was asleep, so no chores were getting done.

Prince Ash cut his way through the thorns, where he was then confronted by Maleficent, who had turned herself into a giant dragon pokemon, Giratina.

Ash: Is that an inflatable Giratina?

Why yes it is, turns out there are pokemon labor laws, so I couldn't use a real one, especially since we're going to be killing it. Stupid Union reps. Losers. Plus, the budget's in the drain, so we can't afford much in the robotics/ CGI department, therefore the inflatable one...

Ash and Maleficent fought fiercely, until Ash flung his sword and impaled Maleficent in the heart... Um Ash? Throw the sword

Ash: Oh sorry. Okay, now it's deflating.

Tracey: It's kind of funny, but kind of sad at the same time.

I know. Now free from the dragon, Ash ran up to the room where the Princess was sleeping. It was peaceful for once around here since she was asleep, but he had to wake her up by kissing her... Seriously Ash, stop hiding and kiss her already. It's not like she has cooties

Gary: Ash and Misty, Sittin' in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Real mature. Alright Ash, if you don't kiss her within the next three seconds, I will drag you over there and force you to do it. One, Two, three...

Ash: Alright! Alright! I'm going, I'm going.

Holy crap, he's actually doing it.

Melody: 'bout freakin' time.

No kidding. I thinks he's enjoying it.

Brock: I'm so proud...

Oookaaayy. With a kiss from her true love, the princess finally woke up, as did everybody in the castle... Okay, you lovebirds can stop kissing now. It's a little awkward for us single people... Alrighty then, threatening isn't going to work. So, on with the conclusion..

Now together, the couple got married and they lived happily ever after. Okay, seriously, can you please stop sucking face? It really IS awkward for the rest of us...

And there you have itfolks, the first Disney movie horribly ripped up into shreds and put together by the pokemon cast. Of course, this won't be the only story we'll be doing. Since Disney has a pile of movies, we'll being doing a whole bunch of redoes. So, if you have any ideas, requests, casting ideas, send them here! Send them ASAP! Like, right now!

Here is the possible list of ones to do:

Snow White

Lion King

Robin Hood


Beauty and The Beast



The Little Mermaid


And any other Disney movies that you or I think of...

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